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Policy Reform For Better Building Design/Ease Of Consolidation.

I think we now know the primary reason the pyramid of Giza was built. Speaking of Joe Parr.

“….. (Joe) found out all pyramids, whether they are small model pyramids, or the great pyramid of Giza, has a “bubble” or “orb” or “energy field” surrounding it. Sometimes its strong. Sometimes its weak. Sometimes it disappears. But when it is strong, he could simulate it and strengthen it in the lab. IT BECOMES A BLOCK/SHIELDING EFFECT and blocks out all forms of radiation. Even electromagnetic radiation. EVEN GAMMA RADIATION. Which are the most potent, powerful, energy (forms) in the universe . NOW what he tried to find out was what affects the field. Because he noticed that, at the end of 1979 until 1980 the energy field started to disappear. And then several years later it came back. And then it wasn’t until years he discovered the answer: HE FOUND OUT THAT THIS ENERGY FIELD, AROUND THE PYRAMIDS, WERE DIRECTLY RELATED TO SOMETHING THAT ASTRONOMERS HAD DISCOVERED, AT THE CENTRE OF OUR GALAXY KNOWN AS THE GREAT ANNIHILATOR…..”

So said Dr John DeSalvo on June 11 2008 on the Coast To Coast radio show. He goes onto say that this shielded region (on any sort of pyramid at all), switches on and off in accordance with the activation of the galactic centre. The galactic centre is the heavy dark rift at the centre of the universe that is thought to have a mass of 8 million suns. I have been putting about the idea, publicised and theorised about by Paul LaViolette and others, that this galactic centre can explode, leading to gamma ray bursts, but also leading to a shockwave, of undetectable constituency, that disturbs gravity, and therefore can touch off supernova explosions, volcanic activity and earthquakes. coronal eruptions, and I have extrapolated to suggest exploding planets as well. The way DeSalvo describes it, it appears that by its nature, a pyramid-shaped structure works a bit like (my analogy) those self-activated sunglasses. That become darker as the light grows stronger. These glasses are a mystery to me. So don’t go all smug at this theory of pyramids before you can explain how those prescription sunnies work. Because it turns out that Joe Parr’s work is fully repeatable in the lab.

The implications of all this are obvious. I’m sorry they are. Bully-Boy advocates of the status quo have to live with the conclusion. The implication is that we have to come up and apply a formula, that strengthens yet alters freehold, such that there is far more consolidation of existing land plots which will lead to the development of wider plots that can lead to the building a great deal of these pyramidal shaped buildings. And otherwise of buildings that can be made super-resilient, that can provide for a continuing glut of living and working space, and that can survive the sort of stress from nuclear attack, earthquakes, and other natural disasters more catastrophic then anything seen before in history.

I originally started thinking of pyramids and cone-shaped buildings as being important simply to be able to develop a fairer society via ubiquitous oversupply of land substituting high-rise. Now as it turns out, the reforms necessary in this department are also necessary for the mere survival of our liberty, independence, and survival PER SE. If a pyramidal building can be designed to block out all sorts of radiation, including that from nuclear fallout (I shall need to check this one) but also X-Rays and Gamma-Ray explosions from our sun or from elsewhere in the galaxy, then this is the icing on the cake to all the other improvements that the ability to easily build these and other hyper-resilient and volumnous buildings would bring.

Now bear in mind. We don’t want, nor ought we put up with, socialists pointing at the sky, and when you are looking up, raiding your wallet and then turning out these ugly eye-sores that look like they were built at the post-office. Rather we need to persuade local councils, state governments and our Federal Government to review all our laws and tax policies with this sort of thing in mind, and see if they can both strengthen free-hold and yet make it more amenable to what we are talking about here.

These long skinny flimsy rectangular buildings where the only thing you can really do in them is send the suits to type and talk, well this simply makes no sense anymore. We need cone-shaped buildings that can straddle roads, Domed affairs that can have goats and other farm animals still walking over them with their grass-growing land-area unimpaired, and pyramids, pyramids pyramids. If you are thinking this all sounds too weird and embarrassing to mention in public, I feel the same way too. But there is no escaping the logic of this.

Not only are domes, cones and pyramids the most sturdy of all structures ceteris parabis. They are far cheaper to build then conventional buildings. We have our entire expensive, flimsy and feeble building technology brought down to us via the path-dependency of our freehold practices. So finding a way around all this will lead to an explosion of potential wealth the likes of which has scarcely been imagined before.

Domes particularly are almost shockingly easy to build. Dig a hole. Blow up a balloon. Pour the first mold over the balloon and let it set. Go from there. The first mold being strong enough to have workmen crawling all over it, yet still cost-effective enough to cut through.

Of course in the wrong hands, in hands that don’t think strengthening-and-not-weakening-freehold is all that important….. In those hands these ideas would be a curse. Since these ideas could be taken up for wicked purpose and in particular to undermine capitalism, and the idea of the voluntary or contractual society.

The libertarian Judas Goats will be baying for blood at the above. Because in their world these sorts of assurances are only a bait and switch. And we find ourselves in the same situation as we would for congestion charging. Good in principle, absolutely necessary as soon as possible, but yet we must oppose the sort of people currently promoting such schemes. People who have made quite clear no compromise is possible with them.

So the pyramid was built to shield something or some people from a disaster of the sort that would come from a galactic centre explosion. The pyramid of Giza was built to protect from the disasters we have been talking about. The galactic centre explosions that can explode stars (ie create supernovae) Explode planets, create coronal mass ejections, and create a chain of disasters here on earth. The Pyramid was made such that it would shield things and people from not only the gamma ray burst that comes with these galactic centre events and supernova explosions. But also from the subsequent myriad catastrophes that radiate out from these powerful galactic centre events.



  1. how we can build a pyramid to protect against natural disaster? what is the main purpose to position a pyramid and which is the best one . Thanks

  2. I cannot tell you the answer to these questions but I can put you on to people who can tell you the answer.

    Check out “korvello”. The boss is J Korvello. Could be Jose as in Hoh-zay. If you find his businesses website you will have his email there. And he’s likely to return any email you send to him.

    But for the specifics of what John DeSalvo is talking about above. With the potential to block out even gamma radiation and that more esoteric stuff, the scientist you would need to consult on some design specifics would be a fellow called
    Dan Davidson. He was a colleague of Joe Parr who did all these experiments.

    Here he is here:

    This is actually a little bit of a disturbing youtube. Because something he says at least opens the possibility for disaster resulting from alignment alone. I myself am not hung up on the 2012 date. But its a bit nasty to even find one factoid that appears to open the possibility that the legendary date could be important.

    The fact is we have to harden our act up generally. For nuclear war. For electromagnetic pulse attacks from nukes exploded high up. And from EMP attacks coming from our own sun. And certainly alignment can play a big part in these massive solar flares.

    The really big disasters. The extinction events, don’t appear to go in for this alignment timing. So we want to “make haste slowly” as Julius Ceasar says. Get the place hardened up at a steady pace. But don’t think its a last chance drive to 2012.

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