Posted by: graemebird | August 5, 2009

OBAMA’S LATEST FORGERY: Too Clever. Too Cautious.

Due diligence has to be done. However with Obama’s latest forgery he’s set it up that due diligence will clearly be time-consuming and expensive. For this to be the case you need a mixture of professionalism and care, yet with holes in the authenticity that you could drive a truck through. The regime intelligence, or Obama’s own team, (possibly a Raila-Obama nexus with third party help) are looking for a way to leave the low-hanging fruit there, and yet they have to be professional enough to get people interested in the first place.

We ought not really jump the gun and pronounce Obama’s African certificate a forgery yet. But I will do that here for arguments sake. What we DO KNOW FOR AN ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY is that the African document cannot be verified unless the South Australian document is falsified. Falsification of the South Australian document is necessary but not sufficient to verify the African document. Not forgetting that they could both be fakes.

Yes yes I know. The Aussie one will probably check out fine. And if not will pass the untrained eye and the trained non-leftist eye may never be in the budget.

But I’ve gone the long way around to come to the point of saying… THERE IS AT LEAST ONE FORGERY HERE. AND A FORGERY IMPLIES A CONSPIRACY. A forgery implies a conspiracy. So there is no use feeling all superior about it. This is a conspiracy and one must be analysing this matter with the conspiracy hat on.

For arguments sake we are going with what now is the likeliest scenario. To whit: The African certificate is forged, the Australian one is the real deal.

There can be little doubt that this is yet another forgery from Obama. Now its true that it could be a free-lance lefty at work. Since these people are pack-animals. But in this age of drift towards globalism its dangerous to alibi regime action. We will therefore, for ethical reasons, and reasons of prudence, assume regime-action until proven otherwise. Our lead working model will be the Raila-Obama connection with a faction of Saudi Intelligence assistance.

What we are looking for is outsized cleverness combined with obvious low-hanging fruit. TOO CLEVER TOO CAUTIOUS. Thats what it may stink of by the time we are through with it. Too clever to be the work of someone who would leave giant giveaway clues along with a very good fakeup. Anyone who can write different numbers and different letters to the original is someone that is good enough to change the numbers and the letters. So if the South Australian certificate was the original then THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE NOT TO CHANGE THE NUMBERS ENTIRELY AND THE WORDS AS WELL.

So there are two types of forgeries. On that wants to be thought of as the real deal. And the other type is the forgery that wants to be found out as a forgery. Clearly this forgery (either one) is in the latter category. And it Cambria, SOON, Birdlab, Hill et al who have been manipulated and made fools of and not myself.

Do you see now why you smug bastards are the ones who have been made a fool of and not me? The forgery(s) aren’t there to send people like me down the wrong track. Or Orly. Or Phil Berg. They are there to manipulate normal stupid people. They are there to put pressure on daddy dave so he will become a broken man and never speak out for the side of common sense ever again. They are there to keep tal quiet. And make truly stupid, rather than those pressured into being cautious, to grow hugely confident and to amplify their stupidity.

The forgeries, both type A and type B (ie Counter-intelligence forgery) are there in lieu of evidence for eligibility, and to inoculate Obama against any real documents that we somehow manage to get hold of.

And yet most of you cannot help think that they are evidence for the contrary thesis to that which Orly stands for. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If this African document turns out to have the tell-tale signs of a mixture of super-professionalism, combined with low-hanging fruit, this will clearly mean that team Obama is the ones to blame pre-emptively. That it is people who would wish to KEEP Obama in power that are behind this new forgery.

I believe in considering all paradigms. But the one the Aussie journalists jumped to, that supposed the forgery (judgement pending)…. the assumption that the forgery came from someone who wished to oust Obama……. well that paradigm could not be more stupid.

How are we training our journalists these days?

Look at all the things that are the same about the two certificates. Look at all the things that are different about the two certificates. Supposing this wasn’t an Obama forgery. Suppose its not team Obama faking this one up but rather TEAM LIBERTY (always bearing in mind that the Aussie one has not been cleared).

Well for one thing thats not how our side works. For another thing Obama has already been busted faking documents. And so when a crime is committed we ’round up the usual suspects’ and don’t go blaming people who are more generally blameless.

Now just think about it. If the person is using the South Australian template, why leave all the number-markers around? Laziness? Does laziness square with the care and attention paid to this KNOWN CONSPIRACY more generally? This is something we will get more of a sense of over time. I don’t think we see signs of laziness do you? Motivated enough to do the job halfway but not even change a bunch of the numbers and a few of the words. Not real plausible is it! So its counter-intelligence forgery that this document aspires to.

It appears what problems there are to the changes are not visible to the untrained eye.

So why have the same monetary charge? Why have the same sequence numbers? The same surname for the registrar and for someone else as well? The same this and the same that. When you can so easily and competently change a lot of the other gear.

So you see what I’ve been telling you. If the South Australian one is true then what we have here is TEAM OBAMB. Loyal minions of Obama the known forger. And if the South Australian one is false then what we have here is the work of TEAM OBAMA. Loyal Minions of Caliph Obama I (The Usurper).

So what we have here, proven so far beyond reasonable doubt. Is that we have a forgery of team Obama. A forgery by people who want to KEEP Obama in power. A forgery by people who want to keep a man in power, who before his reign of woe, was a known forger. A man who before he usurped the Presidency, was a willful killer of women and children via the mechanism of sparking sectarian violence in Kenya.


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