Posted by: graemebird | October 10, 2009

Donald Young/Quarles Harris Never Never Never Forget.

Never forget Donald Young.

On Christmas Eve we remember the magic of childhood and the supposed birthday of the saviour of Christianity. But we ought to also remember Donald Young.

There are two basic theories here.

1. Some people are so full of hate and contempt that they like to send messages to the rest of the world. If its “just business” you might go out of your way to make the hit on the 22nd or on Boxing day.

2. Another theory might be that you do things in this way to talk to the barely sociable on either wing. The hard-core on either side. The unpaid movers and shakers. You choose these conspicuous dates to give your wing heart, and to send total despair to the only people who have the true grit to bring you down by persistence and logic. And yes its true that those who see conspiracies everywhere are often crazy. Since conspiracy theory is the hobgoblin of the logical mind.

Hitmen, soldiers, and old-time seafarers, are nothing if not superstitious. Who has a now established track record at spitting at people with the date wherein the wrong-doing is established?

Lets not give Don TOO many props. But look at Don Young. Renaissance-man? Well not all of us are perfect. And Don might not have had the same head start as some of us. But something of a Renaissance-man-lite? At 47 he had a Masters in Mathematics. He also had a Masters in early childhood development. Thats right. A double major. I think he probably helped some people once in awhile. I think he probably enjoyed life some of the time and would have had many enjoyable, happy and righteous moments left to live.

And consider that he got this double Masters degree only at the age of 47? Proof that he did it right. Paying his own way. Not off the government tit or the

And dig it that he was the choir leader. This may seem like a small thing but when you understand the context its not the least bit small. Have you heard????? Some of these negro Church Choirs??????

This is like a vocal coach and conductor. Maths masters/Musical Maestro. Pretty damn good impersonation of a very good all-rounder. Dragged himself up from the ground with probably a lot less advantages then you or I had. An admirable man. If not a renaissance man.


When we get to Christmas Eve, we must think about the sort of person who would carry out a hit on that day particularly. A fellow Christian? An Atheist? Now come on? Even if Chris Hitchens or Richard Dawkins, supposing the two of them were utter psycopaths (which clearly they are not) would not be in contempt of religion to that extent as to make a point of carrying out a hit on a Church Choir leader at Christmas ever.

Its an unspoken curse in Western Civilisation. Western man only kills someone once. The curse comes when you kill him and then strip his armour and drag his body behind a chariot. Western man may be murderous but there are some things he is forbidden from doing. He only kills a man once. Never twice.

No it wasn’t a Christian who made the hit. Nor any atheist.

But when we get to Christmas Eve, and even those of us who have run away from home, start thinking about our cousins-and-nephews-and-nieces…. When it gets to Christmas Eve and we start thinking about our extended family……… When we get to Christmas Eve and start thinking about the remnant magic of childhood, and the legend of Santa and perhaps even when some of us start to think more fully about the saviour of Christianity….

…….. Then if we forget to remember Donald Young on any other day let us remember him on THAT day. Because thats the day that he was assassinated. Right there in his apartment.

In Australia hit men kill people outside their house with the kids watching. But where regime intelligence is involved they will have sorted a key to your place if they choose to do so.

We will remember Donald Young.

“He shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary him, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember him”

We will remember Donald Young. We will not forget him, nor forget to remember him.

At least and until his murderers are cold and stiff. COLD-AND-STIFF. Did you hear me? COLD…….. AND …… STIFF.

I said cold and stiff. We will remember to remember Donald Young until such time as his murderers are cold and stiff.



  1. Logged moderated post

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Relentless idiocy fron a confirmed CO2-bedwetter whose always wrong in his every argument with me. Or have you forgotten your pathetic track record Humphreys? Its a stupid and ignorant paper. You are right to rest your case on that point. Why not try writing something worthwhile?

    Your paper reveals no economics understanding. Its goal is not to end poverty. Its not in favour of the free market. Economics is the study of wealth creation. Your paper is not meant to go after wealth creation. Its an anti-privacy monograph, advocating all of us be subjected to the intrusion of a means test. So its pro-bureaucracy and in favour of universal humiliation. The application of such policies would make fearful liars of us all.

    In order to get people off the welfare one must be sure that there will be jobs available. Your paper has no plan to guarantee the abundant creation of these jobs.

    All in all a totally worthless paper. What is it meant for? What was the point of it? You and Saunders aren’t against thieving. You seem to be tepidly against churning. But how can people take you seriously about getting rid of churning when you both come out in favour of stealing so dramatically? So dramatically as to not wish to leave even one public servant taxeater behind. This paper is a no taxeater left behind welfare proposal. Since it goes out of its way to make it clear that only non-public-sector-employee welfare-recipients have to change. Its particularly disgraceful that Jason referred to this ignorant piece of work as being from a classical liberal background.

    Its your ignorance of economics that annoys me Humphreys. You absolute unwillingness to learn your subject. You aren’t an economics you are a barrister. Thats the way your idiotic arguments come across. As if delivered by some barrister and not by anyone the least bit interested in wealth creation.

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Whiter Shade Of Pale” Lyrics speculation part three. For Philomena.

    Imagine you are personifying the ocean as a woman. And you are characterising her behaviour as manifest proof for the existence of something more than just the mechanistic world. So then you could have originally had the description of a night that started out boisterously. Somewhere in the middle the subject turns to metaphysical debate. Then finally the mood has turned to doom and fatalism and by the time its the Millers turn.

    Notice that with the possibility of a sort of self-conscious redaction, well prior to that it might be the case that they could have made everything such that the sea-voyage was basically ageless.

    The Fandango goes right back hundreds of years to a time when the English were a risiing naval power. Being a Miller, as a profession, is positively medieval. The Hammond Organ solo itself has an ageless quality about it; the same solo could have been performed with an electric guitar.

    To try and see what might have been the earlier draft, try re-reading the piece as if there was never even a single woman on board.

  3. “I know you can’t see it Daggett, but by Zappa’s Ghost I swear that your deliberate effort to present a ridiculous sounding “official” account sounds WAY more likely than your best effort to plausibly describe an alternative explanation.

    Honestly, hand on my heart.”

    What about your own view FDB you confirmed moron? Your view of the situation quite literally could not have happened. Here is Anna Winter pitching you as a philosophy sophisticate. Actually you are a real dummy. Supporter of impossible scenarios. And too base and callous to even want to get to the bottom of it.

    They dangle a few Arabs at you as low-hanging fruit and well thats good enough. Nothing to see here and no need to punish the guilty. You want to check yourself. And look at your own filthy act.

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Think of the lessons we ought to have learned from the centralization of the fight against Malaria. And also the lessons we ought to have learned from the banking bailout scandal and from the behaviour of NASA.

    Here we see that once you give the government a big enough budget, certain elites, or otherwise a malignant group-think (in any specific case someone like me cannot say which), will be able to commandeer the budget for terrible purposes. Once insiders get hold of a budget like this, a sense of utter entitlement, superiority and arrogance sets in. We see this even on this blog by the behaviour of bankers.

    We must not and cannot let any such large science funds exist. Science budgets have to be cut and science itself turned over to tax-exempt private institutions. The institutions can be tax-free and the people working in these institutions can themselves be tax-free.

    Inbuilt biases in favour of big, as opposed to small businesses must be eliminated. They themselves are dangerous over the long haul.

    The problem is something that few seemed to have thought of up until recently: It is the case that once scandal has reached a certain critical threshold it protects itself. Since that level of scandal divides the resources of those who would expose it.

    This is something that people brought up in small countries like New Zealand and Australia might find hard to come to grips with. Such notions of almost ubiquitous underground official activity would seem to be ridiculous and incredible. But if its not happening now it will soon start up if we let it. Since once the budget is there, networks will form to commandeer it and twist it to their arrogant purposes.

    We want mostly free trade, but fervent political autarky. If this is the future of humane civilisation it is the only future we have. Global governance is the death of us all. The culling of anyone curious, intelligent and honest. The death of all human values and the entering into a new dark ages. One that will not likely have the compensatory innovations of the last. In fact this new dark ages might not serve the purpose of dislodging the internationalist overlords which brought it about. We are in new and ugly territory now. Regardless of whether todays conspiracy theorists are proved right, as they have been in the past.

    11 Oct 09 at 5:10 pm

  5. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I guess my main point is now that its almost pointless to try and dig out evil-doing, or try to reform taxeater institutions. We have to merely assume that they are up to no good and agree to decimate their funding. Anything else is just misused effort. I mean look at NASA. Now thats an institution that just needs to be starved of funds and all their memos, paperwork and email records frozen. Actually it would be good to close down Washington entire. Turn it into a retirement village. Move the capital to some relatively friendly pro-American place.”

  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Yeah John is a lefty alright. Never once coming out against tens of thousands of public sector jobs, the first thing he seems to want to do is pull the rug from out under totally defenseless old guys, some of whom have spent a lifetime paying for bludgers like him. You bet he’s a leftist. He’s going to totally discredit free enterprise.

    For my own part I reckon it will take about 40 years to wean off the old age pension. What do you imagine you’ve found evidence for or against Mark?

    11 Oct 09 at 7:40 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “I’m sure there are going to be plenty of trendy neo-socialists there to throw tomatoes, so it would be good to have a few libertarians to even things out.”

    I’m more libertarian than John will ever be. But I’d want to have been able to go along if I could have brought some rotten tomatoes and would be allowed to throw them at John. I as simply assuming that he was being pre-emptive about it. But he’s coming out as almost being eugenicist cruel in his own words.

    “In an ideal world, they deserve it all back. Unfortunately, it has already been spent. Just because somebody robbed you, that doesn’t give you a moral right to rob another (totally innocent) person.”

    No wonder the strategically-minded leftists just love this fellow. A person who has never contributed money to the Australian tax-base, and who would never dream of leaving a single public-sector bigshot behind. And here he wants to squeeze nearly every medium term cent out of the old guys. Some of whom are already too scared to keep the lights on and leave the house. And have no chance at all under the current job market.

    He’s no libertarian. He’s a nazi.

    11 Oct 09 at 7:48 pm

  7. “Gotta admit that was fancy flying. That Hanjour dude was a big game performer.”

    Much better Katz. For an operation as big as this, probably every constituent part of it needs a sort of double back-up. Since that silent party simply cannot afford for anything to go wrong. Not taking anything away from the fancy flying you cite. But its not credible that everything went off without a hitch, if performed by some sort of Arab youth-group.

    Just try and think it through honestly will you? I don’t think thats too much to ask. Even taxeaters can learn stuff you know. Even taxeaters employed as teachers can learn stuff.

  8. Mr Bird
    Why celebrate the life of a sodomite?

  9. Well. You know. Hate the sin. But not the sinner. So he had this weakness. But he didn’t need to be murdered for it. Meanwhile another sodomite got the Nobel prize.

    But more seriously, if being gay is the best person that this fellow can be well one ought not to stress over this. His life ought to be respected like that of the straight man or woman. Its better that he was open about it then that he act like this murderous freak Soetoro.

  10. Check out Katz at Prodeo Winchester. Perhaps she’s taken my criticism on board. Slowly slowly she seems to be actually thinking some of the problems through.

  11. Mr Bird

    I only just noticed your piercing forensic dissection of the excreable Mr Humphreys. To think that I gave my life and my health for my country only to be disowned by the likes of that Zimbabwean quisling. It saddens and angers me. Do send him a message for me if you ever see him again.

  12. I assume you mean a quick snap to a shin, with my steel-caps disguised as sandshoes. Right you are Winchester. But I won’t go further than that in degree.

  13. “419Katz
    Oct 12th, 2009 at 4:05 pm
    The revolutionary feature of the WTC buildings is that they didn’t have a core in the sense of a structure that bore the weight of the building.

    Rather, the perimeter walls bore the weight of the building.

    There was therefore nothing remarkably solid for the planes to hit in the centre of the buildings.”

    Right thats the story. So how about building 7? How about the molten iron in all three basements? It doesn’t hold up Katz. The excuses seemed plausible at the time I know. But its many years later and we ought to have outgrown these explanations.

  14. you dolt, Birdie. The church singer now?

  15. Singer?

    Choirmaster thank you very much. With a masters in maths and another in early childhood development. Assassinated just after completing that at the age of 47. Was looking to become principal. Murdered. Three gay men in Soetoro’s church murdered in quick succession. You murder the choirmaster to stop the choir from “singing.”

  16. Work with me Humphreys. Don’t work against me. In some ways you are indeed a natural high flyer. But surely, if you are an ethical man, as an ex-Christian, you would not want to be a success as THE EXPENSE of your fellow man?

    Work with me. Or you’ll have this constant drumbeat that will bring you down.

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