Posted by: graemebird | December 8, 2009

The First Supernova After The Galactic Centre Explosion Is The Worst.

Here are some ideas taken from the big interview of Paul LaViolette.

Periodicity of Galactic Superwaves taken from the ice core records. Peaks of cosmic rays:

1. 28,000 years
2. 11,500 years
3. 5,700
4. Smaller events of maybe every 500 years.

Paul thinks we are overdue for a pretty big event already. Overdue doesn’t sound real good. Like it may be a thing that has built up a head of steam. 5300 years ago there was a small event. Climate cooled and dried rather inexplicably at that time for maybe 20 years.

Superwaves from the galactic centre trigger supernovas. And one large superwave can trigger a number of supernova’s the results of which will reach the earth at widely different times. For example the Vela supernova occurred when a superwave was moving through our area. The Crab Nebula is a further 6000 light-years further away. That went off (ie the effects made it to earth) July4 1054 AD. But both supernova’s are from the same superwave. The new supernova remnants tend to line up on an ellipsoidal event horizon. This is indicating that most of the big supernova’s seen from earth in human history were popped by a single nasty galactic superwave. The same one that caused Vela.

Now what I’m saying is that Vela was the closest. Only 815 or so light-years from us. And clearly it was much nastier. So we get the hit of the wave itself. Then the second hit from the first and closest supernova associated with that superwave. Clearly out of all the supernovas Vela was the nastiest. And the rest tended to trend less damaging after that.

This ties up with an interesting idea that came about when I was trying to pin down when the Quaternary extinction event was. Some said is was around about 12,400 years ago. But more recent entries tended to focus on 11,700 or so years ago. Now I wish I could mentally navigate the galaxy. But we see how these could both be true, with the superwave hitting us 12,400 years ago and the even worse damage coming in 700 years later from a star bursting 800 or so light-years away. The first supernova after the galactic centre explosion is therefore likely to be the worst. This need not always be the case. Since you can imagine a supernova virtually directly toward the galactic centre from us but closer in. Its result might reach us not long after the superwave itself. Then you imagine if a very large unstable star 100 light-years further out, and directly in line with us and the centre blew up. Then we could get a super-big blast two hundred years after the superwave first hits us. But generally speaking it will be the early, and likely the first, supernova associated with any explosion that will do the most damage. And the trend to the damage here on earth will tend to be downwards with subsequent supernovae after that.



  1. Food for thought, don’t you think?

    “Two whistleblowers, both formerly involved in secret research and development projects undertaken by US defense agencies, have independently verified their secret teleportation to US bases on Mars, and to meeting intelligent Martian extraterrestrial life. Their accounts are now available on the Internet, and can be seen below in this article.”




    I didn’t think they had any moon rockets?

  3. Right. The comment was off-the-cuff. I meant it as an example of how Washington seems to operate these days. They seem to actively encourage conspiracies as cover for what else they may be up to. Here I’m not talking the administration. But the taxeater lifers.

    So when I went to look into the plane that went into the Pentagon. In the end, although I cut it short, I was pretty convinced it happened that way. But the way they have dealt with the information is like they seem to have gone out of their way to rope-a-dope suspicious types. And the effect of this is to give them cover elsewhere.

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Is it too late to stop this madness? Look if the bigshots who are going to buy all our strategic paternity of wharves, if these people were serious wharf-builders, and powerfully effective operators of wharves, why aren’t they building new wharves? Why do they have to get our wharves in a deep pocket auction that cuts any legitimate aspiring wharf-operator out of the picture?

    The fact of the matter is we are dealing with rent-seekers, asset-strippers, and merchants-of-debt. This is a steal, strip and splurge operation. This is crony-town getting together with politicians whose willingness to buy votes is endless.

    They will tax you up to the gills, borrow as much as they can after that, and its still not enough so they will sell stuff that is not theirs, that they did not build.

    How are our neoclassical zombie-economists in all of this? The consultants presiding over this asset stripping.

    Try talking to them about how they ought to be setting things up such that people are constantly building new wharves up and down the coast. Try telling them we need a rules-based approach such that a wharf-builder need never have to spend time schmoozing with politicians to get on with the building of wharves. You will not get anywhere talking to the neoclassicals in this fashion. They will act as though you are speaking in some foreign language not yet made accessible to missionaries and experts in linguistics.

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Antarctic ice melt is 196 gigatons per year (2006)
    There is no alternative, the polar caps control the world’s climate.”

    Here we have the statement that the Antarctic is melting at the rate of 196 gigatonnes per year. Followed by the confession that this is only a statistic for a single year. This is also out of context with the known fact that the Antarctic has been on a cooling trend for some decades now.

    Let your heart not be troubled when it comes to the Antarctic ice. It is the case that putting the peninsula aside, and perhaps some of the ice on the coast, the vast majority of that ice cannot melt. It won’t melt. It cannot. Because the vast bulk of it is at about-60 degress Celsius so you need to heat this up a truly monstrous amount first prior to being within a coo-ee of melting point.

    “the polar caps control the world’s climate” last I heard you guys were saying it was CO2 that controlled th worlds climate.

    Antarctica is largely cut off from the rest of the worlds climate. She is cut off by the circumpolar current. A vastly more powerful current then the gulf-stream. While this remains the case, we will be on a planet, that lurches more or less automatically to being too cold, and not the other way around.


  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I picked up the Australian this very morning. First thing I see at the news-stand is Bligh fast-tracks asset sell-off. Bligh sweetens asset sell-off.

    What else can be done to stop this? Can it be physically stopped? We’ve got to prioritise here. Some of you lefties ought to put some of the other causes on the back-burner and bring this one forward. This is a major-league emergency. If these sales go ahead there will be a determined vanguard of bankers and bigshots that will see to it that nothing more ever gets built. After all their debts will need to be paid right?

    The neoclassical asset-sellers, will see to it that we get further tangled up with, and under obligation to, entities that constitute our only strategic threat.

    This in the context of the inevitable roll-back of American cover. So its not just our paternity we are fighting for here. We have to turn back on this path that inevitably leads to us becoming a captive nation or having to physically expel invaders.

    I don’t know what to do myself. Please come up with suggestions. I can’t think of anything so I’m going to post a horror-file of statements from neoclassical “zombie-economists” that show the tell-tale signs of anti-holism. Statements by neoclassical types that show historical, cultural, political and strategic ignorance. I reckon they are ignorant of economics too but thats an whole other story.

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I think we need to put some little-discussed environmental problems on the front-burner.

    1. Overfishing.

    2. Particulates in coal.

    3. Fresh water. Look why can we not get oversupplied with fresh water? Why not have endless fresh water to spare?

    If we have that, and the convincing evidence kicks in with the CO2, with massive oversupply of fresh water thats a problem we can quickly and cheaply deal with.

    We aren’t sure how things will work with our population. What if there is a nuclear war in the Northern hemisphere and we have tens of millions of refugees? We are going to have to have them as guest workers at the very least. My point is that why plan five to ten years ahead with fresh water? Why not put it on the front-burner and go for 100 years? Why not go for three, four or ten times what we really feel we need? To make sure it isn’t a bottle-neck of truly ghoulish proportions in some terrible future.

    4. Particulates in coal. If we can get rid of the particulates not only might it be healthier for many people. But it might open up a more competitive energy market. What I don’t get with the neoclassicals is they never seem to aspire to have a proper, organic, non-cronyist market?

    5. An electromagnetic pulse attack. This can come from a nuclear power. If they are not inhumane enough to actually wipe out Sydney they can close us down with a nuke many kilometres in the air. It would take down the whole East Coasts power grid.

    Burn out the electronics in all your modern cars. We wouldn’t have the electrical equipment to fix the elecrical equipment. We could go into freefall and never come out. It would be an open invitation for invasion.

    But the fact of the matter is that nature will come up with this EMP effect. And could do so at any time. So what we have to do is have ubiquitous surge-protection.

    In this regards Rudd may have gotten something right quite by accident. I doubt he was thinking of an EMP-event when he put together this idea of beefing up our underground communications network. It must be just dumb luck surely? Maybe I’m being mean-spirited.

    But to rely on satellites is just risky. Nice while you have them, but we must not rely on them. We must have excess capacity built up underneath the ground, and everything with built-in surge protection.

    Below is the full horror-story on the electro-magnetic pulse attack. Remember it can be caused by both humans and by nature. Nature will get around to attacking us this way. No doubt about that at all.

    If you don’t think our creditors will do this to us, this is neither here nor there. Because nature has this in store for us and most likely heading towards us from elsewhere in the galaxy as we speak.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “The entire privatisation scheme should be scrapped, and debate over the the desirability of asset sales, and the way to generate the best value for the public should be started from scratch”

    Accept no substitutes.

  10. Taya you don’t know what these guys are up to? On the face of things giving contraceptives to poor women is fine. But its industrialisation that is the best contraceptive. And you don’t know thats all these people are doing. There are horrid strains of eugenicist thought about the place

    Plus its dirty business bringing in the CO2 business when you know thats crap science. Don’t be giving these people money until you can vouch for their non-nazi credentials.

    Comment by graemebird | December 9, 2009

  11. “Then there’s David Bellamy’s tale of being canned from a very successful science-popularizer gig on the BBC because he dared to speak anti-AGW heresy.”

    If they are effective they will be targeted. One time I was on the wikipedia attempting to deal with these communists and there was this big discussion going where they were claiming David Bellamy wasn’t a scientist. This was maths-boy 101 computer programming types talking (I’m thinking of the Wiki-wrecker William Connelly) and computer “scientists” you know the usual crowd of bludgers. Anyway they reckon that Bellamy isn’t a scientist. I remember when I was a kid he already had seven degrees. Naturally enough Bellamy was appalled by this racket. And because he was effective they went after him.

    Dr Marohasy became powerfully effective when she had those four threads wherein she dissected each study proposed to be evidence for more than negligible CO2-warming. No-one could find a single study that fit the bill. Not as proof. But just as evidence.

    Its a data and attribution problem. They have to build the CO2 record and then relate it in a causal way to warming. We could probably do it if we wanted to prove that CO2 cools. I mean we could build a case at least, just looking at the graphs.

    First you need a good CO2 record. But the proponents are so useless that after 100 billion dollars they haven’t got around to producing an accurate record. The last time someone (Beck) pitched them one for free they spent all their time mocking it.

    If you don’t have an accurate record you need to build one with at least a three-way proxy study. And it cannot be a proxy, like tree-ring-growth, that is going to mess with your temperature study. You cannot relate tree-ring growth to warming, if you know that CO2 is going to directly enhance tree-ring growth. Just a note for the incompetent science worker, Michael Mann, to get it right next time.

    The wamers haven’t begun to find real evidence. They have not even constructed the CO2 record in the satisfactory way described, and are not the least bit interested in doing so.

    So it was really about that time that the Doctor became effective and a threat to this movement. Obviously I don’t know how this racket manages to do what it does, but if they can declare David Bellamy a non-scientist and start cutting him off at the knee-caps, then they can probably get to anyone.


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