Posted by: graemebird | October 13, 2009

Gaede And Adams; The Only Serious Theoretical Physicists/A Request For A Free Consultation.

From Youtube:

Bloody bloody bloody. Now I”m angry. They are ripping you off Neal. Ripping you off. And ripping off my fellow Australian. I just found out that when we are standing up, the voltage differential is something in the order of 100 Volts per metre. Under a thunderstorm it can reach more like 1000 volts.

These little bitches are calling this Earths electric field.. I got snot-nosed about it and there was no-one to beat up. So I thought I’d come to see you Neal for a consultation……

consultation. Now for me it was always electric CURRENTS and magnetic fields. And that when we had ELECTRIC fields they were little things of no real consequence. Surely we can see that with this volt differential. What we have is a very slow electric current. Pretty much ubiquitous. And the electrons are being incorporated into new matter creation. But these little bitches are calling it an electric FIELD and not an electric current.. On account of them not wanting to own up to the parlous…

up to the parlous state of modern physics. You better tell me I’m wrong or right or something afore I piece up and take it onto the street.

Bloody physicists. Should all line up so we can beat them senseless one at a time.

Right. Now I’ve calmed down. Hey this following mainstream physics is sending honest men into doomsday scenarios. Its sending honest scientists into rampant superstition. I was listening to one bloke talking about how if the Atlantic is opening up, Which means (according the dogma) that the Pacific is sucking up that difference. Hence the Pacific ought to be old and the Atlantic young. But when they check it out as you know Neal, they can see no difference in age or not much. So this fellow..

..So this fellow, poor bastard, subject as he is to the rolling thunder of bullshit physics propaganda, decided that the only solution to this matter was that the continental drift theory was wrong….. Which of course it is. But his take on the matter is that the continents must have been ripped apart catastrophically, and then slowed down to this drift. Without deep-sixing the big bang., accepting parts of Neals theory, the electric universe, and parts of what Gaede has to say, he has no….

he has no choice but to conclude that we are heading for this massive cosmic catastrophe and extinction event. He sounded like a really intelligent and honest bloke to me. Thats modern physics for you. You buy into it and follow its conclusions through, its likely to send you into a panic.


“I guess people actually like to believe that the Earth was not created like other planets, i.e. the Earth was created as a huge ball of water with a small piece of land called Pangea. How can a planet start out as water?”

They have all this jive about the comets bringing the water. I don’t know whether you yourself are a creationist. And if so I don’t want to be nasty. But modern physics is itself creationist. Even in the way they reckon the planets came about. When I was a kid there was all these theories. Essentially all of them creationist and none of them organic.

Like for example. One creationist theory went like this. The sun gathered itself together from cosmic dust. All bullshit …

All bullshit of course. But anyway. The newly created sun, created from dust as Adam was apparently, well there it is from dust it came, and then the theory went that a huge passing planet came by, and the gravitational force pulled a “cigar shaped object” out of the sun. Like the great God Clinton did with the Sun Goddess Lewinsky.

That cigar-shaped object subsequently split into the planets we know of in this catastrophic creationist, anti-organic view of matters.

This THIS!!!!! is what…

THIS!!!!! is the sort of creationist bullshit we’ve had to put up with from our taxeating public servants posing as scientists. Thats only one example in this endless litany of feeble excuses for not following the evidence with humility, honesty and creativity. And pretty much all theories they have tried to sell to the children like Crack and Sugar-water have had this same creationist and anti-scientific sense to them. This is what happens when you turn science over to public servants.

…. public servants. You get this feeble, weak-ass, 3rd-Rate THEOLOGY posing as science. And you get these idiotic scare stories, requests for more research money, demands to stop feeding the flowers CO2 and on and on.

We’ve got to cut this link between research and stolen-money. We can have institutes that are tax-free, and their employees tax-free and the money they pay to suppliers, not treated as revenue for tax purposes. Thats OK. But we cannot have this thieving system we have now.

I thought I’d better point out that I’m not dirty on theology. As long as its good theology. But what really turns me homicidal is third-rate theology, bolstered by inaccessible maths, obscurantism, and maths-mysticism, POSING as science…..

Not saying anything against theology. Not saying anything against religious devotion. Particularly not saying anything against religiously inclined people getting into science.

But I just cannot take these feeble, child-like attempts at theology, POSING as science, that the BIG BANG is the most prominent example of.

What you laughing at?

Oh right. I see that you are a well-wisher of Neals, and open-minded towards the growing earth doctrine. The doctrine that is the very Rosetta-Stone of the accumulated data of natural history.

Let me remove any sense of menace from the situation. I can see that you are an honest and intelligent young man. I thought you were taking a shot at me. I was about to turn John Wayne psychopath on you.

We can forget about the nobels for Gaeda and Adams. After Soetoro got one, none of us…

…. none of us could wish such a taint on the genuinely deserving of recognition.

You know, while the Nobels has been totally corrupted by globalist elites, the Catholic Church is not totally corrupted. The Catholic church has maintained an impressive partial-corruption for a very long time now. I don’t know how they do it.

So we cannot, and we ought not, campaign for a Nobels for Adams and Gaede. Since we don’t have a body that can rightly award such giants of science and righteousness.

…. All gong-awarding outfits are now under the influence of the unified electro-magnetic field of international blood-sucking.

But for the Catholic church. A wonderful institution that has oscillated between being about 20% and 60% corrupt for two thousand years bless their hearts.

So no Nobel Laureate Adams. No Nobel prize for Gaede. I’m thinking SAINTHOOD.

There is nothing else left and nothing less will do.


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