Posted by: graemebird | May 3, 2009

The Post Too Confronting For The Richard Dawkins Blog.

Philosophical Underpinnings To The Expanding Earth Theory…

I perceive a great deal of discomfort at the idea that ultimately something appears to come out of nothing. I perceive this discomfort and its nothing to do DIRECTLY with the evidence that the earth is expanding. On a deeper level it has more to do with the idea that existence exists, and that this very fact has unsettling ideas associated with it. We see that matter exists and that it decays. Ergo it must be capable of being created. Supposing I’m wrong? What circumstance would lead to a situation where Matter could exist, degrade, and not be capable of creation?

Only if the rules had changed. If a rule change separated a point or a period of time into the before and after. And the rules were different then. The rules were different before that time. And the rules changed after that time period, or even more ludicrously after that point-in-time. But all we would be saying in that case is matter USED TO BE capable of being created. And that for some arbitrary reason this capability has been lost.

To approach matters in this way is non-scientific and pseudo-religious. It is akin to separating time into an age of miracles and a prosaic age. Or into old testament, new testament and coming millenium. To me this sort of talk of the rules being different in the before and the after is only acceptable in a theological discussion or amongst religious people. Its dancing away from the problem and as Dougie Madden tells his son Tim “Tough Guys Don’t Dance.”

I think its a real character issue for an atheist or…… someone engaged in scientific enquiry more generally. I too am troubled by the seeming possibility of something coming our of nothing. But the Big Bang and the micro-nano-second age of inflation miracles is a wimp-out. Its a M.E.G.O argument. My Eyes Glaze Over. Thats the sort of argument it is.

With great retrospectivity it is clear to me now that we ought to have been looking for new matter creation all along prior to the evidence being dropped in our laps that it was going on under our feet. Because if we pussy out, as atheists that is, and accept a time of miracles and a prosaic age, this is a way of moonwalking backwards away from the unsettling problem of something which seems to come out of nothing.

We can go further than that. Since we know that matter exists and we know that matter decays then the fact is we ought to have been looking for new matter creation all along. Matter decays. Matter exists. Ergo Matter must be being created. But where? I’ve been told that matter creation is recognised wherein gamma radiation can lead to the pair production of an electron and a positron. Gamma radiation is in pretty short supply. And if thats the only known mechanism then there is an imbalance which would wipe out matter entire and it would not longer exist.

Once you are willing to take on these problems more directly then, the evidence that this new matter creation is going on beneath our feet actually ought to come as a bit of a relief.

Here we see I think the cop out that the first generation of atheist scientists jumped onto with Einstein. They were willing to put some distance between them and these unsettling problems implied by existence. They were willing to import inappropriate concepts into areas where these concepts didn’t belong. They were willing to practice reification as a self-evasive strategy. Ideas of geometry and trigonometry were imported into discussions of TIME. Space was said to curve when in fact space has no shape, and only objects have shape. That sort of ludicrous gear. Putting maths formulas ahead of reality and other unscientific carry-on. To me that whole turn that science took now seems like some unmanly girlyman way of dodging certain difficulties that we really have to learn to live with.


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