Posted by: graemebird | April 20, 2009

Twenty-Tweens Civlisational Collapse/The Decade That Julian Simon Forgot.

I had another thread where I explored some of these themes but I couldn’t make it work so I took it off air. Imagine two fists knuckle to knuckle with immense force behind each of them. One of them must give way sooner or later.

The realities exposed by the exponential series are serious realities. And at first blush they imply Club-Of-Rome assumptions and resource scarcity. The Land Hunger we’ve seen since world war II implies a total suburban overun if we tolerate higher populations, with one species squeezing out most others in this view. Of course there are ways around this. If the roping off of land implies either a legal or gentlemans agreement to invest in local high-rise buildings then the ownership of land would lead to the production of land substitutes. If we are aware of the paradoxes of land as opposed to other goods then as we move towards liberty we can manipulate whatever tax regime that is in place to favour high-rise and to not go in for massive land value inflation…… But this is another story and I just want to remind people tangentially that Henry Georges economics ought not be forgotten even if one is not in favour of the land tax. (For the record, for me, land tax is a second-best solution and in many cases no solution at all. But much of the reasoning behind the advocacy of land tax must be taken into account. And as a BIG PRIORITY.)

So on the one hand we have the realities of the exponential series. Thats one fist and its pitted against the other fist of economics. The economics of the lengthening of the production structure, the capital accumulation, and the further extension of the division of labour, that trade with a greater population makes possible. Those two fists are set against eachother. Which one will win?

We will for convenience make it the Club-Of-Rome fist against the Julian Simon fist. Which one will win?

Well its up to us. Because if civilisation survives then there is really no doubt that the Julian Simon fist will win. But this sadly will not be the case in the Twenty-Tweens. The Tweenty-Tweens will be a decade bereft of Julian Simon. And all his thoughts on these matters will fall from favour in a Hades of deprivation and resource-scarcity. And its nothing to do with capitalism. The damage has been done via decades of obstruction to the market. The failure to really get property titles right. The triumph of the parasites. And the disaster of fractional reserve fiat currency.

Every month that these environmentalist bastards get in the way of us getting things done with nuclear and synthetic diesel is a month closer to the razors edge of incredible catastrophe. Every month my agenda of mass-sackings in the public sector is postponed may mean another year of hurt in the private sector and thousands of unknown people dying somewhere in the world. We ought not lose even one more week before announcing a phase-over to 100 backed commodity money. We could start with a bias towards COPPER as the backing. But just so long as we get every last AUD 100% backed then privatized and then with fractional reserve outlawed no doubt the situation would evolve more towards silver and then gold as time went on.

Finally someone has put this all together in a single online Lecture involving multiple segments. But then the good news is that someone has put these multiple segments onto a single playlist. Which means you can have it playing constantly in the background as you are doing things around the house. And as you are going to sleep. And you’ve just got to go over it and over it and over it until you understand.

Its really important, no matter what your line of work, that you understand everything this fellow has to say. Every last thing. That you make all your plans around what he is saying here. That you are in a position to look out for your family and neighbours with this knowledge in mind. It might come down to the localities since the repulsive leftists have grabbed centralised decision-making with their endless wall-of-sound.

The person who has put all this together, his name is Chris Martenson.

And here is the playlist that you have to come to grips with. Remember that Julian Simon is not wrong. But human folly has banished him for the twenty-tweens.


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