Posted by: graemebird | August 29, 2009

Barry Brooke On The Awesome Power Of Nuclear Energy.

Or rather awesome Barry Brooke radio performance on pretty much all relevant near-term aspects of nuclear energy. Totally persuasive. Just a short bit of radio time. And yet somehow he managed to give the whole spiel. Normally I wouldn’t favourably link a piece from a CO2-Bedwetter. But this short bit of radio was so good I will make an exception. Now I do wish that Barry could break out of the curse of the lone paradigm when it comes to climate. And I certainly wish he wouldn’t be putting down honest scientists, and very good honest scientists at that. He really ought to shake that habit. But his full spectrum grasp of the nuclear situation merits an exception to my usual practice of only linking CO2-bedwetters for purpose of abuse and derision. Particularly because he is so at ease with the topic.

I thought I had a handle on this story. I really thought I did. History. Prospects. Possibilities.

And yet I can see I’m going to have to go over this tape, on the surface of things an easy-going discussion…… and just pull apart each bit of history and technical differentiation I can. Because clearly he knows what he was talking about. And I did know enough such that if he wasn’t totally sorted on these matters my shit detector would have gone off. Its no wonder his influence is being felt on the left since he’s done his homework. But when it comes to climate he labours under the curse of the lone paradigm.

I’ll link the show later but you could go to Michael Duffy’s spot on the ABC. Now I remember. “Counterpoint”. You could go to the COUNTERPOINT website to get the interview. To get the whole story.

The deep frustration of this issue has been that people were labouring under these most horrid misconceptions. Always the same bullshit claims come up. You’d think that hyer-Anglo looking KGB agents were on 24 hour alert to make sure nobody got the clean truth on the issue of nuclear energy. You would think this the way all the same tide of bad history, bad arguments and nonsense appears when there is ever a review on this matter…..

… All swept apart effortlessly by Barry. And he’s really thought it through also in terms of this and that and the other; how we’ll be able to cut costs later on. Modular building to avoid decommissioning problems and for assembly. The history of problems with three mile island. The reasons for the cost escalations in America and how that sort of thing can be headed off. What we’ll be able to find out from where the Indians and Chinese are going with this. The industrial implications which very much surprised me. He actually had some sort of wider economic understanding that you don’t tend to see on the left.

Its not going to blow your mind don’t get me wrong. But if he didn’t have the whole handle on the topic I would have caught him out in one minute. Yet he went through the full spectrum of this story and as if it were some sort of easy-going casual conversation.

The tape is not going to blow your mind but I can endorse it 100% for veracity even at this stage and so I think everyone should at least hear it once.

And just ignore the occasional CO2-bedwetting distraction thats peppered through-out. Because thats all a lot of horse-shit but every now and then you have to make allowances for a persons cult or secular religion.



  1. Yeah, it was good wasn’t it.

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