Posted by: graemebird | May 7, 2009

9/11: Proven Augmentation And The Reason For Analytical Gridlock/Planted Nukes.

That is to say Analytical Gridlock on 9/11. The coterie who knocked down these buildings had sponsors that they may not have known about. And these sponsors were not content to just have plains flying into the top of buildings. Since this would be insufficient to knock them down. And also this would not provoke conspiracy theories. If the buildings stayed up. The plains crashed. And nothing was mysterious paradoxically that would lead straight back to the regime-terrorism-nexus. There is no smoke blowing in anyones face with that sort of simplistic JIVE.

I could have picked any number of people. But Leary is known for being a straight-up fellow with commonsense and he has fine powers of observation. If you doubt it here he is speaking on the subject of COFFEE back when the internet was new and we were awash in Latte, long black, short black, and all that nonsense.

Well thats Dennis on Coffee to establish his straight up credentials.

But here he is on the subject of 9/11. And once again a perceptive and reasoned argument. But it shows why we have fallen into analytical gridlock.

Look of course George Bush didn’t do it. But people who have noticed that the two bigger buildings were brought down with extra explosives have been herded towards conspiracy theory against the administration during the time period when society appeared to come down on them for merely bearing witness to what the evidence was telling them.

GMB’s iron law of puny humans acting in the many millions says that all human institutions are flawed and that the homo-sapien, acting en masse will appear to be acting as if directed by a malign conspiracy. So sensible scientists who have sorted that extra explosives were used dimly suspect Dick Cheney. Or Jewish Neocons. Thats all crap. The American contingent in this setup had to be small or it would be no secret since somebody would write a tell-all and make millions of dollars doing it and clearing his name at the same time.

This is a foreign operation. With perhaps the tiniest handfull of highly compromised American traitors.

And what I’m telling you is the bad news. Because it would be bad enough if your government did that to you and kept it a secret. It would be worse if they did that to you and didn’t have to keep it a secret.

But what I surmise is much worse then that still. I sez it was foreigners. And I sez it might be the same foreigners who would help a usurper into power. The same foreigners who might be able to plant nuclear bombs in all of your cities. And somehow swing the debate towards never doing anything about the borders, or missile defense, or bringing the boys home from Afghanistan so you can defend your borders.

Because if you are fighting someone it usually ends when one side wins and the other side loses. And once Clinton had swung things that terrorist attacks did not mean regime action thats enough of a loophole for your enemies to destroy the United States outright.

You have to develop just the exact right amount of paranoia. Some of you smoke too much of the gunja. And you need to cut down, being as the Marley cereal has made you overly paranoid. But you must cut down not only to moderate your own level of vigilance. But also to help your fellow Americans. Because a lot of them are insufficiently paranoid. And they need to consume the weed, that would be detrimental if taken by yourselves. They need to start thinking with the paranoid hat on.

Like it or not, there are countries that retain the working logic that they are at war with you. Which means that if they CAN beat you they WILL beat you. And its childs-play planting nukes in American cities. And any crowd that could have rigged up the towers overnight on short notice, got the information when your fighters would be all occupied, and stitched this whole deal together, could plant nukes everywhere in their sleep, unless you had already closed your borders. Unless you closed the borders and with an iron curtain.



  1. Mr B

    Thanks for nothing. No chance I am sleeping tonight after reading that!!!!


    I am very Security Conscious but I think now I may have to revise my Contingency Plans.

    All signs are pointing to bad news on the horizon. Worse than we have. Much worse.

    Now they want us to have “swine flu parties” to become resistant to the Disease while it is currently not as virulent as it might be.

    It’s like Invasion of The Body Snatchers.

    My sources tells me that SOuth of the Border they are filling trenches with Deceased Taco Eaters as fast as they can dig them.

    Now my fear is that Celestial Agents will seek alternative means to dispossess Australia of its resources.

    A nuclear device would be an effective means of dislodging dissident shareholders.

    I must now enter a period of radio silence but I hope to communicate with you soon, brother.

  2. Ha! Bob Dylan (Jew) one Nobel prize & Graeme Bird (wanker/cunt/conspiratist) ZILCH Nobe recognnitionl

    • But he’s an anglo-phile Jew. He’s okay. He even became a Christian for awhile.

    • Dylan is not a Jew, you filthy Hebrew.

      It’s a Welsh name. Stop Lying.

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