Posted by: graemebird | May 2, 2009

Chilling Eugenicist Application Of Crap Statistics/The Advocacy Of Bednets Alone/The THREE FEET FROM GENOCIDE Setup.

Tim Lambert is back to pushing that absolutely chilling eugenicists idea of the bed-net-alone. Ghoulish. He is not the only one and the goal of depopulating Africa of its children appears to be general within the environmentalist movement.

I’m sure I don’t need to spell out my reasoning to normal human beings since the general sick churning in their stomach ought to be more or less automatic as to what these holocaust-enablers have in mind. But I’ll spell it out for the leftists who visit this site.

A bed net alone strategy means that the environmentalist movement thinks its fine and dandy for a malaria-carrying mosquito to get within one metre of a defenseless toddler, or a little baby. The environmentalists think that this is just marvelous. Getting the mosquitoes and the children in close proximity is their goal with the bed-nets-alone strategy, no doubt about it at all.

The environmentalists are so serious about this wish-fantasy, they even go so far as to show pictures of dead mosquito having been caught in these nets that they find favour with. Just to prove they are serious about this plan to bring the mosquitoes and the children in close contact, you can find them showcasing pictures of dead mosquitoes caught in these nets. Really what they are after is a no-mosquito-left-behind policy. But they’ll tolerate a tiny level of mosquito-killing for the goal of SETTING UP POOR PEOPLE FOR MASS-MURDER. The bed-net-alone advocacy is truly the sickest use of bogus statistics ever attempted.

But the motivations and consequences of this plan are much much worse then how I have so far described things. Because the malarial agent isn’t just a horrifying disease for humans. Its a disease for the mosquito also, though apparently not one that is able to curb their numbers.

Do you see whats going on here? The environmentalist movement not only wants people to catch malaria. They want all the mosquitoes in Africa to catch malaria as a first step. And they want to do it without blowing out the number of human victims right away.

What this all means is that if you are unwilling to destroy the malarial agent when it crops up in mosquito populations THEN IT WILL BECOME GENERAL IN MOSQUITO POPULATIONS IN AFRICA. This is an absolutely clear plan of human eradication. To make as much of the mosquito population malarial as can possibly be achieved and to bring that mosquito population within 3 feet of your babies bloodstream (supposing you are poor and African).

No-one in heavy industry would ever tolerate a one-shield approach to hazards. We, who live in the real unsubsidised world, know that the long-reach of co-incidence will find its way through any TWO layers of safety to cause death or injury. In manufacturing we know that THREE layers of protection are required always. To keep our quality up in an environment of total safety and in a mistake-free-zone. To not understand this fundamental principle of reality is why people are frightened of nuclear power. To not understand this conceptual approach to hazards means that a husband gets himself killed by leaving arsenic in a coke bottle to kill his weeds, only to have his wife re-serve it to him by accident with ice.

These eugenicists never think they are going to get busted. The statistics will obviously be shown to be bullshit once they are subject to reasoned analysis. But the very idea that this plan could be put out and NOT be a confession that they are after depopulation is absurd. The plan goes against all conceptual principles of health and safety practice in any first-world workplace.


Consider the setup for mass-murder that the bed-nets-alone conspiracy constitutes.

1. You leave people defenseless against malaria but for one metre of space.

2. You have mosquitoes become malarial more generally.

3. Then you just need to somehow take the final defense away all at once.

What are the pretenses here to this obvious misuse of statistics? What are the fantasy-elements of this misuse of statistics for blatantly eugenicist goals?

1. Kids never get out of bed during the night.
2. Human beings, like taxeaters, only work nine-to-five. No shift worker need ever apply for protection.
3. Mosquitoes only operate at night.
4. Mosquitoes only bite people who are sleeping.
4. Everything is certain in this world, and everything always goes to plan, even when presuming to set policy for a continent in its entirety.

The environmentalist might seem to be talking about handing out bednets for free in this case and so it might seem like a heart-warming charity delivered free of charge by voluntary dorks. The dork cover-story is horrifying and treacly bullshit. What the bed-nets-only environmentalists are really about is finding an excuse to further impede the use of multiple methodologies, DDT, other insecticides and LOCAL AUTONOMY when it comes to fighting malaria. What the dork cover-story hides is a blatant attempt to set up Africans for the kill, so that these neo-Malthusian Nazis can have a depopulated Africa.

Perhaps you share their goals?

Perhaps you don’t like black people either?

Maybe you think the rumours about black men are true?

Think hard about whats going on inside your id and make the ethical judgment. Because to actually publicly advocate allowing malaria to become general within mosquitoes and to bring these malarial mosquitoes three feet from almost every African is one of the most horrifying ideas I’ve heard in a long time. And it also brings up an epistemological problem with mistaking a tool of science for the very essence of science itself.

Statistics is only a tool of science. Like a drill, or a chainsaw. A hammer, or a vice. Visualise each of these tools being used productively. Now visualise them being used to horrifying purpose, one after the other.

Human reason (and most particularly induction) is the essence of science. We ought never over-emphasise any one tool, nor ought we throw any of our tools away.

I went to YouTube to find some pro-bed-net-only dork trying to be a new Gandhi, and showing proof that he wants to bring the mosquitos 3 feet from the kids. But instead I found some sane talk in this matter for once:

There is something pretty enticing about a black chick with a British accent. But she was lucky to get through without the environmentalists killing her. The kids here talk about a prejudice against a pesticide. But one wonders if they realise that what is really going on is that these leftist environmentalists want human depopulation. Mass eradication of humans in preference to mass eradication of mosquitoes. In fact over at Deltoid they admit openly that they would not make mosquitoes extinct even if they could do so without effort.
(Post-Script. This gorgeous girls name is Agnes. Nice old English name that we don’t hear very often anymore. I shouldn’t really be calling her a “black chick” with an English accent when she has already told us her name.)

Bear in mind that no country in Sub-Saharan Africa is a strategic threat to us in the West. So this is not like the Jihad desperately trying to breed more Muslims. There is not the instinct of self-preservation in these human eradication programs. The environmentalists just hate black people and they would wish for an Africa that was like a permanent safari-park.



  1. Can someone post this one over at the Deltoid Dwarfs place to tip people off as to what this bednets deal is all about.

  2. The case of the missing arguments.

    Firstly from that fuckwit Bernard who manages to fool himself that he is a scientist. When its pretty clear he just gets in the way.

    I wouldn’t dare to visit that cesspool for fear that I couldn’t wash the resultant grubby feeling away.
    However, I’m willing to bet that Bird doesn’t use a single reference to any epidemiological, pathological, or ecological research or data to support his statements.
    Perhaps someone more adventurous than myself could confirm this for me.
    Posted by: Bernard J. | May 2, 2009 7:33 AM”

    No reasoned argument from this DDT-Bureaucratisation Holocaust-Denier. Well how about Sod? Do you think we will get an argument from that fuckwit Nazi cunt Sod?

    We never did ever before? Lets have a look:

    “i wouldn t call myself “adventurous, but the piece is titled:
    Chilling Eugenicist Application Of Crap Statistics/The Advocacy Of Bednets Alone/The THREE FEET FROM GENOCIDE Setup.
    and contains gems like:
    Because the malarial agent isn’t just a horrifying disease for humans. Its a disease for the mosquito also, though apparently not one that is able to curb their numbers.
    so i am glad, that finally someone is up, to heal those mosquitos….
    in comparison with graemebird, Tim Curtin is a wise man. i surely had better conversations with passed out football hooligans between their puking phases, that with Bird…
    Posted by: sod | May 2, 2009 8:13 AM”

    What do you think? Is this an argument? A tone of voice argument perhaps?

    My reasoning therefore remains uncontested.

  3. Its pretty clear that the fascist filth over at Deltoid, if given the chance to eliminate mosquitoes with a flick of a switch, would choose not to do so. From their statements I think we can say that this is by their own admission.

    Notice also the nature of the tiny DDT usage that is currently allowed. These programs usually involve indoor spraying. Apparently these fascists won’t sit still for the outside stuff, being as their priority is with saving the mosquito. And though they have this irrational belief that DDT is a powerful carcinogen it is now sprayed indoors. Mosquitoes matter. But black people don’t either way you swing it.

    Thats where the appeasement has lead to. A feeble indoor spraying campaign. So apparently its OK to live in fear of mosquitoes hiding in a third world house every day in 24 hour contact with DDT. But its not OK to kill all the mosquitoes anywhere near your house with DDT. And its OK to have the government come in and have spraying inside the house compulsary. But not OK to have the government spray where the mosquitoes breed. Such is the outcome of the campaign of these fascists coupled with the people who would appease them.

  4. By their own admission the advocates of the bed-nets-alone policy say that bednets can reduce the rate of transmission of the disease by UP TO 70%. Which means that the rate of transmission of the disease can be reduced by bednets no more than 70% in comparison to taking no action at all. Which means that every black kid is still going to get malaria sooner or later. Its just the rate of transmission that will be slowed some.

    So these people know what they are about. They are about killing black people and experiencing a Gandhi moment at the same time. These people are really sick.

  5. Here we have an example of the fascist dork approach to being unserious about malaria. Note the pictures of mosquitos actually caught in the bednets. Three feet from your precious babies bloodstream.

    It must be realised that when an environmentalist says one thing he really means something else. When he says “global warming” he means “industrial CO2 release”. When he says “I want to save lives” he really means “I want to practice human eradication and feel like a new Gandhit doing it.”

    When and environmentalist is talking about solar energy, wind energy, energy storage and deuterium fusion, he’s not promoting any such thing. What he’s really doing is getting in the way of nuclear fission and hydro-carbons. This is how it goes all the way down the line. And when an enviromentalist appears to be promoting bednets he is doing no such thing. What he is really doing os trying to obstruct serious people from eradicating malaria. That goes for the dork in the above youtube, and the deltoid dwarf dork as well.

  6. Here is something of what I’m talking about.

    “But preventing the bites is one of the critical keys to ending the disease.”

    Hey this guys good right? What do you think he’s saying? Mr Ed? He’s saying don’t use DDT. No pesticides. He’s actually advocating bednets alone. This has to be made very clear. When an environmentalist says something he means something quite different then what he said

    “But preventing the bites is one of the critical keys to ending the disease.”

    Well surely we are on the same side then? And surely the best way to prevent mosquito bites is to kill mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle. But Ed isn’t talking about killing mosquitoes at all. He isn’t even talking about stopping them from biting. He’s talking about the eugenicist approach of bed-nets-alone and stopping DDT, other pesticides and local autonomy. Here is the extended quote:

    “What beat malaria in the U.S. — officially, by 1939, the year DDT was discovered to be an insecticide and seven years before it came into use as a pesticide — was rising incomes which put poor people into better, mosquito-resistant housing, screens on windows, and effective public health campaigns to treat malaria in humans to reduce the pool from which vectors could draw parasite oocytes to pass on to other victims.
    In short, it was the pre-World War equivalent of bednets.
    Bednets are not the feelgood cop-out. They are the backbone of the efforts to stop bites. There need to be similarly ambitious efforts to improve medical care, and there needs to be a powerful program to eradicate breeding near homes. But preventing the bites is one of the critical keys to ending the disease.
    Posted by: Ed Darrell | May 2, 2009 7:08 PM”

    He doesn’t want to stop them from biting. He wants to stop DDT being used and pretend that DDT DIDN’T help destroy malaria in the USA. So he’s just lying about the history and trying to campaign against local autonomy. He wants more taxes, less local autonomy, and no DDT whatsoever.

    According to ED Darrell IT WAS THE POWERFULLY RISING INCOMES OF THE DEPRESSION YEARS which did Malaria in. Poor people had powerfully rising incomes DURING THE DEPRESSION in Eds new impromptu history. Ed is a liar. But he teaches history. So here he is lying and making it all up on the spot, forgetting that the rest of us know about the great depression.

    In the real world, quite distinct from Ed Darrels compulsive lying the great depression meant that POOR PEOPLE WERE UNEMPLOYED. Its a real corker he’s trying on here. But as we have seen environmentalists, including history teachers who are environmentalists… LIE ALL THE TIME.

  7. Bird, try to keep your eye on the ball here.

    Focus on the deltoid dwarf. He’s trying to provide cover for the environmental movement so they can keep trying to kill black people.

    The little prick should have been fired long ago from UNSW.

  8. I am not a baby killer, Bush is. Bush killed trillions of Iraqis.

    I know this because I’m the deltoid dwarf, good with big numbers and Lancet told me.

  9. Great. Good comments for a change. Hang out. But Cambria. I’m not going to back away from any topic if the evidence points towards the strange and controversial. That would be piss-weak. And it would be a denial of the fact that we don’t get our knowledge automatically but must follow the evidence no matter where it takes us. Discover some moxie or attempt to not take your own faith-based ideas seriously.

    In the last two or three days there has been a sudden lurch towards sanity and good news.

    Thanks for tipping me off to what that evil little bastard was up to. And how about that black chick hey(edit: her name is Agnes. As if she didn’t tell us)? If it was up to the environmentalists we would forsake forever sweethearts like her in favour of the mosquitoes and some of the critters they feed on.

    Its not about DDT alone you know. And its not about foreign aid. It just about the unified willpower to want to destroy the mosquitoes and the parasites they carry with them, without a whole lot of mixed motives that people don’t want to talk about.

    If you have white rich urban taxeaters showing up to these meetings and they really have mixed motives about wanting to see all those ugly mosquitoes dead, all their larvae dead, and no mosquito getting near a village a house or a school then thats people you don’t want to have in the meeting.

    You can do the job with or without the DDT but you’ve got to want to do the job. These Gandhi wannabe genocidalist cunts, handing out bed-fucking-nets are interested in themselves and not the killing of mosquitoes. Not the setting up of a series of concentric circles, and the outermost one to make sure that no mosquito that ever encountered DDT would have surviving descendants. Thats sending a message to mother-evolution not to adapt for DDT.

  10. One of the blokes spells it out here. You see assholes like Quiggin and others make like there was no ban. Ban is a three letter word and if you want to quibble with it you are going to get tongue-tied. The anti-poor-black people holocaust-enablers use the fact that there was never a SUCCESSFUL TOTAL PLANETARY PROSCRIPTION on DDT to poo-poo the idea that there was a ban.

    But since there has never been and perhaps could never be a successful total planetary BAN on ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then these people are fucking with us and just tongue-tying us.

    So from here on in lets get the use of practical English right. There WAS A BAN. No doubt about it. There was a ban in anyones sensible language. Anyone that doesn’t talk like Gareth Evans, all footnotes and caveats in conversational language….. apart from this sort of fucking around we can now reclaim the language from Quiggin and the others and we can say outright that we are talking about:


    Thats what we call it.

    Now you can on demand expand that to the DDT-Bureaucratisation holocaust. But only when pushed.

    And then if pushed further we have to say that its not just about DDT, rather its about: Environmentalism….. or the environmentalist movement…. arm-twisting tactical-warfare-against-mosquitoes away from local autonomy….

    Because there is no question but that we could have eradicated malaria from any area that wanted to pay the piper with-or-without DDT, and quite cheaply at that.

    And then if called on to expand further we can go with what the kid with the almost ginger hair is saying:

    “The Stockholm Convention Is An International Agreement Banning The Use Of DDT in agriculture. DDT is acceptable under the convention WHEN USED IN ACCORDANCE WITH W.H.O. GUIDELINES, AND WHEN SAFE, EFFECTIVE, AND AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVES ARE NOT AVAILABLE……”

    Think what that means in warfare against the mosquitoes. You are giving them a head-start every time to build up their numbers. And you are delaying the various actions you can take upon the approval of all your REGIMES-AID-DONORS. And your regime is corrupt and therefore are going to be able to be bribed into subservience in order to stay in power and avoid persecution from others that might grab power from them. In Africa thinking about people out in the hinterlands, under those circumstances is a somewhat secondary consideration for regime leadership.

    So this is mass-murder as clear as you can get. The manipulation of amoral regime-leadership, in a continent that never bought into the cult of the state, and therefore was always about FAMILISM.

    So being a continent based around FAMILISM the mass-murderers knew that they could acheive their goals simply by manipulating the coterie of couzie-bros that happened to be in power at the time. A clearer case of premeditated slaughter you could not imagine.

    To some of you Africans out there. I’m not your enemy mate. And millions of ordinary Westerners aren’t your enemy either. But anyone who stood up to these bastards invited a cavalcade of black-balling and ridicule from these life-long defamers.

    Its true that for the most part I’d only let your unattached girls come here in great numbers until we had defeated the multi-culturists, the legal-relativists, the democracy-against-rule-of-law-extremists, and we had brought the level of parasitism down so that in practice new African immigrants were coming here and contributing mostly to capital update.

    Surely you can understand that side of things. But most normal folks who don’t research these matters are either bullshitted by or intimidated into going along with this dorkish ascendancy of airbrushed wimpish Nazis that somehow have become influential in the country that Captain Cook sussed out for the Crown.

    So you are right to be angry. But at least don’t be angry at all white people. Because I for one stood up for you when I had the chance.

    Now what else does ginger say

    “…In PRACTICE… this means that DDT remains off-limits to most developing countries where malaria is endemic….”

    You see these fucking cunts. They say its a carcinogen and its just what I said. They say its a carcinogen and they only want to spray it inside where the humans live. Not outside where the mosquitos live.

    They are such cunts. Fucking bastards. They are traitors. They are such hardwired traitors they would sell us out for the mosquitoes.

    I take the point of view that we are all brothers. And my CURRENT partial anti-immigration stance is no detraction from that. Its not being hypocritical because as a practical matter we have to defeat a great deal of our internal foes prior to setting up a situation where new arrivals will be in the interests of the people already here. As the most idealised version of growth-deflation Misean economics (with a bias to vertical development) would provide.

    By why wouldn’t we want these kids to be healthy? If we don’t want the natural world pushed to the margins well thats a vertical development and land-use and land-titles issue. Its also an infrastructure issue. We could sort it out where we are and then show by example how its done and then the Africans would be less likely to push the wild-life to the absolute margins.

  11. speaking of hot african chicks …

  12. shit, I didn’t expect the whole youtube to get embedded when I put in the link

  13. Isn’t it fantastic? Thats a new capability that I’ve just noticed as well. And thanks for the clip. Hey our girls name is Agnes. Isn’t she a sweetheart?

    I had a great-aunty called Agnes. But then again I had so many great Aunties that any one of them having any particular name is no miracle of co-incidence.

  14. Hey Bird:

    You seen Quiggin’s latest critique on Austrian economics?

    Fuck the guy is thick. He suggests the Austrians considered monkey to be neutral. Either he just lying, or Quiggin really is dumb.

    Mises, Heyek all of them thought the opposite and strongly argued why money could not be considered neutral.

    If Quiggin is all the hard left has to offer, the right wing is pretty safe.

    He has to be the stupidest economist this side of the equator. In fact the New Guinea highlands would have smarter economists and they’re still living with spears etc.

  15. Sorry It should read money… however Quibbin wouldn’t no the difference between money and a monkey.

  16. Well he’s displaying his ignorance if he’s saying that. Thats for sure. I will eventually check your story. But it was only a crude Friedmanitism that had money as neutral.

    So yeah. I don’t think Quiggin has ever been the committed scholar.

  17. Wow, so she probably has brains as well as beauty

    Sade was born in Ibadan, Ọyọ State, Nigeria. Her name, Folasade, means honour confers a crown.[2] Her parents, Bisi Adu, a Nigerian lecturer in economics of Yoruba background, and Anne Hayes, an English nurse, met in London and moved to west Africa.

  18. Yeah she’s bitchin alright. But there is two points to that.

    1. She may be getting on in years by now and

    2. Lambert would have murdered her through malaria just the same.

  19. Logged from elsewhere:

    Marevellous. Yeah. Enlightening. What would Bug Birl Know. She’s a DDT-Ban Holocaust-Denier.

    And I caught you lying about history over at the Deltoid Dwarf-Oracles place Ed:

    “What beat malaria in the U.S. — officially, by 1939, the year DDT was discovered to be an insecticide and seven years before it came into use as a pesticide — was rising incomes which put poor people into better, mosquito-resistant housing, screens on windows, and effective public health campaigns to treat malaria in humans to reduce the pool from which vectors could draw parasite oocytes to pass on to other victims.
    In short, it was the pre-World War equivalent of bednets.
    Bednets are not the feelgood cop-out. They are the backbone of the efforts to stop bites. There need to be similarly ambitious efforts to improve medical care, and there needs to be a powerful program to eradicate breeding near homes. But preventing the bites is one of the critical keys to ending the disease.
    Posted by: Ed Darrell | May 2, 2009 7:08 PM”

    What an incredible load of impromptu lying crapola.

    Poor people had these marvelously rising incomes during the double-digit unemployment days of THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

    You are a liar Ed.

    And its appalling how you leftists defer to eathother by authority when you are all a bunch of tribalist idiots.

  20. The dwarf hates getting caught lying. I think he really does want to see black people die.

  21. Of course he does. Why would he be so persistent about it?

    You wouldn’t risk sticking your neck out like this if it wasn’t true lust for depopulation. I have the same lusts. But its for miscegenation and spacious high-rise. So you see there is a difference between the evil and perverted lusts and the normal human stuff.

  22. Jack Kemp has passed away

  23. Shoot. He’s only the same age as Elvis. He’s only 72

  24. Make that 73.

  25. Here is a website dedicated to documenting the public menace that is Goldman Sachs:

  26. Looks like we may not need DDT:

  27. “Need”?. Thats not an issue. Malaria can be beaten with or without DDT. But the people involved have to want to beat it. If they are going to say “Ho ho we don’t need DDT” you’ve got the wrong people. That attitude means that they will not worry too much if a lot of black kids are dead. In fact that attitude means that they may actively want all these black people dead.

  28. I don’t really understand your arguement. It looks like there are a number of anti-malaria programs in place by the WHO and other organisations, and research into control methods is ongoing:,,contentMDK:21311031~pagePK:64257043~piPK:437376~theSitePK:4607,00.html

  29. Malaria deaths decline by 66% in Zambia

  30. Whats not to understand? The issue is to stop Malaria. The issue isn’t to stop Malaria AND appease lunatics all at the same time. Or to stop Malaria and take DDT off the table. You need to find out who the psychopaths and the appeasers are early on. You’ve pretty much shown your hand in this matter.

  31. I’m sorry, but are you saying that organisations Medicine Sans Frontiers are psychpaths? That seems a bit of a stretch.

  32. When did I say or imply that they were psychopaths? Its what you are claiming that seems a bit of a stretch. Worry about your own attitude. Here we are talking about malaria MALARIA!!!! And your very first thought is to take one weapons system off the table arbitrarily and your next thought is to alibi yourself by hiding behind some doctors. So what I’m saying is that if one wanted to go to war against the mosquitoes it would be dangerous to have someone like you in any strategy meetings. Because already we can see that you are not a partisan for the cause and that you seem to want to let the mosquitoes off the hook.

  33. From MSF:

    “There is no secret about the best treatment for malaria today. Combination therapy using artemisinin derivatives is so effective that it is bringing about a revolution in the treatment of the disease, particularly in Asia, where its use is widespread. It is time to bring artemisinin-based combination therapy, or ACT, to Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO), international donors and African governments cannot afford to let this treatment bypass the continent where malaria is taking its greatest toll.”

  34. Well that just shows you were being entirely dishonest. And it further tips your hand. Here you have a quote of them recommending some sort of medical treatment AFTER the horse has bolted.

    So no you are a fascist. And you were totally dishonest trying to shift the blame to these doctors.

  35. From May Berenbaum head of the department of entomology, University of Illinois:

    “In 2000, I chaired a National Research Council committee that published a study titled “The Future Role of Pesticides in U.S. Agriculture.” Our principal recommendation is germane to discussions of malaria management: “There is no justification for completely abandoning chemicals per se as components in the defensive toolbox used for managing pests. The committee recommends maintaining a diversity of tools for maximizing flexibility, precision, and stability of pest management.”

    Overselling a chemical’s capacity to solve a problem can do irretrievable harm not only by raising false hopes but by delaying the use of more effective long-term methods. So let’s drop the hyperbole and overblown rhetoric — it’s not what Africa needs. What’s needed is a recognition of the problem’s complexity and a willingness to use every available weapon to fight disease in an informed and rational way.”

  36. Your links bare no relation to the points you appear to be trying to make. Is this a Deltoid Dwarf Disease or something?

    What is your point? Piss or get off the pot.

  37. No the only point I’m making is that DDT is already being used in combination with other effective methods such as combination therapy, and that it’s not a magic bullet.

    In light of that, I’m not sure I understand your point. As May Berenbaum suggests, “let’s drop the hyperbole and overblown rhetoric”.

  38. I don’t understand your point. If they are not serious about killing the mosquitoes it doesn’t matter what they use.

  39. Spraying DDT inside houses doesn’t kill the mosquitoes except in the tiniest numbers. Bednets won’t decimate mosquito populations. And combination therapy drugs won’t destroy mosquito populations either. You can have any and all options available but if you wish to put mosquitoes before black people the mosquitoes will win and the black people will lose no matter how much money the taxeaters have available.

  40. “Zambia stands as an example of what we can achieve throughout Africa through the combination of universal access to bednets and effective malaria medicines,” he said.

    WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT. How sinister is that? This is not a malaria control program. Rather its a no-mosquito-left-behind welfare program. And one which could not be better designed to render these combination therapies obsolete. Still we have people determined to save the mosquito populations for real and only help the human populations for public relations purposes.

  41. People act like they are involved in a conspiracy even if they are not. Through sheer incompetence. This idea of bednets and drugs looks like an effective way to breed a new strain of killer-malaria in the same way as the gay life-style of multiple crud-burgling, all night dance parties and relentless anti-biotics gave us increasingly nastier and nastier strains of the AIDS virus.

    So the aid donors want to keep the mosquitoes place in the food chain intact. And all their anti-malarial campaigns are defensive. DDT so long as its indoors. Bednets. And pump the kids full of drugs. But on no account kill the mosquitoes where they live.

    Nothings changed. Its still the same old black magic of closet eugenics.

  42. These days Roy Innis is concerning himself with the disaster that environmentalism is doing, and will do to his people through energy deprivation.

    But here is Roy Innis back in the old days having something important to say to the reverend Al Sharpton.

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