Posted by: graemebird | April 22, 2010

The Urgent Need To Rehabilitate Carl Williams And His Family.

The clock is ticking here. If it is shown that the public don’t respect the memory of Carl Williams then the killers will be emboldened to take out his father and horror of horrors his ex-wife. We must rehabilitate Carl to the full extent of what intellectual honesty allows. Because while we might have thought this story was about gangsterism, in reality it was a story about the sort of corruption that illegal drugs brings about. The real dynamic here is police corruption. So its important for everyone to forget everything they thought they knew about Carl and start over again.

Part of my methodology, when getting across a subject entirely unfamiliar to me, is to start the process of public speculation when I’m still coming from a point of view of almost total ignorance. That way incoming information, which is old hat to everyone else, becomes new data to test my wild speculations. Clearly you can see from my last post that I knew nothing about these people. This willingness to lay bare the process of weighing the evidence and initially screwing things up in a huge way is important to how I go about things. What it does is it desensitizes my readers and me to the opprobrium often attached to getting things wrong. For me getting things wrong is part of the process of moving to an increasingly more realistic point of view.

We will go a long way to uncovering who the killers are on this blog. We will open up the veins of this story, and delineate the pathways, up through those veins, that would take conscientious investigators right back to the black heart of Police Corruption. But it will be a long process. And part of it involves me buying the book of the Mother of a fellow who I will likely be defaming.

Now it was an attractive idea for me that the much-maligned outer-suburban man, when push came to shove, might prove adequate to take on the mob and prevail utterly against them. But in view of the wider scope of this enquiry, and with respect to Carls father, his daughter, and his ex-wife, we will not be assuming this is the case at all. We will not be accusing Carl of being any sort of uber-warrior, since we will not assume that he killed someone just on account of; “so-sez the-fuzz.”

Why do you all hate him so much? All I can do is point out why I don’t disrespect him too much at this stage of the enquiry. Lets talk comparatively for starters. I was shocked at the people on ABC unleashed dissing Carl horribly. They were getting mixed up between the idea that we must find his killers and the idea that he was allegedly a bad man. Using introspection alone I’m imagining they hated him for the following reasons:

1. The press always showed him smilling.
2. He put on some weight.
3. He’s an anglo-saxon boy from the outer Western suburbs.
4. Some success has been had with the police and media painting him as a psychopath.
5. They watched the popular TV-show “Underbelly” whereas I’ve never seen an episode. I’m approaching this story with fresh eyes.

Now look. Sorry everyone. So far at least I’m not seeing a psychopath. So far I’m not really even seeing a GANGSTER as such. Rather, what I am seeing, is a situation where everything was quiet and settled and not particularly culpable cops, were living the high-life, on a well-ordered system of what was effectively dealer-licensing. What I’m seeing is that the Morans were basically licensed dealers, and that might have worked out for awhile if Jason Moran and the others had been great masters at business and diplomacy.

While the cops are supposed to be enforcers and protectors of LAW …….. ORDER ….. AND JUSTICE….. In reality where there is drug prohibition the cops serve ODER ONLY, and law and justice are made to take a backward step. So what they do is maintain ORDER (in reality pretty much their only goal)….. whilst law and justice can go to hell. As practitioners of ORDER rather than the higher values, the tendency for them is to utterly crush that side of any dispute, that looks to be the weaker side. That way they utterly crush the little guy, and the status quo is maintained without too much drama. So a police-sponsored gangster shoots you in the guts, it looks like YOU AND NOT HE are destined for further trouble. Since from the Police point of view its easier to abuse the wrong fellow to keep the clamps down on the situation. Its far easier to demoralize the little guy then it is to unravel the comfortable quiet reality of everyone wetting his beak on the drug-dealers high margins.

Once in awhile the so-called little-guy perceives his family is at threat. Once in awhile the person the low-life gangster filth, and the cops, try to demoralize, proves to have a little bit more mettle then what they bargained for.




  1. Mr B

    I propose that we commence our investigation by ranking Paradigms by order of probability and gradually ruling them out as evidence comes to hand i.e. according to the Scientific Method that has stood the Test of Time.

    Now the most obvious Paradigm for the Time Being is that the Jews killed Carl. Not that the actual killer was Hebrew but that the orders came from Jerusalem or perhaps the outer boroughs of New York City.

    Think about this and let’s see if a pattern doesn’t emerge:

    On June 20, 1947, Siegel was shot and killed in Beverly Hills, California. Twenty minutes after the Siegel hit, Lansky’s associates, including Gus Greenbaum and Moe Sedway, walked into the Flamingo Hotel and took control of the property. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Lansky retained a substantial financial interest in the Flamingo for the next twenty years. Lansky said in several interviews later in his life that if it had been up to him, Ben Siegel would be alive today.

    Familiar, huh?

    Now I can’t find any evidence to suggest a lack of Hebraic involvement in Carl’s murder. None whatsoever.

    So I suggest we proceed for the time being on the Contingent Theoretical Paradigmatical Assumption that this was a Hebrew Hit, until better evidence emerges.

  2. Mr B

    Did you see this:

    It’s a picture of Chinese Superspy Kevin Rudd together with our Carl!!!!

    Kevin seems to be writing a sort of list of names:

    Moran, J.
    Moran, M.
    Kinniburgh, G.
    Gangitano, A…

    What do you think this is about?

    I hadn’t considered Celestial Involvement until now but perhaps a reranking of paradigms is in order.

  3. Well you’ve certainly got the right process together anyhow. And if you follow this process, in good faith, then no matter how far off the mark your initial thinking is, you will hone in on the killers just as surely as a kid playing 20 questions will hone in on “Shaka;Kind Of The Zulus” if it is me who is choosing the entity the kid needs to find.

    The problem comes when the shoe is on the other foot. I never get through 20 questions but that I become impatient and shout out “Shaka; King of the Zulus” and as chance would have it that isn’t always the entity that the kid had in mind.

    You may be using some irony here with your description of the right method. But being wrong up front, or even being silly up front, is actually a good thing. We need to get used to the idea that our best estimates ought to change and re-rank and the new information comes in.

    We want to avoid being like that hanging cop and that hanging judge, who thinks he’s right the first time, and subsequently tendentiously sorts it out that he keeps confirming what he already thought he knew.

  4. you nutter

    Ron, you seem obsessed by Jews,

    are you circumcised by any chance?

  5. jtfsoon, Mr Bird and I are conducting a criminal investigation.

    You do realise don’t you that perverting the course of justice is an offense?

    So stop interfering.

  6. Mr Soon,

    Oriental you may be, but inscrutable you are not. Your pathological obsession with Mr Bird is a clear inferiority complex. It appears that in the past that you and your blog were considered a leading authority on what constituted “Libertarian” opinion. Mr Bird has exposed you for a crony capitalist and booster of science fraud.

    Mr Bird’s site is for true lovers of human freedom. Do not attempt to belittle him with your slurs. It does not stick and disgraces you and your race.

  7. Soon’s stickybeaking here makes me even more convinced that a Reranking of Paradigms is required.

  8. Gentlemen,

    Mr Soon claims to be from Malaysia orginally. Do we have any evidence of this? I am starting to suspect he has been sent straight from Beijing to keep tabs on the libertarian movement (Mr Bird in particular).

    Indeed it would not surprise me if agent Soon designed Cattle-axy to scoop up the true lover of freedom and redirect them on the path to crony capitalism. A model that the marxists in Beijing have favoured to try and harness some of the benefits of capitalism while retaining their murderous grip.

    Never forget his arguments that Chinese communists should be able to buy up our resources freely. Cloaked under “free trade” argument Mr Soon would have us stripped bare in the face of the Marxist threat. He can only be a celestial agent.

  9. You guys can laugh at me. But so far it looks like the initial reasoning is similar to what others are finding out:

    “A FELLOW prisoner of Carl Williams had provided prosecutors with a witness statement to be used in a murder case.

    The murder case is against a former Victorian police officer.”

  10. Mr Bird,

    I sincerely hope you didn’t mean me. I would never laugh at you. It is clear to me that you are on the right track.

  11. Here is Chopper Read talking about it. I didn’t really want to listen to Chopper because I find him to be a totally destestable low-life.

    But what he says here is important. He says that when he killed some fellow in prison he had “the nodding agreement of two screws.”

    He said that all 30 gang murders were done with the assistance of corrupt police. He said that Williams would not have been able to kill people without the assistance of corrupt police. He said that Andrew Venamin would not have been able to kill who he did without the assistance of corrupt police.

    And when asked about who else would likely get killed the only person he mentioned was Roberta.

    So his characterisation of the situation is pretty much identical to what I was thinking.

    Sorry to grubby up my blog with this ugly ugly fellow. But its important we listen to what he is saying. Because thats the real story here.

  12. What happens is this. You have a cosy quiet arrangement with the Morans and others with the cops getting a cut. Then some idiot like Jason Moran turns out to be not up to the task of keeping dealings reasonable and humane. A war breaks out. Which would be one thing. But when the non-corrupt investigators show up because of public pressure, then the cops start worrying about their associates talking and fingering them. So they figure who has the least dope on them, in this case Carl, and they would have to regretfully use people such as this to rub out all their old associates.

    Thats what this war is all about. People dying, some of them probably at the hands of Police, some of them with intelligence and incitement from Police, in order to leave no-one who can give direct testimony.

    Now that doesn’t mean that your average copper in that situation started off as a really nasty fellow. Its more that there are a group of them, in too deep and with too much to lose. So they start acting like psychopaths to leave no-one left to testify against them. Whereas before they may have been relatively good guys, just taking the extra money and keeping a lid on things.

    This is how we must view the situation. Gang wars don’t just happen for no reason. This is essentially the cops panicking and getting rid of all their old associates.

  13. Really truly. The job of society right now is to keep George and Roberta Williams safe. As well they ought to be making sure this suicide of Carls Mother really is a suicide. And not part of a pretty systematic ass-covering exercise.

  14. “I do think it’s a bit silly how Fatso Williams is being called a “serial killer.” Cereal killer of Coco Pops, maybe, but the former description conventionally has a more strictly defined clinical meaning. Neddy Smith and Christopher Flannery are never so described even though they personally killed far more people. Williams was just an eccy tracky dak mobster issuing contracts against the laughably inept Moran ‘crew’ – who did, after all, try to kill the hapless butterball.”

    Exactly right. Though I’m not going to be insulting him in this way. The point is he ought to be seen as a pretty normal kid. The other thing is to call him a kingpin is also not really understanding things right in my view. The kingpins are the police working through this fellow. Who essentially gave him a go at the top, showering gold all over him, simply be default, since it was in their interests to gently help their associates lose the ability of communication. He does not appear to be somebody that could have sustained the sort of nastiness to keep discipline together to maintain his position at the top. So being at the top was a transitory situation, effectively orchestrated by the Police themselves.

  15. Graeme, Carl Williams as an individual wasn’t a compelling character. It’s safe to say as an individual he had all the depth, attractiveness, panache and ethics of e.g. your average Catallepsian-type inmate.

    You’re right though to shift responsibility for his actions and crimes to the forces that benefit from the initial criminalisation of party drugs.

    As a dealer and middleman Williams and his vocational “peers” are not the Mr Bigs, but themselves minor league players and pawns in a far more extensive, higher-level competitive war between those massively profiting from legalised intoxicants (above all alcohol) and those producing and flogging stuff ruled illegal. And I’m not just referring to the police here. It would be a mistake to think responsibility and profiteering begins and ends with the cops.

    Why are party drugs illegal? No good or rational reason.

    Are illegal drugs worse than legal ones? In most cases not if used carefully, in moderation and are otherwise unadulterated with superfluous substances used to create bulk, disguise impurity or camouflage composition.

    Does illegality push up drug prices and lead to violent crime and dealer wars? Always.

    Williams and co are inevitable products of an (un) free-market capitalism that inexorably seeks to limit competition, constrain or manipulate the market, including by creating monopolies and artificially forcing up prices – in this case – of differing forms of drugs that people will always want and use and which are not necessarily life-threatening or unhealthy.

    In short, Graeme, the real story here is the excellent case study it provides of the endemic irrationality, illiberality, inefficiency and corruption of the private profit system.

    Capitalist economics generates and encourages crime, cronyism, addiction and and spontaneous, chronic DISORDER.

    Capitalism SUCKS!

  16. Thats a great summary. I’m not prepared to pile onto Carl at the moment, because this general denigration of him just might get his father and ex-wife killed. So for the moment I’m going to try and see things from his point of view. Certainly the three murders he has owned up to, I would see as justifiable. I would have done the same myself. I say this with apologies to the minder Barbaro. Who probably wasn’t deserving. But its pretty hard to nail a fellow and leave his minder standing.

    Generally speaking I agree with everything you say except your last line. You are not clearly or fairly defining things here.

    Drug prohibition is clearly an anti-Capitalist policy. It is a policy of cronyism and it sets up a cronyist environment. It also makes the half-life of moves to reform the police a very short thing indeed.

    But aside from that minor carping I think you are pretty spot on in all you say.

  17. Prohibition in America was fundamental to the development of American capitalism the private profits of which formed the foundation of many American families’ fabulous wealth, e.g. the Kennedys.

    I’d agree prohibition’s intent is anti-liberty and even anti-modernity.

    Richard Hofstadter in his “Anti-Intellectualism in American Life” argues that in the early decades of the C20th particularly in the American South and the Midwest, people used the Christianity/evolution struggle as a cipher for revolting against modernity and that the rigid defence of Prohibition was another side to this.

    Of course prohibition and illegality fuels demand. Which is perhaps the point too.

    The British writer Sir Osbert Sitwell when he arrived in NY in the mid-20s said that many Americans were “strenuously observing” Prohibition by staying semi-permanently drunk. He said that “love of liberty” had made it a veritable duty for many to drink to excess.

  18. But thats no working definition of capitalism. You are always going to have confused analysis with confused definitions.

    Now you may have a point in this way:

    From a wider political point of view cronytown might always undermine capitalism as pretty much a hardwired political imperative.

    I can buy that thesis. But it still doesn’t help with that thesis to confuse definitions. You are putting down cronyism, and rightly so. But you are calling it capitalism.

    It may be that we have to put in an inbuilt bias towards smaller business, to neutralize the natural tendency of the big guys to unjustly lock their position in.

    I’m going to talk about that.

  19. Check out this great shot of volcanic eruption and lightning. These two might go hand in hand. Awesome. Makes one want to be there drunk off ones face and acting mad like King Lear.

    Well not really. Its just a thought. But it may be that these volcanic eruptions are electrical discharges of some sort, and the source of their power may hail from outside of the planet, if not the solar system.

  20. Secrecy and/or isolation develops its own zeitgeist. After all zeitgeist really just means a separate culture. I’m trying to develop some sort of understanding of the integration of zeitgeist and conspiracy. To show why conspiracies can be huge and still be secretive. You would think that a conspiracy had to be kept down to maybe three key people to stay secret. But this does not appear to be the case with institutions and cultures of long-standing.

    Now take the zeitgeist of an abortion clinic. And we are not talking about an abortion clinic operating when they first become legal. We are talking about a situation where abortion clinics have been going a very long time performing late term abortions for forty years.

    How does this effect the sort of people that work there. That choose to work there, and their recruitment practices. What will become of their psychological testing, to get the people right for the place. What will become of the place with everything working in to reinforce all aspects of the wicked dysfunction. Pretty soon you are going to wind up with Malthusian psychopaths working there. And any normal sheeple who then somehow stumbles in and gets a job will likely adopt Malthusian psychopathic tendencies.

    “Since his death, Hodari has placed that abortion clinic up for sale in the wake of a lawsuit filed by Caitlin Bruce who alleges that Hodari forced an abortion on her there even though she had withdrawn her consent after viewing her pre-born baby on ultrasound”

    The most unspeakable crime. 1000 times worse than rape. Such is the power of zeitgeist. It is these sorts of considerations we must turn to when we consider the story of how anti-Catholic child-raping queers infiltrated and influenced the Catholic church.

    It is these sort of considerations we must think of when we contemplate the giant conspiracy that is the Victorian Police and the wider society surrounding them.

    It is with great sympathy for the deeper and more longstanding traditions of the Catholic church that I point these things out. And for the gay man trying to be the best person he can be. And for the girl who is in a real pickle and winds up getting an abortion early term. Also for the conscientious cop. I’m not taking a dig at any of these people. In fact I would like to point out the basic rightness of the Catholic tradition in saying all this. We must draw on it to avoid this sort of unspeakable evil that gets going in longstanding subcultures. But still I am deeply suspect of the practice of early Catholic childhood education. All the good stuff to be learned from Catholicism is what ought to be learned at the late High School and Tertiary education level. By focusing on the sheer number of recruits and on the early childhood stuff, the Church may be turning out a great many sheeple.

    The sort of sheeple who later on will get caught up with one sub-culture or another. The sort of sheeple who will think you are a goddamn martian, if you point out that the way that things are being done is just no good.

  21. What’s the bet this new “China Centre”, recently opened by Comrade Rudd at ANU, will be a useless waste of money, Graeme?

  22. I bet they will advocate the annexation of Taiwan along with other truly hateful causes such as doing nothing about Chinese spies in Australia.

  23. Michael it will be worse than wasted money. Because no matter what its hidden agenda, when it starts off, it will soon be infiltrated and transformed into a beach-head. It will amount to a second embassy, where various subversive activities, and activities to co-opt our democratic processes, will wind up having a nub and safe haven.

    Doesn’t matter if it is in two years or five.

    We don’t need a centre at all. What we need is our people infiltrating such community operations as are going on, being able to control meetings, going with the flow when it doesn’t really matter, but laying down certain strategic planks.

    You know like with “Global Warming” meaning “industrial CO2 Release” well thats a strategic plank, because it allows people to lie while telling the literal truth, it allows the wrong conclusion to be embedded in the discussion, and it was probably invented in some hard left eugenicist neo-Malthusian or alternatively Marxist on Methodone strategy meeting.

    Well we don’t want to be Orwellian or dishonest liked this. But our guys truly reflect the community where its not strategic and be authentically helpful for ethnic chinese relations. But be quietly against Beijing. Somehow Beijing types are subtly excluded, and a background check is done, to approve people who have relatives who are Fallun Gong, or at least who don’t have ties to Beijing party members.

    So anyhow we construct meeting rules, Meeting nights (must be mid-week) and this sort of thing so that when it matters we can produce an explosion of anti-commie activity and fury. All in the context of friendship with ethnic Chinese.

    See these guys in Beijing who have moved up the ranks. They are fucking tough guys. If not school principle eaters from the cultural revolution. They won’t be fooled by this jive that Rudd has on the go. They will see it as moral weakness. They will see it as rococo appeasement.

    As will our friends in Taipei, who will imagine this as one more reason to despair.

  24. Michael you give me 30 years on the levers of policy and we can beat anyone in a rumble don’t doubt it.

    We can get big then huge synthetic diesel tankers, and huge floating nuclear power station tankers. With directed energy and laser weapons as well as metal storm. They can be comparatively immobile and still stop and cut down anything that moves.

    We can apply metal storm technology to drone planes for their propulsion that can reflect laser and outrun anything else.

    We can be the lead producer of super-hard carbon materials, and we can have all our front-line gear with diamond hard skin, shock-absorbing and yet metal storm active defense.

    We can have people getting about the place with metal storm, 3 shot before recoil handguns and AA40 military shotguns, just awesome firepower but yet virtually everyone with less lethal bullets, knock a big man across a room, break a couple of ribs, but he’ll live and yet all these people ready to convert to the hard-core stuff, should anyone try to invade.

    We can have maglev track launchpads on many hills and mountains. Airborne refuelers all bought slowly over time when the bargains come up as if bought on ebay.

    We can have more tradesman per head of population than anywhere, working two 12 hour shifts every 8 days or 3 12 hour shift every nine, but trained as maintenance to keep everything running 24/7 if the shit hits the fan and these guys as ready reserve.

    No-one need be able to fuck with us given 30 years lead-time if we get people who can do the job, and we could make a fist of things with a dozen years up our sleeves as well.

    Its simply not true that the smaller population need bow down to the bigger guys. This is not the story that history tells us.

  25. E Howard Hunt tells us exactly, and with great detail, who was involved with murdering JFK.

  26. The so-called crooked ex-cop that they are talking about. This will be clearly low-hanging fruit. An outside cop would be unable to put up the sort of incentives necessary to murder Williams in jail like that.

    Consider the situation of Mark Read getting around free. You would think in any functioning system he would have several life sentences. Whereas you have Carl going to jail for so many years, on the basis of killings that were essentially self-defense. As well as a couple of other charges that are likely trumped up.

    What can this contrast tell us about the Victorian Police and Justice system?

  27. Look at this fellow. Its just amazing he is allowed out of jail at all.

  28. Interesting what he was saying about Venamin. How the cops are pinning a great many murders on him just because they don’t know who did it. Perhaps they do know who did it. Maybe they did it. So we don’t need to take this seriously about Carl killing ten people.

  29. The economic wisdom of Joseph Cambria:

    The US economy looks like it’s gunna skyrocket.”

    Its not going to skyrocket Cambria you dick. The dummies are diverting all the spending from such spending as could possibly make the American economy skyrocket.

    There is not much of any basis for employment to fall. Unofficial figures have unemployment at not much under 20%. Its not about to drop much at all.

    It will drop some as the stimulus runs out and as monetary expansion takes off. But not a whole lot because the red ink is everywhere. And red ink UNEMPLOYS people. Despite mindless confused Cambrian Keynesianism.

  30. THR lies all the time.

    ” Every psychopath in history has been an exponent of ‘rational egoism’ and ‘enlightened self-interest’.”

    Occasionally he makes a pretty good post. But what is the point if you are an obsessive liar.

  31. Had the FBI agents, who were supposed to have been riding on the back of JFK’s limo, not been called away, this would have made the assassination very difficult. For starters it would have obscured the line of fire between the Daltex building and the President. The angle of the bullet that hit both Kennedy and the Governor is more consistent with a shot taken from the Daltex building then from the book depositary.

    The last bullet was shot upwards from street level. This created the impression that the bullet was fired from the grassy knoll, since if you heard the sound you would spin around in that direction, and not seeing anyone in the pothole, you would conclude that this came from that direction.

    The Zapruder film had a couple of frames taken out of them, where the car was stopped right in front of this pothole. Imagine the difficulty of nailing the shot from the pothole if the car had been moving. We are left with the car slowing, but its ambiguous by the film alone if the car stops dead. But the car needed to stop in order for the shot to be made from there.

    People talk about so-called “Badgeman.” Badgeman was up there at the grassy knoll as the final guarantee that the job would be finished in all likelihood. But had he been nabbed by some coincidence, and with a couple of witnesses, then testing of his firearm would have shown that it had not been used.

    There was a platform on the back of the car for the two secret servicemen to stand up on. Other than the driver, who was part of the plot, those two would have been the only ones to be able to see that there was someone who shot from the pothole.

    A shot taken from the grassy knoll could have been viewed by any number of people. Including two others who were up there standing next to badgeman. But Jackie could have seen him if that was where the shot was taken from. The whole thing would have been planned with such precision that she could not see the man taking the shot from the pothole. It must be understood that the network, whose inner dynamic, created this wicked event, were not peopled by individuals given entirely over to evil. Its more the case of an unstable group dynamic that has run out of control. Had the idea been to murder Jackie, that group dynamic would have stopped dead.

    There was simply no chance of the Kennedy hit, being sorted out, to such a degree of certainty, by any sizeable number of people, prior to the invention of youtube. Some tiny group of people might have gotten this right. But they would be neutralized by all this other low-hanging fruit around, by being relegated as cranks and so forth. But what youtube allows you to do is go over and over the evidence, judging each part of it as to relative validity, and finally tracking down the context, and building everything back up to a coherent picture.

    The plot did not start with LBJ, nor with J Edgar Hoover. These two however are first and second as to the degree of responsibility. LBJ first. J Edgar Hoover second. The reason being that it had to be done in Texas, with LBJ then in a position to re-hire J Edgar Hoover, And the two of them able to work tirelessly to cover it up. The famous phrase LBJ made that it was better to have Hoover in the tent pissing out, then outside the tent pissing in, was gratuitously graphic, since the real reason is that he had no choice. So that phrase was concocted by him as a big fat excuse.

    Next we will find out what the Bobby Kennedy assassination was all about.

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