Posted by: graemebird | August 7, 2009

Obama’s Feeble Attempt At An Alibi For His Latest Forged Document.

Here is a post from Catallaxy to let you know what I’m talking about:

“Birdlab points to an example of scrupulousness in the following of the scientific method.

“Hussein’s magical thought precesses:

“Hence I’m not the least bit ashamed at having to change my best estimate 3 or 4 times during just a few hours yesterday. First I thought it was real, then fake, then real again, then fake again… and now I’m sticking with fake for the time being…””

Thats how you do it. Competing paradigms in parallel. Overcoming the unscience of the doctrine of the serial monogamy of paradigms.

The rest of you ought read it over and over until you understand. Sadly this side of philosophy will always remain out of reach for the congenitally handicapped like Birdlab.

This is good news. I thought we were going to have to go to the expense of checking the Australian one to find which was the fake. Notice that this outcome showers Orly with credit. Since she was willing to let the public in on this attempt by Obama to obstruct the course of justice. Obama is becoming synonymous with forged documents.

Do let me know if you find out who is going to alibi Obama on this matter. Phil Berg reckons he’s got a few of these forgeries. All of which I presume will have come from the usurper. Particularly since the agent in this case is protesting too much about the alleged low cost of his fakery. Which is a lot of nonsense and an attempt to alibi the real culprit.

Now notice that a thousand faked documents cannot malign Orley’s case if reason is our guide. Quite the contrary. The fake documents show us what we are dealing with here.”

The links lead to an ersatz confession by the supposed culprit. Of course the real culprit is the usurper. But in this story there are pictures of the equipment used in Obama’s latest forged document. And a magnificent amount of effort has been used to surreptitiously make the bullshit case that this was a cheap operation. With all the costs of the equipment listed. Whereas this appears to be a putdown of Orly it is really something quite different. The alleged message of the pictures and commentary is “Hey look how stupid Orly and all you other birthers are? Look how CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and easy it was to fool you?”

But the real message is:

(OBAMA SEZ:)”Don’t suspect me. Please don’t suspect me. After all someone could have done this on the cheap. They could have fooled people very cheaply in theory. So you’ve got no cause to be suspecting me.”

You see the usurpers earlier forgeries were amateurish, careless and botched. But the latest one is careful and professional in form and yet it has another problem to it. It smacks of a desperation and lack of nuance. In that great care has been taken to achieve the look of authenticity and yet there was such ridiculous overkill shown in the intention of the forgery to prove itself a forgery. Numbers and names not changed when Obama’s technician had proved OUTRIGHT that he could have simply changed the names and numbers had the intention been for the forgery to have staying power.

And now we get yet more desperation. This time in this mock-up confession. All pictures and price-tags included. All costs vastly underestimated. And the net effect is so obviously to alibi the boss that there is really no other motive ascribable to it.



  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I mentioned this a few weeks ago I think after having gone out for dinner with a couple of hedge fund types.”

    You mentioned this a few WEEKS ago. What you did is you didn’t listen. Thats what you did.

    The carbon tax hurts us STRATEGICALLY in such a way as to completely destroy capital totally out of proportion to its size. It destroys the balance sheets of the companies that we need to get us through this energy crisis. WHAT ENERGY CRISIS was your reaction all the way down the line. Same with all the rest of you. It destroys the balance sheets. Undervalues the shares. Therefore makes it difficult to raise capital via both debt and to raise capital through the share market without diluting the capital value for very little gain.

    All of you have been ignoring the consequences of the threat of the carbon tax all this time. And the reality of the carbon tax will of course be far worse than the threat.

    7 Aug 09 at 4:59 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “The more i think about the more I can’t believe we’re doing what we are. It’s like sheep jumping over a freaking cliff.”

    But you’ve been pushing this with total consistency for three years for no reason at all. Its madness without any reason for it. None of you can find any reason to be doing any of this.

    Its like you’ve all been possessed by the stupid demon. What is the matter Cambria? Are you just waking up NOW Rip Van Winkle?

    7 Aug 09 at 5:04 am

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I am about to reveal to you why the paradigm wherein Obama has an American father has just been launched to the position of leading paradigm.

    Obama having an American father would not necessarily make him eligible. But it would be close enough for modern norms of constitutional interpretation. So if he came clean with it, and there was a judgement on the matter, and suppose the judgement, on the basis of his American father, ruled in a split decision in his favour……….. This would at least mean that the constitution was at last being respected…. Well not being respected. But respected near to modern norms.

    None of this would OBJECTIVELY shame Alan, Phil or Orly. Quite the contrary. Since their position is right and righteous and unassailable as to the need to find out who has assumed such power, nothing subsequent can speak negatively about the position they have taken. This is just a fact of epistemology. Since they are not to be judged on powers of soothsaying.

    Every minute this airbrushed Nazi is not coming clean is spitting on the constitution. He won’t come clean. Because whilst the simple honest Hawaiian officials might think that his sensitivity over his paternity (an assumption under this paradigm) is the only thing he is hiding, the matter would be, if he revealed it, only the first layer of discovery about who he really is and what is designs are.

    If you ask me his designs are entirely transparent. Its a breath-taking desensitization assault on all those norms of Western society that stand between us and total tyranny the likes of which we thought were no longer possible.

    The good thing about this current leading paradigm (foreign birth but American father) is that it lets the Hawaiians off the hook. It shows them to be doing a scrupulously honest job. And under this paradigm false documents haven’t necessarily been planted in various Hawaiian records.

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