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The Shockwave Goes Faster Than The Gamma Rays.

From youtube.

Well I have found something of interest Bill. You see an earthquake ten times stronger then any other in 25 years was associated with a gamma ray burst 100 times more intense then anything measured. But the earthquake got here first!!! Hence the shockwave must have travelled just a tad faster than the gamma rays.

I was able to match up all milky way supernova’s with known disasters using this very assumption. I said the shockwave must move faster than light, because it is destroying some of the gaede-ropes it is moving along. I said that if it was travelling at light speed it would manifest itself AS LIGHT. And not cause volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. I said that it won’t travel a great deal faster, rather it would simply destroy more ropes if it had the energy to travel a great deal faster. I’ll give you the linkage between the supernova’s and the disasters. But there is a problem wherein the initial impulse is likely coming from the galactic centre. Since I’m assuming that nothing gets out of the galactic centre except for gamma and the shockwave. So you don’t see anything. But that this initial shockwave may be what sets off the supernova in the first place. I’ll go and get the linkages I imagine I’ve found.

“The eruption of Baitoushan volcano in 1054 was one of the largest eruptions in the world in the past 10,000 years.”

“On July 4, 1054 A.D., Chinese astronomers noted a guest star in the constellation Taurus.”

The volcano date is given variously. But the only source that is willing to narrow it to the year gives it as 1054.

“SN 1006 was a supernova, widely seen on Earth beginning in the year 1006 CE; Earth was about 7200 light-years away from the supernova. It was the brightest apparent magnitude stellar event in recorded history…”

“In AD 1006 a great catastrophe engulfed Java which reduced the capital city to ashes…”

“..Some four hundred years ago, in the upland region of southern Peru, a volcano named Huaynaputina exploded; catastrophically. It was February 19, 1600, and is recorded as the largest volcanic explosion in South America in historic times.”

This was an ongoing series of disasters 1600-1604. Here I would claim that the initial impulse which sets off the supernova, starts from the galactic centre.

“Scientists now believe that its eruption may have had societal and agricultural impacts worldwide.”

Thats a bit of an understatement. Elsewhere I read that it wiped out one third of the Russians due to famine.

“Supernova 1604, also known as Keplers Supernova…..”

But since here we are assuming a disaster period running 1600-1604 rather than a single disaster, I assume the initial impulse starts at the galactic centre, touches off a supernova elsewhere, and both effects reverberate to us. Hence the four year lead-time. Rather than just a couple of days.

The best date I got for the Lake Taupo explosion in New Zealand was 180 plus or minus six years.

“SN 185 was a supernova which appeared in the year 185, near the direction of Alpha Centauri, between the constellations Circinus and Centaurus. This guest star was observed by Chinese astronomers in the Book of Later Han,[1] …..”

So Lake Taupo explodes first. The Chinese see the supernova that caused it later on.

Two weaker examples. The first ever Taal eruption of 1572 matches up with the Supernova of that same year. A supernova in the Andromeda galaxy in 1885 matches up with Krakatoa in 1883. But this would imply I think that Andromeda is a bit closer than what we are told. And/Or the Gaede-ropes straighten more between galaxies allowing faster light-speed and shock-wave speed. Both propositions seem reasonable.

Well Bill. Thats it? What is your first impressions? I should also add that people are now claiming the dinosaurs were wiped out by volcanoes. This is missing the point. The supernova sets off the volcanoes. Explodes the planet which sets up the meteor. The gamma ray shows up. And the meteor hits 300 000 years later. Also a supernova was linked to the volcanoes that fused the Isthmus of Panama.



  1. our comment is awaiting moderation.
    The upshot of this is that we are all in very big trouble. The Tsunami was small potatoes. A minor disturbance presumably coming from the galactic centre. We will be lined up with the sun and the galactic centre on the 21st of December 2012 or the 22nd our time. I would not think that this means the end of the world in and of itself. Its just that there will be shockwaves heading our way as we speak. Several in fact. And we just better hope they don’t get here when we are in what would seem to be such a vulnerable position.

    Normally one would expect the shockwave from the centre, that sets off a supernova and both the original and the supernova radiate to us.

    Here is the thing. There has not been a supernova in the milky way for 400 years. We are overdue. And now we live by the Coast. With all the aid that we shelled out, nonetheless 200 000 people plus died in that last disturbance. And that was small potatoes compared to what we will expect with the next supernova in the milky way.

    The good news is that the 2012 scare story, unlike the global warming idiocy, is a productive scare story to work with for many reasons. One of them being that the exact same adaptations we need to survive and win extended nuclear war, are a lot of the same adaptations we need to deal with the next supernova. The next supernova will kill people in the tens of millions surely. Thats if we are lucky.

    So no more global warming. And you socialists, there is no time left to plan a revolution that will sweep the mighty from power. Nature already has a few of those revolutions heading towards us as we speak. So you have to start thinking of the after-disaster plan. No more of this silly leftist crap. Since we have bigger fish to fry.

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    No you are just not reading it are you Anna. Don’t you come at me with prophecy young lady. That is leftist projection coming from a Marxist. Or anyone who buys into historical determinism. The proletariat will rise yeah sure. More like the elite will all be scrambling for lifeboats.

    If we got hit with one of the waves that are coming out to hit us, on that particular day, my theory would be that this would be most unfortunate. Since the scope of the disaster would be magnified.

    But the fact is we will get hit sooner or later. And the magnitude will be pretty damn big. As we have seen from recorded history. And at no time in recorded history have we been within a coo-ee of the galactic equator. We were lucky in recorded history. Less vulnerable then we are right now. This is why recorded history kept being recorded no doubt.

    Try and extrapolate the disasters like the Lake Taupo disaster to the modern world. Anything of that scope that happens now will hit us harder because of where we are now located. And it will be more significant in its aftershocks since we are at the end, rather than halfway through, an interglacial.

    We’ve got to start getting a little bit sharper. Anna you cannot afford all this dead wood you are hanging around any longer.

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Don’t encourage them Jason. You know you are only typing cheques your brain cannot cash anyhow.

    On the net these days, if ones focus is on ranking and re-ranking paradigms, and you are good at this one skill alone, you can quickly hone in on the best small models floating around, and so there is not any wonder I can go from one subject to another.

    I had determined earlier that the Gaede ropes side to Bill’s theory was sound and written to that effect and so it is something that was productive to build on. What I did yesterday is simply take what is known, and see what that implies, in such a way that may not be right, but that is at least not known to be wrong and in violation of things known to be right.

    You will always be handicapped if you go with idiocy, like the idea that there is a light speed limit, when you yourselves know of no evidence to this idea, and plenty of evidence against it. Going with crap like that just sets up blinkers to your creativity. Sets off alarm bells in your head where there should be none. This is important. Because already you can see I’m right and the situation is ripe for disaster regardless of Kukla Khan told the Mayans.

    So I don’t do that sort of dumb. I’m not handicapped that way. I don’t go in for the cult of personality in intellectual matters. I don’t restrict myself that way.

    So its only natural I can be talking about broad concepts in physics, and the implications of that gamma ray burst, and then be applying economic science with flexibility as well.

    Notice how you guys are hampered. You just have to take the other taxeaters seriously and defer to them. Start crawling around on your stomach looking for second-worst solutions to please them with because of all their whining. Yet have no evidence to support your solutions.

    I’m not caught up like that. I’m not caught up like that in physics or economics. So I can speculate in an unrestricted way. There is no secret to it Cambria. Yes I was born a lot smarter than you, but so were a lot of people. Its just about method, intellectual honesty and lack of intellectual inhibition.

    There is no real secret to it. And no cause for your faux-irony.

    Great poem Philomena. A little bit too passionate for this blog maybe. I’ll have to read it over when I can concentrate.

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “The consensus seems to be that economic growth is dependent on a growing population particularly in a service-dominated economy as opposed to manufacturing one given the latter has increasingly been outsourced by the rich countries to the underdeveloped world…”

    We’ve got to reverse that a little bit. We may outsource more but we have to make a lot more stuff. Because people don’t want our services overseas. They don’t want our haircuts in India. So we’ve got to be able to make stuff. Heavy metal. Reindustrialisation. Big ships and wharves. Nuclear power. Heavy metal don’t mean rock and roll to me. We could have the refugees helping us reindustrialise and develop the centre and down the coast, all the time they are waiting for a third country to go to.

    And of course we can have a lot of immigration from people who come here legally. But we have to know that this will be to the advantage of the taxpaying incumbent. Right now the pro-immigration people I see talking want to make it advantageous to the taxeating class. Thats a plan with short legs.

    30 Oct 09 at 12:29 am

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Now about this 2012 thing. We only cross the equatorial plane of the galaxy once every 25630 years. But to me being in proximity to it would be bad enough should a shockwave arrive from the centre of the galaxy, and particularly if it touched off a supernova on the way.

    It has been thought erroneously that we live in a disconnected Universe. But in fact the entire galaxy is one organic whole and each part of it appears to communicate with every other. Our sun does not appear to shine on grounds of fusion. If it did so the corona would be cooler, and not hotter, than the photosphere aka the “surface”. Thats really the end of that story. Thermal energy travels from hotter to cooler. It doesn’t travel any other way. The energy to heat the sun comes via electrical energy from the rest of the galaxy. It travels in twisted paths called Birkeland currents.

    And I’ve just given you stunningly good evidence that a massive disturbance somewhere in the galaxy touches of disasters elsewhere. The probability of me being able to take every known milky way supernova and relate it to massively disproportionate (to average years) activity on earth would be pretty high against the conincidence thesis.

    So you have all believed in, or tried to compromise with a fake threat. Currency Lad excepted and no doubt Fisk as well. As soon as somebody mentions a threat with legs you suddenly go all smug and stupid over it.

    Here is the most extreme 2012 doomsaying I’ve yet managed to find. I would count the first 8 of the 16 lectures as really a very good start to getting ones head around the science. Which is not to say you ought agree with everything said here. But its put out in such an easy to understand form that you might at least have a look at it.

    The second 8 youtubes in the playlist fall into mysticism. I’m not saying don’t look at them. I myself have no comment on them. I can refute some of what he says in the first 8. But not enough to overturn his whole thesis in its entirety. You might wish to laugh at this fellow. But the fact that I cannot refute him entirely puts his case as vastly superior to the global warming rackets case. And the global warming racket is something that almost everyone here has bought into to one extent or another.

    I do recommend this playlist not because I agree with the specifics of his case. But the clarity of his explanation is a virtue in itself. Edney might like to say something about it. Something about whether this fellows ubiquitous use of the right-hand-rule can be judged as definitely invalid in any one case.

    30 Oct 09 at 6:38 pm

  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Maybe the SEC had been listening to those that claim that all banks are Ponzi schemes, so they could not tell the difference.
    Nah – the regulators know more about it that those who make that claim.”

    Well yes you would side with the incompetent regulators you idiot. 3 years and you are such a moron that you are apparently congenitally incapable of understanding even the most basic concepts of monetary economics.

    Philomena. I want you to contemplate this parasite Reynolds and his parasitical banking buddies here. And to see what I and others are up against when it comes to establishing a fair and honest version of capitalism.

    To any normal human being a fair income for the banks would correspond to the work they are supposed to be doing. It would be all about taking A CUT OF THE INTEREST. Not the principle and the interest. Not even the totality of the interest. But the banks, by the nature of what they do, are entitled to a cut of the interest for their services and nothing more. Even their fees, by the nature of what they do, essentially are to come out of a cut of the interest.

    So the idea would be that people would save money. Other people would borrow that money. And the banks would pay interest on what they borrowed and charge a margin. And essentially everything they earned would, with a few small exceptions, be made out of that cut of the interest.

    Well this is not enough for Reynolds and Cambria. These people are such hardwired parasites that they want their banking buddies to earn a great deal more than that. They want them to be able to ponzi up new money and earn a counterfeiters wage. And then be able to go to the Reserve bank when they need to get cash. And pay for the cash out of the ponzied up counterfeiters money they have created out of thin air.

    These are the pukes who are getting in the way of liberty. The instability and high producer prices, and the armtwisting of the entire community into debt, for no economic gain at all, is what makes our system the ineffectual, crap and unequal system that it is. And try as you might you will not get these parasites to in principle agree to restricting their industry to an honest wage for honest toil.

  7. He has never won an election fair and square. And there can be no doubt that there is an whole orchestra of foreign support behind him. Right up until Don Young was murdered, in the middle of his campaign, he was spending a lot of his time talking to Raila Odinga in a Luo dialect on a cell phone. Two usurpers talking to eachother in Luo. Bypassing all secret service efforts to monitor people with submarines and so forth. Of course in those days everyone accepted it since there were lies going around that the two men were cousins. They are not cousins. Rather they are both working for the same foreigners

  8. “I mean, seriously, I don’t know what Graeme is trying to say. Can anyone help?”

    You may want to ask me Betsy. Now it might be the other way around right? It might be the case, that when a shock-wave is coming at us from the galactic centre, as there always is, that if you think one is going to reach soon. you would really want to be ON the galactic equator. With the maximum of material in between you and the shock-wave. So the opposite is also reasonable. I don’t make it that way. I think that a shock-wave does better and likely feeds on itself with a great deal of material to move through.

    But you could make the opposite case. We move in a sort of sine-wave around the galaxy. And we are supposed to intersect the galactic equator every 25, 630 years or so. Half that time would be 12, 815 years. And it appears there was a pretty big extinction event, not that long ago exactly. But some time a tad earlier than that. Which took out the mammoths and a lot of other big critters in what appears to be violent ways.

    So you could make the opposite case. That we don’t want to be out there in free space “exposed” as it were. We would want to be where we will be on the 22nd December 2012 when a shock-wave came in. I myself don’t think this is right. I think that all things being equal, the shock-wave will be nastier, the more aligned we are with the galactic plane. Which says nothing at all about the timing of the shockwave.

    Now another thing. I may have to backtrack on my verdict about temperatures in the next few years. Naturally I had it, that according to the science and all precedent that we were heading for a terrible cold spell. I still think that. But it may be interrupted by our sun lining up in this way. This may lead to a whole lot of solar flares which could warm things up for a short time. Since the solar scientists don’t have precedent for this upcoming event, we don’t have anything at all to go on. When we do get hit the volcanoes could push us right into near glaciation conditions. Either way CO2 doesn’t enter in on the matter.

    What you guys have to get your head around is that the suns energy isn’t driven by fusion. The sun rather is driven by electrical power, coming in from the galaxy via Birkeland currents. We know this for a number of reasons, not least of which is that the Corona is hotter than the photosphere (ie “surface”). All the stars are lined up like Christmas tree lights. They are not disconnected, nor are they only held together by gravity.

    These shock-waves would appear to me to be natures way of pruning the excess growth of new matter. A shock-wave will come out every so often and explode a proportion of the stars and planets that are already pretty unstable and clustered together. I imagine it to be like pruning the lower branches and felling some of the less stable trees.

    There is evidence in our solar system for at least one and probably two exploded planets. That may have been taken out this way.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “I’m proud to say I’m a long-time recipient of Rafe’s email round-ups. I haven’t privately communicated with him for some time. I hope he’s doing well – he’s a Champion.”

    Yeah Rafe is magnificent. How do you get on his email roundup?

    Now about this (short-hand only!!!) 2012 scare story. I think that this is a productive scare story. One that could help us replace the bullshit lying and unproductive scare story of CO2-emissions. It is also more productive than the CO2-emissions bullshit since some constituent parts of the 2012 (I’M USING BLOODY SHORTHAND) scare are neither ridiculous nor untrue. Whereas with the CO2 scare each constituent building block of that story is totally ridiculous, and completely untrue, and without exception.

    There may be very little good science that can pinpoint a date of the next calamity. But the science suggesting that several calamities are on the way as we speak is really rather good. The 2012 scare supplies us with a threat as big as nuclear war and with some of the same necessary adaptations TOO nuclear war. Meaning that we can advocate changes and adaptations without being unnecessarily provocative of our good good friends the Chinese people, or their hateful poxy overlords.

    These waves will be coming out from the centre of the galaxy. Several of them. Spaced apart. Probably and hopefully hundreds of years spaced apart but on their way nonetheless.

    What I said is that it is PROBABLY the case that being close to the galactic centre will make us more vulnerable if one of these waves, that will indeed be on their way as we speak, makes it here at this vulnerable time.

    We have to find out about this. Because I concur with this fellow Paul Laviolette. He says that a particularly catastrophic shock-wave ( he thinks they are “gravity waves”) will get here over the next 400 years with a probability of about 90%. That sounds right. That sounds right with reference to the supernova record. Further the odds ought to be front-end-loaded in this timespan. Since its 400 years and no supernova’s in the milky way have reached our earthbound view.

    Pretty much all of the gamma rays they are picking up now every week come from distant galaxies. Every time we pick up a gamma ray burst we are probably remembering the death of trillions of intelligent beings. The people with the monitoring jobs seem to celebrate the big ones. But they ought not really be celebrating. What they are remembering is exploded planets, fried atmospheres, ubiquitous disaster, fallen civilisations.

    I say that what this means is that we need to get moving with the entire agenda of my blog. From start to finish. Mass-sackings. Getting rid of fractional reserve. Making available all these part-time jobs, one of my first essays. Putting in policies that change the basic country-city balance and layout. Developing the inland. Defense policy. Making ourselves resilient to nuclear intimidation. All this sort of gear. The potential of a global threat in terms of truly monstrous tidal waves, earthquakes and ubiquitous ignition of volcanoes, ought to be part of the motivation to get us to do what it is we need to get done in any and all potential futures.

    One thing we really truly need to get done is to destroy this CO2-emissions nonsense. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

    1 Nov 09 at 4:41 pm
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  10. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Just try and get to the bottom of what the parasitical bankers are trying on here. After being bailed out GLOBALLY with trillions of dollars. These two lying twats are now trying to rewrite history and pretend that they didn’t need this help. They haven’t even had the fucking good grace to wait until the ponzi-money guarantee lapses to attempt this rewrite of history. I tell you these are conmen. Parasitical little shits. Look at what Reynolds is trying on now. And Cambria. No case. They have no case at all.

    Twaddle. Homer’s point was that people wanted cash – notes and stuff. M1’s currency component was the appropriate measure,”

    No it wasn’t you idiot. It doesn’t tell us anything. We need to know the rest of the story. We need to know the monetary base and M1 figures as well. Go back to sleep Reynolds you dope. You are no possible assistance in these matters.

    Any fool ought to know that the public component of cash can tell us almost nothing on its own. Since the public has no ability to produce new cash. We can only get this story reading THREE COLUMNS.

    Cash in the hands of the public. M1. And monetary base figures. We need all three. M2 might fill the picture in a little more as well. Now you mentioned M2 Reynolds. But Cambria did not. So shut up and go away or retract.

    M2 can only help in a small way if it tells us that people were collapsing their savings accounts to get at cash. I don’t see how they would have done so. Because as soon as that stuff got going the ponzi-money guarantee came down. Notice there was a run on cash for accounts NOT COVERED BY THE GUARANTEE!!!!

    Surely this points to Homer being right. And that the banks were bailed out by their mates just in time.

    1 Nov 09 at 6:30 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “The figures speak for themselves.”

    No they don’t you blockhead. You numbskull. They tell us nothing at all. You need at least three columns to get any picture whatsoever out of this. Three columns minimum. Bernanke’s disease. You are a proven idiot Mark.

    1 Nov 09 at 6:32 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “What did I mess up?”

    You messed up by being your normal moronic self. What is your reasoning. You don’t have any. What was Cambria’s reasoning. He doesn’t have any either. You went along with him when he was being an irrational idiot. Nothing can be found out with just the one column. You have no case. Neither does Andrew. Neither does Cambria. You are just a bunch of morons. The three stooges. You are an embarrassment. And you always follow eachother.

    This reminds me of when SOON, fully taken over by Bernanke’s disease, went and highlighted a thread by Reynolds that showed specific ignorance in monetary theory. The impression created was that neither Soon no Reynolds knew what the money supply was. Bernanke’s disease.

    You are an idiot Mark. You can make no case at all and so you lie and claim the figures speak for themselves. They don’t.

    1 Nov 09 at 6:44 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    So how long are the three of you blockheads going to filibuster. I’m saying you need at least three columns to find anything about this subject. Cambria the idiot, Reynolds the idiot, and Mark the idiot claim that you only need the one column. Just what Cambria presented. They speak as if the demand for cash by the public automatically gets the printing presses to running.

    1 Nov 09 at 6:47 pm

    For someone to say what you have and for years come here and preach some distorted, unreasoned version of monetary economics you ought to get a life ban for saying what you have.

    At least I think (although I’m not sure) Homer would understand he’s done for.

    1 Nov 09 at 6:51 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    This is what Cambria presented.

    Jan-2008 39.4
    Feb-2008 39.4
    Mar-2008 39.3
    Apr-2008 39.3
    May-2008 39.7
    Jun-2008 39.8
    Jul-2008 40.3
    Aug-2008 40.8
    Sep-2008 40.7
    Oct-2008 42.8
    Nov-2008 43.4
    Dec-2008 45.1
    Jan-2009 44.6
    Feb-2009 44.8
    Mar-2009 44.1
    Apr-2009 45.2
    May-2009 44.7
    Jun-2009 45.1
    Jul-2009 45.7
    Aug-2009 45.4

    It tells us virtually nothing. Virtually nothing at all. What was happening to M1 during that time. And the monetary base? Only then can we get a good picture of how people were acting.

    I don’t why Mark Hill and Andrew Reynolds ever speak up when they are always wrong and stupid. You could look at that and conclude that there was massive inflationary money-printing. But you would not know one way or the other without the rest of the information.

    But still Mark Hill bullshits his way through like the ignorant fool that he is. He reckons the figures speak for themselves. Not they don’t. Thats just you going off into a world of make-believe. With talking figures.

    1 Nov 09 at 6:52 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    HO HO HO. The first stooge is back. Cambria’s made a FOOL of himself. The other two have piled on like the absolute morons that they are. And now seeing this support, without the slightest argument whatsoever, Cambria is now confident. Since like the primitive Goth that he is he suddenly feels confident. Because of his supporters he feels confident. Doesn’t have a fucking case at all. But all of a sudden the anti-intellectual primitive feels confidence in numbers.

    1 Nov 09 at 6:54 pm
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  11. I was calling Arnold and Warren Buffet sellouts the other day. Think of another complete sellout prick. I’m talking about people who have lead a pretty exemplary life and then have clearly sold out in their old age.

    Surely one of the ultimate sellouts in this division would have to be Rupert Murdoch. Is he not some sort of King of sellouts? Time magazine basically a lap-dog for the Shadow Government. Imagine making Ben Bernanke Time man of the year.

    • what a dirty Jew.

      I’m sure you agree, Mr B

      • I just think he’s a fellow whose let himself down and trashed his legacy. But note how important fractional reserve and inflation was to him selling out.

  12. “Coming in close contact with the Earth, the latter’s rotation altered, making it appear that The Sun had stood still, a phenomenon reported on in the Book of Josue. What has come to be known as Joshua’s Long Day is corroborated by the texts of the ancient Chinese, Japanese, Egyptians, Babylonians, and Mayans; the East Asians reporting a extremely long sunset, the Mexicans reporting an extremely long sunrise.”

  13. Look at this moron Cambria. The dirty liar went around claiming that I didn’t understand economics. He himself only studied first year economics. That is to say Keynesian propaganda. And it shows.

    “The Dow is now over 12,000. The US is back in business and a great deal of hope hinges on the GOP Congress.

    I told the naysayers for years the problem with the US was political in nature and the tumor was the economic policies of the Demolition congress.”

    You stupid wop. There is no recovery. The stock market is not the economy.

    There is no recovery you stupid Keynesian. The recovery waits until such time as there are resources to effect a recovery.

    Until the resources which will effect the recovery are no longer getting pissed against the wall, in terms of subsidizing bankers, and keeping government departments alive, then there cannot be a recovery.

  14. I’ve included this link before. Its a link that makes it look like someone had once practiced open-cast mining on Mars. The reaction from the dumb wop and other Catallaxians was moronic beyond belief.

  15. The American economy is still in collapse mode. GDP growth is said to be at 3%. But the inflation rate is really about 8%. Whereas the inflation rate they will be using to calculate their GDP figures will be more like 4%. Hence you have negative GDP growth.

    Further to that GDP growth isn’t the indication that things are doing well. We don’t have the figures to tell us if things really have turned up. So we have to assume its still in collapse. Since there isn’t any sort of resources that could possibly be fixing it up.

  16. 2345 BC

  17. Jason Soon has revealed his deep knowledge of these matters. Apparently Jason Soon feels he knows all things about Gravity, even though the mainstream has no understanding of what gravity is. Never mind. Soon does not need a mainstream theory of gravity to know all implications of gravity. He does not let the fact of not having a theory of gravity slow him down.

    Jason Soon has Mark Hills disease. Doesn’t know a fucking thing. Has no affinity for science. But feels he knows everything nonetheless.

  18. Look at Soon showing off his ignorance of basic science:

    “Graeme has revived all his science fiction posts about cosmic rays, aliens building the pyramids ……”

    I myself have never put forth a theory of aliens building the pyramids. So he’s lying there. Although it has to be admitted as a possibility. Just like any other hypothesis. But I draw attention to Soons total ignorance of science with his implication that “cosmic rays” so-called are some sort of far out and whacky thing. They are what cause our clouds to form. They are the reason why we have had these heavy rains. Cosmic rays are simply prosaic sub-atomic particles that bombard our atmosphere and that are believed to derive from outside the galaxy.

  19. So we see this endless iteration of the Catallaxy disease. As with Mark Hill the other day, Jason knows NOTHING, but he thinks he knows the right answer to everything. Presumably he thinks that the Pharaohs built the pyramids. There is two problems with this. There is no evidence for this contention. Or next to none. The other problem that this theory suffers from is that it is utterly impossible. They didn’t do it, since they could not do it, and there is no evidence that they did do it.

    When you have something as unequivocal as this we call it “proof.” But that leaves the mystery of who did do it (and why?). And my theory is the most plausible theory. That doesn’t make it correct. It only makes it more plausible then the other theories.

  20. I’m not sure whether I’ve posted this link before. But I think its a very good link, since it shows a lot of technologies the survivors will have to fall back on after the crash.

  21. Here is an even better link:

  22. The Shockwave comes out from the central dark rift. This is what the mainstream misleadingly calls the “black hole” at the centre of the galaxy.

    Anyway this shockwave pops unstable stars (and presumably unstable planets and moons also.)

    But each time the shockwave destroys a star, (or moon, or planet)…. a subsequent shockwave is set off, which can cause havoc elsewhere.

    If we assume that the shockwave pops unstable moons and planets (since we know it pops unstable stars) then we might hypothesise that we have a source for disturbances on earth and on the sun. That is to say extreme weather events ….. and outsized volcanic and seismic activity.

    You see we know that we get massive disturbances ahead of a supernova (a star that pops) becoming visible to earth. But if we assume that this is happening to planets and moons also, we can see that we have a powerful theoretical cause for extreme weather/volcanic/seismic events manifesting on the sun, the moon, and other planets.

    All major bodies in the galaxy are growing all the time. But this is organic growth. It is not smooth growth. With the growth also comes the periodic culling. Just like with cells within an organism.

    Well the above is what the science suggests anyhow. Hey its only the scientific method.

    But I like it.

  23. Bullshit Graeme


  24. Graeme. It was not beyond their engineering capabilities. Modern anthropologists.historians/scientists/archeologists have rebuilt Stonehenge like structures with manpower alone.




  25. the gyps didn’t have the brains to build pyramids because they were dumb jew bastards, that’s what Mr B is saying.

  26. They didn’t have the economy to make it possible Ron. They lacked the extended structure of production to make it possible. Capital goods get used up in production. The pyramids are just the governments consumer goods. You need a network of producer goods producers to pull this off. Archeologists know nothing of economics. But then again Catallaxian economists know even less.

  27. They had slaves Graeme. They also had skilled labour to oversee this.


    • Mr dot

      how much of my hardearned cash did I have to hand over so you could pick up your obviously useless PhD in Economics?

      • Zacly

  28. Mr B

    you need not even dignify the Catallaxians by placing that sacred word ‘economists’ next to them. you simultaneously demean that noble profession by doing so.

    there are very few true economists in Australia, mr B. Perhaps you and Mr Jackson? I can’t think of anyone else.

    • That would be about right. Frank Shostak as well. Ergas may scrape in. Not for economics sophistication. But for general sophistication and powerful logic.

  29. The documentary-makers, and archeologists conception with regards to the structure of production, vis a vis their fantasy of the Pharaos making the pyramids is truly laughable. They focus only on the work-site alone. No thought is given to the fullness of the economy. The only off-site work I saw in any documentary was the idea that these slaves had these little brass knives. Granite being stronger than brass how is that supposed to work….

    …. Anyhow some wag had at least tried to put a bit of thought into the structure of production. And this was what he came up with.


    You bet. Clever huh? Legions of slave-sharpeners so the dudes carving granite with brass pen-knives could cast the blunted ones aside and get a new one.

    The other productivity conception was to do with sheilas. You see slaves who worked really hard trying to carve a block of granite out of a slab of same with a brass knife, would be incentivized by the reward of getting hooked up for married life with some really tasty pussy.

    This is about as good as it gets for the archeologists view of economics. Only Mark Hill can cap them for lack of sophistication.

  30. Mark Hills retarded awareness of what makes an economy go like the clappers:

    “Is he aware they had slaves”?

    Slavery, in Marks view, is powerfully productive. Well yes it would be if you had knowledge worker slaves who didn’t dare go off on their own bat, and saturation high-tech capital goods. I’ll grant you that. Slaves in that circumstance might lead to some extended structure of production and high productivity as a result.

    But manual labour slaves? Thats the explanation for feats of production magic? We got rid of slavery mainly to improve the economy. Thats how Wilberforce and those guys sold it on an unrighteous elite. It is the very MARK HILL of economic ignorance to presume that slavery means high levels of production. It means just the opposite. Which is why post-Berlin Wall theorists claimed that they weren’t slaves after all.

  31. Graeme.

    Your argument is silly. If Egypt didn’t have an advanced economy, how did it maintain an empire for a while?

    Where did the means to produce a quality armament come from?




  32. Mr Bird,

    Of course the Mark Hills of this world will argue that slavery is powerfully productive. He like Sinclair Davidson and Jason Soon are crony capitalists or worse agents of influence. Reintroduction of human slavery would cheer them endlessly as they compute the cheaper labour costs and compertiive advantages for their chosen corporation (the Peoples corporation of China in the case of Soon).

    The fact that they ignore evidence of the Velovian civilizaton and instead pretend that you are talking about Aliens is prove of their decipt. They do not want human freedom but hope to eek gains like so many leeches on the body of the creaking crony capitalist beast.

    • Mr Glover
      In the case of Mr Hill you attribute to malice what is merely mental retardation.

      However the Chinaman Soon on the other hand is cunningly nefarious. i am convinced that his exhibitions of ignorance are mere feints, attempts to fool Mr B into a state of complacency with respect to the true strength of his malicious intentions.

      • Mr Hanson,

        I of course concur with you that Mark Hill is the most sensationly stupid dill that was every allowed to post on the internet (about par for the typical economics PhD student), but does this prevent him from having evil intent? You may be right but I feel we must assume and prepare for the worst.

        Soon, like all Chinamen, is inscrutable. We may only hazard guesses at his true motives. One thing we can be sure of is that like any good confusionist his ancestor worship will see him grovelling and dancing to whatever tune is playing in Beijing.

  33. Exactly Richard. But note that Mark is not merely content to show his incomprehension of economic science. He trumps himself by proving that the most lowly reading comprehension lies yonder, far from his feeble grasp:

    “Graeme has rewritten history:

    Egypt never had slaves:”

    I never once claimed that. Virtually all known pre-Christian societies had slavery of one sort or another. Mark sadly suffers from mental deficiencies.

  34. Mr Hill,

    Your knowledge of history and geography may be the only thing worse than your knowledge of economics.

    Egypt is protected by deserts to the east and west, a huge sea to the north and another to the east. In such a sheltered enviroment they had no need to be the most sophisticated in weaponry. Indeed they lost the delta to better armed invaders for some time.

  35. “Egypt is protected by deserts to the east and west, a huge sea to the north and another to the east.”

    That sea kept the Romans out, didn’t it!


  36. Graeme, where’s the thread with your comment from this morning about the Cavafy poem? I wanted to respond.

    • I’ve put that thread at the top for a little while.

  37. “That sea kept the Romans out, didn’t it!”

    Oh Mr Hill,

    You embarrass yourself further with every offering of half remembered history. What the Roman’s conquered was not Egypt but a corrupt state run by Greek homosexuals.

    So what you would say is that the desert did not keep the Greeks out. Of course I would then point out that this was not really Egypt but a corrupt state run by Persian fireworshiping homosexuals.

    So what we find is that the barriers helped protect egypt but ultimately could not save a backward economy.

    It is not just your history that is bad Mr Hill. You seek to say that Egypt was militarily strong but then try to argue your case by pointing out they were conquered?

    It appears we have a triumvirate stupid, Jason Soon who thinks Comsic rays are from Science fiction (dumb) , and JC who thinks Rhinoceros lay eggs (I can only presume he thinks its a “Rhino-saurus”) (dumber), and Mark Hill who thinks that you can prove that a country is military strong by pointing out they go conquered (dumbest).

  38. Who were the race that built the pyramids?





  40. Mr Cambria,

    As usual you have made a complete clown of yourself. Mr Bird does not contend that Egypt was sophisticed enough to build the pyramids, but rather the reverse.

    It is you and your fellow catallaxians that think the Egyptians had special bronze tools to carve granite with.

    Although it is hard please try to keep up, it was an older and much more advanced civilization that carved the blocks certainly, and maybe even largely built them.

    You need to think about the Vela supernova and the consequences to advanced civilizations.

  41. Sea-shells, urchins and other remnants of sea life found on Mars. NASA is not likely to hold out on us all that much longer. Given that they no longer have a monopoly they have to come clean.

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