Posted by: graemebird | October 8, 2009

I Respect Your View But Disagree Strongly.

“The available evidence points overwhelmingly to complicity of figures in the administration of President George W Bush.”

So says Dagget over at Prodeo. And we can say that unlike his critics his case makes logical sense. I could not disagree more strongly. I would say that dagget in this case has fallen for the “low-hanging fruit”. Thats my best guess. I saw that man fighting back tears. Turning from the camera. Saying that he didn’t know but he was going to do his job. Choking back almost audible sobs. But it simply is not credible that these relative newcomers to town would have the motive or yet even the ability to set this thing up. The last thing that Bush would have wanted on his watch was this absolute manifest failure. And George the Younger had a clean slate. A bit of a failure as President for, in my view, 5 of his 8 years. But he started clean and with a good track record as Governor. He wasn’t compromised. And unless evil yourself its hard to lead a person not compromised into this sort of thing.

That I’m going through the angles is no indication that I take this proposition the least bit seriously but still I respect dagget, for not being totally illogical on this matter, unlike his critics. Daggets core case is totally unassailable. We know this was not just some fucking Sand-fucking-Cracker youth project affair. This is proven. The molten iron in the 3 basements is proof. And the tiniest possibility that this is not proof implies THE CONSPIRACY TO SETUP A CONSPIRACY TO COVER A CONSPIRACY. And that wouldn’t be a new thing. But in this case, when considering the overwhelming logic of molten iron in two and not three basements, the Arabs-alone conspiracy is disproven to the nth degree.

But consider this. The supposition that there exists low-hanging fruit. Daggets core case is unassailable. But my best guess is that he’s fallen for low-hanging fruit when he speculates guilt on the part of Bush the Younger.

But consider the very potential existence of low-hanging fruit? If we can show low-hanging fruit, this is further proof of this matter being a bigger affair than just some sort of Hamburg-Arab students arrangement.

Now Dagget mentions two fellows who have applied scrupulous scientific reasoning to the nuts and bolts physical evidence of this case. Richard Gage and Stephen Jones. I would urge everyone to listen to these guys but turn the faders down whenever they are tempted to go outside their field of expertise. These two are absolutely sound in terms of their physical case and reasoning. And furthermore. They have NO competition.

So we have disagreement here. But his critics are proven lunatics. Proven lunatics. They live in a make-believe world. They are proven wrong. Or if not the UNKNOWN PARADIGM is the strangest one of all.

We now know that the buildings were rigged up with Thermate. Now the problem is how could this possibly have been done? That they were rigged up with Thermate is beyond dispute, failing the revelation of an orchestrated conspiracy to make people think after the fact that they were rigged up with thermate. It is the case that if people like me and dagget have been successfully stooged on this matter then this implies that multi-millions have been spent to so stooge us, and this implies a bigger affair than Arab kids feeling a bit daffy right there.

So the first thing you think of is the people who had the security firm contract. Now a rumour is going around that one of the directors of the security firm was Marvin Bush. To you this might make it look like George is guilty. To me this would ALMOST prove his innocence alone. Not that I ever surmised he was guilty. But either way if proved true, that Marvin was a director, what this points to is A MUCH LARGER DEAL then some sort of Arab virgins angry at America affair.

As a matter of fact if the Bush family were behind this the last thing they would do is have one of the brothers as a nominal director of the security company.

Siblings of powerful people get all sorts of freebies lobbed at them in our new and growing cronytown. Supposing this rumour turns out to be true. We must find out who offered him the job. And then find out who put the idea in the head of the person who offered Marvin the job. We have to dig two or three layers in each part of this case. Before we find the person who we are confident is the person that we need to take to a basement somewhere, with all sorts of feather dusters, and ticklers, and means of persuasion. To talk to him. To get him to talk. To loosen his tongue. Give his friends the hard goodbye.

I’m not advocating any action coming out of Washington or Canberra. Washington particularly is too far gone to be allowed augmented persuasion. But the Americans will at least go through a trial separation. We need to relearn how to tell truth from falsehood, innocence from guilt, and still have the scientific humility to know that we can always be wrong.

“.. When I want to find something out. I just go out. Look for someone who knows more than me and I go and I ask them….. Sometimes ….. I ask pretty hard. ”

Such sentiments are beyond the competence now of extant Western governments to make righteous use of. Perhaps the Singaporeans, with the Australians looking over their shoulder as a restraining hand, could use such power wisely and perhaps not.

We are heading for a breakdown. America economically. The rest of us when their implied protection is withdrawn. In all of this we must not let the memory of these murdered friends grow dim.

No matter what crimes go down between now and mid-century still these people who took part in 9/11 cannot be let off the hook. If we take up some sort of torture-not-occasioning-permanent-damage to get at the truth, and if we forsake forever the death penalty for our own sakes, then surely we could break one leg each of a thousand conspirators. Because this was a much bigger deal than what was sold to us. And they ought not get away Scott free.

Bear in mind that daggets critics are lunatics. Without any logic. Totally divorced from any sort of understanding of truth or falsehood and how to get from the latter to the former. THIS is what the public sector does to you. THIS is yet another reason why mass-sackings in the public sector must prevail. Its totally corrupting to live off stolen money. We must get this monkey off our backs.

See they don’t care who killed these innocent people. They don’t care about justice and right and wrong. They don’t want to listen to people who choose to walk in the light because they are living in darkness. And it all starts as justification for them living off someone else. Bringing their families up on the basis of money stolen off others. And putting their benefactors down for the fact that these lowly people produce wealth and they build things and they make things. All a bit passe to the self-justified of the parasitical class.

Did any cunt come up with the idea that the idea of things being “passe” was itself “passe”. Or am I being a bit passe and old hat and “so yesterday”?

So our parasitical friends out of Prodeo don’t care and have no time for us wanting to take the guilty from out of the darkness. Because they themselves are living in darkness. They are living in darkness. And this of course is why they all supported Soetoro.


  1. Graeme, go and check out who’s been outed now:

  2. Right. Good work from Iain.

    Why do they hate us so much I wonder? I know nothing about this “Bridgit Gread” but why would she try this on? When I say “us” I am not claiming that Iain agrees with much of anything I say. But I went to have a look at this blog as a result of someone pretending to be him, and I was really quite impressed with what I saw. Impressed with the implied methodology. A bloke following his best reasoning. For all I know he could be a swindler and a ratbag but I’m only looking at him from the point of view as an intellectual. And these people just actively hate guys like Mr Hall. They love the usurper and they hate Mr Hall.

    I must invoke my spiritual advisor; comic genius and expert Jesus interpretor Reverend Pastor Manning. He would say something like its ’cause their “…Livin-in darkness….. I sez you livin-in darkness….”

  3. Hi Graeme,

    It’s a shame that Catallaxy keeps on banning the banning the strident voices. Who knows, even I could be next. I’ve seen that Hall blog before, and I assumed it was a parody designed to mock and discredit conservatives. I think it’s also a racist blog, as it’s trying to make fun of country people, if I remember correctly.

  4. Right. Well I’ll read it again some time and see if I get a different view.

    Catallaxy have been pretty good lately. They take a long time to approve what I’m saying. And check how they’ve banned Greenfield.

  5. Graeme
    Thanks for the kind words about what I have been doing at my blog.I have a very long history of conflict with that particular cadre of leftards and they can’t stand the fact that I just won’t be cowered by even their most despicable efforts.
    I am saddened that You don’t have a very high opinion of my blog, and that you misread it enough to see “racism” in it. Give what I write another go I am often provocative in my posts because for me the real action is in the debate within the comment threads but I have always expressed views that see equal humanity in all people regardless of whom they are but I also refuse to play the PC game.

  6. Subsequent threads have comments running parallel to the Prodeo thread. As I am cruely banned from Prodeo, and not just edited after the fact, as any well-meaning fascist blog would compromise with, I can only carry on these conversations in parallel.

  7. Just reiterating the insanity of those who simply follow the mainstream view. They confess to being brainless lunatics. Since it could not have happened that way. Its simply impossible. But naturally, any of us who speculate too far…. well any one speculation has a much better chance of being wrong then right. That doesn’t make it bad and it ought not make speculation embarrassing.

  8. Fucking hell. The insanity continues.

    Now Patrick B shows up and says there is absolutely no direct evidence for explosions.

    Where do these morons come from? How do they make it to work on time?

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