Posted by: graemebird | May 22, 2009

The Glass Trampoline That Was Smashed By Affirmative Action.

Liberty works in strange ways. And it is well-known that economic-liberty would help to end racism by allowing greater profits to the businessmen who were willing to employ people from groups who were the subject of bigotry. In this way liberty would reward the non-bigoted employer. This may not seem to be the case right here and now since there is so much of an “AGENCY PROBLEM” in modern corporations. And we need to refine the place of the pty ltd, we need to be quits with taxing profit and we need to have hard 100% backed money, and these taken together will reduce but not eliminate these so-called “AGENCY PROBLEMS.”

But there was another phenomenon around that would help bring the irrational side of bigotry to an end. And this is a subtle concept, very hard to describe, that was an unknown booster to those people from a disadvantaged group that had reached a certain level of achievement. There was a glass trampoline. And the leftists smashed it.

I won’t try and define in a precise way what I’m talking about with this concept. Far better to let Tom Sowell tell his story:





  3. Is it possible that many Aborigines are in fact Neanderthals, or even homo erectus?

  4. No. I used to think that Europeans like myself had Neanderthal genes floating around in us. But that was when I thought that Neanderthal looked liked in the pictures. But the pictures go out of their way to make what are almost upright monkeys look human. They make them look like they are from the dark side on Buffy The Vampire Slayer … but essentially human. This is what they do with Erectus all the time in the pictures. There is no comparison if you check particularly bone density. Which would imply extreme muscular strength.

    In the books they make them slender and not particularly hairy. In reality they would more likely represent a gorilla that can walk upright.

    We humans are very closely related. Each of us has a maternal line extending back only 200 000 years before we get to a common female ancestor. We are almost clones in comparison to many other species.

    Not in comparison to the Cheetah. But in comparison to most others.

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