Posted by: graemebird | May 19, 2009

Metal Storm, Diamond Skin, Airborne Hoplite, New Doctrine.

This is a bit of doggerel I designed as a cue to write a long thread to do with how Metal Storm, (if our bigshots in the government and military, were smart enough to integrate this companies concept into their “DNA”) will affect military strategy tactics and doctrine.

I’m a bit too pressed for time to do a reasonable job of such a thread. But I thought I’d bring this to the front. I want people to walk around in their heads with this nifty little rhyme and do their best to think through the implications of a how a full-scale embrace of metal storm would work its way into weapons platforms, then tactics, then strategy.

You see, as a bit of an example, I’d imagine that the full application of the metal storm concept could bring back into mass-production those propeller-driven plains that could take off from the ocean. Bring them back bigger and better with the new super-hard carbon-fibre material for most of their body.

I think metal storm, along with laser, could bring in ships that were the size of the largest supertankers (half a kilometre long) whose defensive capacity could be such that they could make a mockery of any potential blockade of this wonderful continent and allow us to get out synthetic diesel by the gigalitre in exchange for ordnance and in fact enable us to win a bidding war for ordanance that deprived any potential enemy of same.

So I just want you to have a rolling game of high-tech scissors,paper, stone in your head. Since I think in the end it will come down to nuclear, laser, metal storm, and a free metal-storm armed loyal civilianry. Who keeps only less-lethal rounds in his incredibly powerful metal storm gear for home and self-protection, but can quickly go on a war footing by a simple change of mindset and rounds.

Here is a video to give you an idea of how the metal storm concept will not only enhance the SPEAR of our operations but far far far moreso the SHIELD of everything we do.

This Trophy system of active-defense is an Israeli weapons system with nothing to do with Australias Metal Storm company. But it shows you where the research program will likely go. With most of our platforms, whether they be part of logistics, or indeed the sharp end of the spear, having a metal storm defensive capacity that can stop or slow anything fired at them.


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