Posted by: graemebird | April 12, 2009

Reflections On A Recent Plate Tectonics Documentary/BIG BANGER STUPIDITY

I’ve just seen a very good plate tectonics documentary. But its almost humourous in view of Neal Adams’ theory. That is to say in view of the theory, originating in Australia, which assumes that the planet earth is expanding.

Whereas when the documentary mentions rift zones, the camera zooms down to some fellow in South Africa or elsewhere. But they mention subduction and its always a crude animation. In the end they mentioned one subduction zone by name. The Puerto Rican trench. I went to Subduction zones in the wiki and they are dramatically and suspiciously short on examples. And when you do put together a list of alleged subduction zones they are like these small trenches. Whereas the rifting can go on for many hundreds or even thousands of miles. Ocean rift valleys and riftiing, no shortages to worry about.

They talked about the Grand Canyon. And right up there in the air there is former sea floor. Maybe Permian. The documentary talked about how the explanation for sea floor being right up there in the air is that two plates sqeezing TOGETHER!!! (not being ripped apart) forced the ocean up. From there a complicated and spurious theory suggests that this gouge that is the Grand Canyon, was the result of water erosion. I want an estimate in penti-litres of what it would have taken and why any river must have gone from side to side to cause such a wide berth of friction.

You get this bizzare explanation of ancient historical processes going on only in the minds of the theorists at the same time as you are being confronted by the present reality of this pitiful little river down the bottom. Its like wondering past the carcasses of giants only to find a dead mighty-mouse still in his underwear and attributing all the destruction to the mouse.

Another weakness showed up in the historiography. Wherein they pointed out that Wegeners work in 1912 was mocked on the grounds that neither Wegener nor anyone else could suss out how it was that the continents were moved around. Then this extraordinarily lush and detailed documentary said that in th 1960’s the cause of this movement was discovered.

Plate tectonics they said. They give no discoverers name. They were so short on detail. And so you get these weak points in this fullsome documentary. What really must have happened is that half a century of the fossil record weighing down on the Science Maffia must have finally collapsed the resistance to Wegener. Then they are forced to cobble together this explanation doing the best that they could.

The documentary-makers would have been consulting authorities on the matter and trying to understand the concepts and I think they did a conscientious job. These were people working for Australias ABC I think. Some outfit called Freemantle productions. Freemantle is in Perth. They were doing their level best I think. But the weaknesses in the theory are fully visible in the weaknesses in the documentary.

Nothing happens all at once or by immaculate conception. All processes we know of take time. Nothing happens all at once. No firing of guns like in the song, or anything else. Everything happens sequentially and in parallel. Nothing all at once and on the instant.

Matter and Energy are here. But it ought not be thought that they were produced all at once in some bizzare scientistic version of genesis. Since matter and energy are here we have to conclude that they were produced some time or other AND OVER TIME. Some folks try to tell us that these items were produced in a time-period so small that the blink of an eye would be an eternity by comparison.

Some folks try and tell us this and these folks are either ignorant of the subject, or dishonest, or plainly idiotic. Fortunately there is no evidence for such idiocy, so we have to assume that like everything else matter and energy are produced and destroyed over time.

The expanding earth theory gives us the beginnings of an answer to this mystery. The expanding earth theory suggests for us a basis for ongoing research should the mathematical posers in high physics decide that they want to be good scientists rather than bad theologians.

There may be a real need for good theology. But bad theology isn’t the latest thing. Its not on the upanup and bad theology is no salvation to the worlds problems. Particularly if its posing as science.

The particular mathematicians that I’m thinking of are not the people equipped for the job of producing good theology, so they ought to try science instead one supposes. Actually it may be too late for them to be scientists either. Susskind was trained as a plumber. It is as to a plumber he should return. But what about the others. MIGHT THEY ALL NOT RETRAIN AS PLUMBERS?

Maths teachers? Once we’ve gotten rid of government financing for education? We want to keep these people out of trouble you know.




  2. “I predict Japan will kick arse re-building – they’ll embarrass the Americans whose giant hole in the ground in New York is an epic disgrace.”

    I cannot see it without partial jubilee. The thing to realise is, that no matter how resourceful, hard-working and clever a people are, they can all be laid low by financial sector parasitism.

    Posted Tuesday, 15 March 2011 at 5:14 pm | Permalink

    “The voters are deserting the cult, but its institutional power remains ….”

    This has been my point all along. While others maintain that snow, in Sydney, in the summertime will end this religion, I have said nay. I have said that only targeted sackings in the public sector will bring this tawdry episode to a close. Since only sackings constitute an attack on the institutional power of the traitors.

    The sackings have to be of a 360 degrees nature around any suspect. The sackings have to be arbitrary and blunt enough, such that no-one will want anything to do with these quislings, so that they cannot form impromptu coalitions. Its important that people be sacked, not for the job they have done, but for who they are. “We sack you for who you are, not for what you’ve done.”

    If anyone thinks this is unfair or unethical, it must be remembered that no-one has the right to a public tit job in the first place. This is something that public servants ought to be reminded of around the clock. The spirit of Andrew Jackson lives and his example (vis-a-vis the public service) is what is needed right now.

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  4. “How did the Jap economy get into such a state? I would have thought that any country where workers did calasthenics before work was humming along.”

    See two posts above. JC has a point also, but strategically thats a secondary target. The politicians aren’t going to keep hiring more public servants, if the banks aren’t lending or creating new money as an enabling factor.

  5. graemebird, on 15 March 2011 at 5:38 PM said:

    “Possible sources for the hydrogen are discussed here. ”

    We must never rule out sabotage. Nuclear power is in some ways quite simple. Its really just about producing heat, in order to produce steam, so as to create movement through a magnetic field, in order to create an electric current.
    Hydrogen, is not part of this scheme.

    So its not to be assumed that a POSSIBLE source of hydrogen is the ACTUAL source of hydrogen.

    No god-of-gaps arguments need be taken under consideration.

  6. By the way. Whose that fat kid? He’s my new hero. I should like to give him money.

    He ought to be given the inaugural Geoff Huegill award. Such a thing of truth and beauty.

  7. Wonder how the teachers would respond if I showed up and shouted at them on behalf of the fat kid? Would they act with the dignity of the kid they have so outrageously punished?

    The kid used an appropriate level of force, vengeance and self-defense. It would have been inappropriate to shoot for the heart with a concealed weapon. It would have been inappropriate to throw the oppressor directly on his head.

    There was no SPINAL INJURY …… HEAD INJURY ….. or FACIAL DISFIGUREMENT caused or intended.

    Not only were the kids actions wonderful to watch, but they were socially responsible and benevolent.

  8. A martial artist at his athletic best may be able to defeat three ordinary men his weight. But as the fat kid showed us all, it tends to be wrestling capacity that wins out in one-to-one situations, if soever those wrestling moves are to be applied.

    Hear it from one of the most lethal fellows (in the “unarmed” martial-arts) who ever lived:

  9. As many have pointed out the kids actions amounted to exemplary Christian behavior. Let us not call him “the fat kid” any more. He is a young man deserving of great respect. We may call him “the kid” but lets just call him “Billy” for short.

    We can see that Billy quite literally TURNED THE OTHER CHEEK. No evidence is there to say that if the martial artist wanker had walked away, after punching Billy full on in the face, that Billy would have tracked the martial artist down with a heart full of vengeance.

    Billy DID his Christian duty. But we see that he did his duty in a deeper way:

    “The chubster just may have saved the other kid’s life by turning him back inward for some appropriately troubling reflection.”

    Damn straight. He is lucky he has a friend in Billy. For whether he knows it or not Billy IS his friend. As he is OUR friend. Billy is a friend to humane society as such.

    Just on another point, at that age a blow to the face is more offensive then a broken ankle. Because at that age ankles repair and probably better than before. But blows to the face alter ones looks, and hurt ones prospects.

  10. I may not cease and desist until such time as Billy becomes A SOCIAL LION. Or yet even a social BEAR.

    Not unlike the social winner, Simon Smith, and his amazing dancing bear. One of the most formidable couples, ever to be invited into the highest social circles:

  11. It’s true Birdy. The “christian” angle was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that video. Remarkable restraint and charity shown.

  12. “Steve, you’re simply wrong on this one, mate. Go away and think about it.”

    Steve is not merely wrong. He’s a disgusting pervert.

  13. 203. Graeme Bird Says:
    March 15th, 2011 at 11:58 am
    You may click on your name and/or comment to edit. ( 8 minutes and 17 seconds)

    “Something that always amazes me about the myth believers and doom sayers is their lack of understanding of just how unimaginably vast our universe is.”

    The visible universe is not nearly as vast as you imagine it to be. The speed of the propagation of gravity proves that every proton in any galaxy is connected to every other. Also its a pretty readily supportable fact that extreme natural events on earth are the result of space weather. You want to get up to speed on matters. Further to that the history of extinction events is readily available at your fingertips. You need to think a great deal harder about this matter.

    204. Graeme Bird Says:
    March 15th, 2011 at 12:03 pm
    You may click on your name and/or comment to edit. ( 13 minutes and 56 seconds)

    Becoming more savvy about the way the galaxy works, begins with the realisation that Phil Plait isn’t any sort of scientist at all. Nor is anyone who fell for the big bang theory.

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