Posted by: graemebird | November 9, 2009


I’ve decided that the meme virus that has begun to call itself libertarianism is actually a Judas Goat. It will help murder more people than communism. Mostly of course, because the population of the planet is now higher than it was in 1917, and the prospects were less good for global dictatorship than they are now.

Just consider two comments from a recent thread in the site selling-out-freedom.

“Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Comment by Yobbo | November 7, 2009″

“I think Monckton is going a bit OTT here.

Yes, we’ll sign up to a new international treaty… and, yes, to some degree that transfers some power to an international body. And yes, such a process could easily lead to a world government at some stage.

But we’re still a very long way away from that. And this is only another small step. Let’s not over-dramatise.

Comment by John Humphreys | November 7, 2009″


“Well you don’t want to over-dramatize another nail in the coffin of humane civilisation Humphreys. Because you are helping cause it. What is the gains to be made from playing it down? You want to play up an unscientific and fake campaign. And now you want to underplay a move towards our destruction.

Comment by graemebird | November 8, 2009″

Yobbo and Humphreys are both Judas Goats its true. Is yobbo supposing that we DON’T think of the children? The one who will be starved off and murdered? The ones that will never escape poverty? And neither of them are libertarians even by the wildest stretch of the imagination. But both these guys are very much representative of the the Judas-goat meme-virus that has begun to call itself libertarianism.

Note the idiocy and insanity of Jason Soon, an anti-libertarian, fully against Ron Paul, a year ago demonically in favour of Soetoro. Consider the insanity of him habitually. HABITUALLY equating an authentic libertarian with Pol Pot, and Stalin.

Well Jason hates libertarianism. But nonetheless he is very much a representative of the Judas Goat meme that has come to call itself libertarianism.

Already with a global treaty looming, all of our leaders about to commit treason, given that test, the Judas goat faux-libertarians, in public FAILED that test.

The worst thing about this is the Judas Goat meme has made the destruction of humane civilisation bipartisan in the Australian economics fraternity. So the hot house pressure-cooker of the public service, banking and academia has slowly forced even rightest economists, and even pretty good rightest economists, in the direction of our destruction.

I hope I’ve been waking people up to this in small measure, and getting them to rethink some of their ideas, and how they are somehow being forced to talk in strategically destructive ways and support strategically destructive policies.



  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Anyone that thinks that scholasticism was anti-scientific has never heard of William of Occam, Duns Scotus, and the like Even Roger Bacon who is not normally classed a scholastic is arguably within that tradition. ”

    Its no shame to have a clear loss from CL Philomena-Mazda.

    Its no worse then Spitz being beaten by Eric Heiden.

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “I’d take a rough stab and say, personally i wouldn’t worry about this at all, Warwick”

    But it is worrying Warwick/Pedro. And has been worrying him for some time. The hours that they make these young legal graduates work is shocking. They basically live in dungeons with folders all around them for years. All the girls in the office are sexy sure. But they are the exact compromise between workhorse and show pony, and they are a sort of UN of sexy. Since they too have to be doing the long hours. And it becomes so terribly incestual. But the Partners poke these young workhorses virtually right in front of Pedro/Warwick, in the pub dunny as it were, and then they make Pedro cover reams more work.

    So this is why he’s been letting his mind run wild and its just burning him up.

    10 Nov 09 at 5:41 am

  3. our comment is awaiting moderation.
    “I’d take a rough stab and say, personally i wouldn’t worry about this at all, Warwick”

    Look at the incredible toll long hours take on the psyche of these people. Here the lawyerly Cambria falls into the role of a senior partner in the law firm comforting Pedro/Warwick. Comforting him on his best guess that me and Philomena are not an item and not going to be one.

    This all falls into memories of deleriously long hours and the people on the 30-something men on the 36th floor marrying the girls FROM THE SAME FIRM on the 34th floor.

    I worked in the bank. I saw it all. The legal firm can be similar. The amount of booze and long hours was just incredible.

    10 Nov 09 at 5:48 am
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