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Brought to the front again. Update Halloween 2009. I haven’t checked up on these guys for awhile. But clearly with the destruction to the United States brought on by a Marxist Usurper and the final collapse into utter lawlessness and criminality in Washington, we see that all of us must get it together with being able to fight. With being able to win. The brainpower that is behind the metal storm research program is one of the great unknown resources this country has. In fact they could even turn their fantastic knowledge into jet-fighter propulsion. Since the Americans have a prototype that appears to have outperformed any superfast plane before it. And this platform works on the principle of maybe a thousand small explosions a second. But our guys right here in Australia know more then anyone about perfectly co-ordinating many small explosions. So the same system that arms and shields the fighter, could be that same system that propels it.

Now I just haven’t checked. But I saw on the news that Metal Storm has finally found itself a White Knight. I will find out what is known about this White Knight. Is he a front for a bad country? Maybe if they are on the other side of the world it doesn’t matter all that much. We just have to keep the brains in country. If he has the spare change to keep the 300 000 dollar per month research project going indefinitely, then we can swear black and blue this is a good share to buy. And the time to buy it is right now.


Well actually one-of-three ultimate weapons.

Remember the scissor, paper, rock game? The paper wins over the rock by covering it. The rock smashes the scissors. The scissors cut the paper. Each one wins over one other. When it comes down to weapons systems in the future it will likely boil down to laser, metal storm, and nuclear missiles. With metal storm being there for 90% of what you want to get done.

To see how vital metal storm is to our interests it might be worth trying to come to grips with how helpless and defenseless we will be without it. In this regards we can compare how our lads will go coming up against various weapons systems, with or without metal storm. And in doing this we may be able to get a glimpse at how warfare will develop, and why it will be critical to have the ordnance manufacturing in ones home country.

From there, down the track, we will talk about the relationship the government ought to have with the company, one of the few unavoidable examples of crony-capitalism we ought to be happy about. The way the government works with Metal Storm is critical. Since it is in the nature of things that such patronage would normally lead to a flabby and ill-performing outfit. So we have to have a patronage plan that by its nature keeps the company sharp. If done poorly or well the developers are destined to be multi-millionaires and if you have a problem with that better you console yourself by buying some of their shares early on.

There is much to be optimistic about when contemplating a Metal Storm influenced future, if good people can master the technology, and set worthy precedents for its use. But on the other hand some truly hateful crowd could get hold of this ultimate killer, and then we would have another murderous Alexander on our hands. Willing to lay waste to everything that moves, and able to do so as well. No chance against him on the battlefield. The only rational option being to run, hide, and take up superstition.

For the purpose of showing how feeble and emasculated we will be without metal storm lets go through the mental exercise of imagining our armed forces up against some fairly new weapons system or other. As our guide we have the discovery channels series on “Future Weapons.”

The first weapons system we will take a look at is known as Starstreak THOR. This is the Thor missile-launcher packing four starstreak missiles.

Thor-Starstreak works in three phases. The human decides what to lock onto. Under normal circumstances the target is essentially doomed from that moment on. Our helicopter pilots are doomed and if we have a low-flying fighter pilot, already moving in the direction of THOR, he is doomed also. Since there is no way he can turn around and accelerate to three times the speed of sound once his fate has been decided by Thor’s operator.

The first phase of Thor firing the starstreak lasts less than half a second and already a motor is jettisoned before the 2nd phase booster takes over. The whole process appears like a moonshot in miniature. The second phase booster quickly accelerates to three and a half-times the speed of sound. Then this booster falls away leaving three mini-guided-missiles or “darts.” The three darts have Tungsten arrowheads. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal which is why we use it in light-bulbs. But its also the hardest metal I believe. The third hardest of the traditional pre-carbon-fibre materials after diamond and some types of ceramics.

From start to finish the flight of the 2nd phase booster and the three darts are guided by the launcher. The launcher uses a low power laser that sets up a grid system. Each of the darts has everything a guided missile would have but in miniature. They have a computer that responds to the laser guidance. They have a small explosive charge. They must be programmed both to follow the target and also not bang into eachother, because you see them toing and froing or “darting around” so to speak, as they chase their utterly doomed target. This movement is itself evasive and deceptive and it would be very hard to shoot down the darts under normal circumstances.

Since tungsten is so hard, and since the “darts” are moving so fast they rip right into the middle of the target. So from there the small charge they pack is enough to destroy the target utterly with about nil chance of survival for our pilots. This weapon was developed in Northern Island so we have a few years before we are likely to be facing anything quite so unassailable. But think about trying to recruit young people for the military now when they can watch the discovery channel and get an idea of what their opponents will have in store for them.

What do we do? The situation seems hopeless. Enter METAL STORM.

The metal storm research project, if handled correctly, will make a mockery of Starstreak-THOR, or any like system, or in fact pretty much any weapons system at all. We need our own laser sensors to detect anything closing fast and moving faster than a bird can. And essentially Metal Storm will put up a wall of low-calibre bullets effortlessly neutralising the darts. Not only will it make Starstreak-Thors efforts useless. It will do so close in, with cheap shells, at maybe 100th the cost of the missile that the enemy has just launched. And currently THOR carries only four Starstreaks.

Under the conditions that Metal Storm will create the main limiting step will be how much ordnance you can carry and deliver to where you clash with your opponents. So typically you won’t want to use up your firepower on anyone that isn’t shooting at you. Our pilot can draw out the four missiles by hovering about and then decide whether he wants to destroy everyone involved or just the hardware.

Essentially METAL STORM will be unassailable except by three other competitors.

1. Laser. But lasers eat up the juice. So for example if Israel had already had its lasers deployed prior to that last rumble they had with Hezbollah, they could have easily shot down Hezbollahs missiles. But each SINGLE laser shot would have been far more expensive then each missile. It still would have been worth it in context. But lasers are so inherently costly that they can never be the whole story.

2. Other metal storm weaponry.

3. Nuclear weapons used in surprise. Since tactics will revolve around conservation of ordnance, the metal storm research project will have to develop the pre-programming to destroy incoming as close in as possible with a margin for safety. So most missiles will be ripped to shreds by a wall of low-calibre bullets and sometimes a few heavier shells, quite close in to the platform carrying metal storm systems. But if you were firing missiles at Metal-Storm-equipped platforms, and supposing you slipped a surprise mini-nuke into the mix, obviously you could take down the metal-storm enabled platform. That and laser would be the only way to beat METAL STORM and but these would be very costly alternatives.

Really these three branches of killing technology ought to cover the whole spectrum above water. I hope I’m convincing you that its pretty important for our future for you to participate in Metal Storms share purchase plan. Try and buy $500 dollars worth of shares on Monday.

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