Posted by: graemebird | December 9, 2009

WARMING GASES: To Reinforce This Outlook.

The backradiation (ie “greenhouse effect”) explanation of the way a warming gas is supposed to warm our atmosphere is actually incoherent. Since whereas other gasses will absorb and re-radiate the entire spectrum, a gas with “greenhouse” characteristics will re-radiate the spectrum, minus the absorption region. In the first instance thats a cooling effect to the normal standard gas molecules around that warming gas molecule. Since the gas that can absorb the infra-red of the spectrum, coming up from the ground, is hogging that part of the spectrum to itself.

So a warming gas doesn’t warm by re-radiation. This is a confused notion. Rather a warming gas has to be heavier than air. Its effect is a little ambiguous. It must warm by direct contact. It will do so to the extent that the warming gas molecules are warmer than the molecules around it and the warming gas molecules are still falling. Falling though they are warmer than the molecules around them. The warming effect ISN’T by re-radiation. Its by induction. And whether this gas warms or not is wholly dependent on context.

Its pretty clearly the case that CO2 isn’t a warming gas during the heat of the day. Otherwise it wouldn’t mix so well to such a high altitude. The three absorption regions must be taking your average CO2 molecule that starts off at the ground ….. well its three absorption regions must be taking your average CO2 molecule way up high quite quickly as a general rule of things.

You would really want to cut off the top two absorption regions and just leave the bottom one, should you wish to make a designer-warming-gas. You can semi-check what I’m saying be seeing if there is a good reason why Ozone and Argon, being heavier than air, don’t settle low-down and suffocate us. If what I’m saying is true Argon will have to absorb UV or high-infra or something. Part of the spectrum that Argon absorbs must come predominantly from the sun. Because Argon is heavier. So it would have to absorb the higher end stuff from the sun to keep it so well-mixed.

Also we have a problem with assuming that CO2 is a warming gas, on a planet that rotates pretty quickly. CO2 lacks the specific heat capacity to hold a lot of energy. This is where liquid water comes in. And also where the latent heat effect of water comes in overnight.

CO2 is really not the warming gas its cracked out to be. And we have to get rid of this notion of the “greenhouse gas”. Its a very foolish notion.


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