Posted by: graemebird | May 14, 2009

Initial Budget Response And Advice For Peter Costello.

I was called upon for a bit of a budget response. And I’m afraid if thats what people want I’m going to have to force myself to put one foot in front of the other on this. I cannot get interested since they are doing most things wrong and there is no talking to these monstrous people. On the other hand I thought that about defense and they have come pretty good with defense. About 4-out-of-10 still. But then that beats seven shades of shit out of their former 1.5-out-of-10 showing.

So in light of this stunning demonstration of how progress can indeed be made, perhaps I ought to force myself to talk about the budget. Because I’ve talked about defense a lot in the past and the latte-drinkers appear to have come around to some degree, though a good scientist never mixes up correlation with causation. So I suppose I will drag a budget response out of myself and try to make most of the words non-swear-words if indeed curbing the swearing is feasible given the topic.

Not a bad article by Kirchner (finally) in yesterdays Australian. It was a strange experience reading it. I’d never seen him write anything worthwhile before.

Until I get around to providing a measured budget response, here is my initial tangential thoughts, insofar as how I believe, a righteous treasurer, or Prime Minister, ought to handle matters for starters:

You put me on a bit of a chain of thought with those artists Winchester.

They appear to to in the upper quintile of talent for the most part, but seldom the best of the best. Look at Arnold when he actually became Governor though. A bit of a letdown. You have to have a strategy right up front not to be pulled down the road of compromise in dribs and drabs. I call the strategy “mass-sackings”.

So if Peter makes a comeback, and I must say bighead has picked his act up in the last few weeks, but if Peter, a man of authentic talent, makes a comeback he has to know as a good Christian, that to do any good he cannot go down the path he went down last time.

Costello has to take ten steps back from where he last found himself having to spend up large to triangulate against the guild-of-thieves party. He’s got to figure out how he got to go down that road and make sure that he doesn’t find himself going down that road again. Which is surely a road against any JUST-Gods approval.

Costello has got to put all that appalling thieving behind him, and draw a clear line between the before and after in time, like Matty Johns distancing himself from his former pimp-artistry.

And I can help him in what may hopefully be a yearning to become a FORMER thief.

And I would say, that from both a strategic and tactical point of view, the answer is TAX EXEMPTIONS AND MASS-SACKINGS.

Let the community fight through the media as to who gets to be first in line for TAX EXEMPTIONS RATHER THAN SPENDING PROGRAMS.

Lets have the electorate rip itself apart on the that basis since the more they attempt to shred, fight, and protest, the more they will bring us together as independent traders and unknown friends. And the more they will make it possible for us to look after the friends and neighbours known to us. Since with every step the level of thieving and parasitism is diminished.

The strategy is mass-sackings because you start as you mean to go on lest you get stuck in a mode of doing-things that isn’t going to work for you.

So right up you sack a bunch of people. Then that gets a backlash and you sack the backlash. Then that gets a protest and you employ detectives to track down the protestors and you sack them also. And then you sack their friends. And their boss. And their subordinates. And then somebody bleats about “have you lost all human feeling…. in the end have you lost all human decency” in a pathetic attempt to reprise that asshole lawyer who ran that pantomime against McCarthy, just for the TV camera………

Well when the taxeater tries that on you sack him, and you sack all his friends after a thorough investigation, and you sack everyone in his family up to third cousin status. That way everyone he knows fucking hates him.

And once you look up from your good works what do you know?

The country is no longer in budget or trade deficit, and no longer dominated by those fucking Prodeo Latte-drinkers.


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