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Obama Was Born In Kenya But His Real Father Is American. Raila Keeps Close Possession Of Obama’s True Documents.

Not the known truth but a re-ranking of this particular paradigm to now be the leading one. The only way this can be resolved is by a Kenyan goverment raid on Raila that comes out of a clear blue sky.

As I said this is not the gospel truth. But rather the leading paradigm that matters have FLIPPED-to, now that the Hawaiian registrar has come out with her latest statement. What this paradigm does, if you collect all the direct official quotes from Hawaiian officials……. And only those who have claimed to see his documents….. barring maybe 2 white lies at the maximum but perhaps not even that….. What this does is it VINDICATES the Hawaian officials as acting with honest good faith.

I invite all and sundry to come in under false names with all the quotes of the Hawaiians. But only if you have the name, what the official has claimed to have viewed with his own eyes, and the date. The quote must be an official announcements and not some journalists interpretation.

Also to protect Obama’s privacy, since the Hawaiian officials have to do their jobs, and juggle a few balls in the air at once, well its a pretty hard gig for these Hawaiian officials to have to deal with and keep their integrity. So nothing you infer that the officials presumably told the journalists off the record ought to be taken into account.

The officials, going on the hypothesis that they have been about as honest as they possibly could be, given the tight spot that they were in, would have surely lied and lied and lied and lied to the journalists, strictly off the record, until theY risked their faces falling off from all the lying. BUT THIS IS NOT DISHONESTY ON THEIR PART.

I don’t want to hand you these speculative conclusions on a silver platter, I want you to follow the clues that I’m giving you and have a little bit of faith in your own detective work and in my focus on methodology. If the evidence makes me flip paradigms again I’ll let you know.

Below is a comment I’ve made elsewhere that is a bit of a repetition of the above. But I think its good to have things said a number of ways. For sake of comprehension.

“I am about to reveal to you why the paradigm wherein Obama has an American father has just been launched to the position of leading paradigm.

Obama having an American father would not necessarily make him eligible. But it would be close enough for modern norms of constitutional interpretation. So if he came clean with it, and there was a judgement on the matter, and suppose the judgement, on the basis of his American father, ruled in a split decision in his favour……….. This would at least mean that the constitution was at last being respected…. Well not being respected. But respected near to modern norms.

None of this would OBJECTIVELY shame Alan, Phil or Orly. Quite the contrary. Since their position is right and righteous and unassailable as to the need to find out who has assumed such power, nothing subsequent can speak negatively about the position they have taken. This is just a fact of epistemology. Since they are not to be judged on powers of soothsaying.

Every minute this airbrushed Nazi is not coming clean is spitting on the constitution. He won’t come clean. Because whilst the simple honest Hawaiian officials might think that his sensitivity over his paternity (an assumption under this paradigm) is the only thing he is hiding, the matter would be, if he revealed it, only the first layer of discovery about who he really is and what is designs are.

If you ask me his designs are entirely transparent. Its a breath-taking desensitization-assault, on all those norms of Western society that stand between us and a totalalitarian tyranny, the likes of which we thought were no longer possible.

The good thing about this current leading paradigm (foreign birth but American father) is that it lets the Hawaiians off the hook. It shows them to be doing a scrupulously honest job. And under this paradigm false documents haven’t necessarily been planted in various Hawaiian records.”


In light of the recent evidence pointing to an American father and a Kenyan birth, I will paste and copy below a post which mischieviously affects to IDENTIFY Obama’s American father. There were probably ten million possible African-Americans at the time who may have sired Obama. But it has been established that the one mentioned could not be ruled out. And this differs from a lot of other African-American men who might well be verified as being not in the general location of Stanley Ann around the time she conceived.

The fellow mentioned is someone who I cannot hide my admiration for. And yet I cannot quite justify my admiration for this man to all and sundry. I will admit this as a weakness, or a possible one. But if this man is his father then Obama is the greatest underacheiver the world has yet seen. Since this man could think for himself. And this man, when he was right, when he was wrong, when he was keeping his mind the same, and when changing it, was the very epitome of INTELLECTUAL HONESTY.

Most of all this potential sire of the new charismatic enemy of all mankind (and particularly the black man) was an astounding example of what can only be called MANHOOD. I say this with all assurance that I have not a homosexual fibre in all of my person. This man was a MAN. This man was a REAL MAN.

This POSSIBLE father of Obama, under my new leading paradigm that Obama had a Kenyan birth but an American father, had one of the most astounding physical presences of almost anyone ever. He looked to be cut from clay just a grade above the rest of the normal run of mankind. It is the impression that a Lincoln devotee must get from considering (or imagining) Lincoln as a sort of being physically and morally superior to the normal exhibits from the wider gene pool.

Anyway here is the post repeated below. Brought to the front ((on account of the idea that I think that new evidence suggests Obama had a Kenyan birth and an American father)) and that more than ever I think every month this fellow is in power will see millions all over the world die way earlier than otherwise.


Degrees of separation are not always of the nature as to be measured by leagues or miles, nautical and otherwise. The generation gap may be large or small. Cassandra gives her warnings in the same room as the people who ignore her. Prisms of the mind can establish a gulf between the guileless many and the intriguer-few that walk the same streets in the centre of a western town. Family feuds can make a mockery of the existence of a billion phones, though each one can call every other.

A gay churchgoer may feel distance between herself and another gay woman of the same congregation. Yet the order of the mutual confession of their orientation may be pre-determined by their relative prominence locally or on a wider stage. During the last glaciation barriers of ice blocked off peoples one from the other so assiduously, and for such lengths of time, that the differences we identify with race were established, and few such differences precede the last glacial period. And yet during those many tens of thousands of years, a bird might have flown between alienated communities in less time than it took to gather the wood in the evening and start a fire.

In the video Elton sees the blue-eyed Nikita on the watch-tower and just metres away. But she might as well have been on another planet, until Reagan emerged to wipe that wall from the face of the earth, along with the conditions that made it necessary.

In those decades and centuries where english-speaking navies hold sway, it is the sea that brings us together and mountain ranges that keep us apart. But this was not always the way. In ancient times the shipping was not as advanced. Yet the world was warmer, and the separation between eastern and western civilisations was indistinct. Alexander crossed no single east-west dividing line, to conquer the world known to him.

Some time before Alexander came to power a fellow called Demosthenes would warn the independent Greek city states that they had to form a coalition devoted to stopping Philip of Macedon and his primitive Macedonian countrymen, from taking away their liberty. Why was he not listened to until it was already too late?

Were the Greeks of that era like the people of the English-Speaking world of today? Did Greeks in those days have a blind spot when it comes to recognising the potential for stealth and ruthlessness in their enemies? What is it that makes people so foolish as to deride the idea that their enemies can be more dedicated and stealthy then their own jaded guileless selves?

Was there a cult of anti-conspiracy back then? Logically speaking; that people who tend to see conspiracies everywhere, may often be deranged, in no way detracts from the potential for conspiracies. It is lazy and mentally sloppy to make such a stupid mistake of logic. YES, people can get deranged and paranoid. YES ITS TRUE that certain individuals can imagine a whole string of phantom-plots and can never be free of them. But it is extremely moronic and illogical for this known fact to lead to the conclusion that stealth is not possible from those who wish to do us harm.

Perhaps the hellenistic mind rebelled from notions of conspiracy. Perhaps they too imagined that their enemies talked things out openly like they themselves tended to do. But everyone reading this ought to know for sure, and without any doubt whatsoever, that the idea of dismissing the potential for stealth in ones enemies, is delusional in the extreme, beyond anything that the blameless paranoid might spout out, in one frenzy or another.

Was there anything good to come out of the Alexandrian conquests? Alexander was not great and he was not good. He was a mass-murderer and a real prick. A person not in keeping with the prior Greek heritage. Might it not be argued though, that in the longer run some sort of utilitarian benefit might have been derived, by the stretching out of the superior hellinistic culture over any number of kleptocracies, tribes, minor kingdoms and base civilisations that the eastern world held?

I don’t think so myself. My imagining of the situation is that rather than helenising all these various orientals that the cultural transmission may have been two-way. And therefore the main lasting effect of helenistic control of the conquered territory, may have been the orientalisation of the Greek-speaking world.

The reason I have this prejudice is that the next era when Greek speakers loom large in my chronology of history is when Constantine moves the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium. Renaming the existing city Constantinople. This is many hundreds of years after Alexander. So its a slim thing to base an outrageous prejudice on. And I have another prejudice which reinforces this one. And that is the idea that orientals are always up to something. They are always into plotting and intrigue. So that these Greek-speakers, from then on, seemed to fall into a pattern of violence as the preferred method of changing top management. It seemed that with the Byzantines, SECRETIVE PLOTTING was the way to gain power. And the two prejudices together makes me think of these Greek speakers as, by that time, effectively orientalised.

Reading histories of the Byzantium Empire can be grim business. These people seemed to be always having each-others eyes plucked out. And they appeared to be pretty good at killing close members of their own family. No wonder Gibbon got the shits with them. But one good thing they did do was they made Constantinople an unassailable citadel. And so therefore they held off the Muslim advance one century after another.

Many times the Empire appeared to be on its last legs. Right down to where the Muslims seemed to control most of the territory directly outside Constantinoples walls. But then their fortunes would change, because the city of Constantinople itself was so famously strong, and the Empire would reconstitute itself, even as internally one nasty betrayal followed hard upon the heels of another vicious conspiracy, which lead only to more unspeakable acts of brutality at the higher reaches of power

So thats how this world is. Thats how its been outside of Western Europe. And inside Western Europe as well for that matter. But perhaps not to the same degree. This is the way that politics can work from time to time and in various geographies. And its a fact that you dimwitted Catallaxy types ought to get used to.

Now the centre of intrigue, paranoia, conspiracy, stealth and ruthlessness is in the Muslim world. It matters not that you don’t want to believe in the potential for plotting and conspiracy, in matters of all levels of importance and of durations lasting a short time to durations lasting decades. Your non-belief is not central to the issue and merely just naive projection. The main point is that Muslims DO!!!!!!! believe this stuff. Muslims are right into conspiracy. They think this is the way the world works and certainly its the way that their world works. Every Muslim is a hopeless paranoid, by the standards of the centre of politics in this country. They are all paranoid. Not one Muslim isn’t paranoid by the standards of Catallaxy. This is their culture and its better if our side can get a handle on it.

Our dear dear Muslim brothers and sisters are sort of “hyper-Byzantines” in this regard. Once a devout Muslim starts thinking about politics he is likely to conjure three plots before breakfast. He will see plots going on everywhere. This is the way they are. This is their culture. The Muslims and those crafty communist Chinese are always plotting something. They are always up to something.

We see here how the cultural transmission of these conpirationist tendencies might have radiated out from one cess-pool of shame and wickedness to another. For Moscow was conceived of as the third Rome after Rome itself and Constantinople. So from time to time us guileless ocean-rulers have found ourselves awash in these vile intriguers.

It is not productive to look at different people and see yourself. For it might be the case that as individuals we can be similar in some ways. But foreigners are different in the way they act politically. As we have seen by the importation of familism into New South Wales politics. But for this current story the main difference here, is that while mostly only paranoids think about conspiracies in our culture , in the Muslim world they are bigtime into conspiracies and every bit as much as the Byzantines ever were. After all every terrorist attack is a conspiracy. And when they gunned down Good King Malcolm X that was a conspiracy also.

Hitlers father was a customs official and he died when Hitler was about 13 or so. In the movie “The Boys From Brazil”, the plotters behind a conspiracy (one which was designed to be carried out over many decades) went to some trouble to plant their Hitler clones in households that were supposed to be akin to Hitlers own upbringing. So there is one scene where one of the adopting fathers is murdered so that the cloned Hitler can have his father die at the same age as Hitlers own father died.

This is a really far-fetched plot for us westerners. But not so for these intriguers in the Muslim world.

Malcolm X, like Hitler was the fourth child of his mother, although I think his father had already had three children by a previous marriage. If you were hoping that his boy Barry might move to the centre of politics just forget about it. Because he was a first-born. And in accordance with Sulloway the first-borns only change their basic values very slowly. They are deeply conservative by nature. Not conservative in the sense that they will vote Republican. But conservative in the sense that they will rigidly follow their values once these values have been crystalized.

First borns and “functional first borns” do not tend to be able to change their mind as the new information comes in. So for those of you who think Barry will be a new Malcolm, and always be reinventing himself, finding his way closer and closer to truth and righteousness, well this is not going to happen. Barry is a communist and Islamo-fascist partisan and he will stay that way. This is very clear in all that he has done to date. He will be true to his sponsors. He will dutifully trade off short-run tactical gains for long-run strategic ruin. And all this talk about him moving to the centre is just lies, superstition, wishful thinking and delusion.

We see that it is the violent principle of Islam that killed Malcolm and now that same crowd have taken over his boy and his heritage. Perhaps all of us would like to claim Malcolm. For my part, though he probably hung around a bunch of creeps and likely put about some pretty horrible ideas, I see a strong almost-Randian streak in his speeches. I see an attitude towards liberty that is not unlike the Southern American anglo-celts “Don’t Tread On Me” attitude. Its probably a personal fault of mine that I like this fellow. But a generation can be a long time and this Barry is in no way like Malcolm. This Barry is an extremist of the most vicious kind.

Barack Obama surely is Malcolms son which is why Oprah calls him “THE ONE” and why Islamic extremists have been assisting him for three decades at least.

MARCH 2009

“…Obama is not your BROTHER Fred. I can tell you that…”

“… I’ll talk to you and you can talk to me. But I’m never going to respect you, until you-all repent for killing a brother. You talk about what I’m doing to Obama? But look what you-all did to Malcolm!!!! And Malcolm was INDEED a BROTHER….”

The immense regard that a lot of us have for Malcolm is really something. It may be a bad thing and I cannot rightly justify it in my case. Its almost a prodigal son thing. The historian Paul Johnson mentioned him in passing as a rascist and he had good reasons taking the totality of Malcolms life. But this would be a bit like me dismissing George Orwell as just another socialist. The key with Malcolm seems to be that he followed logic and intellectual honesty. And by the time he was gunned down by muslims he did appear to be someone that many of us could rightly think well of.

A person of astonishing talents. Whereas Barry is just a rotten fraud. Soetoro is an incredible mediocrity and underacheiver. Soetoro is someone who will destroy millions of lives, if he is not somehow stopped, and an whole new election called.

Since Barry has put together a team of Cook county clones, the solution can only be found in an whole new election.

Postscript: To emphasise the above is only a theory I thought I’d post what might be a better theory, and that also may be a rumour. One worth checking out.

“Yes, that if a good point, but would be difficult to prove, It is my understanding that the Democrats visited Indonesian, well a year ago, and bought every record they had on him, with the exception of that Catholic enrollment form. I also heard that Rahm Emmanuel, did the same in Kenya, right after the election. We all know that the man that broke into his passport file, was found in his car, with a bullet in his head, as well as the choir master at Wrights Church.”

This relates to me thinking that there must have been some arbitrage involved in Obama helping Raila into power when he was supposed to be on his own campaign trail. And then speaking to him all the time on his mobile-phone during the campaign up until January 2008. A little after the Donald Young execution-style murder. I speculated that Raila might have been able to get hold of any Obama Kenyan documents. As payback to Obama, to help him, but also perhaps to provide security for himself. But if Immanuel had come to Kenya and bought them all, well thats a good alternate speculation. And it would be certainly worthwhile trying to find out if son of terrorist Rahm ever came to Kenya and if so what he was doing there. Although you would not expect that he’d be able to just go there and buy them all simple as that. He’d have to bribe people to steal them one would imagine. Have to put a couple of people between him and the action.

Anyway. Its all rumours and speculation so far.

A further note about the mischievous Malcolm X idea. Within 15 days of giving birth Stanley Ann was in Seattle attending University there without her husband. When Obama was about seven months old she had a baby-sitter looking after him a lot of the time. Malcolm spoke at some Seattle event about then. And the two of them were also in Seattle around the time of conception. What we are saying here is not that he was the real father. Merely that he cannot be ruled out. But clearly this would be the case for many people. So one would have to look for more and better corroborating evidence to support such a wild idea. Still they look and sound quite similar if you ask me.



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    There has been much criticism of the validity of chiropractic care.

    But part of the sub-conscious enthrallment with this bonehead Soetoro comes from the immaculate condition of his spine.

    This is something that is perceived only subconciously for the most part. It is the case with many of the slimmer devout Muslims that they all maintain the sort of gate and visage that you would expect from a Chiropractor of the same age and slimness.

    Yet there is a certain stiffness about this subset that I speak thereof. Well not stiffness exactly. But a lack of variety in the way these fellows will choose to place their body in. Will choose to place their body in with particular reference to the alignment of their spine.

    I think this perceived “stiffness”, amounting to a lack of freedom of expression in posture, comes from their cultural stiffness, more than just their spinal health.

    Obama mixes up this fit slim Islamic man feature, with the relaxation and dexterity of a former athlete, that is to say a basketball player.

    The spinal alignment and health deal, along with the extra looseness and dexterity that his athletic background brings him, is a bit of a knockout combination, when seen in a man of his age. But this is a thing that influences mostly only the subconcious.

    This analysis shows why he comes across and the stupid prick he really is when speaking direct from the camera sitting at his desk. And yet when he walks about the room with a cordless microphone he is suddenly transformed into a fellow who carries with him the outer appearance of one who has mastered certain secrets of zen.

    A comparison can be made with James Dean. Whereas most Jimmy Dean movies are appallingly boring for the most part, the scholar of the art and science of acting, cannot help but be fascinated when watching this young man.

    And no little bit of it, though you scorn the chiropractor, seems to come from an almost outlandish level of spinal health….. and here without the Islamic and age-based overlay of stiffness.

    As I said James Deans movies are boring. But watching him in action is endlessly fascinating. Because he managed to have so many things going on in the non-verbal realm without being kinetically or pretensiously ostentatious.

    But part of it, though you scorn the chiropractor, must come down to fantastic spinal, health and dexterity. Though not an athlete of any sort he appeared to give off a very charismatic physicality.

    This may be summarised in the following statemtnt:

    “God damn. I can’t get over it. When that dude leans against a fence … he REALLY leans against a fence.”

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Well I’ve skim-read the contributions from those who hold economics bona fides and I can tell you right now I could not be more disappointed.

    Each of them ought to have conveyed the known fact that this movement is science fraud without merit of sound reasoning or empirical basis to bolster it.

    The learned economist cannot fail to tell the truth here. If it be the case that sussing out the shabby state of analysis in the alarmist case is beyond the powers of the economists analytical abilities then he ought think about staying mute on this and other matters.

    7 Aug 09 at 11:47 pm

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    You open the newspaper and here we have China going to buy a lot of our coal mines for 3.5 billion dollars. Now what is going on here. When they made the movie the China Syndrome they didn’t perhaps know the subject the phrase ought to apply to. It ought to apply to the fetishisation of selling strategic assets to our only strategic threat and calling it free trade.

    This makes me think of this sub-group in the US that Lieberman belongs to. And they are all about lobbying for free trade with China. What about Ghana. My goodness what is going on here?

    In a small country town where I grew up there is a plywood factory that the Japanese built. All around the area there is massive forestry resources that date back to the depression. Very forward looking individuals were thinking decades ahead conditioning the soil with lupins and some other plant. Sounds like marin I think. Anyhow they took basically crap sandy land and turned it into pine forests.

    So back in the late 80’s or early 90’s the Japanese show up and I suspect unemployment in the area was probably then in the high double digits. And their big factory would have to be the biggest fully private outfit in town. Note this FULLY PRIVATE. Not a front company for communists-are-us.

    Now what about Chinalco? Are we so lick-ball with the people we fear that we let them bring their entire crew???? Does Immigration bend over and let anyone of these guys in, workers, spies, weapons and surveillance experts? How many Aussies and how many
    Aborigines do the Chinese employ? I get the impression that have given them special priviledges beyond that of other countries. Which can only be perceived by these guys as a response to fear and a lack of the all important WILL. The key to keeping the peace of our choosing comes down to words such as this. RESOLVE. WILL. This is what its all about.

    Anyhow these Japanese show up. No spies and no suspicion of spies. 2 nay 3 generations of EXEMPLARY international and domestic behaviour. One of the most highly capitalised and therefore one of the most high-tech countries on the face of the planet. We had everything to gain from their purchase of cheap non-strategic land, and their CREATION OF NEW CAPITAL GOODS that gave the community an asset that is the source of just a colossal amount of wages (and it goes without saying tax revenue) that just would not have been there otherwise. We didn’t get just some abstracted “capital” input. It was real knowhow and real technological wizardly that went far beyond anything we could have done on our own.

    And there was just on downside. The Japanese aren’t getting around town as the new Mandarins, making political donations, organising protests, surreptiously affecting elections, and sizing things up with war in mind.

    Consider what it would have taken for us to have achieved the same effect with a local businessman. The local would have to have been a genius the likes of John D Rockerfeller combined with Edison. He would have to have been born into the most wealthy inheritance in the area, and he would have had to be able to convince financiers to back him and singlehandedly innovate that sort of technology on the fly.

    In other words just by opening up to our good good friends the Japanese we were showered with wealth for the community the likes of which was totally improbable without them. And its a good example of our Christian culture at work too. Because it would be a case of making good with ones former enemies.

    Now as I said we sold them CHEAP LAND ALONE. They didn’t buy any strategic good. They didn’t take anything. They came to a country with horrid international debts and produced enormous productive capacity that was not there before. MANUFACTURING FOR EXPORT.


    This is what free trade was all about. The Neoclassical learns the model and forgets every part in which that model is different from the reality. “I GOT THAT LOCKED IN” he must say to himself.

    Nothing about our governments sick relationship with the Chinese communists represents the micro-Nirvana of liberty that is the description of what my old town has gained from an authentic act of free trade.

    Instead of their pioneering businessmen we get their public servants. Instead of getting new technology that we could have not developed on our own, we are getting people coming here who know less about digging gear up then our own boys have forgotten.

    Instead of getting an astounding increase in local employment and the development of authentic local skills and technological know-how, for all I know the Chinese are allowed to bring mostly their own crew.

    And the whole concentration isn’t in these guys setting up manufacturing. Its more like they are just taking advantage of our non-Homesteading resources allocation system which favours the deepest pockets.

    We have SO MANY people we can build bridges with to our massive enrichment and to theirs. We don’t need to lie down with dogs. Our man got away from these people. Our man got to this country and he got his Australian citizenship fair and square. And we just let these dogs into our country to push our politicians around and try to subject them to our will.

    And look there yonder. They stole our man as if he was a Fallun Gong fellow and the organ bank was running low. They made a mockery of the protection that Australian citizenship has usually afforded since federation.

    These people have nothing we need. They have nothing. There is no chance they will fail to sell us their consumer goods. Nor is there any chance they will turn their nose up at our coal and gas should we continue to wish to offload it onto them and if it were up to me that would be bloody provisional too.

    We don’t need them. If we want to deal with enterprising adventurous Chinese businessmen we have these guys all over South East Asia. Massive PRIVATE wealth creators. Or we can get to know independent businessmen out in the provinces a thousand kilometres from Beijing.

    Yes Vito said keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer, but that was a fellow running an outfit that he could exercise strategic control over and could exhibit strategic surprise. This was a fellow who could finish all family business in one day. We are talking a fellow who would seem to be modelled after Lorenzo Medici the magnificent. Not bloody Kevvie the Milky Bar Kid.

    11 Aug 09 at 4:23 pm

  5. Still peddling that birther crap I see.



  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I mean consider the disgrace of it all. They refuse to tell their masters that what really needs to happen is massive spending cuts and then balancing through TAX CUTS not tax increases.

    And so they take an idea, like matching costs with revenues when it comes to road provision…. but because they have the ulterior motive of increasing thieving overall, they cannot but distort that economically worthy, yet politically troubling goal. I say politically troubling not because of voter resistance. But because while tracking every car would help us dramatically in crime fighting and terrorism prevention, the obvious leeway it gives us for potential tyranny is there in spades. Yet they didn’t address that potential even a little bit, so sado-Pigouvian are these guys.

    I got the article in the Financial Review from a few days back. Actually Harry Clarke makes a good showing in it. All about radical road-charging. They had thought of everything and a lot of the good stuff is there but its entirely perverted. Your heart sinks.

    I can only compare if to the start of a book I once read called “Crime And Punishment”.

    Right at the start we have this student reading a letter from his mum a long long way away at home. And yet the reader reads this letter, a little formal by modern Australian standards. Well you read a letter from a dutiful and loving mother to his son. Only the loving stuff is kind of repressed it seems because its upper class culture of sorts. And things are a bit repressed.

    Well anyway you are thinking… Well you know. There are a few concerns at home. But everything is going pretty well. Then the student reinterprets what his Mother has just said. He reinterprets it, beyond the repressed cultural milieu. And now we see him interpreting that things at home are an absolute disaster of hypocrisy, idiocy and malfortune at home.

    And you get through the students interpretation. And knowing what you know about families and Mothers you just want to put the damn book down and hold your head and say ….. Bloody hell its all true its all true. The student does not seem to be paranoid. And his interpretation of the letter is the true one and the Mothers version is all happy-talk, masking the ultimate disaster of what is going on at home.

    It is like this with the article on the radical road charging in the financial review of a few days ago. Surprisingly everything that Harry says is totally true and terrific. And most of the rest of the article, if you read it superficially seems pretty right.

    Then you look at it again and its an utter disaster.

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “As I have said before, a carbon tax has the problem of not necessarily delivering on the reductions you want to achieve. ”

    A carbon tax will deliver just as surely as the demand curves slopes downward and the supply curve slopes upward.

    A carbon tax will deliver in spades. It is economic law that it will deliver. We know for sure that it will mean less CO2 then otherwise. And if less CO2 than otherwise is still too much CO2, then naturally you would keep raising the carbon tax.

    The carbon tax is the ultimate disaster because IT WILL WORK.

    Thats why its so terrible. WE DIDN’T WANT IT TO WORK.

    This is a horror-show like in the Naomi Watts movie. Where there is this ghost of this girl who has been buried down this well. And this ghost is causing all sorts of trouble. And somehow Naomi’s little boy is able to give her clues as to this girls whereabouts. So Naomi travels a long distance and gets the girls remains out of the well. She gets back home and tells her boy that she found the girl and got her out. The kid says “You weren’t supposed to get her out!”

    There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that a carbon tax will work. If there is a carbon tax of say $40 per tonne of CO2-released, and supposing we get the results back and our CO2 output has increased by 2% the year of the application of it. We know for a fact that had that tax been zero we would have released more. No doubt about that at all.

    Thats not a good thing. Thats the problem.

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    As if in proof that every constituent part of the global warming hoax is wrong, ridiculous, and the opposite of the truth we find that we DO IN FACT have a problem with looming CO2 levels. Yes it is the case that CO2 levels can never be high enough. Because optimum would surely be 1500 parts per million absolute minimum. Perhaps a carbon tax could kick in when we got to 2500 parts per million.

    But even that aside …….. the looming catastrophe with CO2-levels is that the scientific evidence suggests that CO2 levels may soon drop through the floor. They will go higher than today. But then the evidence suggests that they will drop through the floor.

    Is there any evidence going the other way? Is there any evidence that the CO2 levels WON’T drop through the floor?

    No I don’t think so but our hope lies with our hydro-carbon industry. Our hydro-carbon industry may have filled some “carbon-sinks” of nature that are limited insofar as what they can absorb. This I know nothing about. And I would be thankful for any advice on this one specific point. I know about the carbon-rain which effectively takes carbon out of the biosphere (more is the pity).

    Personally I cannot see any of it. And the scientific record indicates that the CO2 levels ought to go up, perhaps faster than before, and then crash.

    We have the CO2 levels peaking at above 470ppm sometime in the mid-40’s and then crashing. We know that the 30’s were very warm. We would expect that the warming would lead to outgassing of CO2 from the oceans.

    Also the record shows a leap of CO2 levels in the late 1820’s and a free-fall sometime thereafter. The levels dropping below 330ppm in the early 1840’s, again in the late 1840’s, but dropping more consistently below those levels for a long time in the late 1860’s. One wonders if there has been any serious studies matching the failure of our already feeble CO2 levels, with outbreaks of hunger all over the world, if not famine.

    “The Great Famine (Irish: An Gorta Mór lit: The Great Hunger[1] or An Drochshaol, lit: The Bad Life) was a period of starvation, disease and mass emigration between 1845 and 1852[2]”

    I read off the graph and then went straight to the only famine I knew of about that time. And there you have it. Early 1840’s dip in CO2 and late 1840’s dip in CO2 is at least consistent with (fails to falsify….. in the modern parlance “validates”) the thesis that low CO2 levels will lead to problems with agriculture.

    I criticise and abuse any taxpayer funded study that validates (ie fails to falsify) any theory. But I stole no money just searching the wiki and making that link minutes ago.

    I shall now try and make a google search for famines in the 1870’s.

    Well what do you know. Another famine. Another IRISH famine. This time in 1879.

    Referring back to the CO2 record (I’m doing this in realtime I shit you not) we see that we had low CO2 levels nearly all the time from the late 80’s on in right up until the 40’s. Now perhaps anyone who was going to die from a reduction of yield may have died pretty early on.

    Famines generally happen a year or two after the farmers eat their seed crops. You have hunger before that. Then more hunger. Then the farmers end up selling a lot of their gear in a situation of even more hunger. And then they eat the seed. The next year the famine begins and the year after its worse. So a drop in CO2 levels in the early 1840’s is consistent with a famine breaking out in 1845.

    I just went hunting around the house for a book where it claimed that MILLIONS of people surviving on farming in tropical areas perished of famine in the 19th Century. I do not know if it was in the late nineteenth century. Consistent with the CO2 levels we would expect most of the dying to be a few years after that latter nasty drop in the CO2 levels.

    Lets see if thats true. I’ll put in famines tropical nineteenth century and see if I come up with anything. Then I’ll get back to you.

    15 Aug 09 at 8:14 pm

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Steven Stoll – Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World ”

    LATE Victorian? Interesting.

    “The Great Famine of 1876–78 (also the Southern India famine of 1876–78 or the Madras famine of 1877) was a famine in India that began in 1876 and affected south and southwestern India (Madras, Mysore, Hyderabad, and Bombay) for a period of two years. In its second year famine also spread north to some regions of the Central Provinces and the United Provinces, and to a small area in the Punjab.[1] The famine ultimately covered an area of 257,000 square miles (670,000 km2) and caused distress to a population totaling 58,500,000.[1]”

    Bear in mind we are saying that the CO2 record shows that the CO2 levels dropped precipitously low in the late 1860’s and stayed, for the most part low, for a very long time, although there was a lot of variability.

    Famines tropical “nineteenth century”

    The above is the search I’ve got going. And basically I’m going straight down the list of results ignoring google books and things. And already we have something interesting here. Maybe I ought to mention when the CO2 levels were high. And that way you if you find a serious famine just after the levels were high you can kick my ass for presumptuousness.

    The levels were already high and skyrocketed up during the 1810’s. They peaked in the late 1820’s and dropped really quickly but one would not have expected a problem during the 1830’s since the CO2 levels were relatively high. Bear in mind that in 1810 the Napolenonic wars were still on. Right up until 1815. After they ended the “Corn Laws” were passed in Britain. And these laws were not repealed until 1846. Or in other words until after the Irish Famine was in progress.

    Goodness me. CO2 level analysis puts an whole new perspective on history.

    You would have to say that the Europeans who survived the Napoleonic Wars were unbelievably lucky. Since they had this lucky burst of high CO2 levels after the Napoleonic world to fill their mouths with food. Whereas after World War I they really only had President Harding. And if they didn’t have President Harding and the American people then surely they would have all died.

  10. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Under current policy Peter is absolutely right. The predictions and models that people like Julian Knight made can only apply to a fundamentally capitalist society. But we are not a capitalist society. And we have been denied nuclear energy and the world at large has been subjected to a thirty year energy-deprivation crusade. The explosion of global warming racketeering being only one bloom of this more long-standing program.

    We want labour shortages. It is my preference that we have labour shortages with high immigration. But we will not have a good Australian society unless we aspire to labour shortages. By this I mean we want such massive energy production and capital accumulation and update that all our businesses do not feel like they have enough people to run with all the gear they have.

    This is a problem FOR THEM. But a gift for our society. Always the energy production must be the first pole when putting up the tent. And yet the various depredations of the left have meant that this crucial limiting step is now behind.

    The alleged right-wing economists appear to be conspiring with the leftists, in that its their job to say “what me worry?” and act like there is no energy and resource problem. Well under Julian Knights dispensation there is no energy and resource problem. But we are not a capitalist country. And so the capitalist rules do not apply.

    We are in a lot of trouble. Hence for totally different reasons I agree with Peter Ridd. Unless we are willing to pump up our energy production, reduce our parasitism, reform money, and do whats necessary to increase capital formation, then we ought to cut back immigration.

    Make no mistake I don’t think we ought to aspire to cut back immigration. Thats not my point. But Peter Ridd is right, in that if we want to have a feeble growth in energy production, and if we are not willing to scale down the government sector via mass-sackings, and do whatever else is necessary to basically have a permanent state of labour shortage (via relative capital excess) then if these are the choices we make, mass immigration will basically turn us into a third world country.

    Immigration is a wealth creator under capitalism. It will be a wealth destroyer if we cannot get our act together. There is no lucky country magic spell.

    15 Aug 09 at 8:54 pm

  11. AdrienSword
    15 Aug 09 at 8:34 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    But you are lying. The evidence supports that the variation is natural. And a dance between the solar action and the see-saw of the oceans behaviour.

    The data DOES support this conclusion.

    And if you are claiming otherwise COME UP WITH THE EVIDENCE. (Sinclair. Don’t let this lying bastard get away with this).

    Proxy evidence shows that the twentieth century solar activity was the strongest in 8000 years.

    15 Aug 09 at 8:57 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Look. All of us have to line up here and demand DEMAND that Adrien comes clean with the evidence or admits he’s been lying all this time.

    Its just about me.

    This is poison. It might be that millionaires, Quislings, and public servants are immune, at least for a time, from this poison. But try and attempt to be ethical.

    I want everyone to line up and demand that Adrien come up with the evidence for his lies.

    15 Aug 09 at 9:00 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Its just about me.”

    Its NOT just about me. Thats what I meant to say. And Adrien is lying that the rest of us were working back from a conclusion. I would have been happy if there was CO2-warming and strong enough to show up in the data. One cannot imagine the bounty that this would have been for the planet. I simply assumed apriori that there was some reasonable warming. I took Patrick Michaels word for it. It appears that Patrick has been taken in by the Goddard, Hadley, and NOAA fakeups.

    If only it were true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If only if only.

    So Adrien is lying. I started out with the apriori assumption that there was some warming.

    But if you aspire to be scientific you cannot let apriori assumptions trump the data. And you cannot let your wishful thinking tell you to believe things that you have no right to believe when it isn’t Sunday.

    15 Aug 09 at 9:04 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “No. The evidence does not support that assertion. Sorry it does not. ”

    HE’S LYING. He’s been doing it for fucking years. Its not OK. Its not alright. We had peace, a high standard of living, low crime rate, and so forth, in this country, while the rest of the world ATE SHIT AND DIED, largely on the basis of REASON and some level of (RELATIVE) public honesty.

    Its not OK for you guys to let wreckers like Adrien bugger that up and thereby collectively bugger up this continents future.

    You might think its OK but its not OK.

    Demand that he comes good with the evidence or ban his lying ass outright.

    15 Aug 09 at 9:08 pm

  12. […] Obama Was Born In Kenya But His Real Father Is American. Raila Keeps Close Possession Of Obama&#8217… […]

  13. […] […]

  14. “Blood pressure JC
    Speaking of religion I said a prayer for y’all today”

    That bootnigger doesn’t even deserve one of your prayers tal. Except only the prayer that he will see his sliminess and unrighteousness and repent while there is still time.

  15. I agree with you about Malcolm X – he was a very smart guy and a first rate thinker and logician (and there was nothing particularly “extreme” about him, btw). For that reason, I’m not so sure that Obama – a buffoon and an ignoramus, remember – could possibly be his son. What is the evidence do you think?

    • 1. Look at the tell-tale evidence in the video at the middle of the thread. Remember I wrote this over a year ago. I wrote it prior to that video being made.

      2. Consider that it appears that Obama has had bigshot Muslim assistance for the last 30 years.

      3. We know that both Malcolm and Obama’s Mother were in Seattle at the time of conception.

      4. Consider how Oprah called him “The one”.

      5. Yes Obama is an idiot. But he’s an Eldest-born. He’s programmed to be a Marxist and Muslim partisan and to want to destroy the US. But latter-borns rebel against their training. Or are capable of it. Eldest borns less so. Malcolm had to work to get where he was. Whereas this jerk hasn’t had to work for anything in his life. The idea that a lazy crackhead like this can get to be President. Well you cannot do that without a network. He’s the President-select.

  16. Hey Graeme, love the new layout,how’s it going darling’?

  17. Good tal. When you come home? Where are you coming home to?

  18. I just noticed all my categories down the bottom. That is not to imply that I’ve categorized everything yet. But I probably will quite soon.

  19. Dammit I was hoping that this was an Aussie blog I could relate to. You seem to know Obama is a communist lying sack of shit and then you go and praise that other communst lying sack of shit Malcolm X.


  20. Bible believer makes a fair point. Malcolm said a lot of bad stuff from time to time. So it is hard to objectively justify everything that he was about.

  21. The Obama administration explained in one easy cartoon:

  22. that other communst lying sack of shit Malcolm X.

    Malcolm X was accused of Communism, but did not advocate Communism. He was a Muslim (a religious nutter) and a Black Nationalist.

    Malcolm said a lot of bad stuff from time to time.

    As for some of his controversial remarks, yes he said some very contemptible things, such as the assassination of Kennedy being the “chickens coming home to roost”. Religious nuts do that sort of thing (Jerry Falwell suggested that 9/11 might have been caused by homosexuality). Otherwise, X was a smart guy.

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