Posted by: graemebird | May 6, 2009

Revisiting A Damaged Crime Scene/The Assumption Is That Nukes Are Already Planted.

From a blog in the sovereign state of Louisiana. A place that has to mentally cut loose from the centre, even if it doesn’t secede. Good news about the recent gas finds in that State. Unreadiness is unrighteousness. May the deity of your choice keep you strong, safe and at least psychically independent:

“Well there would have to be something special about that building. Because buildings don’t fall down simply because of fire. This is unprecedented.

We already know its a conspiracy Wampus. We just need to know who was involved. The investigation as to who was involved didn’t go past the Arab operators who actually carried it out and Khalid Sheik Muhhummad.

Do you have a new theory as to it not being important to find out who was involved?

You see its important on a number of levels. Not the least of which is the need for mass-sackings in the public sector. Since if American spook-town has decided it doesn’t want to link regimes and intelligence services to large-scale terrorist attacks you need to go in there and start sacking people.

And you need to KEEP ON sacking people, and denying them their cushy retirement benefits, until the people who are still left there suddenly discover a different attitude. Since every terrorist attack of any real size is a conspiracy. And so its a conspiracy you must assume. You must put your conspiracy hat on. You must regard it as a conspiracy and with all the trappings of conspiracy. Each and every terrorist attack involving 2 or more people is a conspiracy. We knew it was a conspiracy already.

Spooktown, like it or not, is in the conspiracy game. If your spooks, pathetic leftist loons that they are, through some occult tribal mechanism, rule out any implications of a manifest conspiracy up front, then a whole bunch of them need to be sacked for incompetence or even just to reap vengeance on them, or even just to save the taxpayer a whole bunch of cash.

Now the thing is this. In the case of the world trade centers two MAIN towers, people talk about cantilevers. You guys didn’t mention cantilevers because you don’t want to know.

But IF this is a valid explanation as to how the buildings COULD have fallen down, still it is not proof that this is the way the buildings DID fall down. That the building had some special design based around cantilevers that made it potentially able to fall this way does not in and of itself alibi any regimes at all. And it doesn’t mean someone didn’t plant some explosives there just to be certain.

So I am baffled as to why you don’t think this is an important matter. Now I’m well aware that at the time the so-called “TRUTHERS” were an hysterical leftist bunch for the most part. And this is part of the process of how the crime scene gets wrecked for the calm thinking of the general public. But no matter how silly they get, that doesn’t by some retrospective process, or by automatically thinking the opposite to them, tell us anything about what really happened.

We need to know what happened. We want to find out about what actually happened…… tells us about American Spooktown. What it tells us about the nature of the enemy regimes, about threats in the future, about how policy gave your enemies the courage to make the attack, about what your enemies in foreign intelligence services are able to find out about you more generally.

Since 9/11 is only the start. And you have to go on the working hypothesis that governments have planted nukes in some of your cities even as we speak. You’d be mad not to have this assumption as a basis from which to go forward.

There are crazy “Truthers” and there are rational people who share some of the same suspicions.

Here is Graeme McQueen. Perhaps you can debunk him if you haven’t gone in for the complete idiocy and occult epistemology of the mystical “burden of proof”.



  1. What about the missing aircraft at the Pentagon? What say you Mr Bird?

  2. I just think thats a crazy conspiracy theories. Crazy conspiracy theories cannot retrospectively make real plots untrue by some trick of time travel or some voodoo of embarrassment by association.

  3. Was there any evidence of explosive residue?

  4. Why residue particularly?

  5. Simply because if there were explosives used there would have been chemical evidence of their use.

  6. Since jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt the metal structures the appearance of molten metal, or metal that had been melted previously implies extra assistance in bringing the building down. Which is not really very surprising. Since a terrorist attack of any magnitude implies regime intelligence service involvement or manipulation in the first place.

    When the Senators come to stab Caesar each brings his own knife. That this happened means there was probably more than one regime involved.

  7. “Simply because if there were explosives used there would have been chemical evidence of their use.”

    Not necessarily. They chemical residue might have been perfectly combusted to gasses CO, CO2 and water vapour. After all the culprits did not want to get caught right? So they would not have wanted residue.

    But do you happen to know that they checked for this residue and it was found wanting? You don’t find stuff unless you look for it.

  8. TNT explosions leave a lot of residue, particulary carbon.

  9. Right. So do you know for sure that they tested for this?

  10. Why would you assume TNT specifically? If TNT left a lot of residue an intelligence service would use something else. TNT makes a lot of noise as well. So TNT would not be likely to be the weapon of choice.

    But do you happen to know if they tested for TNT?

  11. god no ….

    not another truther

  12. graeme
    pull yourself together

    stop this nonsense and focus on relatively more important things like the Deltoid Dwarf

  13. Yes, apparently the National Institute for Standards and Technology tested for explosives.

  14. A very long video. Starts off with multiple eyewitness testimony, delivered under the trauma of the moment, of multiple explosions.

    If people who were there claim multiple explosions one ought to take their word for it. Especially if it is said under the heat of the moment.

    This one begins with an explosion that you yourself can hear. Live on tape. No speculation about what the people think they heard needed.

  15. “Yes, apparently the National Institute for Standards and Technology tested for explosives.”

    What did they test for and what did they find? Is the whole thing transparent? Did they just test for TNT and leave it at that? What did they make of the molten metal, or is that just a myth?

  16. Here we have multiple eye-witness testimony, at the heat of the moment, of multiple secondary explosions. Explosions BELOW and above where people were standing. Explosions heard by people on the ground. If you have all these people testifying this as their first response, perhaps we ought to just believe them?

    That would be the normal thing to do. The idea that they are all stupid and they didn’t know what they were talking about, well that to me doesn’t speak of a commitment to serious epistemology.

  17. I haven’t read the whole 43 volume report but investigations were carried out by NIST, New York Police Department, Port Authority Police Department and Fire Department of New York, so I would assume it was fairly rigorous.

    What’s the thing about molten metal?

  18. You ought not assume any such thing.

  19. They’re professional fire investigators. I’m happy with it.

  20. In this opening shot you can see what looks like molten metal dripping from the building just before the collapse.

    This video compares thermites actions to the liquid metal we seem to be seeing dripping from the tower.

    Here is one of explosions running UP the building. Not down as one might expect is it were some trick of air pressure:

    Its all there on video really when you think about it. The officer Bar-Brady “nothing to see here folks” story got out there and was locked in prior to this video was able to be collected together and analysed properly. And of course since leftists are crazed, conservatives immediately dismissed the story on the basis that controlled demolition was supposed to implicate Bush and that crowd. Which is utterly ridiculous. The controlled demolition isn’t ridiculous. The evidence is there and its good. But a lot of other associated stories were ridiculous. And the idea that these people just come in from Texas and California were perpetrating this sort of thing was just silly.

    So we see that the real story gets rejected for arbitrary reasons. Controlled demolition doesn’t mean BushHitler did it. It means what we know already. That foreign regimes spend years in New York and Washington scheming things, planting agents, cooking up plans, building networks.

    It just means what large terrorist attacks always mean. Foreign intelligence manipulation or involvement.

  21. They’re professional fire investigators. I’m happy with it.”

    Thats because you are a total fuckwit. You don’t have anything. You don’t have any notion at all. You are even guessing about the investigations. You are just assuming stuff because you are a stupid cunt.

    Unless you can see them transparently and openly investigating you have to go with the evidence that you have.

    You did hear the explosion didn’t you you fucking moron?

    Play it again. Sooner or later you might even hear it.

  22. Fucking hell man. We get some fucking dumb cunts here, but it still doesn’t seem right.

  23. Not really convinced. The ‘molten metal’ could be anything. Apparently NY cops radioed in that they saw the buildings buckling outward several minutes before they collapsed.

  24. What do you think it was. It was dripping. Perhaps dripping plain fuel?

    I saw someone holding up an example of formerly melted metal. And Graeme McQueen said that molten metal was a feature in all three buildings.

    What would convince you. You being a stupid cunt. Perhaps you ought to listen to that explosion maybe 300 or 400 times.

    Would that help?

    (Fucking dummy).

  25. Could be aluminium from the plane or jet fuel for all anyone knows.

    And I’m not convinced by the ‘explosions’ on the tape as evidence of anything other than random noise associated with massive building collapse. The conclusions reached by NIST stand up well.

    But if there were explosives planted by foreign agencies why would anyone, least of all the NY Fire Dept, bother trying to conceal it?

  26. Your opinion is irrelevant. Since you are a certified moron.

  27. You haven’t answered my question. If there were explosives then why conceal it?

  28. Whose concealing it? You have to actually investigate the matter. You don’t find what you are not looking for.

    Certainly none of the multiple eyewitnesses who were there, and heard the explosions, who were knocked off their feet by the explosions, who wound up in hospital after the explosions… certainly none of them seem to be concealing the explosions.

    You heard a fucking explosion with your own ears on either side of your stupid absent brain at the start of the fucking tape you stupid fuck. Listen to it again you fucking dummy. You are a moron mate. What more evidence do you want. Eyewitness and on tape you obtuse brain-damaged cunt.

  29. The various invetsigating gencies tested for controlled demolition and use of explosives.

  30. How do you know that? You are making it up!!!!!

    You are lying.

    Now everyone heard explosions. A fellow testifies that he’s running downstairs from the 23rd floor. He get to the 8th floor and boom he gets blown out of the stairwell into the 8th floor.

    It cannot be the plain because the building hasn’t fallen yet. Since everything was turned to dust the explosions were heard by survivors who got out of the building.

    We got all these witnesses on tape and at ground zero. Its not a speculative matter.

  31. Go and listen to the explosion again.

    Its not a body hitting the ground. Its not a car backfiring. Its not popping rivets you stupid cunt. Its not an exploding transformer. Listen to it again until you fucking get it through your thick head.

    Now the building when it fell was almost free-fall. It hit the ground at 200km/hour. None of the explosions were heard then. Because every cunt that could have heard an explosion then is dead.

    So its not about that. And there were explosions being heard right down the bottom when there ought to have been only fires up the top.

    A girl was talking from her hospital bed about explosions in the basement levels. The plains cannot cause that until the thing is actually falling. But none of the explosions heard were from that time period. Since anyone who wasn’t out by then clearly must be dead.

  32. What sort of a fucking stupid question is THAT you stupid fucking cunt. Both buildings were identical.

    Fuck you are a dumb cunt. What did you ask the question for. The eyewitness didn’t say. Poor cunt was traumatised and didn’t mention it.

    You are a stupid cunt mate. You are actually determined not to sully yourself with the evidence. You didn’t even watch the eyewitness testimony you blockhead.

    Is this fucking Andrew regulator Reynolds. Is this a stupid man dressing up as an even more stupid man.

  33. I’m not claiming it. People who were there claim it. And why would it not collapse from the top.

    You just get more stupid as you go along you dumb cunt.

    You saw the molten metal dripping from the top. If you aren’t refusing to sully yourself with the evidence you’ve seen it. Anyone who can pull this thing off can make it collapse from the top. Which is clearly going to be the easiest place to make it collapse from.

    What sort of dumbass question is that? It must be a lefty mantra. Because you aren’t the first person who has insinuated this. All controlled demolitions work from the top down and clearly this one had to by the very nature of the conspiracy.

    You really are a dumb cunt aren’t you. Next you’ll say that it wasn’t a conspiracy. You’ll claim that the biggest terrorist attack ever wasn’t a conspiracy.

  34. I think you’ll fing your assertion about controlled demolitions starting from the top down to be incorrect. They start from the bottom as evidenced here:

    There was no evidence of explosive materials found at the crime scene by the investigating bodies.

  35. Well what is your point dummy?

    The explosions were down low. They were witnessed. We see them on video. Whats the matter with you? Stupid cunts disease?

  36. You don’t find evidence unless you look for it.

    And there was evidence. And you’ve heard it you stupid stupid cunt.

    Now whoever did this wasn’t counting on YouTube. You have heard the evidence. So you are just talking shit Reynolds. You are a fucking drooling retard.

  37. Ok here is a longstanding Physics Professor Called Steven Jones.

  38. NIST FAQ August 2006.

    “Was the steal tested for explosives or thermite residues?”

    “Nist did not test for the residue of these compounds in the steel”

    Simple as that. Your confidence was entirely misplaced.

  39. Bird , you idiot. The buildings fell as a result of the planes crashing.





  40. Cambria. Does you faith based approach to knowledge EVER let you down?

    It doesn’t does it Cambria. Stupid Cunt. It never lets you down does it?

    The terrorist plot wasn’t taking it for granted that the planes would make the buildings fall down for the simple reason that they wouldn’t. So the plotters also somehow got thermite explosives into their overnight. Of this we can be sure. Since everyone is attesting to having heard explosions. Thats really the end of that story. There is absolutely no getting around it.

  41. So what is your point? What is your argument? Make your argument in your own words. Go beyond brainless trust-and-parrot.

  42. Is there is POINT to this? It makes no sense. Its rubbish. Its idiocy.

    So what is your point?

  43. Do you have a POINT to this or not?

    The plain weakening the structure on the 50th floor just for example, cannot weaken the structure of the 15th floor just for example.

    So what was your fucking point you stupid cunt moron brainless shithead.

    There must have been a point to this dummy?

    The plain crashes at the top. It hurts the structure OF THE TOP FLOORS. The fire burns stuff UP HIGH.

    No fire at the top of a building has EVER collapsed a building entire.


    And how does that make all the explosions disappear?

    You are a fuckwit mate.

    But make your argument in your own words.

    (Fucking stupid cunt).



  45. Fuck you are a dumb cunt. You don’t make an argument. You just cut and paste some cunt you want to agree with. And he has no case. And you claim that there was no bombs. You know better then the people that heard the bombs. And who put at least one of them on tape, for you to listen to. The people who were knocked over by the bombs. You don’t believe them or the evidence of your own ears. But instead you believe some stupid cunt who made no argument at all. My proof that he made no argument coming via that you cannot rejig his argument in your own words.

    And you are so unscientific that witness testimony on tape is not evidence for you.

    This is what evidence is. Someone who WAS THERE. Who felt the explosions. Who heard the explosions. Who was knocked over by an explosion.

    And to you thats not science. But some fucking taxeater cunt saying something that is obviously wrong.

    Well to you thats science.

    You cannot fake it mate.

    You are a dumb cunt. With the emphasis on DUMB and on CUNT.

    I think you must be Andrew Reynolds.

  46. What is your argument?

    Thats right you don’t have one.

    Make an argument in your own words or I will wipe every fucking post of yours you filthy dishonest cunt cunt.


    Its not Reynolds. Its fucking fatass Donald Haroldo all over again.

  47. Fatty Don Haroldo. Come up with a coherent argument or fuck off. I didn’t cite Steven Jones as an authority you liar. I cited the fact that he’d found the evidence the explosions. It was a specific item that your man didn’t refute. And your authority made no argument that could make the explosions, including the ones you heard, disappear.

    It is proven that there were extra explosions detonated. Thats a proven fact.

  48. Molten metal was found in the basements of all three buildings. Molten metal is proof that the main factor bringing the buildings down was not jet fuel. Since jet fuel does not burn hot enough. Very seldom do you get one line of evidence, that if true, would in an of itself amount to proof.

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