Posted by: graemebird | June 30, 2009

How To Talk To A C02-Bedwetter.

“And you’ve been telling us that we’re in for global cooling. You bloody liars.”

WELL WE ARE!!!! We are in for global cooling if the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE is anything to go by. But lets talk about you Luke. Are you a homosexual? Or are you just a plain sissy? How does things work with you Luke?

So here we have Luke walking down the street, and his Mother starts to recede in the distance, and there he is, dangerously far from home. Like 200 metres from home. And this big girls blowse starts worrying about the air that is surrounding him right?

Is that how it works Luke? First you start worrying that Mums not close enough. Then you start worrying that you’ve gotten too far from home. And next you burst into tears because THE FUCKING AIR ISN’T QUITE RIGHT!!!!!

Thats about the size of it with you sissies isn’t it?

You see I can respect these homos if that is in fact the way they are meant to be. If that is how god has made them. If thats the best person that they can be. In my mind, given that, there is no cause for me to be disrespectful.

But I can never respect a pooftah like you. So much of a non-man that you are frightened of the clear-air around your ass.

The trace-gas-hysterics are unmanly. They are not masculine. They are not really MEN. THEY ARE NOT MEN. They’re not. You might think they are, but they are not.

This is the message we must get out there.



  1. and yet Humphreys gets more women than you …

  2. Now thats all bullshit. He’s a homo. He wouldn’t know the first thing to do with the girls I’ve been on good terms with. All nonsense.

  3. dude
    Humphreys,CATO, ZED and I hang out once a week. He always has a girl

  4. A tax deduction from his “small investment company.”

    Seriously. Humphreys is gay.

  5. Wait a minute? Humphreys hanging out with ZED?

    Well that changes everything. I see now a different story where Bronson goes out drinking with this younger contemporary, Eastwood….. (not).

    Humphreys is a pillow-biter for sure.

  6. Sheila must be there to assuage his fear insofar as he freaks out if the specific elemental constituency of the air is “not quite right.”

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