Posted by: graemebird | November 8, 2009

Tax Exemptions Can Harden Up Australia/Youtube Links.

The cheapest way to harden up Australia is for everyone around the world to know that there is an open exemption to most taxes here, if you are going to show up and produce goods that have a security component to them. So a rational PM who wasn’t swanning about the world giving away money that he has stolen off us, and betraying his nation…. if a reasonable PM was actually doing his job, his office would be contacting people throughout the world, letting them know personally that their company, has an open invitation to come here and be tax exempt. So the Californian entrepreneur who makes dragonskin body armour would naturally get a call on the first day a reasonable man finds that he has won the election.

With the talk of disaster rising in the world, and the actual science which says it will one day happen, it is very important that people don’t get fatalistic and lose heart, or alternatively ignore real threats and play up fake threats and lies like the CO2-emissions science-fraud. Both these attitudes are counter-productive. The idea is to harden up Australia via tax exemptions primarily. And open invitations that bring the right people here to do the work that needs to be done.

There is even a role here for guest worker refugees waiting to be relocated. We want to get that preferred refugee system underway now, because when disaster strikes we will have tens of millions rather then tens of thousands of these people that we ought deal with humanely and fairly but strictly in the interests of incumbent citizens.

People you must not turn away from these problems. And you must not despair at the thought of extended nuclear war or galactic centre/supernova disaster. These problems can be overcome given time, and the only real problem lies in the hearts of men and women and in the minds of stupid people who refuse to see reason and are in contempt of evidence.

Below is a post from Catallaxy highlighting a building that is immune to natural disaster and wherein one person inside could fight off an armed attack of half a dozen from without. Further to that I’ll highlight videos from youtube that show evidence of the possibility to tax exempt scores of firms and invite them here, and as well categorize locals for tax exemption as well. Remembering that we might not enforce patents in a free economy and so locals may quickly copy and put up fair competition against these people who would nonetheless at least have a bit of a headstart.

“Part of the way we could harden up Australia is to allow companies like the one linked below to operate tax-free here.

Useful for integrating our need to be ready for armed invasion, extended nuclear war, or galactic centre explosion/supernova events.

See it doesn’t cost much. A small amount of foregone tax, most of which will be grabbed back in GST. And some work from immigration to allow people these firms to bring people (they think are skilled enough to help make their products) into the country.

This is the sort of thing I mean. If we are holistic about our defense, we can turn back or disarm all invaders, whether these pretenders try to take us on one at a time or yet all of them together. Through thick and thin and through myriad disasters the likes of which revelations might imply.

These prophetic books could have been based on earlier works that were themselves based on memories of the last massive generalised disaster. The terrible litany of manifold catastrophes, turn out all to have the same root cause. And not necessarily the supernatural intention that one would need, to produce a myriad of independent misfortunes coincidental to the same time period.

We don’t get this sort of holistic thinking in our average white paper. But its got to start and it must start soon.”

Naturally I could also put up stacks of links from various weapons manufacturers, ESPECIALLY OF LESS LETHAL WEAPONS or weapons that can be adapted to less lethal applications. But this ought to be enough to have people realise that we can harden this country up. And we can withstand almost anything puny humans or the galaxy throws at us.



  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Just go and fuck off.”

    No you fuck off idiot. You are a tumor on this blog. You get reasonable outcomes when people starting from massively differing views clash. Not when callous triangulating welfare queens like yourself are always muddying the waters, lying, and never ever back down from your former moronic position.

    And especially not when you are given undeserved deference, from moderator and Catallaxy boneheads alike on the basis of your cashed-up bailed-out subsidised-to-the-gills welfare-queen status.

    7 Nov 09 at 9:46 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    It sure took those spooktown monkeys a helluva long time to make that link CL. Look at the incompetence here.

    7 Nov 09 at 9:49 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “So far in this thread, Phil has backed a Cuban snatch team kidnapping and beating up a female blogger, a misogynistic jihadist who shot a 19 year-old woman in the back (and who killed 13 others) and praised human sacrifice.”

    One of the very few posts of yours that might not be entirely fair.

    7 Nov 09 at 9:52 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “No Bird, you cretinous fool. Almost every lefty feminist site around was critical of Polanski and his supporters.”

    Busted lying. I didn’t claim anything you are accusing me of here. Busted lying you dog. The fact is that the left didn’t make a big deal of the rape-Palin talk.

    7 Nov 09 at 9:54 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    There is no need for everyone to be nasty to Philomena. Always in these cases we need to look at both sides of the balance sheet, and Philomena is providing aspects of the other side in a lot of cases and that is useful even if we one isn’t always happy where the sympathies of many hard leftists lie.

    By the way I’m not talking to you Joe “Crazy-Legs” Bankster. You cannot be reasoned with so start running boot-nigger. Here is a more reasonable Italian talking about people such as yourself.

    Actually he’s not hassling bankers here. But talking about the further deterioration of the USA economy. That despite Cambria’s propaganda has not signs of productivity improvement.

    Cambria you beat it. The rest of you just consider that Philomena is doing her best to give one side of the story so that we natural conservatives will have for us both sides of that same story.

    7 Nov 09 at 10:07 pm
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  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    The criminal banking coterie in the States. Cambria’s homeboys, are bailing out commercial real estate developers with their TALF (Termed Asset Back Loan Facility).

    Only they are not. They are bailing out their own incompetent loans. What about your average Joe that Cambria laughs at when he tells the truth (I was thinking about this fellow smashing the TV as a response to the criminality that Cambria admires.)

    Get this. Its yet another bailout of Cambrias colleagues.

    This is at a time when real unemployment is 22%. Just get hold of your American friends. Get them on facebook. Half of everyone in the non-rigged labour market will be unemployed. And they are passing this CO2 bill. And they are passing this death-council health bill. And the nationwide dictatorship food bill. They aren’t going to stop. There must be violence or secession.

    But thats OK. Because Cambria reckons there has been this massive turnaround in productivity. What could have caused it Cambria. What is going on around you Cambria? How did you get all that money Cambria.

    Being bailed out is how.

  3. Listen to this fuckwit FDB:

    Nov 8th, 2009 at 2:18 pm
    “I suggest you think again about the sentence:

    A: It (the stuctural strength) had to have been all removed at the very commencement of the period of the free-fall.

    Note the words “had to have been all removed”. Using the word ‘by’ instead of ‘at’ would have made no difference to the meaning of that sentence.”


    I carefully explained exactly what the very large difference was. Did you not understand?”

    Sorry I had to put you through that. Look at what a moron like FDB has to do to FRANTICALLY ignore the molten iron in all three basements.

    He’s quite literally trying to filibuster reality out of the room.

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Beat it you subsidised failure. Just stay away. If you don’t want your subsidised bailed out welfare ass trashed all over the net just stay away because you are not going to repent. And you have even taken to swearing at ladies now. Shame on you.

    I know that Philomena is from the hard left. But if you read what she has written today with a bit more of a charitable mind you can see that its good stuff and it was worth saying AT LEAST ON A CONSERVATIVE BLOG. Its useful information where its going to be over-matched.

    …….By the way I’m not actually talking to YOU “Crazy-Legs” the Bankster. Because you are not worth talking to……

    But continuing. We’ve always got to have both sides of the story. Because if we are to survive its not about choosing sides. Its about improving our behaviour. Of course I side with the Spanish for example. But having said that its not about siding with one side. Its about the fact that you can always deal with people, even in the midst of necessary violence, in a better and more humane way.

    Start running bankster. Before I start advocating retrospectivity of legal punishment when it comes to the case of arrogant and unrepentant fractional reserve criminals. This is a case that can be made. Since the fractional reservists are the most determined and callous enemy of all.

  5. It was Joseph. Giuseppe Geppetto aka Jo-Crazy-Legs (The Bankster)Carboni Cambria Small Potatoes who breathlessly linked him for me 3 or 4 years ago, thinking that I might not have heard of Marc Faber and telling me how terrific he is. You used to get his newsletter didn’t you?

    And now there is Marc up in Chiang Mai. And he doesn’t agree with the looting and scuttling of all economic prospects that is going on by the Cambria-Crew. The Citibank gang where the boss just paid himself 100plus millions for twelve months of stealing…..

    And Cambria is giving him the brush-off now. One-tune-Marc is Cambria’s idiotic view now.

  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Your moderation currently has me losing a bet with Cambria that never happened and is depriving people of proper interest rate policy during recessions. Occasionally it might be nice to see my opponents lying moderated.

    8 Nov 09 at 3:58 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Notice how Mankiw is completely up in the air in this matter. Doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.

    The reality is that apriori and holding the same M1 growth rate in all places the

    1. “stimulus package” with extra deficits through new spending MAY increase short-run GDP but will always cause extra unemployment from what would have been.

    2. A “stimulus package” with extra deficits through unfunded strategically sensible tax cuts (not bloody rebates)… well thats hard to predict what it will do to employment. Put it will boost near-term GDP with virtual certainty.

    3. A massive spending cut black budget will increase employment with virtual certainty, to what it otherwise would be, but neat-term GDP will crash. This is a good thing.

    4. The best deal is massive spending cuts, allowing a surplus, and tax cuts that you can choose strategically for employment, extra savings, and moral suasion for wage reduction. Such a policy would have people back to work very quickly. GDP would fall off the cliff early on. But GDP is not a valid quarter to quarter comparison of output.

    I can justify all of the above through straight national accounting versus single business accounting. And if you statisticians looked into it you would find what I was saying was true.

    For example taking point 2. Immediately after the Bush Junior tax cut, GDP growth went from being in the tank to EIGHT PER CENT THAT VERY FIRST QUARTER!!!!!! Immediate 8% growth. Yet unemployment didn’t improve. Productivity growth figures (the figures only) were sky high at that point. Its true that the tax cuts may later have had a helpful effect on actual productivity. But to think that the tax cut would immediately shove them sky high is just silly.

    And I’ve explained how this works.

  7. Well your effete father probably has a 30 year age advantage on mine. Otherwise my mum would whip your dad. Matter of fact I’ve got twobits down on the old lady as we speak.

    The point being that your filibuster continues. Neals theory, the main thrust of it, has passed all epistemological hurdles as revealed truth. And you’ve asked me what I bring to the table? The answer is epistemological excellence.

    I’m an auditor. I am no specialist. Rather I rank and re-rank paradigms.

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Take it up with the BLS.”

    What a stupid comment. Can you imagine the idiocy of someone who says that? Defaulting on his supposed position as an analyst.

    I have given Mark clear and step by step instructions on how to correctly appraise the situation of American productivity growth, stasis, or degeneration. But he is not a committed analyst, is in fact a chucklehead, and has defaulted on this matter.

    Hence until someone follows my prescription we simply have to ignore the American Bureau of labour statistics figures. Not a lot of green shoots out there once we do this. We see that the economy is getting in progressively worse shape, with nothing between today and the economies ultimate collapse but that individuals are desperately increasing their savings rate in their own interests and against policy, and also the possibility that the currency will devalue faster than it debases.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “pedro how on earth did you come across that site?”

    I think we all know the answer to this question dear lady tal. This ………. lawyer; Not quite the man he has been making himself out to be.

    It really makes me wonder what the barely-clad Zoroastrian-Goddess of leftist-provocation (and LEATHER) would have to say about this matter. We may never know. Philomena-Mazda is the most capricious of all Goddesses, and will not be made to deliver, upon any mortal summons, no matter how fearful

  10. Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    Admittedly, Rudd asked a very good questions at the Lowy Institute last Friday,


    Where is the evidence basis offered by the new league of world government conspiracy theorists that climate change can be effectively dealt with by market means or by uncoordinated national means?
    Answer – there is none.

    SO I SEZ!!!!

    What on earth do you and Rudd mean Sinclair? Do you mean CLIMATE CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE?

    Or do you mean CO2-EMISSIONS?????

    Of course the free market can deal with the latter. But none of us can deal with the former, unless its straight, vanilla overheating. What is Rudd hoping to do? ‘Stop the rains and turn the tide….’

    It should be possible for people who identify with being on the right to say what they mean. And not get caught up in Orwellian terminology.

    You want to see climate change just wait until a supernova hits and volcanoes start filling the sky with dust. Thats climate change. Not CO2-emissions. Rudd cannot turn the volcanoes off and bring the starlight back just by ruining industry.

    We’ve just got to get a little bit more serious about what a true disaster consists of. It consists of flattened houses as far as the eye can see. People having died with blood in their mouths, and you on a mountain, the only one alive because you got superstitious all of a sudden, and put on your life-jacket when you weren’t even close to the ocean.

    It doesn’t consist of us reindustrialising and trying to expand carbon energy production, to keep everything afloat as we nuclearise with some sincerity and dispatch.

  11. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Where is the evidence basis offered by the new league of world government conspiracy theorists ….”

    This sort of phraseology appears to be like a dog whistle for virtually all of you here. You appear to be able to be controlled utterly, like with a stage-show mesmerists hand-picked subjects. You quite literally can be controlled like putty with pre-programmed phrases like the one used above. Is Rudd saying there isn’t a co-ordinated program to betray the taxpayer? To commit treason? Treason being the giving away of our local and national sovereignty?

    Well I assure you there is such a conspiracy. And its entirely out in the open, if that isn’t too much of a contradiction. And yet this phraseology has you completely unable to do the right thing in this regard, as if you were indeed zombies.

    The KGB lecturer I was watching a couple of months back. He talked exactly in these terms and its all true.

  12. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I’ve decided that the meme virus that has begun to call itself libertarianism is actually a Judas Goat. It will help murder more people than communism. Mostly of course, because the population of the planet is now higher than it was in 1917, and the prospects were less good for global dictatorship than they are now.

    Just consider two comments from a recent thread in the site selling-out-freedom.

    “Won’t somebody please think of the children?

    Comment by Yobbo | November 7, 2009″

    “I think Monckton is going a bit OTT here.

    Yes, we’ll sign up to a new international treaty… and, yes, to some degree that transfers some power to an international body. And yes, such a process could easily lead to a world government at some stage.

    But we’re still a very long way away from that. And this is only another small step. Let’s not over-dramatise.

    Comment by John Humphreys | November 7, 2009″


    “Well you don’t want to over-dramatize another nail in the coffin of humane civilisation Humphreys. Because you are helping cause it. What is the gains to be made from playing it down? You want to play up an unscientific and fake campaign. And now you want to underplay a move towards our destruction.

    Comment by graemebird | November 8, 2009″

    Yobbo and Humphreys are both Judas Goats its true. Is yobbo supposing that we DON’T think of the children? The one who will be starved off and murdered? The ones that will never escape poverty? And neither of them are libertarians even by the wildest stretch of the imagination. But both these guys are very much representative of the the Judas-goat meme-virus that has begun to call itself libertarianism.

    Note the idiocy and insanity of Jason Soon, an anti-libertarian, fully against Ron Paul, a year ago demonically in favour of Soetoro. Consider the insanity of him habitually. HABITUALLY equating an authentic libertarian with Pol Pot, and Stalin.

    Well Jason hates libertarianism. But nonetheless he is very much a representative of the Judas Goat meme that has come to call itself libertarianism.

    Already with a global treaty looming, all of our leaders about to commit treason, given that test, the Judas goat faux-libertarians, in public FAILED that test.

    The worst thing about this is the Judas Goat meme has made the destruction of humane civilisation bipartisan in the Australian economics fraternity. So the hot house pressure-cooker of the public service, banking and academia has slowly forced even rightest economists, and even pretty good rightest economists, in the direction of our destruction.

    I hope I’ve been waking people up to this in small measure, and getting them to rethink some of their ideas, and how they are somehow being forced to talk in strategically destructive ways and support strategically destructive policies.

  13. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I can remember claiming that the pyramidal shape was inherently the most stable structure. When I say pyramidal I would also include cone shapes. Squashed cone shapes and so forth. Its the triumphant return of the tepee. Now its true that it would be deeply boring and visually oppressive if all houses were built this way. But the fact is if people who aren’t famously rich want earthquake, hurricane and tsunami protection, and afford nuclear blast protection for a bomb that hits a few kilometres away, if they have a bit of land to work with, and aren’t multi-millionaires, these are the sort of shapes we are looking for.

    And we ought to break that social and council oppression that would go against this. We’ve got to get out there and convince people that these ought not be considered eye-sores, or eccentric, or anything like that.

    Here is an example that appears to be able to resist a earthquake with an 8 on the Richter scale and can resist winds of 250 miles per hour.

    I’m 80% only 80% sure that this 2012 thing is a bit of a red herring if we are talking about nailing down catastrophes to a year. But its a good red herring since it might replace the CO2-emissions fraud. And also since it might start people thinking about our vulnerability to really terrible disaster that could hit us at any time.

    If we don’t want to see most of our friends dead and desperate foreign overlords showing up to take all our food, then we really want to over time morph to a situation where are buildings tend to be this tough.

  14. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.”

    They are just useless these intelligence agencies. They have to be judged harshly in this story. But our own intelligence agencies know of thousands of Chinese spies. And almost no-one here wants to see them gone. We somehow are so controlled by the left that its an actual social embarrassment to not want them here. They are a ticking time bomb and not un-reminiscient of that part of the briefly victorious Nixon peace plan that left tens of thousands of Viet Cong in South Vietnam.

    Are we not in good enough a State of military readiness to kick these people out? Are we not in a state of budgetary readiness to line up a string of diplomatic punishments to China if they bitch about it right up to denying them coal and grabbing back all their investments?

  15. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Its not a generally understood definition at all. Its a general agreement to stooge the public with dishonest and Orwellian language. Its a lie. Because it equates CO2-emissions with warming. But CO2-emissions don’t warm the climate. They may cool the climate the tiniest amount. Or warm the climate the tiniest amount. But it would be abuse of the language to even mention this microscopic and contested effect.

    The point of your piece is that Rudd is being incoherent. But you yourself are being incoherent in the quote I excised.

    What is your definition of “climate change” If you think its generally agreed what it is? And how have you been manipulated into playing that small Judas Goat part which has you foisting a strategically dishonest phrase like this on the public?

    You have to break free of this. What do you mean by climate change? Why don’t you say what you mean? Because his statement was just moronic. And dishonest.

    9 Nov 09 at 3:15 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Reducing our local and national sovereignty is treason. Purely on a technical level this is treason. It ought not be just a technical matter though. The public ought to be out for blood for Rudd and the quisling Turnbull.

    Your agreed definition of “climate change” that you cannot describe to me… Its a lie by traitors and thats all it is. Its like everyone no longer understands what evidence is. You don’t have any evidence for the equivalence of CO2-Emissions with Climate-Change.

    We have to understand what a disaster is. Its every house in all directions flattened, the smell of carrion, and small children wandering out without parents destined to die of cholera or worse.

    Its not reindustrialisation. So lets all stop lying about it.

  16. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “It’s very obvious that this Phil sheila is not only nuts, but has caude to scratch her nuts quite often. That’s the price you pay for going the tuck.”

    No good coming back in disguise Pablo. And blow your nose for the love of god. You’ve been exposed.

    But such things are out of the question.”

    I only did that for your sake Pedro. On account of everyone seeing that you were becoming overcome with sexual jealousy and fear that I might go out and get her.

    And if you keep this up I’ll change this verdict. On account of you beginning to annoy me. You get too overconfident pal.

    If this is all about warring videos how does this one grab you?

    Everyone sees you man.

    Everyone finds you out.

  17. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Everything that Wilde said was true. One feels for his ultimate fate sodomite that he was. And yet most of what Pablo has said is bullshit. And still we must extend some sympathy to him even as he dresses up and slums-it as the boorish Warwick.

    Think of how the partners make the young lawyer work. They keep them in the offices around the clock and there is simply no time for them to meet members of the opposite sex that are not in the office and not taken by the machinations of the senior partners.

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