Posted by: graemebird | July 1, 2009

Full-Blown Public Servants “Gramscian” Conspiracy Exposed At Jennifer Morahasy’s.

In the past I’ve tried to get it across that just because you, and to some extent I, don’t tend to think all that much in conspirational terms, that we must not take it that others are like that. The marxists were full-time intriguers. And conpirational thinking is a big part of Islam, or at least some parts of it. Conspiracy was a big feature in the Eastern Empire. Its been a big feature in many times and places. So you not believing in it doesn’t change the fact that others do have this caste of mind and they act on it. And an example we have here is a full-blown scandal involving a four year conspiracy carried out on the taxpayers resources. A totally unacceptable abuse by a government department with no motive involved that was not evil. And since it involved a desk all its own, and a number of staff then we would have to assume that the head of department, or at least the big cheese in that particular office, was part of the conspiracy if he wasn’t the instigator.

Of course Mott could be having us on at least in part. He could be embellishing what he knows. He might have his suspicions, but have no ability to confirm them.

Here is the claim that Ian Mott is making about this taxpayer-funded conspiracy.

Comment from: Ian Mott June 30th, 2009 at 5:13 pm

“The name “Luke” is the designation of a desk and PC in a Queensland Government Department. Various people are tasked to man this desk to provide regular, if hardly consistent, misinformation and distraction to the discussion on this blog and any other that might have the nerve to stray from the party line.

This desk has operated continually since 2005 and it must be said that the quality of the staff manning this desk has undergone a marked decline to the point where very little of substance is ever said. Some time ago the senior departmental management (comprising some of the most venal and loathsome low life ever conceived) decided that posting real research on this forum was “counter productive” due to the proven capacity of a great many contributors here to completely dismember the carefully constructed edifices of climate bull$hit.

Some might argue that it would be better to exclude “him” from discussion but to my mind he is a classic example of what is most loathsome in a green undergraduate ignoroid. And the more the public understands what kind of squalid intellects we are really dealing with, the better. Keep him here because he certainly serves to highlight our own reasonable and rational nature.

He is, as Sun Tsu might have said, Al Gores most feared enemy, a foolish ally.

Comment from: janama June 30th, 2009 at 5:19 pm”

I would say that Ian Mott could be having us on. I would take that into account. But all of us have had years experience with what a lot of us thought was one fellow. But now everyone is saying they can tell different Lukes within the one Gramscian conspiracy brand. And looking back that seems the same for me. Because he once told me he worked in a lab at the RMIT. And I later referred to this and he acted like I was being a nut. Two different conspirators.

This is the first time I’ve spoke to the conspiracy and the department that has perpetuated this conspiracy, now knowing the Luke identity to be a group of conspirators as well as their bosses, if not the head of department. Clearly if Mott isn’t kidding as his story turns out to be true, this is a very big scandal. Probably to be met with near suicidal indifference:

Comment from: Graeme Bird July 2nd, 2009 at 9:21 am

I can feel the waves of fear coming from up North. Six O’clock a senior bureaucrat in the same department as GRAMSCIAN TEAM LUKE is having a shave. Its early Winter. But already this time of the morning. Beeds of sweat are popping up on his forehead.

So whats this follow-through all about? Its a strategy based on fear and desperation. An attempt is made to put a single name on this conspiracy and yet the tag-team effort continues, giving more cause to believe ongoing malfeasanse. An attempt to fake up “honest advertising” with the Luke-desk Jive. A bit of chummyness and the loopy stuff. A continuing presence to do what? Establish that this conspiracy was all AOK and is in fact just a bit of a joke. And after all its up to the blog-owner right? Perhaps she is cool with it all? And could block GRAMSCIAN TEAM LUKE at any time. Is that what the department is now trying to establish?

It is a very stupid thing for GRAMSCIAN TEAM LUKE to be hanging around independent of what the blogowner might think. Naturally your bosses and all sorts of people ought to be publicly humiliated and deprived of your useless careers over this conspiracy. Hanging around trying on the old leftist desensitization cannot change that fact, since the people who would take offense to this and follow it up are not going to be desensitized like the “masses” as your crowd would have it.

You and your bosses ought to be relying on one thing and one thing only. That the taxpayers. The people who pay all your salaries and raise all your kids, are too busy, what with supporting their own family and yours as well. And if you disappear the outrage of this conspiracy, performed as it was on the taxpayers time, may fall off the TO DO list in their minds. Not everyone has put it together just how critical it is for our national health to make an example of people like GRAMSCIAN TEAM LUKE and their bosses, and the head of the department. They don’t know just how obsessive, destructive and determined this campaign of lies is. They don’t understand the economics of this. That an energy shortage looms. That the very threat of a carbon tax devastates the balance sheets, share prices and capital spending flows, of those companies who could save Australia from economic disaster during this coming energy crisis. So you may get away with it. Supposing you disappear.

Not everyone understands that green is the new red. But it aint the new black. GRAMSCIAN TEAM LUKE is not the latest fashion. Those who would follow this up cannot afford for you to be hanging around desensitizing people to the notion that it is alright for a group of bully-boys such as yourselves, in a government department…… that its alright for you conspirators to run a four year campaign of lies and defamation like this.

If we ever get to a point in this country where we find it normal and according to Hoyles that tag-team tax-eating Rococo Marxists can gang up on a civilian like this, with malicious intent….. if everyone gets used to thinking that this is OK then this country is finished. So don’t try to pull the leftist desensitization strategy because we cannot afford it and people will have to act.

I won’t be the only one getting about with everlasting outrage on this. Just try hanging around. I’ll bet you’ll have people emailing members of parliament in no time flat. Better to disappear and hope that everyone is too busy to get the story of this conspiracy out there in the wider public domain.


  1. Just a post I wanted to log here:

    “As regards surplus value, Marx thought it was an objective law of the capitalist system, he did not think it was about ethics.”

    It doesn’t matter what Marx thought. He was wrong. He was following the labour theory of value from Adam Smith. This is wrong theory, known now to be totally disproven, and he took it and made it into an absolutist doctrine.

    Now look. Generally speaking land hasn’t been properly homesteaded. Its been grabbed as huge tracks by shysters in the good books of the crown for the most part. Also the enclosure movement, I beleive went too far. It was too much. It cut you off and had one mans fence shared with another, and your gypsy rover with nowhere to lie down.

    And then there is the simple matter of GRAVITY and the fact that we get about on the earths surface and cannot fly up to a castle in the air, with some investments in floating beehives that we’ve conceived as a startup.

    Believe it or not such things as GRAVITY have consequences in economics. You might think it doesn’t. But I assure you it does.

    So that therefore conditions can arise, that give the ring of truth to marxist theory. You arrive on the bus and there is nowhere to lie down. You need to have 4 weeks bond and 4 weeks rent in advance to get somewhere to live and accumulate capital goods. But ubiquitous height restrictions mean it costs you too much to rent and you wind up in this treadmill, that you have to be powerfully disciplined to overcome and what happens is you start getting very old very shortly.

    In this context these ready-made instant-coffee-like theories do carry plausibility to them. That doesn’t make them good theory. And their may be real grievances going on. That doesn’t make them the same grievances that appear to be plausible under the instant coffee-like theory that floats in the air.

    So we just got to be a little bit more committed as intellectuals. As far as I see it the very fact of gravity means we have to meet Henry George (but not Marx) about one quarter of the way. But not necessarily accept his land tax. But just take his analysis seriously, and have some understanding that the mere advent of gravity means that there are some restrictions, and tendencies that we cannot allow to happen. That always have to be on the front-burner.

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