Posted by: graemebird | October 18, 2009

Who Is Travis Bickle

Travis Bickle is the sockpuppet who looks to be on the verge of establishing his place in Australian society for all time as a HOLOCAUST DENIER. I suggest everyone try and out this person. So as to make him (or her) back off and not cross that Rubicon. Or alternatively as a punishment to him or her if he or she does deny the DDT bureaucratisation holocaust. Since if this is denied its the best object lesson in the unacceptability of globalisation, sent down the Orwellian memory hole. This is what I wrote on his/her blog malign intervention.

““Wrong. Beck has been caught lying, attributing false positions to a dead environmentalist. He’s also minimised the risks of using DDT, despite having had them pointed out by numerous bloggers with numerous studies to back them up.”

Without evidence. Its all a beatup. What about the risks of not using it, putting the producers out of business, bureacratising its use, and making it more expensive. What possible risk could there be to rival matters on the other side of the balance sheet.


You are from a crowd who claim CO2 is a pollutant. You are not going to be the least bit credible claiming DDT is particularly harmful as far as insecticides go. Its a lie. And worse than that its a globalists holocaust-denial lie.

Beck is right and you are wrong. We would want to see transparent evidence. Know how much exposure is bad.

One time they made by regulation “NUCOSEF’ cough medicine have to come in bottles half the original size. This put the price up substantially and now its basically a failed product.


With DDT, the failure of the mass-murderers to completely wipe DDT off the face of the earth, in no way ought to stop us from calling the genocidal actions taken a ban.

So in advance we can say that if you fall into playing these word-games that are usually played here….. If you go in for the word games its tantamount to a confession that you hate black kids and would see them all dead.

I’m not sure if there is any pesticide that is powerfully healthful to humans in high quantities. How about Mortein? We ban Mortein? It cannot be too magnificent to drink surely? How about that rat poison that Beria fed Stalin. Now maybe we ought to ban that one.

Since when did insect poisons have to be totally beneficial to mammals? I’ve never heard such a preposterous notion. Its meant to kill insects or make them beat it. Its not meant to be some sort of tonic for the rest of us.

Now that the nonsense about DDT has started, its time to come out of the closet so that I can name and shame you as a holocaust denier.

Whos is Travis Bickle”



  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Supposing you want to be calling people morons. How about explaining how is it you can be in the economics business all that time and still believe in the Keynesian multiplier. This is a subject you refuse to either prove or put away for good. You never resolve anything Sinclair. You claimed you were anti-Pigouvian and then went in for taxing a positive externality. You reckon I’m a moron you ought to try explaining that one.

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Shiny Joe supports the carbon tax, and always has and never has gone against it. He cannot and will not find a reason for this idiocy.

    Shiny Joe came out against spending cuts as any understanding of economics demands, during a monetary crisis. He did not have a reason for this, cannot support this to this day. But there you are. He’s a pre-logical primitive.

    For this reason, comparing me relentlessly to people who are on the opposite spectrum to me, on a range of issues, I have no choice but to rename Cambria. From here on he shall be called Shiny Joe LamCambria. Shiny Joe for short, which fits well with his bankster crony status. Or another shortening might be just Lambcambria.

    This is important because not only is Lamcambria a stupid wop, he’s dishonest on top of that. He runs down Homer, and won’t resolve his own Keynesianism. He runs down Lambert but then chooses to support the carbon tax, then grabs me as Lamcambria’s opposite, and starts grouping us together. This is how historically idiots like Lamcambria have prevailed against normal people. By stealing words like “Liberal” when they mean slavery-lite. By grouping opposites and by pretending that people who are the same are opposites. Unfortunately I’m going to have to keep on going with this until the stupid wop gives up on this technique. He’s filth really. A traitor. He doesn’t belong on here. Gets in the way of all sensible conversation with his stupidity and dishonesty. And rudeness. I tell you the truth. The only reason any of you listen to this moron is because he’s rich. He really is such an idiot. Why won’t someone grill him on his moronic support of the carbon tax? How about that? His moronic support of Paulson’s anitcs? His opposition to spending cuts under recessionary conditions. He’s a blockhead. And he’s not inclined to learn anything new.

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