Posted by: graemebird | July 2, 2009

Praise Be: The Mental Health Benefits Of Simple Gratitude.

I think we ought to follow the Christian examples, or some facsimile of it, when we are atheists. And part of the wisdom of the Christians is to have set up a series of practices that keep them more sane in general then the doubting Thomases and one of those practices is the habit of simple gratitude. The constant expression of gratitude is a mentally healthy thing for people to do and we atheists forget to do it and yet some Christians do this prior to even eating any food.

Now for my part I would think we could KEEP IT REAL and express gratitude, for the meal, to the maligned hydrocarbon industry, attacked on all sides by leftist filth, as they produce the ammonia, to fertilize the ground, the diesel, to get all the work done on the farms, the diesel and electricity, to help the miners of rock phosphates and the transporters of foodstuffs and the storage people with all their refrigerators running on the power that the hydro-carbon industry generates for us. Then there is the diesel to put in your diesel car and diesel on down to the shops.

But one crowd has helped me out a great deal more on a spiritual plain then these folks who have merely saved myself and others from starvation.

I speak of a bunch of people who have been good for my CHARACTER. Man does not live by bread alone. And surely we can be grateful to those who have done so much to improve the characters of persons at about my level of fortune and those less fortunate than I. For we may not have much. But what would we have without our CHARACTER?

Our electricity production industry contains massive barriers in the way of any individual who wants to set up a big power-generation operation. For one thing you cannot just go down to Picton or somewhere and make an offer on some farmland for a place to set up a nuclear station with a coal-liquification station besides it.

Therefore we have a sort of constrained competition. It is more important for competition that cap-ex spending flows be not inhibited into the area if the profit levels are high. Here we see great inhibition. Nonetheless. If the companies that provide our power have healthy balance sheets they ought naturally invest in the future and get themselves a bunch of surplus capacity.

With the constrained competition and flow of capital investment that we have we really have to rely on your average power station having surplus capacity in order to keep the prices of electricity down.

Supposing the price of electricity goes up. Look at the industrial companies income statement. They only have so many revenues. Should they spend more on electricity they must cut costs elsewhere. Capital investment and wages look good for the cost reductions and the summation of changes of this sort to everyones income statement as manifested by its spending decisions reduce real wages.

But not only that. We get hit by higher electricity prices along with reduced wages and a reduced growth in real wages.

When the threat of the carbon tax hangs over our electricity producers it causes a write-down in the value of their assets. It makes their debts harder to pay off. It causes damage to their ability to raise funds cheaply. It delays their investment in surplus capacity AND THIS MEANS AN INCREASE IN ELECTRICITY PRICES FOR US.

The price of electricity is now going up 20%. It is at this point that I want to thank the global warming appeasers particularly. Because you have done a great deal for my character. Having increased my electricity bill, reduced my real wages and reduced the future growth in same. Also on behalf of people less fortunate than myself and without economics degrees, can I thank you appeasers on their behalf. Though they do not know the great fucking things you’ve done for their character its a terrific thing to know that there will be so many more poor people around with such enhanced characters and isn’t it manifest that this will do wonders for the culture?

Praise be. Thank you. Thank you again. I am so fucking grateful. And notice you appeasers have visited these character gifts on people like me and people less fortunate EVEN BEFORE YOU HAVE MANAGED TO GET THE CARBON TAX APPLIED, RATHER THAN MERELY THREATENED.

Daily I will thank the appeasers for thine ongoing gifts. As the inflation-tax, the company tax on retained earnings, and the carbon tax, all working as force multipliers, will rain gifts of exceedingly beneficial character improvement, down on me and people who will die of good character thanks to you fucking appeasers.


1 Jul 09 at 8:35 pm


  1. No need to thank me.

  2. Has there ever been an idiot like Cambria. What a fuckwit he is.

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