Posted by: graemebird | April 10, 2009

A Good Woman In Washington.

While Washington is to be considered enemy occupied territory for such time as Caliph Barry I (The Usurper) holds sway, this is not to say that out of those bunch of rotten apples there isn’t one or two untarnished Americans. Here Michelle Bachmann hits solid chords like the Bachmann and Turner Overdrive, by asking questions of the sort no woman has ever asked before, to the Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve Chairman. Both pathetic know-nothing posers. The only thing to be said for Geitner is the he is not Paulson. But both of them are lunatics who have no clue about economics.

Check out the shifty eyes of the defendants who must know that finally many of the American people are onto their case. Thankyou Mises.Org and Ron Paul. All central banks are tools of expropriation. They are all a ripoff. But the American central bank is a particularly egregious and unaccountable version of the species because it is a public/private sort of operation.

Whenever you hear public/private/partnership fill out another gun license form or clean and load the weapons you have. Government and business must be separated. And government and banks most of all. They never can be fully separated unless fractional reserve is phased out, then outlawed, and fiat compulsion cash treated likewise.

3 years of filibusting and the same crowd that supports Operation Keelhaul (the mass murder of women and children refugees and the slaughter of POW’s for no reason at all) are the same crowd that cannot come up with any disadvantage for doing the above.

The approach to take is analogous to clearing hazards from the workplace. You clear hazards away, not because they MUST do damage, but because they MAY. And the hazard won’t usually do damage on its own. But usually in conjunction with other risk factors and the long arm of coincidence.

But the nature of government and the banking business is such that the allowance of any amount of fractional reserve is a sitting time bomb that WILL do damage with total certainty. This puts fractional reserve and fiat currency beyond the mere category of hazard and into a new, totally unnacceptable category. Which is why none of those clowns have ever justified it or even really tried to.

Since taxeaters have never worked for a living few of them have ever had this sort of hazard-reduction mentality ingrained into them.

This is something that Thomas Jefferson warned about right from the start of the experiment in freedom. Fractional reserve is a slow, round the clock insipid corruptor of liberty. And we ought to have listened to Jefferson. Would have saved us a whole lot of trouble.

This is the real deal with Fermi’s Paradox. Of course Fermi was wrong from the start in that there is at least some evidence of extra-Stella visits from some of the structures we see on Mars. And his logic wasn’t too flash. But still the potential visitors look like they have been thinned out some.

We can come back from nuclear catastrophe. But we cannot hope to keep progressing and not fall back to being animals again unless we can get used to a universal revulsion and total ban of fractional reserve and fiat money. Given 20 years advance notice we can easily protect ourselves from nuclear intimidation or attack. But fractional reserve will set us up for one roadblock arter another.



  1. Way to go Birdy 🙂

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