Posted by: graemebird | October 24, 2009

Malcolm Turnbull Wins Over The Economically Illiterate John Humphreys.

We have enough here to see that Malcolm Turnbull’s atrocious cronyist cap and kill has been fashioned in such a way, as to win over the economicslly illiterate like John Humphreys. This is a bully-boy scheme, so fashioned as to appeal to the crudity and unreality of the feeble neoclassical mind. So after claiming tax substitution all this time, we can see that there is something in the air and that the ludicrous bigshot cartelization scam that Turnbull is running ,has turned the heads of the really stupid, Humphreys being the stupidest, of the Australian contingent of tribal rightist economics graduates.

Say it isn’t so. Prove that you aren’t won over. Put out a critique of the cap and kill, which I can see has clearly won you over. Soon has suddenly come out of hiding long enough to say that he doesn’t think the cap and kill will be all that bad. He’s wrong. He has no new argument in this regard. He does not know what he’s talking about. He hasn’t overturned anything that has been pointed out to him. The problem is that he doesn’t think at all. But this is not the real news of this story. What appears to have happened is that Turnbull’s moronic scam has turned these people on the matter.

I don’t know what can be done about this except to attack this stupid attitude before it hardens even with the slightly less stupid rightist economists. Humphreys has admitted that he supports the cap and kill now. He has claimed that it won’t do all that much harm. Humphreys is totally ignorant and irrational. But for some reason he appears to have become an opinion leader of sorts. If not some sort of building top rooster indicating which way the wind is blowing.

I’m going to simply accuse all these neoclassical morons as having had a change of heart thanks to Malcolm. And I”m going to try and demand that they justify Malcolms useless and ridiculous scam.



  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Jason is right – Malcolm Turnbull has demonstrated some excellent policy ideas…..”

    I guarantee that you cannot name even one. The ignorant Humphreys and the impressionable Soon have given us a terrible indication that Turnbull has started to turn the neoclassical right around on this matter of the cap-and-kill.

    “Jason is right – Malcolm Turnbull has demonstrated some excellent policy ideas and he is passionate and at his best can give an amazing speech.”

    You see that? This is an indication that in some vague way you might be in the same boat as the ignorant Humphreys, if you have not thought too much about his dopey scam.

    Why don’t all of you justify Malcolms stupid proposed violation of property rights…… or repudiate it for all time.

    Its no use you graduates reading it and thinking “hey that actually sounds like a neat idea” without taking your thinking even further. It looks like you are all going to swing around and support it. This is what we have got to stop before it gets started.

    You too Sinclair. Jason and the illiterate Humphreys have already dipped their hand and shown that they are supporters in this matter. Can you yourself justify Turnbull’s proposed cronyist scheme?

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Currency Lad. That still looks like useful technology. Because you have radiation proof suits. The problem is that its hard to see how it could work. Since nuclear explosions require implosion. And shooting a nuke out of an artillery piece would upset the precision explosions. So I suspect bluff and fakery here.

    Everything is deeply suspect about your youtube there. If these guys tested it where were the radiation suits? If you have radiation protection, obviously something similar would be hard to beat, so why would it be a measure of desperation?

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “[Graeme – the debate here is about coercion of doctors, not abortion per se. Please stay on topic. Sinc]”

    Thats ridiculous Sinclair. These people were claiming the high ground on ethics. Which they surely can only do so early on in the pregnancy.

    This is it with the neoclassical economist isn’t it. Everything has to be approached from a position of non-Holism and brilliantly disciplined ignorance.

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