Posted by: graemebird | June 11, 2009

Why Is The Usurpation Of The American Presidency An Important Subject For Australians To Discuss And Resolve?

Because they are our most important ally. We are part of any global debate, and this fellow will systematically ruin and destroy this Republic, leaving it to split up, or if not become something of a rogue nation. What is more we may be able to offer our American friends the gift of objectivity and distance.

Rampant inflation affects the nature of a country. Makes it more viscious and callous. Even though Americans generally are known for their generosity of spirit and humane bearing, these are characteristics less well known to the Washington lifers and some of the big-shots in New York. The rampant inflation that is to follow, will make pigs more upwardly mobile and bring the pigishness within most people to the surface.

Its a funny question that you ask me Pete. Its like you are living in a dream world or something. Its like you’ve done the one thing you cannot do epistemologically. Which is assume a preferred conclusion and put the proof bar up high for any other alternative.

Imagine thinking that it didn’t matter having a Usurper and the rampant practice of fraud and illegality break out in a nation where the leader memorises nuclear code daily.

For one thing the USA was never meant to be a democracy. Its supposed to be a Republic under law. And it can only function well on that basis. Now that this has all been dispensed with the whole place is becoming a sort of gigantic airbrushed Pakistan. Its Barryland. Cook County and surrounding districts. Barry probably figures that if he doesn’t manage to destroy the USD (which he will manage) then at least he’ll have a patronage system on the fly and fundamentally a one party state.

Barry has made it clear he is going to pull the rug out from underneath his allies with his honeyed trashing of Israels right to exist. So he’s setting the world up for nuclear war. Plus for any of us to stand up to Chaina without being assasinated we have to have a functioning superpower who takes it seriously that Chaina is her one strategic threat. Chainese (incorrect spelling to slip through search engines) spies can be upgraded to control public opinion in this very manner ifsoever the USA isn’t focused on pinning her act to the mainland.

You see the post-war pretense that all countries ought to be more or less equal will fall away the moment its clear that America is not on the job. So suddenly we are back the medieval setup of vassal states. Pledging allegience to people you hate. Getting down in the dirt and begging for your life and in so doing degrading the status of the people you are representing.

Already Chaina has interfered in our elections. But in the case of the US we appear to have a foreign plant and a total subversion of democracy. With no chance of even McCains sudden resources and resurgence in the primaries being investigated. Like they set up someone for Barry to beat right under our noses.

Barry’s election had a warm-up drill. A trial run. This was in Kenya. The two elections have to be seen as a one-two operation. With the Kenyan usurpation a warm-up for the American one. The Kenyan election was also a test to see if Barry was still one of the “good guys.”



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    The retailers, along with the taxeaters, have to take the heat for the recession. There is no way that policy can save them from making interim losses. Since the idea at that end of the food-chain is for cost-cutting to go backward from the retailer in waves. In nominal terms his sales ought to take years to recover. But his costs ought to be reduced such that a bit later his margins are returned.

    Its easy to see that the taxeater and retailer must take the heat. Since the idea is to pay down debt and starve all categories of spending except for business-to-business spending which ought to be returned to its previous high in nominal terms, but increased in real terms via a greater proportion of resources overall being left to intermediate business spending.

    So the retailer is to take the hit in his gross revenues, and be returned to profitability when cost-reductions restore his margins.

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    Increasing employment is a pretty simple story really. Its all about increasing the demand for labour. Reducing the supply of labour at the end of the job market where unemployment is endemic. And/Or reducing the nominal price of labour.

    Once we split it up like that it becomes a really simple story. We want to increase business-to-business spending since this is the category that wages are paid out of.

    Its easy enough to do this by taking proper control of monetary policy. Using the combination of cash-injection and reserve-asset-ratio to hit what you aim at and not go too far increasing spending.

    To bring spending up WITHIN business this is a matter of starving other spending categories. Encouraging saving. Getting rid of taxes that discourage saving (eg taxes on interest earnings) Getting rid of taxes that discourage business spending (eg the company tax. Getting rid of taxes that discourage employment (eg the payroll tax.)

    We want to loosen any restrictions or regulations against jobs that are not currently on the bottom rung. Like writing prescriptions where you now may need to be a fully qualified pharmacist rather than being employed by one.

    Its a matter of mass-sackings and closing down bureaucracies and then systematically using the surpluses generated to attack all parts of the problem using straight demand and supply analysis.

  3. My grandparents laughed and pointed at me and waved some more until the customs official finally tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was an American. I nodded and handed him my passport.

    Barack H. Obama, Dreams From My Father, Paperback 2004, page 52

  4. Right. Already he’s trying to preempt the citizenship scandal. Of course the whole thing was written by a terrorist jerk.

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