Posted by: graemebird | April 18, 2010

The Life-Threatening Danger Inherent, In the Ascendancy Of The Truly Stupid And Boring, In “Science.”

From elswhere:

I couldn’t imagine anything more dangerous to our well-being then the parlous state that science is in right now. You either have a situtaion where smart and intellectually honest people are getting the promotions or you have the current situation where the stupid and craven have become upwardly-mobile. Asked for substantiation of that claim I usually retort that I have two words for you: “carbon sequestration.”

Five years ago my only specific expertise would have been in economic theory. Well I guess thats still the case now. But upon investigating this anti-CO2-racket I’ve been finding out just how unsound most of the science not directly connected with commercial endeavour appears to be.

For example, whilst these dummies are insisting on a man-made catastrophe resultant about too much of something, that all the actual evidence shows, is good for the biosphere ………. the science maffia generally, sends people to the outer dark if they show up with evidence for catastrophes brought to us from the rest of the galaxy.

Now we aren’t prepared for any of this sort of thing. We don’t even have distributed electrical generation. Where I am the generation of electricity appears to be all, or almost all, in one area. A single bombing raid would take it out. A nuclear bomb exploded over North America would short out all of their wiring, perhaps bringing the place to total chaos and mass-death within a year. Same here of course.

But its not just nuclear weapons we aren’t prepared for. I haven’t retained the details. But I was listening to this claim that even recently there had been a coronal mass ejection which fortunately was not aimed at earth. It came out of the sun on a spot that had almost disappeared from the earths view. Had it been pointed directly at us, the speaker was contending, it may have shorted out all our electrical equipment. Which these days means all our vehicles as well. Everything would just stop. Then we’d have violence and millions of people dropping.

Its no big deal chairing the safety committee, since in NSW work-care demands that we have an employees safety committee chaired by one of the plebs. Which at one time was me. And I noticed that I could get capital expenditures through for investments that would increase productivity, if I could also show that they would improve safety.

To my mind this is the same sort of approach we ought to be taking with respect to public works investment and general economic policy. If you can introduce gradual change that will 1. Improve matters economically 2. Make us more resistant to nuclear intimidation or attack and 3. Also help us cope with coronal mass ejections (and other even worse potential catastrophes that we might expect to be visited upon us from the rest of the galaxy)……. then these sorts of things ought to be brought to the head of the cue. (I was going to say “fast-tracked” but trying to do things quickly blows out costs.)

But our science culture has become so brain-dead and ideological that people just don’t think in this way. Not only are these science maffia types stupid and unscientific, they are incredibly boring. One would not think you could make such a thing as science so tedious. But this crowd (who seem to dominate on a number of fronts) have managed, what one would have thought would be, an impossible task. The most interesting, and the most scientific stuff, appears to be on the fringes.

On the fringes I heard the claim that all of the main supernovas in history, ie those visible to the naked eye, were actually caused by a single galactic event. The claim is that the same shockwave that caused the Vela supernova also caused all the others. We are living in a period wherein the consequences of the shockwave, that caused the Vela supernova, now seems to have petered out. We are living at a time when we might someday expect another shockwave and therefore another cycle of supernovae, with disastrous consequences here on earth.

Now I haven’t been able to prove this to an extent which goes beyond my own satisfaction. But you would think it would be something that needed serious checking out. But this is not to be. As the Winters around the world get more and more severe, these blockheads, pretending to be scientists, are sucking up all the media-oxygen, with their big fat fake disaster. Meanwhile they are desensitizing people to the possibility of real disasters on the way. Disasters coming from nuclear weapons, or from the rest of the galaxy. What ought to be the good news is that some of the preparations for both may be quite similar, not requiring the need to double up on public spending. What I’m saying is that the costs which we need to defend against all these thing need only come out of a more realistic and holistic approach to our national defense.

Our White Papers on defense are narrow unholistic affairs. They don’t consider that we are in trouble if a nuclear sub can get within 100’s of kilometres of Sydney because of the unsound way our populations are distributed. They don’t go into city layout decades hence, and how we might slowly encourage a change to the distribution of population that will make our act survivable. We haven’t got the mindset necessary to survive the 21st century. We have to change our thinking or we won’t be making it through. That means the same sort of suffering that we read about in our history books and we see in the news will be making its way here. And our inability to see the wider picture more clearly has a lot to do with the dysfuntion in the un-science ascendancy of the truly stupid.



  1. News from stupidtown. That is to say from ABC Unleashed in this instance. Two of the dummies, Glen Tamblyn and Lotharsson, rushed to assure everyone that the effects of the sun were only local. That big ball in the sky only has local effects in their view. She shines on all of us, but only affects some of us.

    What this response, which seemed a bit panicky, was all about is that someone called Chris made a link to do with someone showing that solar strength predicted cold winters in England.

    Panic response 1 from Lotharsson:

    “That’s certainly important, but it’s about the influence of the sun on *regional weather*, not *global climate*……”

    Panic response 2 from Glen Tamblyn.

    “Yes Chris, I read this with interest. However, remeber to qualify your comment with “the influemce of the Sun on A REGIONAL climate”.

    Note the commonality of the response, wherein each idiot pretends to take the information onboard.

    1. That’s certainly important
    2. ..I read this with interest…

    I never used to meet people this stupid when I was a kid. Or at least they didn’t manifest this level with dumb. Even the ones that habitually held up maths class. At least those kids knew that they were having problems. Actually I now regret thinking mean thoughts of such people. Because now we have real dummies that don’t understand at all how stiupid they are. The commonality of the response makes one believe that there is somewhere a school-for-stupid. One wonders if that school may be called “Deltoid.” Or could that school be called “real-climate.”

  2. Mr Bird

    It appears you are not the only one who has been asking piercing questions about The Usurper’s past relationships

  3. Well he’s a homo. So other people are going to pick up on it.

  4. The biggest scandal ever. The saddest thing I’ve seen since King Lear.

  5. Mr B

    What do you make of this? I am of two minds.

  6. Sorry Ron. I don’t have a pdf reader at the moment.

    On another note I’m trying to verify certain individual aspects of this extraordinary story of Dr Mary’s Monkey.

    Here is one matter that checks out……

  7. Here is this teenage genius female scientist who is part of the story. So far everything is checking out.

  8. Larvatus Prodeo lying about Volcanic emissions of CO2. They’ve even been told that they are wrong. Doesn’t matter to them even a little bit.

    These people really are scum.

  9. Lucien Sarti. The shooter with the exploding bullet.

    The shooter in the snipers nest in the book depository was not Oswald, but rather long-time LBJ associate, and previously proven murderer, Malcolm (Mac) Wallace.




  12. No so much intellectual inferiority as total intellectual incompetence:

    “hey guys, Birdy has really nailed our intellectual inferiority this time

    Catallaxy is a very strange place. They haven’t come out in favour of growing earth theory. Nor have they embraced the theory of abiotic oil. Yet the boneheads still cannot understand the logic of peak oil”

    Obviously if oil was ancient and fixed in supply we would never get out of the peak oil we have been in these last five years.

    We can beat that logic but not with a carbon tax and continuing high company tax. If we wish to beat the peak oil we’ve already reached, clearly we need to be able to drill deeper.

    Fortunately oil is a juvenile product, the earth is expanding, and we can keep expanding our use of it if we get an whole new generation of capital equipment together.

  13. Moderated from elsewhere:

    “Judging by her CV she has sufficient “credibility” [144 peer-reviewed papers] to satisfy BOTH sides as an active, objective, climate specialist who understands the “scientific method”.”

    The credibility must come from the soundness of the argument itself. No good Pat. This woman has no credibility whatsoever. Let me explain why.


    Supposing you have a whole of of compulsive liars committing criminal acts. And supposing experts in this field know that they are compulsive liars and that they are causing criminal acts. Then suppose they get caught redhanded in a way that the wider public can appreciate?

    Well the issue is not to rebuild the publics trust with the compulsive liars committing criminal acts. Its exactly the opposite. Doesn’t matter what the deception or the crimes are. You must get the word out that the coterie of deceivers cannot be trusted.

    So this woman has things totally around the wrong way. The word must go out that these people cannot be trusted. Whereas like a herder of small children to pedophile-central, this woman wants to lull everyone back to sleep. She could not be less credible or more wrong.

  14. Mr Bird
    Have you noticed the way that goth-swindler Mr Cambria continues to defend the unrighteous Hebrews of Goldman Sachs? He is obviously receiving kickbacks from those sons of Judas.

  15. Lets not muddy the waters with this Hebrew thing. After all there was probably one or two Gentiles in The Dutch Schultz gang, along with Abadabba Berman and the others.

    Look he’s a jerk. These people are just thieves. One would have to be economically insane to imagine in their wildest dreams that these vermin were wealth creators. Where is all the machinery and production that their wealth creating activities have brought forth?

    All we see from these gangsters is debt, ruination and various numbers rackets. Carbon trading being one case in point.

  16. “the slave trade was ended by evangelical Christians, Homer’s forefathers.”

    You wouldn’t be belittling this proud heritage would you Jason? Naturally you get points for referring to this example of Christian righteousness in history. But it sounds like you are making light of them.

  17. I must say its impressive to see Tillman taking a balanced and reasoned approach to the Goldman Sachs menace. I had gotten used to Tillman not being able to argue his way out of a paper bag. To being in favour of holocaust-level war crimes like Keelhaul and Dresden and to being against holocaust prevention strategies like lasers and directed energy.

  18. The PZ Myers site has improved in quality a little bit. But in tangential matters. Not in matters of science. He’s not likely to stop being a CO2 bedwetter.

  19. Mr Bird

    is it any surprise that a bloodless mirthless aesthete like Mr Gruen hates the South?

    My observation that the US is a normal sane country harbouring a crazy one inside it (that for all my admiration for him, Abraham really should have let the South slough themselves off into oblivion without polluting the Great Republic)

    • What have Southerners done to get up the anti-economists nose this time?

  20. Graeme, Christians often end up on the right side of important issues through sheer instinct. Despite that they might start out from the wrong premises they still manage to work their way through. Whereas many atheists tend to debauch epistemology completely despite theoretically having no “God” baggage obstructing their thought processes.

    • I agree. Serious Christians over forty tend to be amongst the most sensible people in the community. Thats not any sort of logical necessity. Its just an observation.

  21. Right. I see. Gruen is getting upset about open-carry rallies.

    If this was a normal situation, with a normal lawful government running things and doing some sort of conscientious job to serve the taxpayer interest then I’d agree with Gruen. But open-carry rallies are a good thing now that we have a usurper in the white house, and now that Washington is so full-bore stealing hand over foot, either on its own account of their organised criminal banking friends.

    Its every Americans duty to go get themselves a gun now. But I would say they ought to have a plan A as well. They need the extra investment to be able to defend themselves with less lethal ordnance of some sort as plan A. And have the lethal stuff as plan B.

    You need the plan A gear if you are not dealing with Italian bully-boys of the drug-dealing or banking variety. Everyone else deserves a second chance.

  22. “The real-estate agent organised the rally because he is upset about healthcare, climate control, bank bailouts, drug laws and what he sees as President Barack Obama’s insistence on and the Democratic Congress’s capitulation to a ”totalitarian socialism” that tramples individual rights.”

    A rational response to total evil and the outer limits of human dishonesty and pack-lying.

    Good on him.

    No I don’t really want to see that here unless we wind up in as bad a way as America. Carl Williams being murdered by the cops is a very bad sign. But its still not the case that we are anywhere as far gone as the American situation. If we were we ought to do as they are doing.

  23. Moderated from elsewhere:

    Lets face it. Carl Williams was murdered by Police. If the Chief of Police cannot round up some of his own and put them into prison he ought to resign. Some of the cops responsible for Carls death were surely as culpable as Carl was for the gang war that happened.

    Some low-life shoots you in the stomach? What are you supposed to do? Say “thank you” and leave it at that? People are getting down on him because he put on a few pounds and smiled whenever the cameras were around. Why wouldn’t he smile? He must have been relieved to be alive another day? What with all these (effectively) licensed criminals after him?

    The Police allow these rackets. They take money from the dirt-bag standover merchants. At any time they could have just scooped these people off the streets if they were serious.

    But given that they were unwilling to do their job, they also proved too useless to make sure their clients behaved. If some low-life shoots you, you ought to get redress, even in an informal sub-legal environment. All of the brothers apologizing, compensation money changing hands. A heartfelt apology to your wife…

    Inner-city standover merchants ought to know, as Carl proved, that in reality they survive on the morality and forbearance of their victims and for no other reason. When a gang war blew up, they proved to be feeble indeed. They appear to be so powerful and above the law, but when war was declared they were shown to be sitting ducks. He was no hit man. He was a marked man with an authentic grudge.

    In the end I trust the judges sentence. Surely it was a fair one. We all and Carl had the right to expect it would be carried out and Carl even had the right to appeal. If drugs had been legalized in the interim there may have been cause to let him out after 20 years or something like this.

    Its not about him being overweight and unwilling to hide his smile for the camera. Its about the menace of crooked cops and secret networks. His killers must be found and they must do some jail time. Or this country is in serious trouble.

  24. Moderated from elsewhere:

    “It was all very well for Rod Wise, a senior official with Corrections Victoria, to shrug off the jailer’s responsibility on the grounds that “no prison environment is without risk”

    Disgusting. I guess we don’t have his tone of voice do we? Is he on tape? If this fellow really was flippant about Carl being murdered under his watch then its time to get someone who can do the job.

    This is important. If you want to get to the bottom of deep-rooted corruption, wherein some inner network of cops believe that they are above the law, the first thing you need to do is show that you are serious. And firing a few people who failed is a good way to impress this point upon the people at the fringes of those scum that need to be reeled in.

  25. Mr Bird,

    To relieve the stress I feel whenever I consider the problem of the Usurpers marxist take over, I have begun to ponder your issues with the state of scientific enquiry.

    I know that you have written of the problems of taxeater science and my line of business takes me into occasional dealings with academic administration and even on rare occasions the science workers themselves.

    I can assure you that those with their grip on the purse strings at our so called higher education institutions are marxists to the core. These taxeater vermin should be placed on a boat and delivered back to their masters in Beijing poste-haste.

    When we come to consider the question of the science workers themselves, rather than the taxeater beauracracy around them, then I feel that there is some difference in the analysis.

    It has long been my earnest contention that many faculties in our university are actually de-facto sheltered workshops for the mentally handicapped. The retardation under which they suffer vary from subject to subject but there is no doubt that in the harder sciences there has been a domination by autistics.

    The outcome of this domination has been two-fold. First it has let the emotional cripples be dominated by the sociopathic marxist taxeaters administrators. Research interests and funding are guided by these taxeaters who keep them on a short leash. The second outcome is to make “science” the development of rococo logical systems that these autists so adore. Wider implications and indeed the ability to hold onto multiple paradigms are not part of the capability of these idiot-savants. Without those true lateral thinkers who can ground the logical systems and test competing paradigms we get the logical but ridiculous ideas of modern physics, and the relentless stupidity of climate science. Science is turned into an expensive version of stamp collecting or trainspotting. A delight to those involved but irrelevant to the rest of the world. It would only be a grand waster of tax money where it not for the fact that ultimately it guided by the hand of sociopathic marxist administrators taking orders from Beijing.

  26. Which will break up the network of dysfuntion more quickly?

    Figuring out who we would have good cause to send to Beijing to the nth degree?

    Amassing such proof as would be necessary to treat them in this way?

    And perhaps only getting 50 of such people and going through with it, to the eternal anger of their kids, family and non-Marxist friends?


    No I don’t think so. Any good kid seeing his dad so sorely mistreated would think of his hero Carl Williams and get himself a gun. I would be proud of the kid as my blood was seeping away with my life.

    I would say to the kid. “I admire the loyalty you have shown to your father. Thankyou for restoring my faith in humanity. Can you bring me some water.”

    No none of this nastiness is necessary. Punishing severely 50 proven commies is unjust and leaves the same dysfunctional zeitgeist in place.

    The idea rather is to send 5000 suspected CO2-Bedwetters to the public sector with terrific tax vouchers in their pocket. Tax vouchers so constructed as to have the subsidiary benefit of having developed already a constituency for hard money and falling prices.

  27. Mr Bird,

    You are a surprisingly tenderhearted fellow. Perhaps you mistake my intention though, the commies would be allowed to take their families with them on the boat to their Beijing masters.

    Or perhaps we could send the children to expensive private schools to compensate in the same way we do with convicted killers. They might be free to choose the option.

    I also was not planning on leaving the existing structure in place although it is difficult to see many private sector jobs for the autists.

  28. When it comes to changing the culture its a numbers game. Like with the Carl Williams murder. If you sack twenty people from corrections, and sack about 50 cops that you are not real sure about, and only a couple of cops get maybe 5 year sentences, this will do far more to change the culture then simply finding someone to blame and heaping it all on that one fellow.

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