Posted by: graemebird | October 12, 2009

Sometimes I Undersell My Ideas For Effect: The New Physics Of Energy

I’m flagging a new theory of energy. A simplified model that explains and predicts how energy works and how investigators ought to think and spend their research dollars. I don’t want to oversell matters. But it reminds me of something. This post I’m flagging is probably the most “fundamental” of posts that will get to the bottom of it all more than any post has in the history of the internet. We have to go back before the internet to see the scope of what I’m going to deliver here.

“Why are we here? What’s life all about?
Is God really real, or is there some doubt?
Well, tonight, we’re going to sort it all out,
For, tonight, it’s ‘The Meaning of Life’.”

Hunter Thompson tells us that electricity has two characteristics. Electricity is;

1. Always lazy.

2. Always homesick.

Now what is the meaning of this? What is this all about? The laziness bit, without going into detail, may be put on hold with a little bit of personification. You see nature always finds nearly the most efficient way to channel and distribute energy. Recognise the above for the shorthand and personification that it is. But thats the general deal that we see.

But the “homesickness” of electricity? What is that all about? Well very soon, you are going to be shown what its all about. Because very soon I”m going to unleash the new physics of energy.

Is the earth net positively charged? If so why don’t people talk about it?

LISTEN: The planet earth has a magnetic field. But always electric currents and magnetic fields imply eachother.

Electra Electra. Where-for art thou Electra?

Where is the electric current that accounts for the magnetic field? An electric current is basically electrons or ions moving in a straight line, in terms of how we would view things on a mIcro level. By that I mean I’m not ruling out that their movement could be curved over many kilometres. But to the observer our size, an electric current if fundamnetally straight-line movement.

So in the case of earth where do the electrons enter? And more intriguingly where do they leave? Well this is what we are going to get right for a change:

“So, just why– why are we here,
And just what– what– what– what do we fear?
Well, ce soir, for a change, it will all be made clear,
For this is ‘The Meaning of Life’. C’est le sens de la vie.
This is ‘The Meaning of Life’.”

False colour pictures have shown that birkeland electric currents are going into our sun. We must assume that this is the reason why the corona is hotter that the (so-called) “surface” since the energy to heat, is flowing in-from-the-outside via electricity, not flowing out-from-the=inside, via heat generated from fusion.

We noted earlier that the generalisation that things tend towards maximum disorder had to be discarded. Or we would all be microwave soup by now. But what is the deal with this universe full of electric currents?

What explains why Birkeland electricity would travel all the way across the galaxy and light up our sun like just one more Christmas tree light? Why do not instead, in the fullness of space, electrons and protons meet? And you know, work a lasting relationship out? Leaving all wanton magnetic fields, not the marrying kind ions, and promiscuous plasmas behind?.. for the joys of normal chargeless matter-monogamy?

Well pretty soon all your doubts and questions bar one will all be made clear. Pretty soon, its the new model of energy that will answer these questions.

And this is not just high-brow theory. This is cash on the hoof. And it ought to have predictive power. I’m saying that my theory would predict that you could design an antenna that would draw electricity direct from the atmosphere!!!! It predicts that some of these people who you think are cranks, with various alleged energy sources might be right? And its time for the deep pockets to pony up the cash, if the enthusiast can explain his success from the point of view of my paradigm.

But there is one thing it cannot explain, this new theory of mine. This new theory cannot explain why in a theme song, suddenly pulling up the faders on the snare beat, can be strategically used for humour.

Thats about the only thing, that my new model cannot explain. Sometimes I undersell my ideas for effect.



  1. Check out this fellow Daniel Estulin.

    I just found him yesterday, not kidding. If he sounds a lot like me except more conspirational, its not because I’ve seem him before. Its probably just because he’s been spending decades tracking down these bigshots.

    • Actually not all of it sounds like me. He must be talking to a leftist and leaning that way a little. I thought he was magnificent when he was talking to George Noory.

  2. The earth has an electric field its and its easy enough to measure, and people do talk about it.

    try typing in “earth electric field” into google.

  3. The earth has a MAGNETIC FIELD. Which implies an electric current. What silly-talk are you up to right now?

  4. Yes the earth has a magnetic field. It also has an electric field as you would know if you followed my suggestion and googled it.

    And the earth’s magnetic field is well explained by the goedynamo theory and the convection of the iron outer core. However since you don’t accept a liquid core or plate tectonics etc then you are unlikely to believe this.

  5. I wasn’t talking about the electric field dummy. I was talking about the magnetic field. And a magnetic field implies an electric current. Always and everywhere a magnetic field implies and electric current.

    Now you’ve changed the story and are saying we have an electric field. So what? Where is our electric current. And why is electricity always homesick. Where do all the electrons go once they find their way to earth. Stop changing the subject you dummy.

    “And the earth’s magnetic field is well explained by the goedynamo theory and the convection of the iron outer core.”

    No thats not right Edney. Where is the electric current? And where do all those electrons go? If all the electrons are homesick for earth where do they go when they get there?

    You just through the electric FIELD in as a distraction didn’t you Edney. Thats right you did Edney. Answer the above questions.

  6. “This electrical phenomenon is generated by the thousands of thunderstorms that pummel our planet continuously with 100 lightning bolts a second and that also deliver to the ground a tremendous amount of charge on raindrops [see The Amateur Scientist, August 1997]. As a result, we live atop an ocean of negative charge that generates an electric field of approximately 100 volts per meter elevation. In other words, when you are standing, your head is about 200 volts greater than your feet. And when a thunderstorm passes overhead, the electric fields can increase to thousands of volts per meter. ”

    This energy potential difference involves a constant flow of electrons downwards? These are mighty homesick electrons. Where are they all going? Ask one. Name him Forrest. Say “Where are you going Forrest?” What is he going to tell us Steve?

    They are all going down to the centre of the earth. But how are they going to get out? Surely it cannot be a one-way story? Not under your physics Edney.

  7. Orly Taitz Sanctioned for $20,000

  8. Right. A good girl unjustly suffering for being true to her values. Persecuted for going to bat for the rest of us.

    The evil of the Soetoro faction doesn’t bottom out. But I suppose I can be thankful that they didn’t rape or murder such a good girl, or kill one of her relatives to send a message.

  9. She’s OK. She is not a martyr. She is a good girl being treated poorly by ignorant and mindless pigs. Its going too far to say that she is a martyr. And by the way you made no such prediction, you are in fact lying.

  10. Predict what? Spell it out in plain and full English. So we can be clear how full of shit the both of you are.

    And you a WOMAN seeing a sister being treated so repulsively. I’ll let you make a few comments to prove what a lightweight you are. But from there you better get a sellout enema, a slut tumor removal, and a brain transplant, before you bring up any other item.

  11. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Oh, too funny. Orly Taitz fined $20,000, and heading down the road to disbarment.”

    Thats not the least bit funny Birdlab except to the criminally insane. Sinclair. The combination of putting up with Birdlab at all, and leaving me unable to respond to him for 3 days at a time is not dinstinguising you as any sort of blog host. Perhaps you are worried about me mentioning the Keynesian multiplier that you are so much in love with.


    “The CIS has published not one but two papers by Humphreys which discusses alternative means of tackling AGW….”

    The papers do NOT discuss any such thing. They are exclusively about harming the economy by caving into irrationalism. Humphreys in no way discusses any methodology to do with altering the weather or the climate. Humphreys here only is interested in measures to wreck he economy. To make it easier for leftists to get an international tax. Nothing Humphreys proposes will affect the weather in any way.

    “and Humphreys himself has said he tentatively accepts the less alarmist predictions about the possible impacts of AGW ”

    But why? For three years he has failed to come good with a reason for this behaviour. So he’s not an economist. He must not be considered any sort of competent analyst at all. Any competent analyst would have asked for evidence. Finding that the racket had none he would therefore not have pretended there was evidence where it was lacking.

    Here is Humphreys. Nowhere will you seem him discuss any measure to change the climate. He and the CIS focus only on policies to hurt the economy.

    14 Oct 09 at 12:18 pm
    Leave a Rep

  12. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Mark is right for the wrong reasons. Of course I disapprove of interest rates policy as such. But given that policy unrighteousness and wrongheadedness, Stevens is going in the right direction. Not fast enough. Not enough. Because the private banks themselves feel they are cashed up. Hence they will do great harm if they are left to their devices.

    This is how hateful these norms of policy are. They will virtually guarantee a killing for the banks and great damage to our economy. Stevens piano-tuning is insufficient for the case. Since this months interest rate is essentially correlated to last months. WHY? What is the science behind that?

    When they change the interest rate it ought to be independent of the previous months. But the norms are not for the public. They are for the banking system.

    In reality they ought have no interest rate policy. And should rely on cash and reserve asset ratios alone. Anyone in the banking business will resist this suggestion with every permutation of bullshitartistry known to man. Expect it in advance. We are not dealing with an honest disagreement of policy.

    Regretfully I have to conclude that Stevens is about as good as we can hope for right now.

    • How about that? I didn’t know you were an expert in monetary economics? I concur entirely Birdlab.

  13. Hello A Better World,

    I am sending a news release regarding Earth’s magnetic field that you can use on your blog. Please consider using it. You can find images on my website.




    Contact: Dennis Brooks
    Phone: 1-808-566-0654

    Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Produced By An External Dynamo System, Not An Internal Dynamo.

    Researcher finds that Earth’s magnetic field is not produced by an internal dynamo. Nor is it produced by ocean current. The dynamo is outside the Planet! New findings by independent researcher, Dennis Brooks, show that Earth’s magnetic field and the planet itself are components of a complex dynamo system, which surrounds the planet. The planet and its magnetic field are part of the dynamo.

    According to this new theory, no internal dynamo or ocean current helps in producing or maintaining the magnetic field because other planets with magnetic fields do not have ocean currents or iron cores.

    Image by NASA

    Each planet does not have a unique way of producing its magnetic field. The magnetic field of each planet is produced by a planetary dynamo system and its ring current.

    For many years researchers thought that a similar dynamo system was within the planet and that this internal dynamo generated the magnetic field. However, we know now that it is too hot inside the planet to produce and maintain a magnetic field there.

    The planetary dynamo system is composed of a magnetosphere, the planet, the magnetic field, radiation belts, ring current, and charged particles from the solar wind. The planet is the central component of the system and its rotation plays an important part in operating the dynamo and generating ring current. The magnetic field is generated by the system’s ring current, which is made up of charged particles. The magnetic field captures even more charged particles and brings them into the dynamo system as fuel. Everything works together.

    Earth’s inner and outer core simply cannot provide the fuel a dynamo system needs. If earth’s dynamo had to depend on energy from the planet for fuel, the entire planet would have been completely consumed many years ago.

    To learn more about Earth’s magnetic field, Visit

  14. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I don’t think you’d all it a force? Why are you imagining its a force? See supposing we have the movement of electrons along a wire, this can be TRANSLATED into a force which turns a motor. But we don’t want to be thinking of it as a force as such.

    Now if this shockwave affects what it is that produces gravity itself, of course it can have a knock-on effect that could cause earthquakes. Our planet is jam-packed and only held together by gravity. You switch gravity off for a fraction of a second the planet would explode. You somehow affect the way the gravity is working you cause something near the centre, Well of course you can cause an earthquake. But it would still be a bit misleading to characterise how this shockwave is moving across the universe as a “force”.

    A really serious gamma ray burst, like the ones we’ve seen from other galaxies. Some folks would expect the shockwave associated with that to touch off a chain of supernova and perhaps even planetary explosions, like a electrical pulse passing through christmas tree lights.

    26 Oct 09 at 4:47 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “… yet affect nothing else at all anywhere in any measurable way?….”

    You just don’t get it do you. You have to be measuring something to measure something. If you aren’t measuring the thing you want to detect. You won’t detect that thing that you aren’t measuring. And to detect and measure that thing you have to know how to detect and measure it. If you are neither detecting nor measuring that thing then you won’t necessarily detect it when it comes along.

    No-one is measuring for this shockwave. But if it affects the way that gravity is working when it travels through to the centre of planets and stars, then it can have some effect. The effect you would expect it to have would depend on what you think gravity is and how it is created and propergated.

    26 Oct 09 at 4:53 am

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