Posted by: graemebird | June 2, 2009

Chinas Military 2040/Mental Exercise For A Better White Paper/Metal Storm Must Be Saved And Expanded.

China is the greatest practitioner of industrial espionage there is. How are we going to be able to hold out against this country in terms of our defense?

We see in the White papers efforts to beef up our submarines and thats all good stuff. But we are only looking at Chinas growing capacity about 5 years ahead when we think this way.

See all the so-called Future Weapons on the discovery channel. See how powerful the American military is now. It is reasonable to assume that the Chinese military can be as powerful in 2040 as the American military is now.

So thats what we need to be planning to beat. And we can do it too with that amount of lead-time. But we need to be able to think differently. And imagining Chinas military in 2040 as being more capable then the American military in 2009 is the mental exercise we need to be able to prepare ahead of time.

Metal Storm and a patient but persistent attitude to space-based laser and the city-country balance is what can do it for us. To think of what China will be capable of then just look at what America was capable of back in 2003:

We can defend against, deter and if necessary defeat and destroy a regime with this sort of capability given this sort of lead-time. But we have to be more imaginative, more holistic and more determined then what we see from our average white paper. We need to get moving right away, and all aspects of national policy would be affected by defense. We need to get going with it and we need to find people who can do the job. We need mass-sackings in the public sector, and most of all we need to keep Metal Storm on this continent.


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