Posted by: graemebird | February 15, 2010

Remembering The Ron Paul Campaign/Fairweather Friends/Faux-Libertarians/National Republic Fishing Expedition.

I planned to quit blogging for a couple of years. But some threads write themselves. I think I can be successful at cutting back my time spent at the computer by about two thirds. And don’t expect many threads at all. Just a few posts, cutting and pasting from other sites.

But as I said some threads write themselves. Because someone linked from a site that I had only written at once during the Ron Paul Presidential campaign. This was after the incident which gave us the litmus test as to who on the right really did have the cause of liberty in their hearts. To be fair to some on the right, the Ron Paul social contract, when it came to matters of war and peace, was too fringe for some people to contemplate as being workable and not some sort of sellout to evil bullies. Within the framework of an orginalist understanding of the constitution, the Ron Paul way of thinking would work very well. Ron could be an isolationist President. But if Congress declares war despite Ron’s attempts to raise the war threshold, then Ron has will have the near-total support of the country, he will win the war quickly, and bring everyone home quickly.

The other thing is that something very weird has happened. For one of the few times in history a hegemon has gotten to a point where its offensive capacity has been adequately emphasised. But it has oddly done a pitiful job in defense. Wise old war doctrine said that excessive reliance on defensive capacity alone was delusional. And one tends to agree. But before the election the Americans wouldn’t even guard their borders adequately, or take measures to shore up their sovereignty, or thin down the public service enough to be able to run coherent policy. A Ron Paul Presidency would have been magnificent. Precisely because he would have to meet the Congress halfway and a more sensible middle ground might have been had.

I’m often taking a shot at John Humphreys, but where it came to Ron Paul he was fairly solid in his support. And this positive side to his character must be remembered as well as his flaws, as he helps take down the milky bar kid, and the poxy Prodeo-wing dominated party that stands behind the Ruddster. Here we finally have a job for Humphreys. Just hammer Rudd. It could be a beautiful thing. Hurt the biggest scoundrel and the rest of the party will hurt too. Finally a pretty good job for the Humphreys talents. And it may keep him from doing great harm elsewhere.

Anyway to reprise the great controversy which tested the faux-libertarian commitment to liberty, here are a few posts of mine from that dark controversy, that the National Republic started. We are dredging up an ugly episode of history. But one that the right has to learn from:

January 14, 2008 at 1:41 pm
I don’t see the statements as being racist. More to do with excessive conspirational tendencies.

We have to recapture the time and place. It was the high watermark of race-based policies in America. All this cultural relativism and multi culti jive. It was a time when the serious policing concepts that Rudi brought to New York hadn’t rolled out over the country. A time where the massive crime rates were yet to be rolled back.

I reject the charge of racism on any of them. Like I said its just an excess of conspirational thinking. We can have too little of that too. Too little of that sort of thinking and we are all taken for a bunch of suckers.

This was a massive fishing expedition by the National Republic. If they had done it to their own pages they would have a thick file on themselves. These exerpts are from years and years of newsletters. And most of them are fair enough. Only one or two of them look like they come out of someone who at the time was somewhat paranoid and despairing.

They really aren’t that bad. In fact they amount to proof of the almost squeaky-clean nature of these guys. If someone followed me and the rest of us around for the last twenty years and logged everything we’ve said or written I’d like to think they would have a massive amount of incriminating material. There really is very little there.

So the rest of the writing must have been righteous.

We are letting the leftists lob grenades into our camp. We ought to stick by both Ron Paul and Lew in this hour and start putting it back on the big government types. The New Republic could never stand up to this sort of scrutiny for starters.

We should stop this frenzy.

You all should Chant “Ron Paul Lew Rockwell Ron Paul Lew Rockwell” about twenty times and get your heads right. These guys are incredible champions of liberty and we can forgive them a bit of conspiracy theory now and then.

Everyone seems to be playing by the leftists rules and social norms and we ought to stop it and get behind our mates.

graemebird Says:

January 14, 2008 at 1:53 pm
“I am sick at heart. My man Ron Paul and the movement is dead as far as the Presidential campaign is concerned unless the person(s) who wrote the racist articles in the Ron Paul newsletters steps forward and explains all in full and exonerates Dr. Paul.”

You don’t understand these Jackals on the other side. It won’t do a damn thing what you are suggesting but make them bay for more blood.

Lew is the founder of the Mises Institute. Think of what he has done for the cause of liberty when it comes to the most important thing of education, education and more education. I wake up grateful for this man every day. He’s a champion. The guy whose set up the best website on the net without question.

Let him keep his privacy. Tactically speaking the worst thing he could do would be to come out and get down on one knee in front of the Jackals. Best to not say a damn thing about it. No comment no comment and no comment again.

This may turn out good paradoxically. There are a lot of conspiracy types in America. Not all of them free enterprisers. Perhaps Ron Paul can get the conspiracy vote along with a bunch of other votes from both sides of the street.

In the leftist camp nothing you do is a problem unless you are foolish enough to come out and admit it. Look at Clinton. They all still love him though he sold all that technology to the Chinese and lied blatantly to the public. But the left would now be in contempt of him if he had owned up to anything pre-emptively.

Let the various writers stay mum on all this. Even if you don’t accept my take on it thats the best deal tactically.

Its all a big bunch of nothing anyhow.

Ron Paul!! Lew Rockwell!! Ron Paul!! Lew Rockwell!!

January 14, 2008 at 2:34 pm
I don’t think its racist. Its a complement even. And people who have been mugged are right to feel pissed off about it and maybe even let off a bit of steam even if the mugging didn’t occasion bodily harm.

If a similarly candid newsletter by libertarians were being written in Paris in this day and age, when dozens of cars are being torched every week, then such a newsletter would likely have a lot of statements that can be construed as anti-Muslim. Twenty years hence when the context was lost they could be made to look unforgiveably so.

We libertarians don’t believe in this sacrifice business. That was a private newsletter to a select constituency. Their readership would have expected candour and a bit of dark humour too no doubt.

So it would be out of character to try and get Lew to sacrifice his standing to the Ron Paul campaign. Lew Rockwell himself is incredibly important to the cause of liberty. Time to just circle the wagons and when the left ask questions talk about other things.

Ron Pauls response to this is dead on but the pressure must be horrible. He reminds us that none of the other candidates wants to pull all of those people, black and white, that are suffering in prison for non-violent drug-related crimes……. he reminds us that he wants to get them all out of jail.

He reminds us that it is minorities who often cop a disproportionate amount of the “blood-tax” when you leave people in the field in this unforgiveable state of passive defense. People waiting to be blown up.

And everyone over at Mises would jump to that point of view in a second. THEY HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THOSE BLACK KIDS ROTTING IN JAIL ON ACCOUNT OF A FEW GRAMS OF COKE.

These peole at Mises are the real deal They really mean it. Lew brings on fellows to speak at the Mises seminar who have experienced war. The plight of the soldiers coming home with head injuries and lost limbs is never far from their thoughts. Lew just had one lecturer talking about the siren song of the state. All about how the state entices young men to their destruction. And the lecturer was almost overcome with emotion early on.

I want to confess right now to being a lot more Hawkish then this crowd at the Mises institute. I’m an Australian and my country doesn’t really have the option of cutting back on defense. And we would be vulnerable if the Americans pulled back and become a sort of super-tough-Swizterland.

But though I disagree with these people here and there to me they are the best people around. They really do care about these things. For Americas black people it would be the best news they could ever have if the Mises influence helped end the war on drugs and freed up the labour markets and the markets for education.

Lew is a terrific bloke. I mean him and Ralph Raico brought ,who I think is our greatest living economist, back into the fold over at Mises. I speak, of course, of the brilliant George Reisman. And Lew brought him in even though he and Rothbard had unresolved disagreements and even though he is somewhat more Hawkish then the Mises crowd.

You are judging the left like you would judge good people that you know. You project your own way of thinking onto them. I tell you if Lew were to come out and claim it was all his doing they would smell weakness and they would be after Ron Pauls scalp with added fury.

I just don’t think there is much in this. People get pessimistic and despairing every now and then. Perhaps they write things late at night just before deadline that reflects this sort of despair and anger. These are years of newsletters that the New Republic fishing expedition had to pour through to come up with some of these quotes …… only one or two that I might have been embarrassed myself to write.

We who support both Ron and Lew and the efforts of the Miseans have to act tough now. Let the specifics of it all be a mystery for the next thrity years since it isn’t important or all that bad anyhow.

We just have to learn to do what the left does a little bit and learn to close ranks and keep talking about the good things our crowd can do.

If there is any chance to end this hateful war on drugs and let a bunch of barely culpable people out of jail its only going to happen under Ron Paul and thats the message we need to change the subject to if put under questioning.

Just keep changing the subject to the good things that will happen in a Ron Paul presidency. The end to black unemployment. Giving poor people a serious form of money that they will be motivated to save. A new revolution in societal upward mobility. And all those people out of jail and police resources turned to legwork for real crime keeping all the heighbourhoods, no matter what race, no matter how poor…. keeping them crime-free and secure just for a change.

Just keep changing the subject. Thats what a politician does. Sacrificing Lew will only keep the subject live.

graemebird Says:

January 14, 2008 at 2:38 pm
By the way. I’m not blaming Doctor Robbins at all. Look we all want Ron Paul to do well. I can see where Dr Robbins is coming from. I just wanted to put my own opinion in and its coming from the point of view of seeing our crowd often being manipulated by the left to fight amongst eachother. Now is a bad time in my view to be fighting amongst eachother. Let the internal bloodletting come, if it must come, after the election. We are all friends here I hope. All friends behind Dr Paul.

I’m just trying to put my perspective out there. Take it as tactical advice only if you like.

January 14, 2008 at 3:29 pm
Right. But I don’t know what he’s supposed to say. Trying to bring back the context of both the newsletter and the times would leave him tongue-tied under the glare of the television lights and then the soundbites that could be taken for such long-winded explanations would be atroctious.

All you can do in that case is try and quickly segway to bringing the troops, black and white home. And not necessarily all of them from the Middle East…. How about this horrid destruction of Columbia thats going on with the war on drugs…. and what the war on drugs is doing to black communities as it reaches back from Afghanistan and Columbia and invades these vulnerable communities…

… as it corrupts your police and judiciary…..

Only Ron Pauls crowd will not rest until the destruction of Columbia by this intervention is halted, and the troops, many of them black, are home and now in stronger less violent communities…….

… Now just look at that above. How quickly I could change the subject and start ranting on about the great benefits that the good Dr could shower upon the American civilisation. And on Columbia as well when it comes to it.

For my part I think tactically that we all should change the subject that way when we are put on the spot on the Doctors behalf.

But supposing Lew really is culpable. And somebody knows he is culpable. If that somebody, after the election, goes down to Auburn and gives him a good talking to and the talking turns to shouting and Lew winds up hanging his head and then everyone goes for beer afterwards… Well let it be. But just amongst the pro-liberty crowd. Don’t try and insist that he hangs his head in front of these leftist jackals. Don’t make him get down on one knee in front of these horrid statists. It would only make their shadows grow larger and the shadows of their teeth grow larger at a faster rate.

Lew has been a great and fervent booster of the Ron Paul campaign of course you know. That has to be taken into account as well. He calls Ron Paul “The statesman of the epoch.” He’s the biggest booster for Ron Paul there is.

I just think there is some tactical misreading of the media here. If we always twist things to the (AUTHENTIC AND MASSIVE) benefits that the black community will get out of a Ron Paul presidency and countless other benefits for the American civilisation then we will ride this thing through, I feel this way of doing things is tactically better then fighting amongst eachother and demanding full disclosure and peoples scalps.

This is a tactical estimate and I feel I have a sense of the oppositions psychology. And our own camps psychology comes with being told we were facists all our life when in fact it was the leftists all along. So we are all a bit wrongfooted and ready to turn on eachother when some leftists play the race card. Or pull the race pin from the race grenade and lob the race grenade into our camp.

We are just a little bit oversensitive about accusations like this and work too hard to distance ourselves from these accusations like we are guilty from the start.

January 18, 2008 at 3:58 pm
Rons 72 now. If we miss out on him this time we’ve lost him forever.

I’m hoping he’ll do real well in South Carolina.

Murdochs crowd seem to be blackballing him and of course public radio won’t talk about him.

graemebird Says:

February 9, 2008 at 6:59 am
Rons seen off another competitor on the Republican side. Mitt Romney out. Thats 8 down and 2 to go and then it would be an easy win in November.

This war against international jihadism is a multi-phase war. It didn’t need to be but thats the way its turned out.

This next phase there is only one thing for you to do.


There’s only one nation you need to build.

Its time to come home now.


  1. Everyones favourite show. The Lew Rockwell show.

    “…essentially our money going to pay off the bankers….. them “WASHING” it, and showing profits…..”

    [audio src="" /]

  2. Paging SOON.

    Hey Jason. Was rog every sensible? Or was that just my imagination? I thought he/she was a sensible person who I rubbed up the wrong way. Now he/she is consistently stupid. Particularly on this global warming deal. So insistent about it. Is my memory failing me here?

  3. rog used to be very right wing on other stuff including other than global warming. I actually agree with him on global warming and Turnbull. but yeah he’s turned left completely now on that and everything else.

  4. Yeah but why do you agree?

    When asked you are at a loss to explain why?

    Potty training.

    Its a disgrace what they did to you kids. No discussion of vouchers, except on the state level in the short term, will be entered into.

  5. Some men get more radical as they age. My father used to vote for Joh Bjelke-Petersen but when the corruption became too blatant to ignore the scales fell from his eyes and he began voting socialist. An unusual trajectory to be sure.

  6. Right but Joh was only a man. And a politician. And puny humans let us down. So we don’t put our trust in men. Or puny humans. We put our trust only in sound ideas. And education education education.

  7. How pathetic is Newsweek. They list ten possible conspiracies, which they then affect to debunk, when the truth is they don’t make a case one way or the other. Useless. The kids don’t know what “debunk” means anymore.

    The ten of these stay unresolved. A mystery either way and thats a fact.

  8. Graeme
    Rog is definitely a ‘he’ by the way. As far as I can discern he is a builder by trade who lives in the country and he used to be on Jennifer Marohasy’s site and a fan of her work so for him to turn to the warming side is quite a change.

  9. Yeah. He’s gone fucking mad. And he hasn’t produced any evidence all that time. Same as you. Same story all the way down the line.

    When did you stop believing in evidence Jason? Was it in high-school. Or one day in Sunday School?

    Because so many people are like you now. Look at those fucking morons who wrote the newsweek top ten conspiracies? There was precisely no analytical value in any of it.

    The idiot even brought in a faked Kenyan certificate from the Obama camp as evidence that Obama is eligible.

    How can Obama, or a well-wisher, or agent, faking a Kenyan birth certificate prove that he’s eligible. Pretty much the same thing in all ten points. We have a generation of kids who cannot stand real evidence anymore. Perhaps do not know what it is, and would be unlikely to care for it if they did know better.

    Now this is a mystery. You are one of those kids Jason. So help me find out what this mystery is about.


    Who is to blame?

  10. I have just been unbanned from the best website in the world.

  11. Merkel, newly minted economics expert, claims that the stimulus package saved jobs, and therefore saved lives. On account of unemployment adding to mortality.

    So in the real world the fiscal side of the stimulus package actually murdered people. If half of Roberts story is to be believed. Because the fiscal side of the stimulus package caused unemployment.

    Yet not one person out of our alleged free marketeers is going to go over to Prodeo and set Robert straight on this matter.

  12. So going on Merkels logic, its not just the people killed by Garret that we can sheet home to the deaths from fiscal stimulus. There is an indeterminate and horrible body count out there. And we can never say which individual died from fiscal stimulus.

  13. You are being disingenuous Mr Bird. It wasn’t the stimulus package that killed people. How could it. What kills people is always a lot more complex than $ expenditure per se.

    What killed in fact here is lack of and failure of adequate government regulatory standards, oversight and enforcement, the very thing libertarians profess to abhor.

    Hypocrisy much?

  14. Well thats right. We can never identify these things. But we can say that the spending side of the stimulus package ALWAYS causes unemployment. And the part of Merkel’s argument which says that the unemployed have higher mortality, is a pretty good one. Looking at people in large numbers that is. This is why the supposed killing is indeterminate.

    1. The monetary side of the stimulus may be good or bad depending on context. Its usual for it to increase employment in the short run at least.

    2. The tax cut side of the stimulus package is hard to nail down as to its effect on employment. It could go either way. But in this case their targeting was particularly incompetent. Well-chosen tax cuts could increase employment and definitely relieve pain. Its a bit either way. Its too hard to make a definite statement about it.

    3. But the extra spending side of the fiscal part of any stimulus package always destroys jobs. We can say this with total certitude. And statistically then the leap to the idea of it killing people is not all that unreasonable.

  15. About the Garret deaths. Subsidies are poison. They are industry killers. They create a goldrush, focused on current production. So yeah the danger was always there and he was told about it.

    Tax exemptions would have been fine. Magnificent even. Because with long-term tax exemptions you must make a profit. You must be slow, deliberative, cut costs, throw everything into long-term cost-effectiveness.

    There is no rush. It emphasises business development and not current production. There is no question that if Garret had chosen a twenty year tax exemption, and no subsidy, these kids would be alive. Because there is no rush with tax exemptions.

  16. “In the circles I move in that would be an improvement. But a PhD is more than just the acquisition of knowledge, it demonstrates the disciple to follow a process of knowledge acquisition, organisational skills, and mental toughness. If that sounds pretentious, well it probably is.”

    Bullshit. It shows you are on the Dot.Mom Sinclair.

    And no Jason. I wouldn’t force anyone to do anything. He’d have his funds cut off. And he may choose plumbing. But don’t lie to people and tell them its all about force.

  17. Hey Graeme did you see Mark’s thesis

  18. Are you claiming he’s a CEO of some outfit now?

    Now will you admit I’m right about the stupid being upwardly-mobile. This is not a free enterprise system we are living under Jason.

  19. Wasn’t his thesis on Joachim of Fiore?

    Like take him out the back and shoot him?

  20. that was a joke Graeme.
    But he has worked as a management consultant.

  21. Unfortunately I nixed my pdf-reader to create more space.

  22. Thats a case in point. What possible use could he be? And he’s not even trained in management? Plus he’s a moron.

    What was the thesis about?

  23. I think you are mixing up quite different things and your conclusion that if tax exemptions rather than subsidies were in place the people who died would not have died is an an illogical leap. It does not follow.

    And if you had any knowledge of how industry works or reflected for a moment about that and how deaths occur in industrial or physically laborious and dangerous settings you would not so easily sheet home blame to a politician or even a government.

    Farmers and coal miners are subsidised. So are teachers and doctors. Yet these industries are not being killed off. The contrary of course is true.

    Your reasoning is faulty and even on a commonsensical or intuitive level is unconvincing and therefore unpersuasive to most I would respectfully suggest.

  24. Jarrah has posted an extract on the open forum

  25. Trained in management? You have got to be joking.

    You ever seen a manager Graeme who knew more than you do or whose job was not entirely redundant?

  26. “I think you are mixing up quite different things and your conclusion that if tax exemptions rather than subsidies were in place the people who died would not have died is an an illogical leap. It does not follow.”

    Well I guess you can never say that can you. But they probably would be. Farmers, Doctors et al are not subsidised in this way that sets up a goldrush. There are only so many houses to insulate. Its clear the huge margins won’t last. There is no business development. Its just taking advantage of the loot for the brief time it will be available.

  27. Yes Jason I saw the extract. Its just such depressing crap. But an example of extreme timeliness from Jarrah. Perhaps inadvertently slapping down Sinclair’s uppity pronouncement.

    What a waste of money. Bahnisch may have been OK as a grease-monkey.

  28. “Farmers, Doctors et al are not subsidised in this way that sets up a goldrush.”

    Again this is wrong. In fact the opposite is true.

    There is a growing market in advanced capitalist countries for agricultural produce way beyond what is needed for subsistence or sustenance.

    And in the medical field we have the perfect storm of infinitely expanding technologies and therapies which are highly expensive to produce but which are expected by the masses, even the common folk, who expect that their treatable diseases and illnesses will be addressed regardless of the social cost.

  29. The subsidies are no good and they ought to be dropped and tax exemptions instituted. But I don’t think your average farmer would feel like he was in a rush to make all this loot that is being thrust in front of his face.

    If we don’t swap tax exemptions and deregulation, for most of health care, the costs will keep going up rather than down. Part of the tax exemptions may mean getting rid of drug patents in our country but allowing drug companies to operate here tax free.

  30. If someone wants to post extracts from PhD theses by way of comparison let us see Sinclair Davidson’s (presuming he has one).

    Sinclair Davidson AFAICS has written squat that added to the sum of human knowledge or ever even exhibited a scintilla of humanity, insight, wisdom, usable knowledge or humour.

    In other words, epic fail as a human being.

  31. So you advocate companies that manufacture chemicals that in many cases are of little to no to negative utility or efficacy for human beings should have free rein to control, damage and distort our mind and our bodies for the sake of their individualised non-socially benefiting private profit?

  32. Well I’m not sure about that. I’m thinking that if we want to get medical costs right right down we’ll need to be rid of patents. But certainly I can see a role for regulation with new drugs. My mom was just on a trial, and so I hope they acted responsibly.

    We need to leverage the skills of experts by allowing them to run businesses wherein not all the staff have that expertise. Where capital equipment helps improve productivity, and where the firm as a whole is responsible for quality control.

    We need a constant oversupply of high-rise, which will spill over into medicine bringing costs down there as well.

  33. If you are talking about high-rise housing there is nothing more destined to increase ill-health and mortality rates than it – apart from cars, unclean, germ-carrying water supplies, congested, polluted cities, food grown on impoverished soils that were doused in chemicals, frozen and transported over huge distances so people can buy tropical fruit wherever whenever and fool themselves they are eating healthily.

  34. I should have said very spacious high-rise housing. I checked out this massive apartment in Wiley Park. About 170 plus metres square. Finally an apartment just large enough for ones mental health. So we really are after setting in motion a process that will eventually flood the place with 200 squares plus high-rise.

    Everywhere we see artificial restrictions in supply.

  35. We are funny creatures. I grew up in a big house with an enormous garden but as an adult now I prefer and am very comfortable and happy with much smaller abodes as I find them more protective and homey. So long as there is sky and greenery to peer out on.

  36. Right. I just hate lack of space. I think its just terrible. But I’d like apartments so long as they were really big. And we are missing out.

  37. Ok, a lot of apartments in Sydney particularly in recent times were deliberately built small and cramped and that is a travesty. There is an optimum space within which human beings can comfortably live and I am sure there are many apartments or flats in our cities which fall far short of that. But then in high volume heritage areas such as The Rocks or Potts Point or Paddington, Glebe, Balmain there are many such houses that are worth a fortune and happily lived in by the wealthy, often with largish families.

    In many parts of well-to-do Europe, e.g. it is still the norm for reasonably well-off people with good incomes to live in very small, even tiny apartments that don’t even have separate bedrooms or kitchens and yet these people live rich, sociable and fulfilling lives.

  38. Not in the same apartment as me they wouldn’t.

    If we are willing to go up and up we can have all the space we want.

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