Posted by: graemebird | April 8, 2009

Dog-On Sirius.

As I just explained over at “Unleashed”:

“If I didn’t already believe in evolution then the Big Bang theory would have convinced me of the truth of it. Since the very existence of the Big Bang theory proves that most of us are really a bunch of very silly monkeys and unrisen apes.

Once one gets out of ones Big Bang delusion, then we see that the Universe is much older than 13.5 billion years.

If you are thinking that the Universe is only 13.5 billion years old and you are thinking that the earth is about 4.3 or so billion years old then you may not see the potential for panspermia at many levels and at many times along the way.

But supposing the universe is 1000 billion years old. Since there is no evidence to suggest that it is any younger then that its worth considering 1000 billion years as a figure.

Well then we see we have many opportunities for intelligent design and interstellar cross-pollination.”

Now my own view is that genetic differences that we call race mostly are the result of the isolation and thinning out of the human species during the last glacial period.

Yet its not important what I believe. There are things that cannot be ruled out. So its worth having a look at people who see intervention in our past.

Robert Temple isn’t assuming genetic fiddling by fish-tailed foreigners to our solar system. But he thinks there must have been a visitation by strange aliens at some stage. In this theory he is working on the basis of secondary sources. French anthropoligists in Africa who had studied the Dogon tribe. So the alleged interpretation is already not real close to source. It would be better if it were something we could understand directly. More like:

“Bruce meet Kevin. Don’t let Kevin’s broad Aussie accent fool you Bruce. Kevin is from another star system.”


“Orion. Not telling you which. You FBI Bruce?”

What happened is Temple got hold of some information about an African tribe that reckoned their distant ancestors had been visited by aliens from Sirius. Or at least that was the French anthropologists interpretation. Now Sirius is visible in the night sky. But these Africans specified Sirius B. Which is not visible and wasn’t discovered until the late 19th century.

Well the Skeptical Enquirer in 1978 apparently said that this was the result of European contamination of their religion. But that might not be the whole story here. Since they also charged that the Sirius star system had a third star to it. On this basis Temple says that he predicted that a third star would be discovered in the Sirius system. And I think we can believe him in this prediction since I think that all these details were in his 1976 book.

In 1995 the third star was discovered based on its gravitational effects. On the strength of that he re-released the book.

I’ll let the skeptics have the first word. But one ought to be skeptical of them also. It seems that these guys make a lot of gear up also.

And here is Temple being interviewed by Tim Lambert. Spooky.



  1. Shorter Bird: Science is too complicated for me to understand.

  2. I understand science very well. This story of Temples’ doesn’t contradict even the most lame consensus science. It doesn’t even really go against the stupidest of all theories, the big bang theory.

    Temple seems like a serious scholar and on the level. But I would wonder about these French Anthropologists. Its not good if you aren’t getting it direct from the source.

    So of course I’m not won over by this one. But worth having a second look at anyway.

  3. Dear Graeme

    I visited your blog after seeing your comments on which I agreed with entirely – frb is the greatest heist of all time. It is the master log and without removing that, everything other effort to improve things is pointless.

    However, I’m now reading some scary stuff here. I don’t go along with the mainstream with medicine or climate, and most science/research is just naval gazing and bullshitting.

    But it’s disconcerting to read someone say smart things about something you know about then hear them say things you think are absurd (disconcerting, but fun though).

    All of “modern physics” is wrong? String theory okay – but all of it?

    Special relativity? The Big Bang theory? The earth is older than 4-5 billion years? What is wrong with these, I can’t find any specific details on your site – can you point me somewhere please? I’m genuinely curious.

    (I’m not a physicist but I studied mathematical physics in my degree (in maths), I have a phd in engineering and a wide knowledge of “mainstream” science as you seem to call it, if you want to know where to pitch your reply).

    Kind Regards


    • Keep it up jm. I thought the problems were just in economics as well. Four years ago I was suspicious about a few things. But I didn’t realise that the rot went all the way through to the natural sciences. Economics was my background. As I was starting to lecture people about the importance of following good methodology only, and going with the results, no matter how embarrassing and socially unacceptable those results were …. well I started getting progressively more embarrassing and socially unacceptable results.

  4. Ok, I found this, i’m making my way through it now.

    General relativity and quantum mechanics seem absurd to me too, and I have no problem with admitting they are wrong is I see this, but their predictions have been tested and seem to make sense, no?

    • “but their predictions have been tested and seem to make sense, no?”


      The key to passing a Conceptual Audit is learning how to reject the conclusions of Hebrew Science.

      Most of these tests just involve some hack tooling about with a stopwatch on a 747. They prove nothing, but apparently if you back up your Lies with a couple of Footnotes NASA (the spear carriers for the Hebrew Science Mafia) will unleash the rivers of gold.


  5. All it means is that they’ve got the maths right John. They didn’t need the wrong theory to get the maths right. We didn’t need to have special relativity to know the orbit of Mercury. We already knew the orbit of Mercury. The whole usefulness of special relativity could have been presented as a set of tables. Not unlike we used to have for calculating Net Present Value, or discounted cash flow more generally. There was no need to exalt this crap theory, of ir it were to be briefly accepted it ought to have been quickly tossed out as soon as the same could be achieved without all the baggage.

    Its just sloppy work by the quackademics. Not so much Einstein himself. But the gullible shit-for-brains types that accept it to this day and project their gullibility and unscience onto others.

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