Posted by: graemebird | May 3, 2009

“BAN” Millions Of Murders Hidden By Linguistic Silly-Buggery.

One of the kids spells it out in the second youtube on the previous thread. You see assholes like Quiggin and others make like there was no ban. Ban is a three letter word and if you want to quibble with it you are going to get tongue-tied. The anti-poor-black people holocaust-enablers use the fact that there was never a SUCCESSFUL TOTAL PLANETARY PROSCRIPTION on DDT to poo-poo the idea that there was a ban.

But since there has never been and perhaps could never be a successful total planetary BAN on ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then these people are fucking with us and just tongue-tying us.

So from here on in lets get the use of practical English right. There WAS A BAN. No doubt about it. There was a ban in anyones sensible language. Anyone that doesn’t talk like Gareth Evans, all footnotes and caveats in conversational language….. apart from this sort of fucking around we can now reclaim the language from Quiggin and the others and we can say outright that we are talking about:


Thats what we call it.

Now you can on demand expand that to the DDT-Bureaucratisation holocaust. But only when pushed.

And then if pushed further we have to say that its not just about DDT, rather its about: Environmentalism….. or the environmentalist movement…. arm-twisting tactical-warfare-against-mosquitoes away from local autonomy….

Because there is no question but that we could have eradicated malaria from any area that wanted to pay the piper with-or-without DDT, and quite cheaply at that.

And then if called on to expand further we can go with what the kid with the almost ginger hair is saying:

“The Stockholm Convention Is An International Agreement Banning The Use Of DDT in agriculture. DDT is acceptable under the convention WHEN USED IN ACCORDANCE WITH W.H.O. GUIDELINES, AND WHEN SAFE, EFFECTIVE, AND AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVES ARE NOT AVAILABLE……”

Think what that means in warfare against the mosquitoes. You are giving them a head-start every time to build up their numbers. And you are delaying the various actions you can take upon the approval of all your REGIMES-AID-DONORS. And your regime is corrupt and therefore are going to be able to be bribed into subservience in order to stay in power and avoid persecution from others that might grab power from them. In Africa thinking about people out in the hinterlands, under those circumstances is a somewhat secondary consideration for regime leadership.

So this is mass-murder as clear as you can get. The manipulation of amoral regime-leadership, in a continent that never bought into the cult of the state, and therefore was always about FAMILISM.

So being a continent based around FAMILISM the mass-murderers knew that they could acheive their goals simply by manipulating the coterie of couzie-bros that happened to be in power at the time. A clearer case of premeditated slaughter you could not imagine.

To some of you Africans out there. I’m not your enemy mate. And millions of ordinary Westerners aren’t your enemy either. But anyone who stood up to these bastards invited a cavalcade of black-balling and ridicule from these life-long defamers.

Its true that for the most part I’d only let your unattached girls come here in great numbers until we had defeated the multi-culturists, the legal-relativists, the democracy-against-rule-of-law-extremists, and we had brought the level of parasitism down so that in practice new African immigrants were coming here and contributing mostly to capital update.

Surely you can understand that side of things. But most normal folks who don’t research these matters are either bullshitted by or intimidated into going along with this dorkish ascendancy of airbrushed wimpish Nazis that somehow have become influential in the country that Captain Cook sussed out for the Crown.

So you are right to be angry. But at least don’t be angry at all white people. Because I for one stood up for you when I had the chance.

Now what else does ginger say

“…In PRACTICE… this means that DDT remains off-limits to most developing countries where malaria is endemic….”

You see these fucking cunts. They say its a carcinogen and its just what I said. They say its a carcinogen and they only want to spray it inside where the humans live. Not outside where the mosquitos live.

They are such cunts. Fucking bastards. They are traitors. They are such hardwired traitors they would sell us out for the mosquitoes.

I take the point of view that we are all brothers. And my CURRENT partial anti-immigration stance is no detraction from that. Its not being hypocritical because as a practical matter we have to defeat a great deal of our internal foes prior to setting up a situation where new arrivals will be in the interests of the people already here. As the most idealised version of growth-deflation Misean economics (with a bias to vertical development) would provide.

By why wouldn’t we want these kids to be healthy? If we don’t want the natural world pushed to the margins well thats a vertical development and land-use and land-titles issue. Its also an infrastructure issue. We could sort it out where we are and then show by example how its done and then the Africans would be less likely to push the wild-life to the absolute margins.

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