Posted by: graemebird | October 25, 2009

The LDP And Thoughts On Freedom/Giving A Quisling Control Of The Agenda.

LDP members have got to stop making the John Humphreys blog their main discussion group. This is akin to making Stalin the moderator of all discussion groups to do with the allied war effort. John Humphreys is a Quisling and an idiot. And though his influence due to his control of the blog, may be small in theory on a daily basis, its an insipid continuous influence, and clearly it is a substantial effect over time.

The name of John Humphreys blog is “Thoughts On Freedom”. Just ridiculous when you consider that this is the last thing on Humphreys mind. Humphreys has gone so far as to let bank communist Joseph Cambria write whole threads on this blog, and then shield him against criticism. Showing exactly which side of freedom he is on. And the analysis there is incredibly lame and anti-intellectual. Not reflecting of the older members of the party who are smart guys. And it is just going to bring the movement down.

Each one of you just has to stop doing this. Stop pretending that Humphreys is an OK representative of liberty. Stop allowing him to maintain the dominance of his idiocy and ignorance over the discussions. There is nothing that he has done that hasn’t been crude self-promotion. Its not as if he did any of the real work behind the party.

Someone ought to set up a Thoughts On Freedom Shadow site. And exercise a different moderation policy. And just basically try to draw off anyone good from commenting on the Humphreys Quisling show.

Just to show what a harmful moron Humphreys is take the issue of old age pensions. I went to the RSL for lunch the other day. And all these pensioners were showing up. Not many of them looked like they could do powerfully well down at the local Centrelink. Humphreys came out in public, not for a decades-long weaning process of slowly bringing the pension age up. But instead for pulling the rug out underneath these old guys, and basically starving them off. Its pretty clear that this is where he was coming from. Since never has he put out a policy monograph which talked about mass-sackings of public servants. He has never attempted to make policy on the basis of revenue-neutrality. Yet suddenly the old guys have to be cut off.

The thread is just unbelievable for stupidity. But its much nastier when you realise that he has no intention ever of closing down public sector bureaucracies, that he’s a CO2-bedwetter who wants a carbon tax and doesn’t reckon a cap and kill will be all that bad. And that he expresses no intention of allowing a phasing approach when it comes to the old guys. How can giving a lunatic like this editorial control of the main discussion place NOT be a big problem.

Here is the economically ignorant Humphreys. He has to be seen to be believed.



  1. Must publicize that fool!

  2. I see your point. But its too late to simply ignore this ignorant fool. The threshold may have come when he got in a fight with Gerry Jackson and every useless, ignorant and stupid economist around ended up backing Humphreys.

    You have no idea the shock that this induced. That the economics right was really that dumb. Really that ignorant.

  3. Yeah I suppose it wasn’t a general shockwave. Certainly I was shocked. I expect that one or two others were shocked. But in a case like this you can see that be definition, most people are too ignorant to be shocked.

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    So people don’t need to know what caused the Tsunami Sinclair. For fucksakes man. What is wrong with you? You supposed to be a fucking Professor. Someone who facilitates the transmission of knowledge. Sort it out mate. Stop being a fucking moron.

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    The 2004 Tsunami caused by events many light-years away.

    “• Indonesian 9.3 Richter earthquake:
    December 26, 2004 at 00 hours 58 minutes (Universal Time)

    It is then with some alarm that we learn that just 44.6 hours later gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded!

    • Gamma ray burst arrival:
    December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time)”

    The gravity wave, or whatever unknown energy causing the Tsunami, gets right out ahead of the gamma rays.

    So the theory and the evidence says:

    1. distant explosion.

    2.”Gravity wave”

    3. Gamma ray burst.

    In that order. Though this is obviously of the highest importance, and particularly as we are either near to or actually crossing the Galactic equator, NASA went out of its way to cover this up. Releasing the information in a low key fashion six weeks after the event.

  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “……. In his usual arese about logic, he’s happy to think gravity waves ….. ”

    Oh for the love of God. I don’t have any theory on gravity waves. I don’t know about gravity waves. But its very clear that

    1. the gamma ray burst and the earthquake were caused by the same phenomenon.

    2. That something ran out ahead of the gamma ray burst. Some form of energy that we cannot measure directly.

    Now what you ought to have done Edney, is chastise the idiots Soon and Cambria, for not accepting the conclusive evidence here.

    Its an example of evidence so clear it doesn’t need to be convergent to be decisive.

    25 Oct 09 at 7:41 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Oh another genius Birdlab shows up. The great physicist and logician Birdlab.

    Look fellas. Its very clear. All you have to do is look at the evidence. Its conclusive. There is really no gainsaying me on this one.

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