Posted by: graemebird | April 8, 2010

The Population Question: The Take-Home Story.

Its all the buzz now in this country is it not? What is the key consideration, before which all other considerations must be made to bow down, or get down on one kneee, or curtsey? How is the key, and overwhelming consideration skewed by ethical and moral considerations?

Our man Sheridan is one of the few on-the-ball here.




  1. Are you a Republican. Oh dear Graeme if you are,
    you are taking on an arch supporter for Australian
    Constitutional Monarchy.

    Another argument perhaps?

    But I’ll send you something from Buckingham Palace.

  2. No I’m not a Republican. I’m fine with constitutional monarchy. Republics seem to be pretty unstable.

  3. Actually Bob Carr who in many ways was an appalling NSW Premier, is consistently good and informed on the population issue, effectively countering the idiocies of people who think Australia is comparable to America or southern Europe.

    No we can’t and will never have big inland cities, the vast majority of our population is always going to be living on the east mid to southern coast of Australia. And if we want 36 million by 2050 as is projected then goodbye to all conservation areas on the east coast and hello to wall to wall cement city high rise slums all the way down the coast.

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