Posted by: graemebird | December 9, 2009

Microscopic-Liquid-Water/ Designer Warming “Gas.”/ The Key To Settling This Science.

Just because the H2O molecules are microscopic and airborne does not make them a gas. If you want to really understand what is going on track back to what I was saying about the characteristics of a designer warming gas. I said it would be heavy for one thing. Its not water vapour which fits this bill. Its microscopic liquid water.

We have been suckered in a lot of ways. Blinded since we don’t think water is liquid if it is airborne and it is in a form smaller than a droplet. We cast it all under the rubrick of “water vapour.”

But the whole key to this story is microscopic liquid water. Because if this story were only about water vapour and rain, then water vapour would be the planetary refrigerant par excellence. The water vapour, absorbing so much from above and below would just travel on up, it would rain, the latent heat of condensation would be let out in all directions, but since there is more air below then above….. because of this, more than half of that heat would be as good as lost in space right there. Water Vapour is the oceans sweating. Water Vapour would be the cooling gas. But because airborne H2O, is always going backwards and forwards between water as vapour, and also as microscopic liquid water, then THIS microscopic-liquid-water, is what serves as the proxy for our designer warming gas.

We saw that CO2 was no good as a warming gas, except perhaps at night, or to some extent in association with overturning. We saw that Ozone was a fine warming gas if you lived on the highest mountain peaks. We said that a really good warming gas would be powerfully heavy. And it would only absorb the low end. So then it would act like the fat short-stop, catching all the balls, being driven outside of the diamond, then coming back to home base, still catching balls and banging into the other fielders on the way in.

But while we might find heavier and heavier gases as candidates to do this job, there is no gas that is going to be as heavy as the microcopic airborne liquid water we are talking about here. This is the whole key to the entire story of this tawdry and wrong notion to do with the make-believe “greenhouse effect.”


  1. “If Hunter, Birdie and his mates were half serious they would have been at the sceptics so-called challenge in Copenhagen.”

    Right. What am I going to do? Get myself another credit card? You see if you are on the religious side of this argument you can get your trip paid. Everyone and his momma is going on the dumb side of the argument. Clover Moore and a bunch of others are going. It seems every elitist taxeating bludger in the world gets to go to Copenhagen just so long as they are on the stupid side. Climate Rationalists might need to hitch-hike on a fishing boat. There will be so much stupid assembled in Copenhagen that you might almost expect the ground to open and just to swallow everyone. I’m not sure I’d want to be anywhere near these people. What we want to do is forge a plan to keep them in Copenhagen. And for them never to come back. How would that be? The economy would probably experience a step change upward. The level of discourse would be improved. People may start being kinder to eachother.

  2. I don’t think we can get too upset about the leaking when its to do with public servants betraying the public. These people live off the benevolence of the ripped off taxpayer. They are supposed to be conducting scientific research. It would be bad enough if they were indeed doing scientific research. But they decided to betray the taxpayer and instead of conducting scientific research they thought that they would conduct a Gramscian campaign of lies.

    Even if it was, in some cases, their private emails made from their private computers, from their private houses still the fact is that they live off other people. Hence while we would normally respect their property rights we ought not be overly absolutist about it. These are after all socialists, who themselves do not believe in, and are actively antagonistic towards, personal, local and national sovereignty. We would normally respect their rights for the most part. But we don’t want to be silly about it. Because they are in fact traitors and quislings by any sane definition. Whoever leaked the emails surely made a judgement call. I think ethics is on his side on balance.

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that Sinclair Davidson and Joseph “Crazy Legs” (The Bankster) Cambria will always be scumbags no matter whether they are right or wrong.

    Though I could be wrong in Sinclairs case. I do not know his attitude. He has a thread showing that I was right and he was wrong. I was trying to get him and SOON and others to stop taking the liver quiver approach to whether they think an ETS will do great harm or not and actually sit down and use their training and put together a process to find out. Anything they put numbers to is going to be an underestimate. But he picked up some numbers and ran with it and he immediately gets a much bigger damage bill then his liver-quiver approach told him prior.

    Now he might be on the side of angels here. He might be saying to himself, yes Graeme really had a point. Or he might be being a mean-spirited little bitch.

    We can be sure that Cambria is being a mean-spirited little bitch. Because his about-face on deficit spending has not brought with it the acknowledgement that the ignorant wop was wrong and that I was right.

    Cambria used to work for Merril Lynch. Proven failures and welfare recipients. He may still work for these losers. Now we have the Premier of Queensland lead astray by these bums. I read in the newspaper that Anna Bligh is being advised by two sets of merchant banking parasites. First we have the proven bums Merrill-Lynch. And then we have the mysterious Rothschilds. One of the shadiest and most inscrutable names in all banking history.

    What the flying fuck is Anna taking advice from these shit-heads for? In the case of the Lynch-mob, they cannot even handle their own act and are on multiple government aid life-support the fucking bludgers.

    And of course they have given her the worst possible advice. Morons. Bloodsuckers. They want her to sell all the railways together in one hit. Which means we have destroyed the railways as a viable transport option in the twenty-first century in Queensland. Simple as that.

    Now we will have a massive sale price which will get eaten up in the never-ending insatiable taxeater orifices. And the Lynch-mob and Rothschild intriguers will see to it that there is never any hope of competition ever while the debt remains outstanding, for yea while our bankers couldn’t create wealth in any shape or form they sure know how to fucking lock in their economic rent.

  4. Its nice to see that you are paying attention to the science after all this time. We must understand that an economist who tries to put forward policy without the science is someone who understands neither science nor economics.

    Bear in mind that there is no such thing as a greenhouse gas. Nor any such thing as the greenhouse effect.

    Comment by graemebird | December 11, 2009

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    The goal of getting a high sale price is directly antithetical to the establishment of a functioning industry post-sale. The goal of getting a high sale price ought then be abandoned. The merchant bankers are advising the governor poorly. And why would we expect otherwise? This is about the most foolish selloff we’ve seen in a long time. We have people who just don’t seem to know what they are doing. To sell it all in one hit to one corporation? Can we not get people who understand the foolishness of this?

  6. I fail to see how H2O is a gaseous state will be lighter than H2O in a liquid state. It is a bit like suggesting that tennis balls get lighter when you bash them with a racket and that they then get heavier when you catch them and put them in your pocket.

  7. Think a little bit more and it may come to you. Water Vapour is lighter than the air around it. So you tell me which is heavier per cubic centre-metre?

    A bucket of water?

    Or a bucket of air?

    Why does water gas go up to mid-troposphere and solid then liquid water fall back down to earth?

    You will click on this one if you just think about it. To be a warming “gas” we want something that will fall because it is more dense than the molecules of air around it. We want the average molecule to be warmer, and yet more dense than the air molecules around it so that it will fall on average and warm the air around it.

    Balloons and tennis balls don’t get lighter when you pop them. But they do get more dense.

  8. The idiot John Humphreys strikes again. Notice that he has to lie about my position on all matters to try and keep his utter idiocy in the air.

    Humphreys here mis-chaacterises everything I’ve ever said. The problem being is that he is too much of a moron to understand anything I say. We saw what a light-weight he was when he got in a debate with Gerry Jackson. At no time could we have been confident that he understood a thing that Gerry was saying.

    Here is his latest:

    1. There is no such thing as co2
    2. The $43b National Broadband Network is a good thing
    3. The government should ban voluntary banking
    4. We need more active industry policy

    My quick response that he will block is this:

    1. There is no such thing as co2

    There is such a thing as CO2. But there is no such thing as a greenhouse gas. Nor any greenhouse effect.

    2. The $43b National Broadband Network is a good thing

    I said that it could be dumb luck. Since people like you have no idea of how to set up a proper functioning market for infrastructure. And obviously we don’t want to lose all our communications when an electro-magnetic pulse destroys all our satellites. Amongst the many idiotic things you’ve said, this is right at the top of the list.

    3. The government should ban voluntary banking

    The government should in fact phase out and ban fractional reserve. Notice that in every case you have to tell lies to make your argument.

    4. We need more active industry policy

    Thats just a fact. You’d have to be an idiot to claim otherwise. Or are you in fact playing a wordgame. You are an idiot Humphreys. A moron. How are you going to bring the medical industry to a free enterprise model without an industry policy. An industry policy is a transition plan. You are just an idiot Humphreys. A complete twit. Economics can never be your strong suit. If anything your economics is more pathetic than your grasp of science.


    A little bit more on my view of the national broadcast Network. Since the bonehead neoclassicals buggered up the privatisation of telstra, just as they are about to bugger the privatisation of the railways in Queensland, its not clear that Telstra will of its own accord put together an underground capacity that does not rely too much on our rather delicate satellites. Our satellites will one day, and probably sooner rather than later, will be burnt out.

    For this reason I described the national broadcast network as possibly dumb luck. I said that it could be the right policy for the wrong reasons. There is no evidence that Humphreys so much as understood what I was saying. This is typical Humphreys. He is such a powerful idiot that even in five years time there is not likely to be any evidence that he comprehends what I’m saying.

    The idiot Humphreys says:

    “But it’s worse than that. With or without the GFC, there is no excuse for the National Broadband Network…..”

    SO I SEZ:

    As it turns out this is the right policy for the wrong reasons. We’ll be very lucky to get by more than a decade or two without all our satellites being fried. We want a lot of capability in the ground and in optical fibres. We’ve got to set up our electrical network to not be burnt out by an electromagnetic pulse. So there is a bit of dumb luck going for us here.

    What we need is ubiquitous surge-protection. As well as as much phone capability in the ground as we can get. If we have all that and our strategic threats get zapped that puts us in a good position for many years.

    Does anyone other than Humphreys NOT understand what I’m saying above? Obviously I would have fervently hoped that the economics fraternity had NOT cocked up the telstra privatisation. But they did. And they will continue to cock these things up. Particularly as they have no comprehensive industry policy when they go about these disastrous flog and splurge operations.

    Rudd and those guys are not hoping to beef up our underground fibre optic network because of the threat of an electro-magnetic pulse. They are doing it for other bizarre reasons. Like I said it could be dumb luck for us. Since we do indeed need an insurance policy of some sort. And an EMP will bring down all our satellites. But will not hurt our fibre optics.

  9. By the way Rudd is cocking up this NBN. If he is going to do it at all, being too stupid to come up with an industry plan for the communications industry, well then he ought to do it out of the surplus. But no. They are bringing the bankers into this one as well. Its not a socialist undertaking as one might have thought. Its another cronyist move. Its another private public partnership.

  10. Well Taya give me some feedback. Do you understand now?

    Water vapour can in no way, on its own, act like a warming gas. Since it will catch-and-block energy from both above and below and will high-tail-it upwards. If it turns to ice in the clouds it will let out an enourmous amount of latent heat. More than half of which ought to be considered lost in space.

    It is only the prospect of a lot of it turning into microscopic liquid water way prior to it reaching cloud level …….. it is only this propensity that makes this H2O mimic this idealised warming-gas that I’ve been talking about. And it is this phase-change of water that gives us the “warming” effect that is being mistaken for the non-existent “greenhouse” effect.

    There is no “greenhouse effect”. There is no greenhouse gases.

    I better add on top of this that even CO2 can act like a warming gas, but only to the extent that there is “overturning” in the troposphere. Mostly in daylight hours CO2, in the first instance, will act like a cooling gas. Only overturning turns this thing on its head.

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