Posted by: graemebird | December 26, 2009

George Monbiot Continues To Lie About Volcanic Activity Following His Rigged Debate With Ian Plimer.

George Monbiot is doubling down on the lies he and Tony Jones made in the debate they had with Ian Plimer. Monbiot has a new article out reinforcing these lies indirectly. The article has the heading:

“Should climate deniers be allowed to speak on the Today programme?
Had the BBC done its research, Ian Plimer’s falsehoods would not been allowed to pass unchallenged”

WHAT FALSEHOODS WOULD THAT BE GEORGE YOU LIAR? George Monbiot isn’t about to answer that question. The falsehoods came from Monbiot and Jones. And Monbiot continues to reinforce these falsehoods almost daily by not admitting he has no clue as to the CO2 output of volcanoes.

Monbiot made an idiot of himself in that debate. It was Monbiot who refused to answer any questions on climate science. Whereas Plimer wrote a book on the matter and answered the questions in the book. He also answered the questions during the debate when he could get a word in edge-ways.

Plimer, during this rigup, made it quite clear where his estimate for volcanic CO2 was coming from. From the chemistry of sedimentary rocks. This was his proxy.

The Monbiot/Jones claims were total idiocy. It was outrageous. Since Monbiot and Jones, and this ought to be a sackable offense for Jones, chose to make gospel a 1991 study that claimed that sub-sea volcanic emissions and open air volcanic emissions were roughly similar. A self-evidently ridiculous contention in 2009.

It was George Monbiot who would answer no questions. Monbiot merely deflected the fact that it was he who would answer no questions, by claiming it was Plimer who would not answer any questions.

All Monbiot did was refuse to answer questions and claim frantically that it was Plimer who was doing this. In other words this was a frantic leftist reversal from Monbiot.

Plimer gave us enough facts for anyone with a brain to see that the claims of Monbiot and Tony Jones were utter idiocy. Plimer managed to mention, through constant interruptions from the liar and fraud George Monbiot, that there are an estimated 240,000 underwater volcanoes, and 68,000 kilometres of volcanic underwater rift zones.

So if industrial activity was to release 130 times as much CO2 as volcanoes. If this were the case as Monbiot and Jones, being complete idiots and liars, had claimed, this would be more than the CO2 output of a hypothetical 31,200,000 underwater volcanoes added to the equivalent of 8,840,000 kilometres of underwater riftzones. How on earth do the idiots Monbiot and Jones think this nonsense could even be possible? That many riftzones ringing endlessly around the globe in such a way as we could never get away from volcanic activity. Monbiot and Jones contend that this many volcanoes and this extent of riftzones would only let out approximately the same amount of CO2 as human industry. Morons like this ought not be employable beyond the cleaning of toilets or some such other menial job. We are in a culture now that makes idiots like Jones and Monbiot upwardly mobile. And this is cultural suicide. Such people should be pushed aside so that individuals who can do the job get the opportunity to excel. The success of our civilisation depends on this realisation.

So it was Monbiot, Tony Jones and anyone who fell for their charade, who were shown to be idiots during and after this alleged debate, and not Plimer. Anyone with any affinity for science would have understood this. Anyone who didn’t understand this has shown themselves up to be a failed analyst and ought not be teaching the children, as they often are.

Jones ought to be sacked over this attempt to mislead the public. I want someone to even come up with one fraudulent claim that they reckon Plimer has made. This is a lie. Plimer has made no such fraudulent claims. The fraud was carried over on the public by Tony Jones and George Monbiot. If this is not the case let the two of these miscreants come up with a credible estimate for volcanic CO2 release.



  1. “Should climate deniers be allowed to speak on the Today programme?
    Had the BBC done its research, Ian Plimer’s falsehoods would not been allowed to pass unchallenged”

    You just don’t know when to lay low you fraudulent lying cunt do you?

    Have you found that estimate for volcanic CO2 release yet?

    I don’t think you have you fucking fraud.

  2. Monbiot and Tony Jones have lied and claimed that humans put out 130 times the CO2 of volcanoes. This is a lie since it is based on the claim that CO2 output from below sea volcanoes and CO2 output from above sea volcanoes put out roughly the same amount of CO2.
    So we have seen Monbiot lie about this. We have seen Tony Jones lie about this. And now we see that dhogaza is belligerently willing to lie about this.
    The only person in this sorry mess not willing to lie is Plimer. He has an estimate based on the chemistry of oceanic sedimentary rocks. Thats not a lie. Its an informed estimate. So on the one side we have Monbiot, Jones and dhogaza lying. And on the other side we have Plimer using his expertise to make an estimate.
    So we know who the bad guys are here. You people have got to get around the other blogs a bit more. Or insist that skeptics be allowed unharrassed on your site. This incestuous and blinkered approach leaves you open to explosions of lynch-mob hysteria. In this case against a brilliant scientist who was telling the truth. And on the other side of a debate there was Tony Jones and George Monbiot putting about brazen lies.

  3. Tony Jones, George Monbiot and you are all supporting this lie. I don’t know or understand your leftist view of ethics. Its still a lie regardless of where it starts.
    Its not acceptable for Tony Jones, yourself, and Monbiot to be supporting this lie and passing this lie on, and lying yourself, using this lie. You hide behind institutions since with institutions there is no-one the rest of us can hold responsible. This is the lefts entire technique. They say this institution said this or that. But institutions cannot make claims. Only individuals can.
    Would you like to retract your support of this rubbish? Would you like to show that you don’t support this lie and that you accept that Plimer has made an honest estimate based on a single proxy?
    Or are you going to belligerently continue with this lie, not knowing who the individual was, who chose to highlight a study from 1991, that clearly got hold of the wrong end of the stick?

  4. Look I think dhogaza has made his choice. The record stands that it is Monbiot, Tony Jones, dhogaza and others willing to tell lies about volcanic CO2 release. And that Plimer has an informed estimate. We await a proper estimate. Don’t pretend to know the answer because you don’t.
    So Plimers telling the truth. And those that back the 130 times story are lying. Now it ought not matter that I cannot find the culprits who control the websites at the USGS. The fact that I don’t know their names is just immaterial . So we see the main technique here. The lie starts by individuals, who don’t need to be named, since they hide behind an institution. Then the lie is continued. By liars. One of them not being Plimer.
    All of a sudden we see the USGS being quoted everywhere as if it is some authority. Why? When the claim itself is just ridiculous. Unbelievable. You go to the wiki you cannot find a proper link on the extent of undersea rift zones. You go to scientific American you have another liar quoting the USGS. You go to Monbiots site and he is going out of his way to practice plausible deniability. You don’t see Plimer getting involved with any of this stuff.
    If Lambert and the rest of you think Plimers estimate is wrong, come up with your own estimate. Simple. But don’t be lying and telling people that above ground volcanic activity is anyway comparable to what happens under the sea. Because this is a clear lie.
    So lets have your estimates. Or your admission that you have done the wrong thing by Plimer. Its not OK to defame someone like this who did not do anything wrong. And who rather was set up with obvious collusion and the use of a brazen lie. Its not OK. You might think its OK but its not.

  5. “So volcanoes originate from sedimentary rocks.”
    Chris you just are not that smart are you? Not very bright. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    “Let’s see … who do I believe … the USGS or Graeme Bird. That’s such a tough question …”
    So you’ve made your choice to continue with this lie even after it was pointed out to you. Naturally one wants to give Tim Lambert a chance to back down on this matter. Perhaps the stupidity of the estimate didn’t occur to him. Perhaps he was rushed for time or something.
    But if he isn’t willing to back down and admit the lie on the USGS website. Then he too will be a clear liar. I have confidence that we will see his backdown.

  6. I’ve been emailing George Monbiot in order to persuade him to do the right thing. Here is an example:

    You have been busted lying about Volcanic CO2 Release you complete cunt.

    I await your backdown and apology to Ian Plimer.

    Fucking hurry up about it you cunt.

  7. The video has been good in a way. Its separated the failed analysts from the thoughtful. The youngsters don’t seem to know just how much the pursuit of truth has been a life-long obsession for Plimer. He used to be almost an extremist about it. He treated a creationist rather badly. I understand his anger, but its unlikely that he would act that way over having now had the benefit of being witness to the far more crazy secular beliefs. This is a man who lost a lot of money in court cases as a result of him attempting to debunk a fellow who claimed he had found Noah’s ark.
    Plimer was a bigtime skeptic back before the skeptics movement was hijacked by mindless leftists. He used to go around debunking feeble charlatans the whole time. The idea that his word would be doubted and a flagrant spoonbender charlatan type like Monbiot would be believed to me is just incredible.
    Always when Plimer was talking I’d be listening. Always I was aware that he was a first-rate intellect. He was the first person I ever saw who described Conservation as an asinine concept. And proposed that we ought to rather focus on biodiversity. That might seem like old hat but to me it was quite a stunning shift of thinking at the time.
    Posted by: Lamark | December 26, 2009 10:44 PM

  8. CO2 is plant food, assholes …

  9. Yes Indeed. See how feeble is their regard for nature. The cretins.

  10. The Monbiot Plimer debate on ABC was notable for more than Monbiot’s ad hominem attacks and Plimer’s poor memory. Tony Jones the Australian ABC TV host gets an honorable mention for another hatchet-job on non-compliant scientists. He previously smeared Prof. Frederick Singer (fair enough) but unforgivably gave him no right of reply, in the prelude to the “Swindle Debate” featuring four skeptics and eight warmists, which it appears was stage-managed by panelist Robyn Williams, the ABC’s climate science gatekeeper.

    In the Monbiot Plimer debate, both were given roughly equal time of reply. HOWEVER: Monbiot interrupted Plimer an astonishing eighteen (18) times. To which Jones intervened only twice after the event. Jones himself interrupted Plimer three (3) times. This behavior does NOT show up in transcript, only in the footage. Plimer interrupted Monbiot once. Both called the other side fraudulent, only Monbiot called Plimer a liar. Both Jones and Monbiot had the look of cats who had drunken their fill of milk after the mauling. Monbiot’s interruptions with adjudicator Jones’ complicity had ensured Plimer could not get a reply in edgeways.

    So to sum it up, it was Tony Jones of the ABC whose abyssmal performance stands out, followed by Monbiot for lack of any social grace. Plimer, reeling, but integrity intact, would have won by default, but for the star performer whom only the alert audience would have observed: the live footage of icy weather on the white snow-covered streets of Copenhagen behind Monbiot’s satellite screen.

  11. Oh for sure. Tony Jones ought to be publicly horsewhipped. There was evidence of him conspiring with Monbiot beforehand, in something Monbiot said on his blog. It sounded like he was laying down some sort of “plausible-deniability.”

  12. I admit I was a bit put off by the swearing, but your blog (that’s right, isn’t it) was the only site I found which laid out the background to Plimer’s position re the volcanoes. So thanks for that (and the expletives and the hard science make a really good mix, by the way). I can only expect that Jones, Williams and chums will be ramping up the evangelical invective and hatchet jobs on non-compliant scientists when the campaign by the new climate “Commissar” Flannery gets underway…

  13. Thanks for going around to that dirty lying Canadians place and giving him a bit of a serve. He’s got me blocked seven ways to Sunday. He deserves a punch in the guts. I don’t ming people getting things wrong. But that asshole is just a belligerent liar.

  14. What a stupid bunch of idiots there are here. I saw the debate. Plimer simply didnt, couldnt or wouldnt answer a single question. What a hot bed of Dunning Krugers this is. (The problem with morons is that they dont know they’re morons!) Just wait around for long enough and the proof of the (actual) science will become fairly obvious. Here is living proof of why mankind is probably doomed. Stupidity seems to be multiplying. Sheesh!

    • No that is not what happened. You were taken in by a lame trick.

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  16. I just saw these videos ( if they are the ones you are referring to ) ..

    I found that Monbiot is a mannerless journalist who interrupted Plimer .. but that’s a different story…

    What is truely amazing is that the original poster of the above blog ( scienceblogs ) is recommending us to “… start from Part 2 … ” because Part 1 talks about the leadked IPCC emails issue on which Monbiot says that there is “no excuse” ( explanation ) for whatever had been going on in those emails … !
    Is there any point in viewing part 2 and 3 after this ?

    The second amazing point :
    The thousands and thousands of other scientists and their papers/suggestions/ reviews have been conveniently kept out by IPCC top brass like Jones et al. and still Mobiot wants us to believe that there is Strong Evidence of man made global warming ?

    • Fucking idiot Dagos. Have-a some-a more Macaronis.

      • Do you mean to say that this Moon-bot is not a Jew?

      • Monboit, you ask is he Jewish? I thought he was, but his wikipedia entry makes no mention. This site does however;

        The funny thing about him is that his stance on some issues I find admirable, such as his opposition to Javanese transmigration into Western New Guinea. His style of argument I find fundamentally flawed and frankly, less than perfectly honest. Yet his self-publication of his finances infers a high standard of personal probity. On the other hand, perhaps it is, as James Dellingpole writes, a case of “motive fallacy”, that just because one has a particular financal interest, one’s opinion becomes untrustworthy. Dellingpole quotes Jamie Whyte: ‘A man may stand to gain a great deal of peace and quiet from telling his wife that he loves her. But he may really love her nevertheless.’

        His political position is confusing, he disavows both anarchism and Marxism, but he is certainly of the Left (note, I am not here inferring that anarchism is of the Left). He is an avowed anti-libertarian. So central authority at once springs to mind. I have a hunch he would approve of a benevolent oligarchy of self-righteous twats controlling the entire world. World Government Monbiot-style. Ought to get that Korean rapster to compose a campaign ditty.

      • I don’t know if he is a Hebe but he is a fucking idiot Dago for damn sure.

        Have-a some-a Mozzarella widda ya spaghettis, Christ-Killing Son of a Bitch.

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