Posted by: graemebird | April 25, 2010

Keynesian Multiplier: Conspiracy Or Zeitgeist?

In discussing how these conspiracies get to be so big, with no-one being caught, I reasoned it was really to do with the zeitgeist of a subgroup. We have been lied to about this matter of a Keynesian multiplier for almost three quarters of a century now. Economists are willing to lie all the time about this matter. Unlike stupidity in physics, for example, there is not the maths handicap to befuddle people on the Keynesian multiplier. The maths used here is pretty simple algebra. The lie of the Keynesian multiplier continues despite three devastating realities.

1. the fact that there has never been any empirical evidence brought forth in its favour. None whatsoever. Anyone claiming otherwise is a liar. And a moron also. Because even the most shallow investigation of just what GDP is (C+(net)I+G+X-M) reveals that GDP is not all of spending. Or even all of spending that represents productive activity. Actually GDP specifically excludes most of productive expenditure. We have net investment. Where is the rest of Gross Investment? So the idea that this metric can be used to prove the existence of a Keynesian multiplier is obviously mentally retarded, big green bogie in the nose, drooling idiocy, stuff. When advocates pretend they have evidence for the Keynesian multiplier, in all instances they are lying since they are trying to make that case using GDP as the metric.

2. The fact that the very idea of a Keynesian multiplier is irrational. Since it tells us that the transfer of spending is somehow sanctified by either government stealing or borrowing. And that this money is somehow tagged by some sort of mystical transmutation. And that this money so tagged, then gains special powers. Obviously this is an irrational proposition.

3. The Keynesian multiplier, even if it worked, would be utterly useless. To know that it worked, if it did, would give us no guidance whatsoever. Since extra spending is inflationary, and since we can hit any spending level we want by the combination of new money creation and increasing the reserve asset ratio. Deficit spending re-routes spending. It doesn’t create new spending. But if it were to create extra spending, it would be an wholly redundant ability. Since the fastest, most accurate, least damaging, and in fact the ONLY WAY to hit any spending target we want to hit, is to be achieved by combining debt retirement, through new cash creation ….. and adjusting upward the reserve asset ratio.

So why does anyone doubt the ability of the Victorian Police/Judicial/Corrections/Societal system to produce conspiracies to murder prisoners and drug dealers? Its just the zeitgeist really. Supposing you were to say…. “No the Victorians aren’t capable of conspiring in this way” well you would be lying.

Well how about global warming? Its a proven fraud for many reasons, but one of them is that if CO2 worked as advertised, and reduced the rate of cooling towards the next glacial period, on the basis that it reduced heat differentials, well obviously that would be a terrific thing. End of story. So its fraudulent from the start. Everyone knows that they are liars by now. Anyone claiming otherwise is himself a liar or has only just started looking into matters seriously. Sure its a conspiracy. Why doubt it? But its really also the culture. The culture having been desensitized to leftist whining so persistently that little compromises get made with these people. Compromises on the use of language. Meeting them halfway on a range of points of discussion that mean that the threads go on forever and can never be resolved.

Or how about the idea that American spooktown isn’t capable of assassinating someone and then blaming this on a patsy? Anyone who makes this claim is also lying. So sure its a conspiracy. This is what the CIA does. This is their line of business, or at least it used to be back in the sixties. The denial and knee-jerk running down of conspiracies is part of the conspiracy itself. The tiredness and embarrassment that people experience when new evidence comes up about an old suspicious death; this too is an essential part of the zeitgeist that makes these conspiracies possible, and that fuels the demand for new conspiracies just like the ones that were being denied.

Sinclair Davidson before the Senate conspired to imply to the Senators that there really was such a thing as a Keynesian multiplier. Next thing we were having to put up with this fucking stimulus package that has done enourmous damage. Is it a conspiracy? You fucking bet it is. But its not possible to separate conspiracy from zeitgeist. Its all part of one holistic dysfunction.



  1. THR caught lying relentlessly again. This time claiming that Naziism wasn’t in any way related to collectivist thinking. Apparently the Nazis were all mistaken when calling themselves national socialists. They were really individualists.

    The fucking Catallaxians are just so fucking useless. They will never call him a liar, nor demand that he retracts. All it takes is for about ten people to do this consistently until such time as the lying stops.

    They are just so fucking useless they make me sick.

  2. For fucksakes Dover. THR is lying. And you’ve got to point out he’s lying and demand a retraction. Jesus H Christ, get it together man.

    These were national socialists. They hated liberals. That is to say “classical liberals” in todays parlance. Which means they were specifically anti-capitalist.

    “Jews and liberals watch out.”, was a headline in an Australian paper when they were first elected.

    Lets have a look at one slogan from their ideological brothers:

    “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state ”

    Thats what Mussolini said and there is no secret about it. Sounds pretty collectivist to me. So THR is lying. Pretty simple.

    Here is Jack Ruby. Jack knew, and was friends with, the fellow he murdered. That is to say Lee Oswald. Oswald called him “Sparkie”

    Here is Ruby saying that if Adlai Stevenson had been Vice President the killing wouldn’t have happened. He’s blaming Johnson. But he’s being pretty nuanced about it. Its not a case of Johnson originating the plot. Its the case of the fact that the plot wouldn’t have gone ahead had Johnson not been VP.

  3. Low-hanging fruit.

    So much effort went into this hit. Look how the low-hanging fruit of a communist hit was set up and integrated with the plot. And yet this low-hanging fruit was brazenly avoided by the Warren Commission.

    Here is Ronald Reagan lining up the evidence for this communist alternative exactly as I had done. The evidence is right there. Its obvious. It stands out like a sore thumb even. Yet the Warren commission did not touch it. It was meant for people like Ronald Reagan and myself to latch onto as a possibility.

    We now have a generic structure for this sort of thing. You have the patsy. The official story. The low-hanging fruit which is totally ignored in public and whispered about in private. Then you have a fourth story. The real one.

    This will prove to be the case for 9/11 as well. If people get to where they are almost onto the killers out will come the low-hanging fruit evidence as another line of defense.

    Note that the idea of communist backing, while obvious, never needed to be brought out as a final line of defense. The enquiries simply didn’t go that far. Although Johnson would use this cover in private.

    Only by recognising this four-way pattern can we hope to get on top of 9/11. The Carl Williams murder. And matters like this. This is not anything that can be left up to some dumb magistrate being manipulated by a bunch of cops.

  4. “
    The world’s combined global land and ocean surface temperature made last month the warmest March on record, according to NOAA. Taken separately, average ocean temperatures were the warmest for any March and the global land surface was the fourth warmest for any March on record. Additionally, the planet has seen the fourth warmest January — March period on record.”

    You don’t believe that though do you John H? I would have thought you were posting it as an example of just how corrupt NOAA is.

  5. “Average hourly earnings, adjusted for inflation, have been flat since the middle of the 1960’s”

    This is the real scandal of government and especially financial sector parasitism. He’s talking about non-farm payrolls in the US, wherein only non-government workers are concerned.

    Conspiracy of Zeitgeist? That our poxy economics fraternity has kept this information from us so studiously. It is true that the figures appear to be only including non-supervisory staff. On the other side of things the inflation rate has been underestimated for a very long time. Which means that real hourly pay for this subset, could have, and probably did fall from after the Reagan era. Since it was after the Reagan era when they changed the way that inflation was calculated to rig the figures.

    Check charts nine, ten and eleven.

    This is an absolute scandal. What it reflects is the high government spending from the Vietnam war, then after that the loss of the gold standard. Since then the financial sector and government sector parasitism has grown in leaps and bounds. The situation may be much worse than how it appears. Since of course the taxpayers concerned may be paying a lot more money in taxes and interest payments then they were back then.

    All this fucking happy-talk that our economists have is on the basis of intellectual constipation. The dumb fucks seem to fixate on maybe one or two stats. So whereas if you are trying to appraise a company you might use a dozen ratios, when it comes to the economy entire, our economists, who are useless, tend to use just one or two metrics.

  6. Apparently the current volcano going off doesn’t have a history of getting too serious. But it can go on for two years.

    Where the real problem comes is when it sets off Katla. Which it usually, or at leas often does.

    When Katla blows its a more serious deal. It melts all the glaciers around it, and creates a flow of meltwater that outmatches the first five of the worlds great rivers.

    It would affect weather in the entire Northern Hemisphere. And it dovetail with other tendencies to throw us right into another “Little ice age.”

    This could be all in progress within the next few years. And it seems with a greater than 50% probability. The current volcano won’t do much on its own but disrupt food production in Europe.

  7. Notice how we are having this upspike in both solar eruptions and eruptions here on earth. This correlation hasn’t been detected before. But it may be part of the same electrical discharge phenomena.

    I asked whether the lightning that is in the volcanoes was evidence that this was an electrical phenomenon, these volcanic eruptions. Some fellow suggested that it was just caused by “charge separation in ash clouds”. I pointed out that this sounded like more mantra then explanation and asked for an explanation of such a process.

    I got back a big fat nothing.

  8. More good news from my alter ego. Who is a far more talented rhyming man than myself. Although what makes it easier is that every segment has the same ending, much like certain primitive woppy races like to finish every sentence with a rythmic OH sound.

    He’s actually written the lyrics to a song. But hasn’t revealed the tune to that song, so that can be a little irritating.

    I just tried to copy it out but its probably more sensible just to go to WINGEDMENACE.

    I disagree that Goldman Sachs is going down though. They pretty much are the government. So I don’t suspect they are going anywhere.

  9. Although there is a pretty repetitive anti-gay streak going through this fellows work. Makes you wonder about the gentleman hey? Why would he be so obsessed with gays?

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