Posted by: graemebird | May 18, 2009

Planes-Alone Conspiracy Theory Really Is Untenable: Taxeaters Really Are Useless.

Modified from youtube.

“Twoofer” That must be the powerful baby-talk argument in favour of the planes-alone conspiracy theory. Certainly the best argument they have going. Once again the evidence for the Thermate comes from the microscopic iron spheres which is a signature of thermate showing temperatures so hot as to vapourise iron.

To the extent that the building didn’t come down “in their own footprint” this further undermines the planes-alone conspiracy theory. Since this is telling us that the mass of the steel girders weren’t fully accumulating as the building fell, thus heightening the anomaly of an accelerated fall.

You see the building proper could not act as a sledgehammer. Since as we have seen, that apart from the steel girders, the remains of the building were mostly rendered unto dust. With much of the mass that this dust represented fanning out for blocks. So only the girders could have been traveling straight down to crush the remaining floors. The speed of the buildings collapse already rules the planes-alone theory out. Granted that the initial floors under where the planes hit could collapse but the process could not continue. The planes-alone theory is falsified by the fact of the process, not only continuing unto the ground but accelerating as it did so.

Given the tendentiousness of the planes-alone conspiracy-theorists, it does their case no good to quibble over the shorthand and general truth, that the buildings fell down “in their own footprint” since to the extent that the steel girders… after awhile the only credible mass causing the continuation of the collapse…. to the extent they dispersed…. to this extent the planes-alone theory, already impossible, is further negated.

What we ought to have seen is the first few floors caving in, the accumulation of girders grinding a few more floors down, but then girders spilling over the side as the building fall decelerated.

Clearly the perpetrators could not let this happen as an intact building would leave clues and a non-competing conclusion, that would lead straight back to a regime. Hence they took measures to weaken the structure sufficiently that the girders accumulated and fell almost unimpeded.

The total effect had to be stupefying. And it was. And it got Americans arguing with eachother when it was found that there was more to the story then met the eye.

The telltale heart was in all three basements in the form of molten steel. There is just no getting around that molten steel and its implications.


I myself would tend to rule an inside job out. But the evidence we have seen just from the collapse does not automatically do this. I must take to task people who are acting too sure of themselves with the “inside job” paradigm.

With the augmented takedown idea we are on very strong ground. But we don’t know who did it beyond the idea that it really took the resources of a regime or more likely a few regimes to pull it off. If Americans were directly involved their numbers would have had to have been tiny. It appears that some Americans may have been tipped off to a general threat of this nature, since there was supposed to have been short-selling of airline stocks and such.

Surely our firm ground with regards to the augmented take-down is enough to insist on mass-sackings. Mass-sackings of the taxeaters who really were not interested in finding out what actually happened. Surely our firm ground on the augmented take-down means we ought to be able to insist on a proper investigation, with mostly people gathered together from the private sector of a number of countries. And Where a number of theories are entertained in parallel. Competing paradigms in parallel.

We want good people. We want solid market-tested people. We want serious people. People who can get the job done.


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