Posted by: graemebird | May 22, 2009

The Metal Storm Share Purchase Plan/Our Patriotic Duty.

The hardest thing that I’ve had to do lately is refrain from boosting Metal Storm technology until I am able to participate in their share purchase plan. This shows how horrid debt is. It compromises your behaviour. Here we have a conflict of interest between what is good public policy and what I need to do to trade out of debt.

But I cannot hold back any longer. I would urge you all to buy the minimum shares your broker will let you buy, just so you are eligible to sign up for their share purchase plan in June. Commsec has a minimum of $500. Everyone ought to buy $500 worth now and $10 000 worth under the plan. Because the last thing we want is for this technology to go overseas. We don’t want to be staring down the wrong end of those barrels. The company is pioneering a lot of less-lethal applications. And so while this technology could be pretty frightening in the wrong hands it can also be used for worthy applications with the right people. For example I’d be happy to have their handguns and Maul shotgun in the house if I could get hold of the less-lethal ordnance. They make a shotgun that is 800grams unloaded. You can put less-lethal gear in it and clip it to your M16, knocking human shields over to get at the bad guys. But around the house a couple of these would be useful because they are so light you could toss the first one to the kids for reloading.

They have a handgun which shoots 3 rounds before recoiling. And this too can take less lethal rounds which would make someone like me feel better about trying to be able to push for concealed carry. But these two together would be useful in the house for protection. Since you could have superior stopping power to most people you would currently come up against, and yet with a good chance of having a hospitalised, rather than a dead adversary.

These are more at the salable-to-normal humans scale of what these guys are about. What the technology is capable of in the wider military perspective is something else again. And after the share purchase plan is over I’ll be talking a lot more about future applications, how these future applications may impact military doctrine, why its absolutely critical that these guys stay in Brisbane, and why we must try and get rid of the company tax on retained earnings so that they never leave.

Only $520 will make you eligible. I just picked some up at 38c. One could probably pick them up at 35c or 36c even now but I didn’t want to miss out on the SPP.

Make sure you do the right thing.



  1. Christ Graeme. Ja only just find out about this?

    • “I used to spend a bit of time there when I graduated from Uni. Bought quite a few books on my very meager income.
      Is that African place down the road still there?”

      Now that you’ve got as far as actually buying books Adrien, the next step is to read some of them.

  2. What is that supposed to mean Adrien? What is your point? You would think you might show up and attempt to not confirm your stupid cunt status for once.

  3. Its not a stock tip Jason. I’m not recommending it as a stock. Its impossible to know how it will do as a stock.

  4. Mr Bird,

    Following your advice I bought a tremedous amount of this stock and now seem to be sitting tens of thousands of dollars in the red. When do you expect I will be able to regain my losses? I realise it was my patriotic duty and this fact gives me some solace however it seems to be putting my marital relations into some jepoardy, having dipped into our retirement savings.

    Do you have any more advice on this front?

  5. But Richard. It ought to be clear that it was not any sort of prediction that these shares would work out. It was more a patriotic thing. When I bought them they were in the low 30’s I think. I’ve sold them because I was in debt. But I still take an interest in them. Last I looked they were only 14c or something.

    They have a research program that costs about 300 000 a month. Its imperative that this continues and that it does so in our own country.

    But if they don’t get a fat government contract pretty soon they could go to the wall.

  6. Mr Bird,

    I realise that you did not endorse them as an investment rather than a patriotic duty, and I did partake in the purchase on that basis. At the same time I was indeed hopeful that I would at least retain my invested capital.

    I come to you as you seem a very well informed fellow and hoped you might have some insights as to future directions. At the very least something with which to placate my wife as she has been reluctant with marital favours since I revealed the size of the loss. She does not seem to have the same sense of patriotism as you or I.

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