Posted by: graemebird | March 22, 2010

Its Time For Dr Megan Clark To Resign.

Dr Megan Clark has been caught redhanded trying to mislead the public. She must resign. The latest use of the CSIRO and BOM brandnames has been for the promotion of a fraudulent leftist cause.

From Elsewhere:

Its great that we have people who are willing to do the hard yards here. The CSIRO and the BOM have been caught out like naughty high-school children hiding a packet of cigarettes behind their backs. They are not even very good at it. They lie like Clinton. As soon as a I saw the emphasis on “the last 50 years” I thought …. So 1960 was a cold year! The public servants have taken to lying with such predictability you can immediately, and with stunning accuracy see the reality behind their words. You just look at the wording to find what they are hiding. The stupid cretinous leftist filth. What if they had chosen the last 75 years?

So they were lying to the public. But lying like a lawyer. In that they are telling lies and misleading people. Without any one sentence being a LITERAL lie. Why is this put up with? Why is this not a simple open and shut case, mandating resignations and sackings? We must progress to calls for resignations and sackings. Else we are just sitting around feeling good about ourselves for being smarter than some true head-cases.



  1. For an explanation as to how easy it was to catch Dr Megan Clarks feeble lies and shenanigans you can go here:

  2. Moderated post:

    No I’m afraid we cannot have nazis telling us how many children we are allowed to have. Hang your head in utter shame for even thinking about such a thing.

    Now you had a serious topic to address. A real topic. And its got to be taken seriously. And you show you are not a serious person at all by saying the following:

    “The fourth issue is to change the whole debate. The predicated upheavals that will be caused by climate change and overpopulation mean that debates about a few hundred or thousand migrants will inevitably become decisions concerning hundreds of thousands in the next few decades. ”

    So you’ve bought into this anti-CO2 idiocy. But higher CO2 levels are part of any RATIONAL sustainability plan.

    We can never expect such a rational plan, for this extremely important issue, to be coming from your direction.

    To pit high CO2 levels and Sustainability AGAINST eachother, will always be an acid test to sort the serious analyst from the truly stupid.

  3. our wimp PM selling out Taiwan

    As this newspaper revealed last Saturday, the government made a secret commitment to the Chinese that neither Kevin Rudd nor Julia Gillard would see the Dalai Lama on his visit to Australia last December. This was a change in policy, as Rudd had seen the Dalai Lama in opposition and said he would be happy to see him in government.

    Similarly, I have learned that the government has pretty much decided that no Australian minister will visit Taiwan during the Rudd government’s the first term. This is a big change of policy and a big act of appeasement of Beijing.

  4. Wouldn’t have happened if I had been running things. These people would still be sending cards and presents to Mrs Hu after weeping at her feet,asking for forgiveness.

    Those being the ones that weren’t under effective house arrest after prolonged SELF-CRITICISM in front of the top party leadership.

  5. “It is lying by omission to exclude data consistent with (indeed, in this case, supportive of) your claim? I suspect you may find this site of use……”

    What the CSIRO and the BOM did was lying by ommission. No-one is interested in your feeble sophistry Ox-saliva. Are you claiming that this is NOT a dishonest, irresponsible and sackable offense? How so?

    In the end it might come down to standards. Your standards may be lower than mine just for one example. You might think that government parasitism is a good thing in and of itself. Whereas where I’m coming from, any not absolutely essential government department is on the nose in the first place. Since they exist on stolen money. Hence for these people to so brazenly and disgustingly set out to mislead the public is just doubling down on their inherent offensiveness.

    On top of that the CSIRO had a pretty good reputation. For leftists to hijack the brandname in this way, and to silence any authentic scientist in the organisation, is disgusting beyond belief. It smells like totalitarianism; the attitude that would inspire such behaviour.

    We need to find a quick phrase for those sort of lies where the statement is actually literally true. These are the sort of lies that have more pre-meditation than any other.

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman …… Miss Lewinsky.”

    Might we call them Clinton-lies? Lawyer-lies? The sort of statements that the CSIRO boss has been making? Which woman is that Bill? The one you’ve been ogling at across the room? The fellow even had affairs with these sort of lies in mind. What do you mean by sexual relations Bill? What is the meaning of “is” Bill. Why are we talking about this in the first place and not your military technology transfers to the Chinese Bill?

    You see this sort of lying is of immense moment. Here we are doing all sorts of stupid things. Throwing money away on “carbon sequestration” for example. An inherently wasteful technology until such time as the laws of physics change. Apparently the CSIRO scientists have been silenced on this basic scientific reality as well.

    It is not helpful for leftist scum that have risen to the top of the CSIRO to lie to the public with malice and pre-meditation. I do not know why you take a contrary point of view. Perhaps you were not brought up right Ox-saliva? Maybe thats what your problem is.

  6. Listen fella.

    We are open-minded around here. But comments that are brazenly homosexual have a very short half-life.

    I’m sorry if thats a little bit bigoted.

    Time heals all things.

    Let it go.

    Let it go.

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