Posted by: graemebird | April 19, 2009

Barrack Obama(The Usurper) Lusts After A Second Holocaust.

Is there really anything more to say about this? We all know this is true. Anyone who even claims not to know this is lying.

Pinch yourself and remind yourself that reality is really real.


  1. I don’t want to believe it. I can’t believe it. It couldn’t possibly be true.

    Could it?


    We are so used to dummies going along with the societal lemming-like point of view that its hard to always suspect peoples motives.

    For example I’d like to say that anyone who claimed that CO2 was bad for the biosphere was a dirty liar. But its just possible that that silly old man Bahnisch over at Prodeo has been taken in by the youngsters. He may really be worried.

    But the Usurper is totally consistent. He’s following Saul Alinsky. And he’s doing things in an absolute full-spectrum way. Too many scandals all at once. Too much stress to the economy all at once. More bleeding of America in Afghanistan for no strategic purpose while a civil war is going on right at the Mexican border. Two trillion dollar deficits. The total obstruction of any serious energy solutions.

    Its an absolute Catastrophe where our taxeaters are taking us under their new messiah Barry. Because its too a place where Julian Simon can no longer be valid.

    There is just no pulling us out of it now. I mean technically there is. But the Mark Bahinisches of this world have got their wall of sound up and if anyone goes to educate anyone as to what must be done their voice can never be heard and it can never register.

    I don’t see anyway out of it. I’ll be advocating low-key violence like punching any bullshitartist in the shoulder or kicking them in the shins.

    Because you know you say there is no evidence for CO2 being bad for the biosphere. And some cunt gainsays you. Well if he claims that you are wrong one of us is lying. If he’s saying I’m lying then there is going to have to be retaliation here. Thats fighting words. If they call you a denialist they must be bashed. That fucking dwarf I will bash him on site. So if he sees me he better scurry under the tables. Same with the rest of those fucking liars. I’ll not have those liars saying its me thats not telling the truth. Not when we have so little time.

  3. But Mr Bird, what is to be done?

  4. did you see this Graeme?

    Paul Norton thinks Australia should have joined the Jew haters conference

  5. Shoot. I had him mixed up with Andriew. Bear in mind that Bahnisch has OK’d that thread. Its really time to start horsewhipping people. I’m advocating violence if it can be kept at a low-key. No permanent injury of disfigurement level. For example opening up his face with the big right hand is way out of bounds since that can alter the persons whole look, or could lead to them banging their head and hurting their brain.

    Brain damage, facial disfigurement and anything spinal are out of the question. But if you can hit him in the shoulder. Or force him onto the ground and kick him really hard to as to create a Haemotoma on the thigh. Or just get some bruising going on the shin. A horsewhipping if only the fully clothed backside and thighs were involved.

    This is what we must do I think. Because they are determined to block out the truth, with a wall of lies, and call it free speech.

  6. ermm Graeme I said Paul Norton from LP.
    who are you talking about?

  7. “But Mr Bird, what is to be done?”

    Violence. I’m advocating a campaign of violence. But only when you think you can moderate the level of damage. Some hard-core leftists might be tough. And many apolitical fellows are extremely tough. But not these sort of vermin. Like if you lined up all the regular male contributers that Bahnisch has had over the years the first thing that leapt to your mind wouldn’t be “WOW. These are a physical bunch of fellows. I’ll give them that much” And if you did actually say that out loud the shock of recognition would set everyone off laughing.

    So yeah its time to start a campaign of violence off. Because its getting too late and they are determined to hose down all reason. But they are sissies. Look at Robert Merkel for example. Do you expect he just oozes physical courage along with the flab? He’s pretty ful-on and out there when he’s coming up with another thread on the immaculate conception of a CO2 problem. But I think he’d go to water if you kept socking him in the shoulder and kicking him in the shins. You think he’d be all gung ho to lie to your face then?

    Or how about Bahnisch himself? He won’t respect his intellectual superiors or his elders. Will a bit of biff-baff encourage him to respect his betters?

  8. It’s not a Second Holocaust…. it’s the Apocalypse.

  9. Right. But we have to do what we can to stop that stupid white Marxist mans attempts to secure prophecy for this side.

    Doesn’t matter whether its prophecy or the alleged consensus view. These leftist wankers will be trying to rig the game.

  10. is Cambria on your good side now?

  11. I like your ideas Mr Bird. But if we’re to have a campaign of violence should we be organised in some way?

  12. No because if its not appropriate you cannot go through with it. Like you cannot wind up bashing some old guy when a bruise on the shins is all you are after. You cannot get David Karoly, force him into the ground and physically smash his face until there is nothing left of it when stealing his glasses and punching him in the guts is sufficient.

    So its got to be a matter of taking the opportunity rather then some plan because of the difficulty of beating up on these guys without things getting out of hand. Like what are you going to do with that stupid liar Penny Wong. You just have to get lucky if she’s walking past a swimming pool or something and you can push her in. You couldn’t really go so far as to manhandle her.

  13. I wouldn’t have thought so. Cambrias still dishonest and a triangulating bullshit-artist.

  14. But isn’t that a bit random and purposeless? Surely our enemies need to feel the righteous anger of ‘we the people’ who have been disenfranchised by the Usurper and his supporters.

  15. I don’t know any other way. If you organise people you would bring on people who would get out of hand. You might have them pack-raping Penny Wong and frightening Karoly’s kids or something. So no it cannot be organized. Its just got to be a bit of impromptu pushing and shoving.Breaking stuff that they are holding. Stomping on their feet and making them feel that there is some real fury going on.

  16. I’m not so sure Mr Bird. As Mr Hanson has pointed out we are headed towards an apocolypse, and if these known liars are allowed to continue their foul canards things will only continue to slide into darkness.

    I think we may need sterner action than mere scuffles in a supermarket queue.

  17. We need other action as well. But on the voilence side of things it cannot go furhter than what I have suggested.

  18. I greatly respect you Mr Bird. Your ideas carry profound intellectual weight and deserve wide recognition.

    But I cannot see anyway around this if we are to have a genuine campaign of violence so that these scum learn their lesson and are firmly put in their place. We know that the dark forces of rampant Leftism in our society have already mudrered good citizens to prevent ‘certain information’ from coming out.

    Leftists never shy away from using violence and if we are not to let them gain the upper-hand in any physical confrontation then we must be ready to strike first and to strike hard if our freedoms are to be preserved.

  19. You, sir, have the correct idea! I am a member of a popular web forum in which such plans are being discussed AS WE SPEAK? Have you heard of Stormfront?

  20. Dr Thomas, a question if I may. I have attempted to access ‘Stormfront’ as you suggested, but my PC-infected web-filter has denied me access (Leftism is everywhere!).

    Does your group feel as I, and hopefully Mr Bird, do?

    These are dark and dangerous times. Communism is on the rise once again. Obama is already preparing his concentration camps and militias. I fear now is not the time for the faint-hearted.

  21. We feel exactly as you and Mr Bird do, we hate niggers too.

  22. for shame Graeme

    you’d push a woman into a swimming pool?

  23. I am indeed pleased to hear that Dr Westaway. However, I am concerned that the type of ‘violence’ advocated by Mr Bird simply does not go far enough.

    In fact he sounds like he fights like a sissy 12 year-old girl.

    Do your friends at Stormfront like uniforms? I like uniforms.

  24. I think a simply pie-in-the-face would be appropriate for all social democratic politicians.

  25. Well she’s not fully a girl. And she is doing the wrong thing by her country.

    Fisk has the right idea. I’ll not be entertaining anything worse then what I’ve already said. And Fisks suggestion is in a better direction, although its hard to find the pie when you need it and the steelcaps cana be worn all the time, even to sleep.

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