Posted by: graemebird | July 21, 2009

The 2009 Award For Corporate Righteousness Goes To… (Drum Roll)……

My new favourite Australian company. Here is why they deserve the award for most righteous Australian corporation. Proof that the big guys don’t need to fall into the grey suits and no pulse mentality.

1. Before the meltdown they had a very active recruiting drive in remote aboriginal communities. Employing these guys, who otherwise had very little in the way of employment opportunities…… employing these guys in very high-paying entry-level jobs. I think jobs then typically started at 90 000 pa.

2. They are carrying a lot of debts. And it might be that they had the opportunity to sell out to the communists. This would have naturally enough saved themselves a lot of headaches. For a long time it looked like they were going to sell out. Enabling an even greater communist presence on our side of the moat. And this selling out would have been against the spirit in which they had secured property title over those resources in the first place. They could have made it so much easier for themselves by selling out to the communists. BUT THEY THOUGHT BETTER OF IT AND HAD A CAPITAL RAISING INSTEAD.

3. The communists retaliate and take one of their guys hostage. Not once has the company bought into these lies about bribes being paid. They stick by their man AND by the fact of his innocence.

4. Wait and I almost forgot. In the paper this morning there is an article about Rio Tinto urging Kevin Rudd to consider a nuclear powered future. Listen Kevin. If you won’t listen to Australias most righteous corporation then you just aren’t the listening type.


I speak of course of Rio Tinto. In the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember their righteousness.

What can you say but Bravo Rio Tinto? Rio Tinto Uber Alles.

Good work guys.


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