Posted by: graemebird | April 20, 2010

Carl Williams Was Murdered By The Pigs.

Lets face it. Carl Williams was murdered by Police. If the Chief of Police cannot round up some of his own and put them into prison he ought to resign. Some of the cops responsible for Carls death were surely as culpable as Carl was for the gang war that happened.

Some low-life shoots you in the stomach? What are you supposed to do? Say “thank you” and leave it at that? People are getting down on him because he put on a few pounds and smiled whenever the cameras were around. Why wouldn’t he smile? He must have been relieved to be alive another day? What with all these (effectively) licensed criminals after him?

The Police allow these rackets. They take money from the dirt-bag standover merchants. At any time they could have just scooped these people off the streets if they were serious.

But given that they were unwilling to do their job, they also proved too useless to make sure their clients behaved. If some low-life shoots you, you ought to get redress, even in an informal sub-legal environment. All of the brothers apologizing, compensation money changing hands. A heartfelt apology to your wife…

Inner-city standover merchants ought to know, as Carl proved, that in reality they survive on the morality and forbearance of their victims and for no other reason. When a gang war blew up, they proved to be feeble indeed. They appear to be so powerful and above the law, but when war was declared they were shown to be sitting ducks. He was no hit man. He was a marked man with an authentic grudge.

In the end I trust the judges sentence. Surely it was a fair one. We all and Carl had the right to expect it would be carried out and Carl even had the right to appeal. If drugs had been legalized in the interim there may have been cause to let him out after 20 years or something like this.

Its not about him being overweight and unwilling to hide his smile for the camera. Its about the menace of crooked cops and secret networks. His killers must be found and they must do some jail time. Or this country is in serious trouble.

“It was all very well for Rod Wise, a senior official with Corrections Victoria, to shrug off the jailer’s responsibility on the grounds that “no prison environment is without risk”

Disgusting. I guess we don’t have his tone of voice do we? Is he on tape? If this fellow really was flippant about Carl being murdered under his watch then its time to get someone who can do the job.

This is important. If you want to get to the bottom of deep-rooted corruption, wherein some inner network of cops believe that they are above the law, the first thing you need to do is show that you are serious. And firing a few people who failed is a good way to impress this point upon the people at the fringes of those scum that need to be reeled in.



  1. Mr B

    Why do you think the Jews hated Carl so much? I don’t get it. Obviously the Dagos had it in for him, but I don’t get why the Jews did too.

    Perhaps a Papo-Hebraic alliance is formed? Can’t be good.

    I think I’ll stay in the bunker until this blows over.

  2. I don’t know how many Jew cops there are Ron?

    Fairly normal people, if about to be found out for some scandal in their past, will be willing to act like psychopaths. Politicians who have not killed before, ought not be suspected of casually conducting murders.

    The exception is to cover up a scandal. Then fairly normal people will be willing to kill to keep the scandal covered up.

  3. And what do you think we should be doing to honour our Carl?

    I am a bit reluctant to take sides in this Squabble (for obvious Reasons), but our Carl was a Fair Dinkum Aussie. He didn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t.

    There’s no room for Fractional Reserve or Ponzi Money in the Drug Trade!! There’s a few blokes who wound up in the trunk of a stolen Commodore who learned that lesson the hard way.

    Our Carl was a true blue, rolled gold Anzac.

    What can we do to honour his memory as we approach the day when we remember our Fallen Heroes?

  4. We will remember Carl when some standover artist gives us a bit of static when we are too late for work to deal with him.

    We will remember him when we go to visit our juicer friends and some Maori who “runs the street” asks if someone can “vouch” for us.

    Where-ever we run into a standover merchant we will remember Carl.

    We will remember him with the assurance that were we not righteous responsible adults we could effortlessly deal with one or all of these assholes.

    Since whereas they may think that they are every one a Vito Coreleone, in reality they are just wooden ducks floating on a pond.

    • That’s beautiful, Mr B.

      I’m not crying…. I think I just got something in my eye.





  5. Mr Bird,

    While one doesn’t concern themselves overly with low lifes shooting at each other, we cannot condone this kind of behaviour. Remember Williams vicitms weren’t executed in some shady back lane way.

    While the Moran’s may have been even worse vermin than William’s gunning them down in a car with their children at the kids soccer game was indeed below the pale and a danger to wider society.

    Bikkie thugs murdered an innocent truck driver in their crossfire only last year. We can’t have this kind of lawlessness on going.

  6. Well he was hunted. And it sure made sense to shoot the other fellow before he shoots you. Bear in mind that the cops were also culpable for letting this business happen. The eye-ties pride themselves on the idea that you cannot get to them since then all of them are against you.

    Sometimes it pays to take people at their word.

    This is not quite the same as your normal gangland murders. It appears more like a war situation wherein it ought to have been to the benefit of anyone to have been picked up and put into care at the earliest possible time.

    But if the cops have withdrawn their function of custody and taking care of the person they have arrested ….. then what is the solution to this? How can you get out of the war if the police can no longer be trusted. Once the cops are no longer reliable, a drug war against Italian low-lifes becomes a never-ending thing. You could clean out half of Sicily before one of these meatheads got lucky with a stray bullet.

    Thats one more reason why the cops need to be disciplined over this.

  7. you seem to have a lot of sympathy for this guy Graeme. I see a family resemblance, are you related by any chance?

  8. His childhood picture of his older brother shane looks a lot like me as a kid. I don’t think we are related. But I do think there are some Williams’ in the family tree.

    I don’t have a massive amount of sympathy for him. I just have a lot more unsympathy for most other people in this story. It looks like sympathy by comparison. And yes comparatively speaking you might say that. Still I don’t know who he really did kill and for what reasons. Lets hope he got 34 years for a couple of small fries who didn’t need killing. And three months each for the Moran brothers.

    Particularly the police are to blame here. I would see Carl as a normal outer suburban kid. Not some sort of measured ethical genius.

    If you get started in some sort of gang warfare against cop-protected filth, you tell me how you get out of it when you feel you’ve paid back these low-lifes to some reasonable degree?

    How would he have done it? How would he have stepped down and handed himself in for a light sentence? If he had left town and tried to work hard in some Joe average job these goons would likely have sent a hitman after him. He would have been more vulnerable then ever.

    Why should he have left town? Why ought the Moran’s not have left town instead?

    You see once the cops are dirty there is often no way to turn over a new leaf. Or at least there is often no good way to do so.

    We ought to look into his mothers suicide too. Everything that happens ought to be considered suspect. His father was in a cell near him. He may have learned a lot about what Carl was going to help the non-dirty cops with. So he’s vulnerable too and the cops are probably going to let him die like the dirty pigs they can be.

  9. Mr Soon,

    Run back to Cattleaxy, and chortle over your thefts with your crony capitalist buddies until they sell you down the river. Mocking Mr Bird over this with such ghoulish glee is beneath even you.

    Mr Bird evidently has great empathy for the downtrodden. Unlike your banking parasite cabal of ponzi-money dealers Williams was paying for his crimes. He didn’t deserve to pay any more.


  11. Exactly.

    And we see by his murder under this laughable police custody, at least an explanation, if not an excuse, why he did not put down his smoking gun and turn himself in earlier.

    If we had of had a clean police force we would have had a less extensive gang war. Simple as that. If the Police cannot be cleaned up they are a menace to our wider society. This ought to precipitate drug legalisation if we know what is good for us.

  12. Mr B

    Look at what that despicable standover man Chopper Read says about Our Carl:

    “He was just a big, fat, wobbly-bottom kid from Footscray. He wasn’t much of a man at all. He was nothing.”

    This is outrageous. Our Carl might have been a big fat wobbly bottom kid, but doesn’t that just make his story of Triumph Against The Odds even more inspiring?

    When Chopper Read dies, he will be reincarnated as a Goldman Sachs banker for our sins.

  13. What I want to know is this.

    Who is going to stand up for the big, fat, wobbly bottom kids of the world?

    Stand up for them against the Chopper Reads, the Cambrias, the Goldman Sachses, and the Dagos and Ectomorphic Hebes of the world.

    Who, Mr B?

  14. If that murderous idiot is saying that he was just a normal kid, well he may have a fair point. Notice that the hoodlum Read never got involved in such a history changing gang war where a few kids from the outer suburbs wipe out the inner core of criminal low-lifes downtown.

    Rather he just murdered people in sadistic ways as part of the power status quo. There is probably some jealousy going on here.

  15. I think what is going on with Goldman Sachs here is that the goons in Washington are getting them off the hook by charging them with crimes that aren’t going to wash. So their vindication on these matters will be pitched as a general vindication of their criminal behaviour.

    • Ah the old double reverse switcheroo.

      Those crafty Jew bastards.

      • Right. I guess this one time I’ll have to pay that one. But lets be fair Ron. Lowlife white trash from Arkansas made good with the old double reverse switcheroo also. The main issue was treason. Selling military secrets to the Chinese for campaign funds.

        But Clinton gets off on the lesser scandal whitewash of blowjobs. White trash with a law degree is still white trash. And this here may be the point of commonality. The law degree. Such legalistic white trash he wouldn’t even give the girl what she needed.

  16. Jason Soon. Alleged economist expressing specific ignorance on matters economic.

    “Capitalism lurches from crisis to crisis

    The only difference between Marx and Bird (and the loonier Austrian goldbugs) here is that Bird would blame this on fractional reserve.”

    The idea is to diagnose problems accurately you moron Soon.

  17. Here we are talking about an idiot who is now acting like he’s never heard of the business cycle.

    Really he’s just lickballing Cambria at this point.

  18. “What’s even more amusing is that if this was a regular person it would be taken seriously and seen as identity theft.

    It’s Bird, so no one even gives a shit. The thought just occurred to me now after all these months”

    Like many a Melbourne woppy before him, Cambria doesn’t know when to lie low. I shall let the spirit of Carl Williams inform my typing.

  19. Moderated from elsewhere:

    “Could the the newspaper have reasonably seen that on the same day a murder would occur?”

    Of course. Since its part of the same murder, with the murderers doing the setup. They need a patsy and a general motive, throwing the blame out on many suspects. They got the patsy on the CCTV.

    When its the people who released the information who are the same people who set up the rest of the kill, then sure it can be a same day deal. Many months in the making.


    From this rap sheet we see that there was ample reason to believe Carl was capable of rehabilitation. Particularly if drugs were legalized in the interim.

    The lasting damage to Australian culture came with these locked in gangsters who could put the fatwah (put the finger) on the Police. Not with Carl who if we were smart could be seen as part of the process of getting rid of that particular cancer.

  21. Hows this for a symptom of Police corruption and gangster subversion of the cops in Melbourne:

    “The Melbourne gangland killings are believed to have begun with the murder of 40-year-old Alphonse Gangitano on 16 January 1998. He was shot and killed in the laundry of his home, while clad only in his underwear. A coroner’s report into his death directly implicated Jason Moran and Graham Kinniburgh. They were both found to be in Gangitano’s home in Templestowe when the murder took place; however, it could not be established who pulled the trigger.

    Kinniburgh’s blood was found on a banister inside the house, and his skin was found on a dent on the front security door. Both were excused from giving evidence to the coroner on the grounds they might incriminate themselves.[7]”

    What sort of grounds are that? If the cops were doing their job then this scum wouldn’t have been able to shoot Carl in the stomach.

    Clearly the police were bought and paid for and the judiciary were not serious.

  22. Just try and grasp what is going on here. These two pieces of shit murder this fellow in his underwear IN HIS OWN HOME. And the crooked cops and crooked judges let them off on the grounds that one or other might have done the killing, thus exonerating one or the other.

    This is insane. Like they didn’t even have to fucking testify. Is it the case that you only ever send one of these woppies around to make a hit, and in sending two one is innocent?

    So we are looking at a very deep level of corruption here. That is something that Carl could not have failed to notice. Clearly he was on his own.

  23. See how always these wops conspire to have one rule for us and one rule for them. You send two wops to make a hit. Of course you are innocent because you only sent them. Then of course one of the wops must be innocent since it only takes one person to make a hit.

    So therefore because one is innocent you cannot prove which one. So you let them both off without questioning.

    This is the milieu of dysfunction that Carl stepped into. Here we see why he must have made the decision to get himself a gun.

  24. “On 13 October known drug dealer Carl Williams was shot in the stomach and survived in Gladstone Park. Williams told the police he blacked out and could not identify the shooter.

    Known underworld figures Mark and Jason Moran were present at the time, and police believe there was a dispute related to a failed amphetamines batch and ownership of drug manufacturing equipment. A woman told police she heard a man cry “No, Jason!” moments before a shot was fired.[9]”

    So right there he cannot trust the cops. At least one of his assailants ought not have been a free man. But then if this isn’t enough here is a further message to Carl that there can be no trusting the cops. A drug raid set up by the bastards who shot him.

    “On 25 November George and Carl Williams were charged with multiple drug offences after police raided an alleged amphetamine factory in Broadmeadows. Police seized around 25,000 amphetamine tablets, a pill press, a loaded pistol and 6.95 kg of powders containing methamphetamine, ketamine, and pseudoephedrine with a street value up to AU$20 million.[10] These charges were never brought to trial because of corruption allegations against former drug squad detectives involved in the raid.[11]”

    So its not enough to shoot him. They get their pig friends to bust up his operation. No wonder he wasn’t going to stand for it. Plus it would have left him with debts worse then before no doubt.

  25. Mr B

    You say that our Carl was not some sort of Measured Ethical Genius.

    But I think he grasped very well what these Dagos did to his pal.

    I think he knew what was going on.

    And he took steps. He didn’t ask for any help because he knew he wouldn’t get any.

    Where did he do anything unethical?

    • I don’t know for sure. Once the corrupt pigs let a breakdown in their policing happen like this it becomes very hard to judge right from wrong. Like he thought that this Marshall fellow had murdered one of his crowd? Could he have known that for sure? And if so is it right to avenge him?

      Well considering it was akin to a full-blown war, with the possibility his own people could turn against him at any time, its a bit rich to be too judgemental about it.

      Should he really have ignored one of his own gang being murdered? And surely he had a right to assume that this fellow was really killing opportunistically. That he would rather have killed Carl himself. Its very hard to feel too angry about someone killing someone else who is in theory and perhaps in actuality a person who represents a death threat to you.

      They must hate him because he smiled all the time or something.

      I mean of course he ought not have gone down this path. But surely we can walk a few miles in his shoes. A few miles around to the Moran household and shoot a few Morans with his gun. And then walk away, still in his shoes.

  26. Let’s put this in perspective.

    In 2007, this prick was named Australian of the Year. For what?

    In that same year, our Carl was given 35 years. For what? Relieving us of the burden of the Moran brothers?

    Carl doesn’t even get NOMINATED for Australian of the Year. Instead he gets pinched for taking out the trash.

    I used to believe in an Australia where you got a Fair Go and looking out for your mates was considered a good thing.

    What went wrong?

  27. I think Tim Flannery should be stripped of his Australian of the Year Gong and it should be given to Roberta Williams posthumously for our Carl, as a way of saying sorry.

    • Ha ha. I want to highlight this comment because Roberta is online. Yes there is very much to be sorry to Roberta about that is for sure.

  28. Our Carl’s final message:

    “I can look in the mirror and I’m proud of the person who I see. My family can always hold there (sic) head up high as I stood up for what I believed in, and I never sold my soul to the devil and I never will.”

    “The only reason I Pleaded Guilty (sic), was to save my dad and ex-wife from being charged on fabricated charges of murder and conspiracy to murder . . .”

    “They not only shot me, they threatened to kill my family and me. On one occasion after I was shot Jason and Mark Moran went down to a hotel where my dad had drank for 35 years, and they tried to lure him outside to shoot him, the only reason he wasn’t shot, was simply because he seen (sic) a gun in Jason’s pocket and refused to go outside with him and his brother.

    “From the day I was shot my life changed forever & in the end, those two are dead, and the price I have to pay for standing up for myself, is the loss of my freedom, from the young age of 33 years old, until the ripe old age of 71.

    “Some people would say the chances of me remaining fit or sane for that long in prison are slight, but I will do my best to prove them wrong.”

    Spoken with the true ANZAC spirit.

  29. There you are. Thats the story right there. Cambria-like lowlife are threatening him and his family. And he shoots them first!!!!

    In an environment where the cops have turned feral, who can fault him.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I mean what were the fucking Moran’s thinking. They were a fucking bunch of cunts.

    I think the jury is completely out. This is anti outer-surburban white guy racism going on here.

    This makes me sick.

    Ron send Roberta some flowers or something. These filth are getting down on her case when its her who has been wronged.

  30. I’ll tell you what. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. Thats it I’m sorry if I offend anyone.

    We don’t know exactly what went on. He deserves the benefit of the doubt. And certainly his wife and daughter deserve to be treated as people who the cops murdered. People due some sort of respect and compensation.

  31. “Showing no remorse for the murders of Michael Marshall, Mark Mallia and Jason and Lewis Moran, and his part in a conspiracy to murder Mario Condello, he states he liked what he saw in the mirror”

    Michael Marshall as a line ball case excepted ….. But why ought he show remorse for killing all those other people who wanted to kill him?

    The cops know that Mario Condello has got the contract to kill him. They have it on tape. Instead of licking him up they leave him live. What else is there to do but try and kill him?

    Fucking hell. Lets have a bit of journalism here.

  32. ““The only reason I Pleaded Guilty (sic), was to save my dad and ex-wife from being charged on fabricated charges of murder and conspiracy to murder . . .”

    What people don’t realise is that this is an utterly credible statement given the police corruption manifest in the Moron’s walking around and in the fact of Carls death. This is a credible and reasonable claim.

    The cops were so corrupt that were he not to plead guilty who knows what they would have done?

  33. I wanted to gently chastise Andrew Bolt for being overly callous and judgmental. But I don’t know if this one will get through:

    “Its pretty hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t have gunned down the Morans in that situation. What was he going to do? Someone shoot you in the stomach and you just say “thank you” and leave it at that?

    As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, we are not sufficiently thinking this matter through since we aren’t taking into account the manifest corruption of the cops. All the rules change when the cops are dirty.

    We can say “….oh ho ho what reprehensible behaviour.” But given the same circumstances if we would all have killed the Morans also, its pretty weird to be overly judgmental?

    I don’t fully understand it. There is a difference between BEING a gangster and wiping out a lot of gangsters. This may seem to be a subtle difference but its not. “

  34. Mr Bird,

    I dropped in upon the cesspit that is Cattle-axy today, and delving amongst the mixture of turgid, vacuous and downright evil comments, I happened to note that there seems to be a pathological obsession with you by Cambria, Soon, some fellow describing himself as “Birdlab” along with others such as Edney and Tillman.

    I think that one may take this as the ultimate vindication that they cannot best you in argument so they console themselves by attempting to sneer at you from afar. One could not conceive of a more callow spineless bunch of crony capitialist wannabes.

  35. Speaking of the ol’ double reverse switcheroo, have a squint at this, Mr B!!!!

  36. Mr Hanson,

    What do you have against our Jewish bretheren? While Marx was undoubtedly a jew by blood and so marxism must be considered a jewish creation and indeed the jews do have an unfortunate tendancy towards crony-capitialism, one must be fair and measured and only condem people on their actual beliefs.

  37. “While Marx was undoubtedly a jew by blood and so marxism must be considered a jewish creation and indeed the jews do have an unfortunate tendancy towards crony-capitialism”

    Well I think you hit the Nail right on the Head.

    Plus, they killed Christ.

    And I haven’t ruled out Hebraic involvement in the persecution of our Carl.

  38. Mr Glover
    I have long made the same point to Mr Hanson myself.

    The Hebrews are an unfortunate race. Undoubtedly they are over-represented amongst communist traitors, usurers and white collar criminals like the Goldman Sachs shylocks. And they did kill our Saviour, albeit with the complicity of the Italians.

    On the other hand I have encountered many a brave Hebrew soul in my wartime service. I thus am rather conflicted about them myself.

  39. My proposal Mr Hanson is that we only discriminate against Hebrews who have not volunteered for military service. This is the approach that was taken by many a noble Werhmacht soldier who made special dispensations to protect their Jewish colleagues when Germany came under assault by that crude pleb Hitler

  40. look, I’d be prepared to exempt Jews who can prove that they actually died in combat. They are off the hook. But not the rest of them.

  41. Mr Hanson,

    Surely you jest. Non-(marxist/crony-capitalist/science worker) hebrews are our allies for the most part. It would ill behoove us to condemn the noble warriors of israel as they have kept the Mohammedans mostly busy and at bay for the past 60 years.

  42. Mr Quatermain,

    Your idea has some merit I will grant. I feel though it seems to be slightly too onerous.

  43. Alright fine.

    Jews who died in combat and Jews who can prove they are not Marxist, don’t work in financial services, don’t get government funding, aren’t involved in science fraud, and had absolutely nothing to do with killing Carl may be ok. So long as they convert to Christianity. And don’t sleep with white women.

    But that’s absolutely as far as Mr B and I are prepared to go.

  44. Look, I’d make the Jews write an essay on Carl Williams and the ANZAC spirit. If it’s good enough, they can get certified as Honorary Christians.

  45. Mr Hanson

    A lot of the brave Hebrew soldiers I have known were cross breeds. To the contrary I think there is significant merit in *requiring* that they sleep with white women to promote assimilation and hybrid vigour.

  46. Mr Bird,

    Is this truly your position. I am somewhat surprised as you are generally a very tenderhearted fellow and have often put down some of my more extreme ideas.

  47. Mr Glover
    you protest too much. Does some of the blood of Solomon flow in your veins?

  48. Mr Quatermain,

    Breeding out you think? It has merit also. I am sceptical about the hybrid vigour aspect.

    Has there been any research on whether Hebraic genetic traits are typically dominant or recessive?

  49. Mr Quatermain,

    I can assure you far from it, but Mr Bird is trying to build a better world without this kind of thing.

    Just yesterday he was against my idea of loading all the marxists in the country onto a boat and shipping them to Beijing.

  50. What about you Mr Hanson? I am somewhat suspicious of your obsession with the Jewish Question. it suggests overcompensation

  51. Those are fighting words.

  52. Mr Quatermain,

    Hanson is not a Hebrew name. It is probably oriental being son of “Han”, which as you know is more or less another word for chinese.

  53. Why are you two trying to stir up dissent and agitation.

    That’s Classic Hebrew Tactics.

    You two are the Jews, not me.

  54. Mr Hanson or should I say Mr Han-Son

    I am probably the purest bred Anglo Saxon on this blog with the exception of Mr Bird.

  55. Mr Hanson,

    Please calm down my comment was only said in jest. Clearly no one would doubt your racial credentials.

  56. Gentlemen,

    This dispute does not become us. I am sure Mr Bird will not be pleased when he returns. I suggest we return to more productive discussions.

  57. Mr Bird,

    I note that Christina Nixon was asked on TV whether she was happy about Carl Williams being dead and she conspicuously failed to say no. Instead she waffled about thduty of a police officer. A complete disgrace.

  58. Mr Glover

    Mr Hanson should treat an old Digger who has fought and bled in 4 wars for Australia with more respect than this.

    I may be old and fragile now but I can still aim a rifle.

  59. If only my dear departed Mavis, may the Lord bless her soul, were still alive today to see how uncouth the younger generation like Mr Hanson have turned out, I fear she may die a second death.

  60. Yes. I am going to tell Mr B about both of you when he gets back.

    He will not be happy.

  61. “Lab, JC, he’s now defending his hero over at Bolt’s”

    His hero? Fucking steady on Jason Soon. We are talking about a murder that needs to be solved here as an absolutely critical pre-requisite for the future health of our country.

    This is something you’ll never be able to get a grip on fella. Thats why China went bad and Australians had to salvage things in Malaya.

  62. Exactly Mr Bird.

    Orientals like Mr Soon, no matter how clothed in Occidental garb, will never be able to appreciate the finer distinctions inherent in Western conceptions of Justice and the Rule of Law. That Hebrew traitor Mr Marx got at least one thing right when he alluded to Oriental despotism. The despotism of the wily Chinaman and Slav are one and the same.

    East shall be east and West shall be west, and never the twain shall they meet, in the words of that great patriot Mr Kipling.

  63. Terrific show with Tom Sowell:

  64. Mr Bird
    I have as you know rather old fashioned views about the duskier skinned peoples. All the ones I have heard of who are politicians are outright communists like Mr Mandela and Mr Zimbabwe and that awful ‘Reverend’ Jackson in America. And of course the Usurper.

    Now if only more black men could be like Mr Sowell even I could put my prejudices aside and be happy to see them in higher office. One wise black man like Mr Sowell is worth 50 Cambrias, Mr Bird.

  65. Well few men of any pigmentation are quite like Tom Sowell. He’s getting on a bit now. But in the overall scheme of things I could only rank Reisman and Codevilla ahead of him in terms of overall wisdom. Rothbard is up there. But Rothbard is unreliable when discussing current events. He had his head so into the books with history theory and philosophy, that something has to give. And with Rothbard it was his judgement on what was going on right now.

    But while there are few people of any description quite like Tom Sowell there are very many black men worthy of high office and of excellent quality in the humanities. But the bloody people who ought to be bloody bloody promoting them are always belittling them and failing to give them the promotions they deserve. For this sin of failing to recognise talent and reward that talent the Americans have been given Barack Obama. Had they but ran Alan Keyes as VP or put him in as secretary of State and promoted other worthies, then this great tragedy of having an ineligible traitor elevated to the top job need never have occurred.

    The brilliant Larry Elder had a popular gig on the radio. This fellow is such a good-hearted soul. He’s a rigourous logician. And he’s a really pleasing Randian/Christian hybrid as far as his philosophical thought is concerned.

    Yet he comes out against Obama and successfully belittles the two radio people he’s sandwhiched between, and he’s out of a job just like that.

    There must be a real science to knee-capping people you know. A science that make total ridicule of this “ho ho…. you believe in conspiracy….” sort of childish idiocy.

    Elder on the radio was a real danger to the Obamanation. So he was sacked. Jennifer was becoming a real danger to the global warming racket so she was sacked. I worry for Joanne, since she is becoming powerfully effective.

    So there must be a real technique to neutralizing people in this way and not getting caught. Because we see so many people being so neutralized yet seldom do we see some sort of expose, showing how they were cut off at the knees.

    Anyway you ought not be like that with the dusky folk Winchester. Its not about average ability. Average-Smaverage. Its about going out of ones way to recognize and promote superior talent when we see it.

    Jesse Lee Peterson is not quite Presidential material. But he’s a good man and he ought to have been scooped up by the Republicans and made a Congressman. For one thing he’s an immensely gifted comedian. And comedy helps throw the light on politics.

    Why oh why did they not snap up Roy Innis for a top job I will never know. This fellow really was Presidential material although he’s getting a bit old now. A real intellectual. He runs an alternative organisation that looks to promote the interests of black people. But always these rich white liberals are promoting hustlers like Jesse Jackson instead of him.

    Roy also could never be President because like Obama he is not a natural born citizen. Here is Roy Innis negotiating with a White Supremacist or three. When we are talking a person of authentic talent, then its the memes which matter more than the genes. Like us Roy is a product of the fringes of the British Empire. I just see him as one of us. He could be my brother. He is my brother. He is probably a brother to all men if only they came to know it.

  66. Great news. I just got a facebook message and friendship request from Roberta Williams. This is in response to a message of moral support that I sent her when she was grieving. We can never forgive the Victorian police for their persecution of Roberta’s family. But look how strong this woman is!!! She is bringing up a child of Carls despite the abuse that was hurled against her family.

    • I had a look at Bird’s FB page. He sure was a cute baby, but things went downhill from there. I’m sure Hitler was a lovely baby too. Wasting money on stuff like organic butter was expected, but where’s the promotion of alkali water?

  67. I cannot thank you all enough exspecially you Graeme for your support, its people like you that keep me strong and moving forward, to have the strength to give my daughter and all my children my love and attention they so deserve. Thank You x

  68. Thanks Roberta. I am honoured for your visit to my now stagnant blog. Make sure you drop around for some home brew any time you are in Sydney.

    • Why is your blog so stagnant anyway Bird? Are you spending too much time trying to entice poor Asian women to consider actually living with you? They’d have to be crazy. lol. Forget that folly and get back to your blog insanity.

  69. You are so welcome i definately would love to catch up in person

    • Roberta

      I can tell you have a very strong soul.

      I am so very sorry for what the Jews did to poor old Carl.

      • Ron. When women finally get around to my site I’ll thank you not to disrespect them, make them cry, or do anything that is an affront to authentic human values. Now stop this rubbish. We have respected guests here. Don’t make her or her daughter cry.

      • Understood Mr B.

        Ix-Nay on the Ew-Jay.

    • PS what about Roger? Have to think this might be a false flag.

      • Birdflapz is admitting to being an OP. He’s a paid Op. He’s able to witness my wild mood-swings and he’s just up and reported his inside knowledge.

        Very interesting when I actually have been having mood problems that Flapz …. who used to be my minder …. was in on it.

        So there you have it. In my heydey I really did attract a minder, and he really was able to access supposedly confidential data.

        And now he has confessed.

        And he confessed when he saw I had REAL psychological difficulty rather then the bullshit accusations that were routinely thrown upon me.

  70. Its a date then. I am grateful to Odin and other sundry Gods and saviours that you are still alive. Always I will send much psychic love to you and your surviving family.

    • Haha, too funny. Does Roberta Williams have any idea what you look like? Keep sending psycho love though 🙂

      • Listen Woppy – Mr B is in with a chance.

        Carl was just a fat moon-faced slob from the suburbs but he still pulled a top root like Roberta before the Jews killed him. So why can’t Mr B do the same.

        Roberta likes blokes who stand up against price-fixing Hebrews. Carl was in the meth market, Mr B is in the Raw Milk game. Different game, same rules. Same opponent too i.e. the Jews.

        So just fuck off Woppy.

  71. Let it be known that the Victorian Cop I allegedly punched over was Clifton Robert Lockwood. The same cop who allegedly shot an unarmed man many times in the back of the head.

  72. Now I remember. The Victorian Police murdered Gary Abdullah. And the pig who emptied his own revolver, and that of his partner, into Gary Abdullah, was the self-same pig I knocked off his feet in Saint Kilda on the 14th of February 1987.

    Cliff Lockwood ought to have told the truth in my court-case. Then he would not have dug himself in deeper with the Victorian police mob.

    If you are out there Clif. Where is my fucking apology? Three thousand dollars gets you my personal forgiveness. But you need to crawl across broken fucking glass in order to make amends to Gary’s sister.

  73. Look at this? I just look up the name CLIFTON ROBERT LOCKWOOD and what do I find?

    “A former Victorian detective has pleaded guilty in a Northern Territory court to possessing and supplying drugs.

    Clifton Robert Lockwood, who was acquitted of the murder of Melbourne man Gary Abdallah 21 years ago, has pleaded guilty in the Darwin Magistrates Court to possessing and supplying pseudoephedrine.”

    You see this? This is Victorian Police for you. They wrongly arrest you, get snotty when you knock them off their feet, beat you senseless, lie about it in court, murder an unarmed man, and now the same beast of a man is trying to be a gangster in the Northern territory.

    I need to clear my name for wrong-doing that night. I wound up in the Saint Kilda police station only because I had already been attacked by a bunch of thugs.

  74. Total proof of a monstrously wide conspiracy to murder right here in this video. One minute and forty six seconds into it. The fellow is told not to talk except that he says but one thing. That he acted alone. So its fucking Oswald all over again. Total proof that it was a conspiracy. And a very high-reaching one. One that involved those who control our media. Total proof. Scientifically verified.

    • I can remember being angry at this fellow. Furious. Now we know that the bigshots put him up to it. Probably he didn’t have much of a choice at all.

  75. Birdflapz finally busted. A hack and a low level minder. Probably around 28-32 years old. Well its one way to make a living. But he was found out for sure when he saw me with authentic mood distress and he let go that he had inside knowledge.

    I suggest that his supervisor take him out the back and shoot him for allowing his “Dupers Delight” to overcome his alleged “professional” capacities …… You see his inside knowledge tells him that I am confessing to a bunch of people that I was having trouble. So he thought since I was in trouble (with mental health issues) he was free to gloat.

    The reality is that it is Flapz that was BUSTED. Busted with inside knowledge. Thereby busted as a paid minder.

  76. You fucking loser Flapz. You cannot even do a simple job like internet/stalker minder right without blowing your cover.

    When I lose my capacity of delivering vitriolic abuse to unreason and to people doing wrong …. where does that steam pressure go shit-head? It goes to people who don’t deserve it.

    The people who mostly don’t deserve it are my ex-inlaws shit for brains. But me admitting my mood-swings and admitting that IN THESE CASES the vitriol is not justly applied is a sign of INCREASING HEALTH WITH RELAPSES.

    So you have disappointed your supervisor to show us conclusively what we already know. Your so-called “counter-intelligence” work has no allies ….. only TARGETS. And you are a paid asshole. Not doing anything worthwhile but snooping on your caseload and attempting to neutralise them.

    And whereas Ron, who could be okay …. never let go of inside facebook (and other snooping) knowledge you have fucked up and gone and let the cat out of the bag.

    I hope that your superiors decide that you are too stupid to procreate out of such an admission.

  77. You fucking loser Flapz. You didn’t even need to break cover. But you did so just to gloat. Its years since I’ve been any sort of influential thought-leader. You just had to fucking gloat didn’t you? Yes you did. You useless fucking cunt.

    Here they give you a stupid persons job. And you cannot even do it right.

  78. They give Flapz a stupid persons job in so-called “counter-intelligence” and the dumb cunt lacks the discipline to even carry that one off.

  79. All this time. I couldn’t unmask the Jew Cambria. I could not unmask the rather loveable Ron Pauline……. And Flapz comes out and he fucking lays it out on my plate with inside facebook and other knowledge not available to him.

    You stupid cunt. You alone have broken the spell and we are confident now in what we already knew …. Which is that every part of the internet is crawling with paid “counter-intelligence” doofuses.

  80. Who would have thought that this shithead Flapz, by his gloating and incompetence .. could have given me a burst of confidence to drag me out of my torpor, and testosterone-diminished voluntary ostracism.

    When your superiors take you out the back and shoot you …. be grateful. Be grateful that by way of your last pathetic efforts you contributed to something greater then yourself. That by your last act of stupidity you brought back my confidence and aggression. And gave me a rush of vindictive testosterone that has restored the mental health of a person who has a kind inner core and that therefore you have restored me to being a balanced person.

    So if your banker bosses kill you and eat your liver …. still be happy about it. In your last act of stupidity we see that you have done this one thing that has lead to the planet being more sane in toto.

  81. Lol, no idea what you’re on about Bird, but you need to keep that rage fired up. If you want a mail order bride as a wife, well to me that is the way of a beta male. You’re only alpha in your warped mind, no aussie woman would find you in the least attractive, unless they were blind or batshit crazy like you.

    Serious question, what are your thoughts on Hilary Clinton possibly being the next president? Is she a US citizen or a reptilian alien?

    • Hillary is a Jew married to a bastard Rockefeller. Their only recognised child is married into the Schiff family. That is to say one of the criminals that started the Federal Reserve. I don’t think anyone needs anything more then that to recognise the importance that these gangsters place on bloodlines. I have never seen any evidence for this Reptile business. But she’s a psychopath and a brain scan would show that clinically.

      She may well become President if she is selected to be President. All American elections are now carefully rigged. This won’t change anytime soon.

    • In all this time …. I’m talking since 2005 …. In all nine years you are the first professional shit-for-brains that has been verified and busted as such.

    • In the last two elections both main candidates (ie Romney included) were people whose citizenship was doubtful and could not be verified. With the election before one candidate was a line-ball call citizen-wise but the matter was resolved in a reasonably legitimate way. This is how desperate the crime-families became once they were busted for 9/11. This is the shortest leash that they have allowed for any Presidents.

      Hillary is as much a citizen as she is a psychopath. Now I suppose that this may count against her if the current pattern continues.

    • Hillary may or may not be Hebraic / Reptilian (I defer to Mr B’s superior expertise on that one) but you are most certainly One Dopey Wop.

  82. Haha. Truly busted.

    • How am I busted? Do you know something I don’t know? The only thing that is busted that should concern you Graeme, is your mind.

      Your mind is busted, years of conspiracy theory promulgation and nonsensical pseudoscientific bullshit has done that to you.

      • Stupid Fucking Dago

      • Lol @ RPH, you have a case of mistaken identity syndrome, same as Mr B. Bird is lucky to have such a dedicated troll though, so well done!

      • Not only are you busted. You were the only one busted in 9 years of suspicion. Added to that you were the only “counter-intelligence” cunt-ox that got busted for reasons of purely egotistical lack of discipline and gloating. You were busted because you revealed that you had access to my facebook emails and to add to that you only got drawn out because I was telling my poor abused ex-inlaws that I was having mental health problems and mood swings.

        So you could not be more busted. Your busted scale is at the far end of the Bob Seger spectrum.

        Shake down, break down, Just about the time you’re thinking your okay.

        Shake down,

        Break down,

        Your busted.

      • Yeah, your facebook emails reveal that you are one sad demented fucker, even more so than your blog. 🙂

  83. Ron you know what has been most appalling lately? Lately there has been a terrible barrage of evidence that says that this Northern Hemisphere Hijinks has fully penetrated into our own continent. Not just via paid hacks like my ex-minder here. So called “counter-intelligence” ops working the net … But even at the highest levels. Its so sad.

    By way of a “for-instance” check the pantomime of our top brass putting up a fake search for a plane in a place they knew it was not. How deeply depressing. All of us now relegated to bitches of an inbred elite. None of us safe or independent from them. I’m not going to fight them. I’ll make a few comments every now and then. Basically I’m out.

  84. Very loveable thread on Catallaxy recently. Now that they and Clive Hamilton know that I really am gone, Clive has got his confidence back, and he gets about with a certain luminosity and gleam to his visage.

    For the very first time some of the MALE MEMBERS of Catallaxy are missing me a little bit. The girls always missed me from the start but they were embarrassed about me, and they would get understandably upset at me. But this is the first time I’ve seen that some of the blokes wished my wings weren’t clipped.

    But my wings are in fact clipped.

    They will be clipped until I know that both my ex-family and my new family are well looked after.

  85. By the way the video is just me putting up a sweet video. And I do not mean to put myself in the position of the saviour of Christianity.

    Well but you know. One hopes that some of the good stuff could rub off from the coolest Zen figure in all of fiction-or-otherwise .. that some small part of this may rub off onto oneself.

    Zen-Cool. Writing shapes in the sand to vibe off a group of assholes who would stone a chick to death.

    Zen-Cool. A man surrounded by zealots yet when his people were surrounded by violence always seemed to just take an approach for normalcy and good sense EXCEPT WITH THE ASSHOLE USURERS IN THE TEMPLE. Then there was no withholding. Then there was no time to put up with the excuses of the money-changers.

  86. The Jews always had it in for Rolf didn’t they.

    • The elitist nihilistic Jews Ron. Probably so Ron. Because he was a one-man cultural fountainhead. I being from New Zealand, if asked about Australian Culture, circa 1990 … I would say I could have summed it up four letters:

      1. R
      2. O
      3. L
      4. F

      This demonic force has it in for all the good things. If they had cared about Rolf they would have stopped his bad habits with a ferocious and private warning. They would have made him privately apologise and pay compensation. They would have not saved him up and by their negligence encouraged him, and they would not be now using him as deep cover.

  87. Jimmy Saville, Robert Hughes and Rolf Harris. Do you always stick up for kiddy fiddlers, Bird?

    • Greasy stinky Woppy

    • I bet Bird is a Gary Glitter fan too.

    • Yeah looks like Rolf may have been up to no good. Not in the same league as Saville of course.

  88. No I checked the witness testimony and it does seem there is something to this.

  89. Robert Hughes hey?

    • Yes, don’t you remember that tv show “Hey Dad”? The creep’s in jail now, paying for his crimes against children. Who knows what he got up to when he was living in Singapore. He was probably going on child sex tours in Thailand.

    • Right. Well good show. Naturally I’d be happier if they would raid these royal and billionaire pedophile networks. These guys don’t just force their hands into the wrong places. They rape the kids and murder them.

  90. If it isn’t a total setup … And it may well be but I can no longer assume so … If it isn’t a total setup at least we ought to see that Gary is 100 times more guilty then Rolf and that Saville and his elitist pedophile buddies were 100 times worse then Gary.

    After all its still possible that Rolf simply didn’t understand the level of the damage he was doing to some of the girls that he exercised his twisted impulses with. Suppose you think your doing a tiny bit of damage (like shouting at someone) but you are really doing 1000 times as much damage as you think?

    I must leave an open verdict but a 95% probability against Rolf being purely innocent and set up. Certainly I think the elite cottoned onto his bad habits and didn’t stop it early on in the piece. They could have warned or punished him and kept the punishment private and maybe that would have been enough to save a dozen other little girls from being abused, and maybe half of those girls not being able to recover from it.

    But since the elite was rife with murderers, pedophiles and serial killers, they would actually like to practice husbandry with offenders of a lesser (albeit in my new estimate …. serious and seriously stupid) kind … Just save them all up so they can cover their unbelievable wrong-doing (worse then the Aztec Royal Family by two orders of magnitude) by hanging these undisciplined offenders out to dry 40 years on.

    “Have you been told today” Thats what a women of about 20 years old said to me in audio-engineering class when she was upset that I was coming on too strong. And I was coming on too strong. Yet two years later, and this is embarrassing, I remember kissing her lots and lots in an Irish Pub when we were all drunk. Apparently she had forgiven me for me making her feel uncomfortable two years earlier. In any case what happens when you get no feedback. Your bad habits get worse and worse. And if you don’t realise that this little bit of satisfaction is over-matched 1000-to-1 in the damage you are doing …. well then the addiction doesn’t get knocked on the head.

    So there is a few things going on here. If Rolf is TOTALLY innocent then we can see that MI6 has much better actors then Americas homeland security. Because those losers that the new American Chekka got to pull of the Sandy Hook hoax couldn’t pass muster in a pantomime show put on by the intellectually handicapped special class in any high school.

    So what I am saying is that Rolf WASN’T totally innocent and I think his deserved reprimand was with-held when it could have been good for him and everyone else.

  91. Late at night when I drink too much …. sometimes I get it wrong. I’m not going to dwell on my late night drinking mistakes.

    The failure of my ex-minder has washed me too full of testosterone for such second thoughts.

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