Posted by: graemebird | April 1, 2009

Barrack Obama: Hawaiian Immaculate Conception Thread

There is this bizzare thesis getting around that Obama was born in Hawaii. The sum total of evidence for this is the notice that was put in the paper, presumably by his grandparents, when his mother presumably flew back to Hawaii with the new baby.

No hospital records, no witnesses (Obama is only 47) nothing at all except that a newspaper was notified of his birth, which hardly appears to be a strange thing at all.

Well we know he was born in Mombasa Kenya. And the dearth of Hawaiian birth evidence backs that knowledge up whereas some sort of paper trail, or witness evidence would give us a conflicted finding were the Kenyan birth not a reality.

Here is the thread where you can lodge what you think is evidence. However no forged documents will be considered as valid evidence. But any other sound reasoning or paper trail, or witness testimony ought to make it through.

I think that we know that all we are going to get here is crickets and spamming.



  1. “Ron McRae wrote at letter to, explaining the circumstances of the intervew with Sarah Obama, so check-it-out, and spread the word. The pastor in Kenya, “Kweli Shuhubia,” is using that fake name for protection, as the Muslims in Kenya, who support Obama’s pal Raila Odinga (currently second in command in Kenya), are poised to riot and kill thousands of Christians, as they did when Odinga lost the election for the top job there. ”


  2. Well what do you know. Crickets.

  3. Oh, and by the way:

  4. Mr B

    What do you make of this?

    This is totally inconsistent with Sun being internally powered. The force driving it clearly is pangalactic.

    And now it’s slowing down.

    But they still think we need to cool Earth down.

    What a bunch of fucking idiots.

    These leftist fucks want to kill us and kill the planet.

  5. Graeme how’s going?Did you have a nice weekend?

  6. And look at this, Mr B.

    Here you have a British Subject standing there and grinning disrespectfully at Her Majesty.

    The Brits should seize him while he is there and hang him as a traitor.

  7. If the Queens Consort was in his younger years he would have the usurping homo doubled over in pain in mere seconds, and before you could “house your father” he would be ravishing the marxists starved, but now grateful, wife.

  8. Yeah I had a pretty good weekend tal. Made a bit short by the fact that I worked Saturday. And you?

  9. “Mr B

    What do you make of this?

    This is totally inconsistent with Sun being internally powered. The force driving it clearly is pangalactic.”

    Not really Ron. I would say that the pan-galactic theory is an on-points-winner, but for other reasons.

    But didn’t I tell you we were heading for cold? All you do is follow the AUTHENTIC science evidence Ron. Though I guess I don’t need to tell you that. All you do is block out the science sentiment, and pull the faders up on the authentic scientific evidence. And if you had done that it would have told you we were heading for very disturbing cooling. And thats where we are with it right now.

    The oceans will lose joules before the air will lose too much in the way of average air temperature. The extra cloud cover gives us a false night warmth, even as the joules are being fair sucked out of the ocean. So the averages won’t be too alarming for awhile on that basis.

    But we are getting cooler. My oath we are. And its one of the many reasons we are in serious trouble and the time for mass-sackings is long past due.

  10. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us . Will visit your blog again.

  11. Well if there is a human somewhere on the other end of this advertisment….. you would likely have a better idea than me of what the deal is with your peoples-day usurper-President.

    Supposing there is a human. Show up under another name and tell us anything you got from your Island sources.

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