Posted by: graemebird | August 27, 2009

Obama Emerges To Reverse The Victory Of Reagan.

I think you might actually like this theory since you think the CIA is leftist”

My favorite conspiracy theory for the last few months has been that the young Barack Obama benefited from some CIA favors along the way, perhaps in transferring to Columbia U. or in his getting his copyeditor job at Business International, a firm with, apparently, ties to both CIA and SDS.”

Look they are completely useless. Mel Brooks had it right with Maxwell Smart. Not so much with the individuals. But you know you can have a team that is more than the sum of its parts. But whilst I’m sure there must be outstanding people in this travesty of an organisation, the organisation is far less than their sum. And the left appear to be able to control the zeitgeist within it.

To win the cold war Reagan had to set up a tiny group of loyal spooks within the wider CIA. DID YOU KNOW THAT CAMBRIA????

It was exactly like the movie “The Untouchables” with Reagan a sort of part-time Kevin Costner/Elliot Ness. And guess what he did to find his Sean Connery equivalent? He went right out of spooktown circles and found a person that had been outside of the business since he was a young adventurer working ruthlessly behind German enemy lines during World War II. From the CIA’s ancestor-organisation. The OSS I think.

I know that I’m making it sound like some sort of fairy tale or morality play. But there is no other way to describe it to you. And in the end there was no other way to (temporarily as it turns out) defeat the utopian-eschatologists except but to act like it was a Christian morality-play. And we have to start thinking like that again. Listen to Bob Dylans output from his Christian era a thousand times to get in that mindset.

Here is a bit of background. Including the CIA’s idiotic attitude to that fellow who tried to assassinate the Pope.

“CIA had no information at all that someone might attempt to kill the Pope. Thereafter, some of its sources delivered a few third-hand rumors. Hence one might have expected CIA to write nothing of its own, but merely to pass on the Italians’ findings. But no. It quickly became orthodoxy at CIA that the Bulgarians and Soviets had nothing to do with the shooting, and that to suggest otherwise was irresponsible sabotage of U.S.-Soviet relations. In November 1982 1 sat with a CIA official in Rome as the Italian Minister of the Interior laid out Italy’s case. The CIA man snapped: You have no proof”

And here is easily the best short summary of exactly how the old man went about things. Damaged both mentally and physically as we now think he was after being shot, he still brought into the job the intellectual capital to get the job done and carry it out as planned even prior to being Californian Governor.

To think that he, with his most important allies, Margaret Thatcher, The Pope, and even Helmut Kohl, managed to pull it all off, possibly with the first signs of early onset Altzheimers in his second term, is just incredible.

I see him as the better Lincoln. Happier. Loved his wife more. Set the people free with less bloodshed. But the problem is we now know that it was a temporary victory and Obama has emerged to overturn this verdict in the war against utopian eschatology.

When you are reading this remember that its all true. Personally I think Spengler is Lee Kwan Yew enjoying his retirement.

Hey I’m glad that you aren’t going out of your way to bait me at the moment. But you aren’t Birdlab under deep cover are you Cambria? That would be very dissapointing. I’m down to very few suspects with Wanda. But Birdlab sounds like so many other people in a bad mood.


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